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How may the imagination be best What influence has the parental regulated ?

character on the rising generation ? What is the meaning of the words, The advantages and disadvantages “ God will judge every man accord- of Methodism. ing to his works ?”

In what way shall we best approve How shall a man most effectually ourselves to God and our country in guard against his besetting sin? the event of a revolution ? (1797.)

What are the nature, source, and The ground of the diversity of cure of scandal ?

character among real Christians ? What opinion are we to form of In what cases does error become Dr. Johnson's religious character ? criminal ?

What is covetousness; and the What is the best plan of conductlimit between it and a proper regard ing studies preparatory for the pulpit? to our interest ?

What opportunities of usefulness How should Christians behave should a minister endeavour to seize themselves towards men of the world? upon in a journey?

With what views should we re- How far may a minister encourage gard the present spread of infidelity? animadversion upon himself in his

What is the best method of di- hearers ? viding time?

What is the difference between a How far may popularity properly real and pretended conscientiousness? encourage a minister of the Gospel? What are the nature, benefits, ob-

Is any holy disposition in the heart ligations, and subjects of the Lord's. of a sinner previously necessary to Supper ? warrant his believing in Jesus Christ? How may we discover and counter

What does our Lord mean when act the defects of our own character? he says, "My kingdom is not of this

In what sense are we all the chilworld ? "

dren of wrath by nature ? The nature, error, and danger of Is the word the seed of regenethe mystic scheme.

ration; or is regeneration a work of What lessons may we derive from the Spirit previous to the operation the unexpected death of the Rev. Mr. of the word on the heart? or is the Cadogan? (1797.) [Similar questions matter so undetermined in Scripture occur on the decease of other clergy. that we can say nothing with cermen and members of the society; but tainty concerning it? we forbear copying them. We only What is the Scripture idea of notice this, the first that occurs, for the that “ holiness without which no sake of observing that such questions man shall see the Lord ?” often furnish much solace and in- The advantages and disadvantages struction.]

of evening lectures. [They were What is religious ostentation ? then scarcely known, and generally

What is the best method of deal- discountenanced.] ing with young people, under first The advantages and disadvantages serious impressions ?

of a considerable variety of preachers. What regard should be paid to What is the nature and evil of the scruples of religious people in schism, and the best method of things indifferent ?

preventing it? The different dangers to which What may be done towards the the Calvinistic and Arminian schemes best interests of the children of a are liable.

congregation ? In what respects are Establish- In what sense are we'" not with. ments favourable to the great in- out the law to God, but under the terests of Christianity?

law to Christ?" What is it for a minister “ to en- What can be done at the present dure hardness as a good soldier of moment to counteract the designs of Jesus Christ ?"

infidels against Christianity? (1798.)

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What constitutes what is termed of different preachers ? and what effect in preaching?

instruction can be derived from the What constitutes an external call consideration of the subject ? to the ministry, and how far is it How far may a periodical publiindispensible?

cation be made subservient to the In what sense are we to under- interests of religion? [There was stand the temptations of our Lord? at that period a great want of such

What is the obligation of the publications.)
Christian Sabbath ?

How far is fasting a Christian
What are the objections brought duty ?
against the literal sense of the Mosaic What methods can we use the
history, and what are the proper most effectually to promote the
answers to them?

knowledge of the Gospel among To what extent does Scripture the heathen ? authorise typical explanations? What is the obligation, and what

What is meant by the wedding is the most effectual method of adgarment, in the parable of the Mar- ministering and receiving brotherly riage of the King's Son?

reproof? Is there a moral sense; and what The sin and danger of embracing is it?

false doctrine. What are the real causes of enmity What rules should govern a Chrisagainst the Gospel ?

tian in designating a son to the mi-
What is emulation ? and what are nistry?
the evils arising from it ?

What are the criteria of Divine
What tends to enliven or depress truth, and how may it be distinguished
devotion in a congregation ? from plausible errors?
What is the meaning of that

How far is gravity binding upon
passage, Sin, taking occasion by the ministerial character ?
the commandment, wrought in me What is the best preparation for
all manner of concupiscence, for the pulpit ?
without the law sin was dead ?" What are the causes and signs of
What are the first and most pro-

declension in religion ? minent discoveries of depravity in The practical meaning of the Apochildren, and the best method of stolic injunction, 2 Thess. üü. 6. counteracting them?

