The Reference Shelf, Volume 1,Numéro 4

H.W. Wilson Company, 1922
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Page 18 - ... for the purpose of preserving the public peace, protecting the public health, preventing industrial strife, disorder and waste, and securing regular and orderly conduct of the businesses directly affecting the living conditions of the people...
Page 18 - ... specified shall be operated with reasonable continuity and efficiency in order that the people of this state may live in peace and security, and be supplied with the necessaries of life. No person, firm, corporation, or association of persons shall in any manner or to any extent, willfully hinder, delay, limit or suspend such continuous and efficient operation for the purpose of evading the purpose and intent...
Page 37 - ... efficiency of such industries and thus the production or transportation of the necessaries of life, or which may produce an industrial strife or endanger the peaceful operation of such industries, it shall be the duty of said tribunal, on its own initiative or on the complaint of either party, or on the complaint of the...
Page 37 - Tor such crops. The gardening in the Sunflower State, which withered under the scorching ray of the Supreme Court, was an attempt to declare publicness upon the general theory of our Martian. It followed the demand of the Governor of Kansas for legislation, " Declaring the operation of the great industries affecting food, clothing, fuel, and transportation should be impressed with the public interest and subject to regulation by the state.
Page 37 - It creates a strong, dignified tribunal, vested with power, authority, and jurisdiction to hear and determine all controversies which may arise and which threaten to hinder, delay, or suspend the operation of such industries.
Page 26 - That nothing in this act shall be construed as restricting the right of any individual employee engaged in the operation of any such industry, employment, public utility, or common carrier to quit his employment at any time...
Page 36 - The doctrine that certain industries and occupations are impressed or affected with a public interest, and therefore subject to regulation by the state, is an old one.
Page 28 - The associate members shall be appointed by the governor by and with the consent and advice of the senate.
Page 37 - Third, declares it to be the duty of all persons, firms, corporations, and associations of persons engaged in such industries, to operate the same with reasonable continuity in order that the people of this state may be supplied at all times with the necessaries of life.
Page 19 - Declared unlawful for operators in classes named "willfully to limit or cease operations for the purpose of limiting production or transportation or to affect prices for the purpose of avoiding any of the provisions

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