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or to the preaching of ministers in What are the rules and limitations general ?

to a Christian's duty to esteem others What is the meaning of St. Paul's better than himself? exhortation to the Hebrews, “ to

What is the meaning of the pasleave the principles of the doctrine sage, “ Wisdom is justified of all her of Christ, and to go on to perfec- children?tion;" and how far does it apply to The declining state of congrethe preachers of the present day? gations, and the means of remedy

How may a minister best render ing it. his intercourse with his hearers edi. How shall we distinguish between fying?

a consciousness of grace and a spirit What mode of conducting public of self-righteousness? worship is likely to produce the most How far is it prudent and safe for salutary effect

a minister to accommodate himself What is the scriptural idea of per- to the taste of his hearers ? fection?

The duty and manner of addressDoes peace of mind depend upon ing sinners. the strength or the justness of con- What is the nature of the change viction ?

which takes place in regeneration, What advantages for the conduct according to the Scripture account ; of his own ministry may a minister and what is the most proper mode of obtain by hearing his brethren? stating the same in public?

How far is it true that God ever What are the distinctions between withdraws his peace merely as a godly sorrow and the sorrow of the Sovereign ?

world? What are the best rules by which What is the best method of stusome seeming inconsistencies of the dying the epistolary writings as to Old Testament may be reconciled their general use and application ? with the moral precepts of the New ? How far is it expedient to abstain

What is the best mode of improv- from the use of terms indifferent in ing a journey?

themselves, in accommodation to the What useful observations have prejudices of the times ? the several members of this society The nature and extent of sancti. made during the recess ?

fication. What are the evidences of the What rules may be laid down for Divine inspiration of the Book of the observance of the Apostle's inCanticles ?

junction, “ Be instant in season, What are the characteristics of out of season?" Christian policy, as distinguished How shall we improve the apfrom carnal ?

proaching fiftieth anniversary of The extent of the duty of visiting the king (George III.)'s accession? the sick, and the best mode of con- (1809.) ducting it.

What influence have our sinful The ground of expecting the con- passions one on the other; and what version of the Jews, and the means use can be made of such influence ? by which it may be promoted.

What rules can be laid down for What are the characteristics of an ascertaining the interference of a Evangelical ministry, and what con- special Providence ? duct ought to be observed towards What are the external church prithose whose ministry is apparently vileges conferred by the Christian of a different description ?

dispensation; and what use may be What is meant by the Scripture made of them by ministers in the expression, " the presence of God ;” discharge of their office ? and in what sense may Christians What is the duty of a member use it as an expression of good will of the Established Church, if the towards each other?

preaching of the Gospel is occasion

ally suspended, or altogether ceases What is the Scriptural idea of the in his parish church ?

sovereignty of God? On what evidence may a minister What are the satisfactory eviconclude that God's gracious pre- dences of religion in children? sence is with him ?

How far are the order and disci. What are the characteristics of pline of the church connected with the Divine influence which Chris- salvation ? tians are authorised to expect in the What are the uses to be made of present day?

the difficulties occurring in Divine How shall we best discipline the revelation ? imagination ?

In what way may a minister The nature, operation, and cure maintain order and discipline in his of prejudice.

church, so as best to answer the end May we satisfy ourselves of our of God in the original appointment personal interest in Christ any fur- of them? ther than as we are conscious of our Is moral evil included in the all sanctification ?

things which work together for How are we to distinguish be- good ? tween the delusions of satan and the How


the case of Cornelius be comforts of the Holy Spirit ? reconciled with the doctrine of jus

Is personal preaching in any case tification by faith? proper? And if it be, by what regu- How shall we walk in wisdom lations should it be governed ? towards them that are without ?

The expediency of ministers form- What is the best method of cultiing a theological system.

vating a contemplative spirit? • How shall

we distinguish between What rules can be laid down for Christian discrimination of character Christians, and particularly for minis. and evil surmising?

ters, in assisting in the conduct of What are the present appearances public societies, so as not to trench of true religion in the world ? on their personal religion, or to

What is the Scriptural doctrine countenance any indecorum in the of future rewards ?

management of such societies? What are the limits of Scriptural In what way, and to what extent, inquiry as it relates to ministers ? should we insist on the work of the

What was the moral character of Holy Spirit in our public ministry? the Pharisees?

