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Page 965 - St. Croix River to the Highlands, along " the said Highlands which divide those rivers that empty " themselves into the River St. Lawrence, from those which " fall into the Atlantic Ocean, to the northwesternmost head
Page 965 - East, by a line to be drawn along the middle of the river St. Croix, from its mouth, in the bay of Fundy, to its source, and from its source, directly north, to the aforesaid highlands, which divide the rivers that fall into the Atlantic ocean from those which fall into the river St. Lawrence...
Page 978 - Article of this Treaty, shall deviate in any respect from the stipulations of the said Treaty, or from the Instructions annexed to it, the Government which shall conceive itself to be wronged thereby shall be entitled to demand reparation; and in such case the Government to which such commanding officer may belong, binds itself to cause inquiry to be made into the subject of the complaint, and to inflict upon the said officer a punishment proportioned to any wilful transgression which he may be proved...
Page 1001 - Les dispositions des articles 11 jusqu'à 21 inclusivement du traité conclu entre l'Autriche et la Russie le 3 mai 1815, qui fait partie intégrante de l'acte général du Congrès de Vienne , dispositions relatives aux propriétaires mixtes, à l'élection...
Page 999 - L'usage des routes qui, en traversant ces deux villes, conduisent aux frontières de l'Allemagne, ne sera assujetti qu'au payement de droits de barrière modérés pour l'entretien de ces routes , de telle sorte que le commerce de transit n'y puisse éprouver aucun obstacle, et que, moyennant les droits ci-dessus mentionnés, ces routes soient entretenues en bon état et propres à.
Page 747 - America, has the honour to acknowledge the receipt of the note of the llth instant, addressed to him by Mr.
Page 854 - An extraordinary number of water casks or of other vessels for holding liquid, unless the master shall produce a certificate from the custom house at the place from which he cleared outwards, stating that a sufficient security had been given by the owners of such vessel that such extra quantity of casks or of other vessels should only be used for the reception of palm oil, or for other purposes of lawful commerce.
Page 991 - The fishermen of each country shall enjoy the exclusive right of fishery within the distance of 3 miles from low-water mark along the whole extent of the coasts of their respective countries, as well as of the dependent islands and banks.
Page 197 - I INCLOSE, for your information, a copy of a despatch which I have addressed to her Majesty's...
Page 563 - American dominions, has resolved to co-operate with his Britannic Majesty in the cause of humanity and justice, by adopting the most efficacious means for bringing about a gradual abolition of the Slave Trade, throughout the whole.

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