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III. It is lawful for all sorts of people to marry who are able with judgment to give their consent', yet it is the duty of Christians to marry only in the Lord'. And, therefore, such as profess the true reformed religion should not marry with infidels, papists, or other idolaters : neither should such as are godly be unequally yoked, by marrying with such as are notorioully wicked in their life, or maintain damnable here. Gies.

IV. Marriage ought not to be within the degrees of confanguinity or affinity forbidden in the word"; nor can such incestuous marriages ever be made lawful by any law of man, or consent of parties, so as those persons may live

let none deal treacherously husband liveth ; but if her husagainst the wife of his youth. bind be dead, the is at liberty

d 1 Cor. 7. 2. 9. Neverthe- to he married to whom she will; less, to avoid fornication, let only in the Lord. every man have his own wise, & Gen, 34. 14. Exod. 34. and let every woman have her 16. 2 Cor. 6. 14. Be ye not own husband.But if they unequally yoked together with cannot contain, let i hem marry; unbelievers ; for what fellow for it is better to marry than to ship haih righteousness with burn.

uprighteousness ? and what III. e I Tim. 4. 3. Forbid- communion hath light with ding to marry. Gen. 24. 57, darkness? Compare i Kings 58. And they said, We will call 11.4. Neh. 13. 25 26, 27. the damsel, and enquire at IV. h Lev. 18 chap. 1 Cor. her mouth. “And they called 5. 1. It is reported commonRebecca, and said unto her, ly that there is fornication Wilt thou go with this man? among you, and such fornicaAnd she said, I will go.

tion as is not so much as named fi Cor. 7. 39. The wife is among the Gentiles, that one bouud by the law as long as her should have his father's wife.

together, as man and wife'. The man may not marry any of his wife's kindred nearer in blood than he may of his own, nor the woman of her husband's kindred nearer in blood than of her own'.

V. Adultery or fornication, committed after à contract, being detected before marriage, giveth juft occafion, to the innocent party, to diffolve that contract'. In the case of adultery after marriage, it is lawful for the innocent party to fue out a divorce", and after the divorce to marry another, as if the offending party were dead".

i Mark 6. 18. For John Joseph her husband, being a had said unto Herod, It is not just man, and not willing to law ful for thee to have thy bro. make her a public example, ther's wife. Lev. 18. 24, 25, was minded to put her away 26, 27, 28.

privily. But while he thought k Lev. 20. 19, 20, 21. And on these things, hehold the an. thou shalt noc urcover the gel of the Lord appeared unto nal:edness of thy mother's sister, him in a dream, saying, Jo. nor of thy father's filter, for feph thou son of David, fear he uncovereth his near kin; not to take unto thee Mary they shall bear their iniquity. thy wife, for that which is And if a man shall lie with his conceived in her, is of the uncle's wile, he hath uncovered Holy Ghoft. his uncle's 'nakedness; they m Mat. 5. 31, 32. It hath shall bear their fin, they shall been said, Whosoever fall put die childless. And if a man away his wife, let him give shall take his brother's wife, her a writing of divorcenient, ic is an unclean thing : he But I say unto you, that whohath uncovered his brother's foever fall put away his wife, nakedncss, they shall be child- saving for the cause of fornicaless.

tion, causeth her to commit V. 1 Mat. 1. 18, 19, 20. adultery: and whosoever shall Now the birth of Jesus Christ marry her that. is divorced, was on this wife; When as his committeth adultery. mother Mary was espoufed to n Mat. 19. 9. And I say Joseph, before they come to- unto you, Whofvever shall put gether, she was found with away his wife, except it be child of the Holy Ghost. Then for fornication, and fall marry

VI. Although the corruption of man be such as is apt to study arguments, unduly to put asunder those whom God hath joined together in marriage; yet nothing but adultery, or such wilful desertion as can no way be remedied by the church or civil magistrate, is cause sufficient of diffolving the bond of marriage® : wherein a public and orderly course of proceeding is to be observed ; and the persons concerned in it, not left to their own wills and discretion in their own casep.


