A Critical Analysis of the Contributions of Notable Black Economists

Routledge, 5 juil. 2017 - 138 pages
This book introduces and critically analyzes the achievements of major black economists and their contributions to the realm of economic thought. The book begins with a brief overview of the contribution of Africans to philosophy and economic thought and goes on to discuss individuals who have made the most significant contributions to this field. There is particular reference to their background and influences including a critical analysis of individual thought. Kojo Quartey's book provides an essential supplement to any economic history text.

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Table des matières

Series Editors Preface
The Nature of Economics
The Ancient African Scholars
William Edward Burghardt Du Bois The Multidisciplinary Scholar 18681963
Sir W Arthur Lewis Development Economist and Nobel Laureate 19151990
Kwame Nkrumah The African Socialist 19091972
Glenn Loury SelfHelp Advocate 1948
William Darity Jr Contemporary Ethnic Researcher 1953
Andrew F Brimmer The Business Consultant 1926
Phyllis Ann Wallace A Female Pioneer 1920?1993
Clifton R Wharton Jr A Trailblazer 1926
Concluding Comments

Thomas Sowell A Neoclassical Thinker 1930
Walter E Williams Free Enterprise Champion 1936

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