The Order of Things: Explorations in Scientific Theology

John Wiley & Sons, 15 avr. 2008 - 288 pages
Provocative and immensely well informed, The Order of Things represents a substantial and original contribution to the fields of systematic theology, historical theology, and the science and religion dialogue. Leading theologian, Alister E. McGrath explores how the working methods and assumptions of the natural sciences can be used to inform and stimulate systematic theology.

  • Written by one of today's best-known Christian writers
  • Explores how the working methods and assumptions of the natural sciences can be used to inform and stimulate systematic theology
  • Continues McGrath’s acclaimed exploration of scientific theology, begun with his groundbreaking three-volume work, A Scientific Theology
  • Includes a landmark extended analysis of whether doctrinal development can be explained using Darwinian evolutionary models, and exploration of how the transition from a “scientific theology” to a future “scientific dogmatics” might be made
  • Supported by a published review of McGrath’s scientific theology project, which is currently the best brief introduction to his thought.

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1 Alister McGraths Scientific Theology
2 Is a Scientific Theology Intellectual Nonsense? Engaging with Richard Dawkins
3 A University Sermon On Natural Theology
4 Towards the Restatement and Renewal of a Natural Theology A Dialogue with the Classic English Tradition
5 Stratification Levels of Reality and the Limits of Reductionism
6 The Evolution of Doctrine? A Critical Examination of the Theological Validity of Biological Models of Doctrinal Development
7 Assimilation in the Development of Doctrine The Theological Significance of Jean Piaget
8 AWorking Paper The Ordering of the World in a Scientific Theology
9 AWorking Paper Iterative Procedures and Closure in Systematic Theology
10 The Church as the Starting Point for a Scientific Dogmatics
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Alister E. McGrath is Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University. He earned his D.Phil. from Oxford for research in molecular biophysics, and his D.D. for research in historical and systematic theology. He is the author of numerous bestselling textbooks and also the acclaimed Scientific Theology trilogy: Nature, Reality, and Theory (2001-3).

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