As different speakers are introWhat lessons may we learn from duced in the Scriptures, hy what the dispensations of Divine Provi- . rules are we to distinguish the sure dence ?

testimony of God from the opinions What are we to understand by of the speakers ? doctrinal, experimental, and practi- The account of the capture of the cal preaching?

missionary ship Duff by a French What is the morality and use of privateer. It was agreed to consider dreams?

the event as a providential dispensaWhat is the nature, evil, and cure tion, and how we might derive inof Antinomianism?

struction from it. (1799.) The best way of improving the What are the nature and effect next thanksgiving day. [Similar of the fear of God? questions elsewhere occur, which we What are the characteristics of omit.]

a spiritual mind, and the means of What evidence have we from fact growth therein ? of the intercourse of the invisible What is it to preach Christ? and world with our system?

how far should circumstances regulate Is religion on the advance or de- the method of doing it? cline in this country?

What are the proper subjects and What circumstances have deter- mode of Christian Baptism? mined the popularity or unpopularity What is the use of prophecy, and :


especially as it respects the present What are the most general causes times ?

of a minister's popularity ? What manner and measure should What is the most profitable method be observed in treating the doctrine of studying the Scriptures in private, of Election?

andofbringing them before the family? On what grounds has a man How shall we distinguish between warrant to believe that he is in a the Christian conflict and the workstate of acceptance with God? ings of natural conscience ? : Whatis the visible church of Christ? Is there any foundation in Scrip

What was the Apostolic method ture for the distinction between comof preaching and how far is there mon and special grace; and wherein any deviation from it in the race of does it consist ? Evangelical preachers?

On what grounds may the practice How may we best improve the of family prayer be enforced? new year? (1800.)

What is the proper test of reliWhat is the nature of the inspi- gious sincerity both in ourselves and ration of the Scriptures ?

others? The future glory of the church of What was the degree of light Christ on earth.

enjoyed under the Old-Testament What is it for a minister to mag- dispensation? nify his office ?

What are the main points of What are the causes of the present instruction to be derived from the contempt of the clergy?

Book of Job? On what grounds should a Chris- Is there any thing in Christian tian minister discountenance theatri- experience which a mere pretended cal amusements ?

experience cannot imitate without In what respects are ministers detection? warranted to expect Divine influence What kind of preaching is best calin the exercise of their ministry? culated to guard our people against

Is redemption general or parti- declension in religion? cular?

Wherein consists the difference What are the order and association between that knowledge which a of Christian graces ?

natural man may receive from the What is the practical application Gospel and that which a spiritual of that Scripture injunction, “Let man receives? each of us please his neighbour for The nature and criminality of prehis good to edification ?

cipitation. How shall we distinguish between What is the Scriptural nature of true and counterfeit Christian ex- the assurance of hope? perience ?

What should be the conduct of Are known seals of a minister's a minister towards persons who labours necessary to evince the ac- appear to be falling away from the ceptableness of his ministry to the Spirit of the Gospel ? Lord, and how far ?

Upon what grounds do we invite How shall a minister best preserve unconverted sinners to believe in the his people from the influence of Lord Jesus Christ? sectarian teachers ?

The nature of that faith menHow is the duty of abstaining tioned Heb. xi. from the reproof of sin to be dis- What is the nature of the striving tinguished from the temptation ? of the Holy Spirit with unconverted

How far is it expedient to en- persons ? courage religious societies? and

What is it to glory in tribulation? what is the best method of conduct- What does the Scripture teach ing them?

us concerning the duty of interWhat is the best method of com- cession? forting afflicted consciences?

What is the proper province of

reason in the reception of Chris. What is the best way of defending tianity?

the truth? Wherein consists the evil of read- What rules can be given for ing novels, plays, romances, &c. ? treating all subjects evangelically?

What are the nature and marks What foundation is there in Scripof hypocrisy in religion?

ture for the doctrine of the MillenThe use and abuse of impressions nium; of what nature will it be; and from passages of Scripture.

to what use may it be applied ? In what circumstances, and how What is the best method of fortifar, are the threatenings and pro- fying the minds of youth in schools phecies of Scripture to be considered against infidelity ? as forming the rule of our conduct What can be said respecting the towards others ?

salvation of infants and virtuous What have been the signal inter- heathen? positions of Divine Providence in How shall we distinguish between favour of Britain during the late unbelieving fears and those doubts war?

concerning our state which are salu. The nature and sinfulness of spi- tary and scriptural ? ritual pride and the best means of What is the Scriptural idea of the repressing it.

term mystery How shall we best treat malignant What are the seasons in a Chrisopposers of the Gospel with whom tian's experience which may be con. we are constrained to have inter. sidered critical ? course?

