The Merchants' Handbook

Edward Stanford, 1867 - 278 pages

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Page 113 - Published under the direction of the general council of medical education and registration of the United Kingdom, pursuant to the medical act (1858).
Page 200 - Ibs avoirdupois. 1-151 imperial gallon. 0-9120 imperial bushel. 125 Ib. avoirdupois. 1 cwt. 511-380 pounds. 0-36 imperial quarter. 100 imperial quarters. 27 inches. 30 inches. 40 square paces. The killow is the chief measure for grain, the lower measures being definite weights rather than measures.
Page 6 - Thus where we should speak of a number of foreign bonds of different value, as "pieces of different denominations," the French term would probably be " coupures of," &c. Course of Exchange. The variable price (estimated in the currency of one country) which is given for a fixed sum in the currency of another. The same name is also applied to the slips issued by brokers and merchants containing a list of the rates of exchange ruling between the great commercial centres of the world. Cover. Securities...
Page 3 - The person who gives the order is called the drawer. The person thereby ordered to pay is called the drawee...
Page 105 - Commons was appointed to consider the practicability of adopting a simple and uniform system of Weights and Measures, with a view not only to the benefit of our internal trade, but to facilitate our trade and intercourse with foreign countries.
Page 7 - A term used in a relative sense to express the fineness of gold. It means the twenty-fourth part of any given weight of that metal, or of its alloy. If such a weight be pure gold, it is said to be 24 carats fine ; if threefourths only be gold, it is 18 carats fine.
Page 256 - Weights and measures are mostly British. In the trade with the interior of Africa, the Ardeb is the chief measure of capacity for dry goods. The Gondar Ardeb contains 10 Madegas, or 120 Uckieh, or 1,440 Dirhems, and is equal to about 7-7473 British imperial pints.
Page 105 - The Committee of Council on Education should require the metric system to be taught (as might easily be done by means of tables and diagrams) in all schools receiving grants of public...
Page 4 - PAR OF EXCHANGE is the value of the currency of one country estimated in the currency of another, by comparing the quantity of gold and silver in their respective coins.

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