What is the particular course What is the nature of simplicity of this evil world in the present and godly sincerity; and its influence on the Christian ministry ? What is the best mode of apply

What is the difference betweer. ing a sermon? consistency and bigotry?

What instruction may we derive How shall we best overcome the from the present appearance of a fears which harass us as preachers ? magnificent comet in the heavens ?

What are the temptations peculiar (Oct. 28, 1811.) to a religious profession?

How far ought the experience of In what sense do the Scriptures a minister to be the rule of his preachauthorize ministers to preach, that ing ? the desire of

is grace ?

What are the principal reflections How shall we best improve the which our experience in the ministry anniversary of the Nativity ? has suggested ?

What instruction may be gathered What is the Scripture doctrine of from that variety of sentiment found assurance; and how far should it among pious persons ?

enter into our ministry ? What is the meaning of the Scrip- How shall we best distinguish beture phrase, first love; and how may tween those events which are the the first love be kept alive?

leadings of Divine Providence, and



those which are sent as the trial of In what respects is the Lord Jesus our characters ?

Christ made unto us sanctification ? The expediency of religious so- What are the hindrances which cieties; and the best mode of con- prevent religious persons from enducting them.

joying the comforts of religion? Wherein does a truly religious The extent of our Lord's intertenderness of conscience consist; and cession, and the benefits which we how is it to be distinguished from derive from it. scrupulosity of conscience ?

What is the nature of religious The harmony of the general offers experience; and how is that which of mercy contained in the Gospel, is genuine to be distinguished from with the doctrine of personal elec- counterfeit ? tion.

What is the province of reason in What are the prominent difficulties matters of religion ? attending the Arminian heresy? What means may be suggested for

What are the evidences of Divine awakening the minds of ministers in communications to that soul; and general to a concern for their own wherein do they differ from enthu- salvation ? siasm ?

What the disadvantages How shall we convince amiable which attend Sunday schools, and characters of their natural depravity? the best method of counteracting

What are the characteristics of a them? public spirit and the just limits of The nature and necessity of sepaits operation ?

ration from the world. What are the characteristic evils What is the Scriptural idea of in the spirit of the times; and in imputed righteousness? what manner may they best be coun- How are we to understand those teracted ? (1812.)

divines who speak of common gifts What is the Scriptural view of and common graces ? growth in grace?

Are many inconveniences likely What is the best mode of con- to attend the extension of Bible ducting private prayer?

Associations among the labouring What are the best means of reco- classes; and if so, how may they best vering a backslider ?

be obviated ? What are the nature and effects Is there any Scriptural ground for or faith as a principle on the Chris- the belief of an eternal covenant tian life?

between the Three Persons in the The ground and extent of the Godhead as to the redemption of Gospel call.

man ? What are the symptoms and What efforts ought Evangelical causes of a decline in grace? Ministers to use in order to oppose

In what respects is Jesus Christ the extraordinary exertionsnow makto be considered as a lawgiver ? ing by the Socinians to promote their

What are those parts of our pernicious tenets ? Lord's character which have most The nature, office, and right of struck our minds in reading the conscience. Scriptures ?

The importance of ministers inWhat is the real intent of bap- sisting on minor points of morals. tism ; and can the unbaptized adult The nature of the Lord's Supper be deemed a member of the body of and the qualifications for, and beneChrist?

fits of, receiving it. What are the character and What method shall we adopt consequences of an inefficient mi- towards those who evidently know nistry?

not what spirit they are of ? The duties, limits, and advantages How far should the approving or of free inquiry.

disapproving feelings of the hearers of the Gospel influence ministers in and the dangers of unsanctified learnthe discharge of their public duty ? ing in the Christian ministry? : The nature and subserviency of The nature and means of promotthe Mosaic covenant to the Christian ing humility. dispensation.