Will natural constitution in any In what sense are we to under- degree extenuate guilt ? stand those words of our Lord, Where lies the specific difference “Whatsoever ye shall ask the Fa. between an Antinomian and a real ther in my name I will do it?" Christian?

The expediency of accommodation How does the Gospel establish of Scripture.

the Law ? What are the principal errors of What is the meaning of that the Quakers; and what is the in- article in the Apostles' Creed, The fluence of those errors upon their Holy Catholic Church ? general character?

In what sense is the sin of a In what respects does the influence believer imputed to Christ, and the of the Holy Spirit accompany the righteousness of Christ imputed to word of God?

the believer) The causes of not profiting by the What are the grounds and tenword preached both as it respects dency of the opinion that Christians ministers and hearers.

must lose their first love? How shall we discover the impres- How may we with propriety sion which our characters make imitate the example of St. Paul, in upon others, and how far is the becoming all things to all men ? inquiry important ?

What is the difference between What were the influences of the accuracy in stating Scripture doc, Holy Spirit in the church, previous trine, and mere speculation ? to the day of Pentecost ?

What is the Scripture doctrine How shall we best improve the of the Trinity, and what are those event of public peace? (1802) deviations from it, which tend to

How shall we detect the enmity heresy? of heart against God in amiable What are the evidences of grace moral characters ?

which bring with them the compleWhat judgment shall we form test evidence that they are gracious ? concerning the degree of sanctifi- What is the Scripture account of cation possessed by the Old Testa- the New Covenant ? ment saints ?

What are the symptoms external and internal which denote a man Is there an essential difference to be in a dangerous predicament? between the warfare of the flesh

What is the distinction between with the Spirit in believers, and Evangelical doctrine and enthusiasm ? those warrings of the conscience

Does St. Paul in Rom. vii. speak with the passions felt by sinners in in the person of a regenerate or general; and wherein does the differ. unregenerate man?

ence consist? Is there any ground for the dis- By what arguments shall we plead tinction between baptismal and spi- with God to deliver us from the ritual regeneration ?

French? (1804.) What are the duties which the How far is it our duty to visit our present times particularly require of people in private, and the best meus? (1803.)

thods? How shall we know whether our What is the import and applicaconvictions are from natural consci- tion of that passage Wisdom is ence, or from the Spirit of God? justified of her children?”

What are the leading points to What limits ought to be put by which the attention of the public ministers to the indulgence of curishould be led on the approaching osity with regard to public exhibifast? (1803)

tions ? Is it in any case lawful to deviate How far does the apparent state from truth?

of many supposed to be real ChrisIs there any thing of appropria- tians consist with the Scriptural idea tion in the nature of justifying faith? of the new birth ?

How are we to understand our In what sense did Christ learn Lord's words, “Every idle word obedience by the things which he that a man shall speak he shall give suffered; and in what respect is He a an account thereof in the day of fit example for us in suffering ? judgment ?

What is that love of the world What are the advantages and dis- which is inconsistent with the love advantages of keeping a diary? of the Father dwelling in us?

What is the difference between The advantages and disadvantages the Jewish and Christian Sabbath? of forms in the public worship of

What is the assistance which we God. have reason to expect in the minis- How shall we know whether we terial work?

are in the path of duty ? How far is comfort necessarily The use and expediency of anoconnected with sanctification ? nymous letters.

What is the peculiar blessing What rules should a minister which we may expect to attend the observe for his health in the dispreaching of the Gospel ?

charge of his duty ? What is the precise extent of the Is it Scriptural to say that repenApostle's meaning when he says, “I tance and faith are the means of count all things but loss for the justification ? excellency of the knowledge of What constitutes Christian unity? Christ?”


any encouragement What are the most satisfactory should be given to Popery by a evidences of a death-bed repentance? Protestant government ?

What are the signs of a minister's What is the best method of ad. preaching himself, in contradistinc- dressing a congregation from the tion to his preaching Christ Jesus? pulpit ? When may a people be considered

The importance, use, and responthe joy and glory of their minister ? sibility of personal influence ?

How far does the word of God Is it lawful to use artifice to proencourage

Christians to expect con. mote a good end? solation in this present life?

(To be concluded in the Appendir.)

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