Catalogue of Printed Music Published Between 1487 and 1800 Now in the British Museum: A-K.- v. 2. L-Z and First supplement


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Page 470 - Cantus Songs and Fancies To Three, Four, or Five Parts, both apt for Voices and Viols. With a brief introduction to Musick, as is taught in the Musick-school of Aberdeen. The Third Edition, much Enlarged and Corrected.
Page 279 - Clio and Euterpe or British Harmony A Collection of Celebrated Songs and Cantatas By the most approv'd Masters Curiously En- >•! \ grav'd With the Thorough Bass for the Harpsicord and Transposition for the German Flute Embelish'd with Designs adapted to each Song.
Page 134 - The Temple Musick : or an Essay concerning the Method of singing the Psalms of David in the Temple, before the Babylonish Captivity...
Page 93 - Ayres of foure parts with Tableture for the Lute. So made that all the parts together, or either of them seuerally may be song to the Lute, Orpherian or Viol de gamba.
Page 182 - An Ode, perform'd in the Senate House at Cambridge, on the First of July, 1 749, at the Installation of His Grace the Duke of Newcastle, Chancellor of the University.
Page 352 - Certaine Notes set forth in foure and three parts, to be song at the Morning Communion and Evening Praier, very necessarie for the Church of Christe, to be frequented and used...
Page 399 - The Third and last Booke of Songs or Aires. Newly composed to sing to the Lute, Orpharion, or Viols, and a dialogue for a base and meane Lute, with fiue voyces to sing thereto.
Page 174 - PRATTICO / Che brevemente dimostra / il modo di giungere alla perfetta cognizione di tutte quelle / cose, che concorrono alla composizione de i Canti, e / di ciò ch'all'Arte del Contrapunto si ricerca.
Page 362 - Cantica Sacra, containing Hymns and Anthems for Two Voices to the Organ, both Latine and English. Composed by Mr. Richard Dering, Dr. Christoph. Gibbons, Dr. Benjamin Rogers, Mr. Matth. Locke, and others. The Second Sett.
Page 54 - Apollo's Cabinet: OR THE MUSES DELIGHT. An Accurate Collection of English and Italian Songs, Cantatas and Duetts, Set to Music for the Harpsichord, Violin, German-Flute, &c.

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