Guinness World Records 2008

Craig Glenday
Turtleback, 29 avr. 2008 - 613 pages
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A double back-spin on a motorcycle...ane elephant with a wooden apple the size of your's just another year at the Guinness World Records!
It's another year of amazing record breakers from Guinness World Records(TM) 2008. Now the world's most popular book offers more diversity than ever, from epic endeavors in science and technology, entertainment, and sports to the exceptional wonders of the natural and man-made world. Discover the incredible facts of life on Earth--and beyond--as never before. Did you know...
At 114 years 24 days, Yoneko Minagawa of Japan is the world's oldest living person, following the death of the USA's Emma Faust Tillman in 2007.
The largest commercially available burger is 78lb. 8 oz., available at Bob's BBQ and Grill at Pattaya Beach in Chonbur, Thailand. It costs $23.95 and anyone who can finish it within three hours receives a refund, their name on a plaque, and a gift certificate for a future visit. To date, the fastest finishing is eight hours.
The longest swim under ice with breath held goes to Win Hof of the Netherlands. Wearing only bathing trunks and goggles, Hof swam 188 ft. 7in. under ice in just 1 minute 1 second. To do so, he endured a water temperature of 21.2 degrees F (-6C).
And that's just a taste of what's inside this extraordinary book, filled with stunning photos, exclusive interviews--and information about how to become a record breaker yourself....

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The hardcover is better

Avis d'utilisateur  - jmmmcj -

The large hardcover version is definitely more interesting for the 1012 year old audience. The paperback is complete with the records but not very reader friendly for young people. Consulter l'avis complet

2008 gunniness book of records

Avis d'utilisateur  - southillrose -

I gave this to my 10 yr old grandson for xmas he thought it was the Cats Meow.... it was the only thing he looked at all day.. He is big book worm great presentfor any kid or adult who likes wacky crazy things people do. Consulter l'avis complet

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