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THE learned will perceive how far the following condensation of the four Gospels into one uninterrupted narrative, in the true order of time, and in the very words of the inspired Evangelists, according to the authorized English version, has been suggested by the Diatessaron of Professor WHITE, a hidden treasure from all who are unskilled in the language of the divine originals. They will also see how far that compendium has been followed, how far other Gospel harmonies have been used, and how far, in some instances, another, and, as the Editor thinks, a better connection of the sections, and divisions of the chapters or memorable epochs, has been preferred.

The unlearned in Greek will also see how far this breviat of evangelical truth agrees with the divine originals from which it is taken, by referring to the notes at the foot of the page; wherein is shown the chapter and verses of every page. These they may compare, both with our venerated English version, which is acknowledged to be the best translation yet made of the New Testament Scriptures, and with the Greek originals. The time and place of every



transaction are given at the head of every page, a summary at the beginning of every chapter, and a methodical table of contents, which exhibits, at one view, the harmony of the four Gospels and the order of their narrations.

The method herein adopted, condenses, by omitting repetitions, even the dense brevity of the divinelyinspired originals. This unity and brevity will make it an acceptable reading book in schools and families, and a pocket companion to those "Who rightly deem the Book of God the best."

The Gospel is the only sure guide to Christianity, and should be known in every living tongue; the Acts of the holy Apostles is an historical document of surpassing interest; the pastoral Epistles of the great Apostles are of inestimable value to the advanced student.

So is the sublime and mysterious Book of the Revelation of ST. JOHN the Divine, (the last survivor of the original Twelve,) during his exile in the Isle of Patmos. But they are above the comprehensions of juvenile and simple Christian students, for whom this compendium is intended.

The Apostolical Epistles have caused numerous and angry discussions, distressing to all, and perplexing to the unlettered pious Christian, whose principal duty and desire is, to "truly repent and unfeignedly



That spiritual mystery, the Apocalypse, has given birth to interminable disputations, voluminous interpretations, and innumerable explanations and keys; from JUSTIN MARTYR, IRENEUS, TERTULLIAN, ORIGEN, CYPRIAN, and other early Fathers of the Church, to the learned expositors of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and the luminaries of our own times, Park, Moses Stuart, Tilloch, Croly, and Wordsworth. But it is not a book for the million, to whom is now offered, the Gospel, the whole Gospel, and nothing but the Gospel.

As examples, among others, the inquiring reader is referred to the inimitable Sermon on the Mount, in which is combined the words of MATTHEW and of LUKE; to the account of the last Passover (chap. vii. §1.) by the four Evangelists; to the agony in the garden, the betraying, trial, condemnation and crucifixion, similarly narrated; and to the Ascension, on which JOHN is silent, but concludes his divine history and dissertation, with one of the finest perorations ever written.

The cycle of the Gospel is going its unerring round, and is settling in its starting place, Jerusalem, in which both Jews and Christians are restoring the Law and the Gospel in the cities of the Turk. Both the Holy City and the capital of Constantine resound with the services and enjoy the freedom of the Gospel, which beginning in the east, threw all its light upon



the west, and is rapidly spreading its rays on its birthplace, Bethlehem, and over all the lands of the East.

"Thus may the GOSPEL, to the rising sun

Be spread, and flourish where it first began.”

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