The distinct province of faith and • The doctrine of the moral insuffi. hope. ciency of man, and what are its uses The province of conscience, and and abuses?

our duties with regard to it. | How may we distinguish between What are the measures, public and animal fervours and spiritual feelings private, which Christians in the prein religious exercises?

sent day ought to adopt to enforce What reflections are suggested the observation of the Sabbath? by recent events on the continent ? The advantages and disadvantages (April 25, 1814.)

of religious controversy. How are those temptations which The duty and best means of selfare probationary, to be distinguished examination. from those which of themselves are What improvement may be made evil ?

of the extraordinary events of the What use may be made of the as- present time? (1815.) sociation of ideas in our experience What are the points in which a as Christians, and in our public mi- large body of amiable and pious pernistry?

sons fall short of the standard of What are the different provinces Divine truth, and lose much of the of faith and hope?

grace of the Holy Spirit, and of the : What circumstances will justify efficacy of their ministry? the admonition of our superiors, and What is the best method of reading the rules by which it is to be con- unfulfilled prophecies, and by what ducted ?

rule are they to be interpreted? What is the meaning of that pas- What are the distinguishing mosage of St. Paul, “ being not without tives of a gracious and carnal zeal ? law to God, but under the law to The nature of union with Christ, Christ?"

and the practical tendency of the The duty of opposing the abuses doctrine. which are creeping into public reli- The unity of the church of Christ, gious societies?

and how far difference of opinion is What are the probable causes that destructive of it. extraordinary conversions under the What is the specific grace attendpreaching of the Gospel, are less ing the ordinance of baptism? frequent now than at the revival of What is the exact distinction bereligion in this country.

tween filial and servile fear? How may we get out of the world, What are the marks of unconand into the church ?

version in professed Christians? The effects which may be expected What are the excellencies of our from frequent meditation on the Lord's example ? person, character, and worth of What is the distinction between Christ.

the highest attainments of the naWhether any, and, if any, what tural man, and the lowest effects of measures should be taken for purging Divine grace ? away the crudities of Calvinism out What conduct are we to observe of the church?

towards dubious and suspicious chaHow shall we treat apparently racters in the church? serious persons, who give extraordi- What are the strictly Christian nary and unaccountable relations of motives, and how far do they admit religious impressions made on their of the intermixture of lower motives? minds?

How shall we best improve time? What are the evils of ignorance, The spirit in which public worship

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should be attended, with the comfort What are the benefits which manand blessing to be expected from it. kind in general derive from the re

How far is deep conviction of sin demption of Christ? necessary to a proper reception of What are the proper evidences of the Gospel ?

faith to a man's own soul ? How may a Christian be bold in What circumstances in Christian maintaining the truth of the Gospel experience combine to convince us consistently with charity and peace? that by grace we are saved ? The province of faith in prayer.

What is the true nature of sanc-) On the best method of conducting tification ? secret and family devotion.

What is the spiritual food with In what respects is the superiority which a minister of the Gospel is of the Christian character most pro- bound to feed the sheep of Christ? ; minent ?

The importance of habitual comThe doctrine of Christian forgive. munion with God to the comfortable ness.

and successful exercise of the ChrisHow far may promises in the Old tian ministry? Testament be relied on by Christians The spiritual dangers of the meunder the New Testament?

tropolis. The true nature of Scriptural mo- The manner in which we should deration.

conduct ourselves in a state of spiriHow shall we prosecute immediate ritual desertion. good without sacrificing remote use- What is the difference, and the fulness?

grounds of the difference, between The duty of religious conversation moral orthodox ministers and evanin the family and social circle. gelical ministers?

What is the best method of raising What is that conformity to the the standard of spirituality and per- world which is forbidden to Chris: sonal religion in ministers and people, tians ? that the church may rise in height The dangers and advantages of the as it extends in breadth ?

work of the ministry to a man's own How may we best improve afflic. soul ? tion?

The danger and cure of curiosity The characters of growth in grace. in matters of religion.

How far may providential mercies The danger and cure of inordinate be considered as purchased for us by carefulness. the merits of Christ ?

What profitable reflections may How far may a naturalman acquire be made on the lamented death of: the knowledge of Divine things? the Princess Charlotte ? (1817.)

How far ought popularity to be What is preaching Christ? an object to the Christian minister ? What are the limits of human in

How far do the various exertions quiry in Divine things? of different Christians combine to What kinds of subjects will be promote the kingdom of Christ? most suited to attract the attention.

The nature of misanthropy, with of the Jews at this time? the temptations good men are under What are the lessons which we to it, and its cure.

may learn from division of time into What connexion has growth in periods ? grace with degrees of glory?

What are the best means to be Th duties of ministers in the used by a parent in the education of present times of distress as they re- his children? spect the poor. (1817.)

What are the practical uses of the The nature and importance of re

doctrine of election? generation.

How shall we detect the first What is the nature of the Chris- symptoms of apostasy in religion ? tian's communion with the Saviour ? What are the probable evils which

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