Twenty-three Years Practice and Observations with Rifle Guns

Baker, 1804 - 18 pages
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Page 15 - ball to a certainty ; this mode of rifling is practised by the Germans, French, and Americans, and all the foreign rifles that I have ever yet seen are rifled
Page 15 - rifle, in a barrel three feet in length, was the best for throwing a ball to a certainty ; this mode of rifling is practised by the Germans, French,
Page 12 - loaded, take out the picker, prime, and with the picker force a little powder into the touch-hole. Be careful not to prime too full, as it will prevent the hammer going down, and occasion the prime to be lost, or the damp to get to the priming; which will
Page 12 - the air will sometimes force the powder into the touch-hole very hard, which will occasion the rifle to hang fire or flash in the pan, and not fire the powder in the barrel, particularly in joint or patent breech barrels; as the narrow chamber at the bottom of
Page 10 - a sphere of a circle, with a small notch in the centre, so as to admit of the light on each side of the front sight, which .forms, itself to the eye, better than any sight I have ever yet tried; the back sight should not stand
Page 5 - no alteration ; but when the muzzle is brought down, it will require the face to be pressed on the stock; in that case the point will be lost, and the man much deceived. After the trigger is pulled,
Page 13 - loading. A rifleman should be careful not to have his lock on full cock whilst loading, as from the pressure of forcing down the ball it might go off, which might be attended with bad
Page 4 - the butt of the rifle in the hollow of the shoulder, the body easily bent forwards, so that the right eye comes over the great toe of the left foot, as figure presenting No.
Page 9 - Rifles throwing to the right or left, is sometimes owing to the trigger pulling too hard, and at other times, to the man throwing his head too far over the centre of the stock,
Page 7 - I am convinced the wind has great power on the ball, after it has passed to a certain distance. I have found it very uncertain to fire over water;

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