another, committeth adultery: 6. Wherefore they are no more and whosoever marrieth her twain, but oue ficfh. What which is put away, doth com- therefore God hath joined mit adultery. Rom. 7. 2, 3. together, let no man put afun

VI. o Mat. 19. 8. He faith der. unto them, Moses, because of

p Ezra 10. 3. Now therethe hardness of your hearts, fore let us make a covenant with suffered you put away your our God, to put away all the wives; but froni the beginning wives, and such as are horn of it was not fo. 1 Cor. 7, 15. them, according to the counsel But if the unbelieving depart, of my lord, and of those that let him depart, A brother or tremble at the commandment a fifter is not under bondage of our God, and let it be done in such cases: but God hath according to the law. called us to peace. Mat. 19.


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Of the Church.


THE catholic or universal church, which is

invisible, consists of the whole number of the elect, that have been, are, or shall be gathered into one, under Christ the head thereof; and is the spouse, the body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all'.

II. The visible church, which is also catholic or universal under the gospel, (not confined to one nation as before under the law) conGfts of all those throughout the world, that profess the true religion", together with their children"; and is the




1. a Eph. i. To, 22, 23. led to be saints, with all that That in the dispensation of the in every place, call upon the fulness of times, he might ga- name of Jesus Christ our Lord, ther together in one all things both theirs and ours. 1 Cor. 12. in Christ, both which are in 12, 13. "For as the body is one, heaven, and which

and hath many members, and earth, even in him. And hath all the members of that one put all things under his feet, boly, being many, are and gave him to be the head body; so also is Chrift. For by over all things to the church. one Spirit, are we all baptized Which is his hody, the fuiness into one body, whether we be of him that filleth all in all. Jews or Gentiles, whether we Col. 1. 18. And he is the be bond or free, and have head of the body, the church : been all made to drink into Eph. 5. 23, 27. 32.

one Spirit. Pfal. 2. 8. Aik I!. h I Cor. I. 2. Unto of me; and I shall give thee the church of God which is at the heathen for thine inherita Coinch, to them that are ance,

and the uttermoft parts sanerified in Christ Jesus, cal

kingdom of the Lord Jesus Chrift", the house and family of God, out of which there is no ordina. ry poffibility of falvation.

III. Unto this catholic visible church, Christ hath given the ministry, oracles, and ordinances of God, for the gathering and perfecting of the saints, in this life, to the end of the world : and doth by his own presence and Spirit, according to his promise, make then effectual theteunto'.

of the earth for thy posseflion, and foreigners, but fellow-citiRom. 15. 9, 10, 11, 12. zens with the saints, and of

ci Cor. 7. 64. For the unthe 'heuthold of God. Eph. believing husband is fan&ified 3. 15. Of whom the whole fa.' by the wife, and the unbe- mily it heaven and earth is ieving wife is fan&ified

the named. Prov. 29. 18. Where husband: elfe were your chil- there is no vifion, the péople dren unclean; but now are perish : but he that keepith they holy: Acts 2. 39. For the law, tíuppy is he. the promise is unto you, and f Ads 2. 47. And the Lord to your children, and to all added to the church daily luch that are afar off, even as many as Thould ise saved. as the Lord ont 'God Thail II. Eph. 4. 11. 'And he call. Gen. '17. 7. 'And I'will gave fonic, apoft és: and some, eltablish my covenant between prophets: and lume, evangelifts; me and thee; and thy seed af- and fome, pastors and teachers; ter thee, in their generations, Verfe 12. For ihe perle ding of for añ everlasting covenant; the faints, for the work of the to be a God unto thee, and to ministry, for the , 'ifying of thy seed after thee. Rom. 11. the body of Christ: verfe 13. 16. For if the firkt fruit be Till we all come in the unity holy, the lump is also boly; and of the faith, and of the know. if the root be holy, fo are the ledge of the Son of God, unto branches. Gal. 3. 7, 9, 14. a perfect man, unto the meaRome 4. throughout.

sure of the stature of the ful. d Mat. 13. 47. Again, the ness of Christ. Ifai. 59. 21. kingdom of heaven is liké un- As for me, this is my covenant to a net that was cast into the with them, faith the Lord, lea, and gathered of every 'My Spirit that is upon thee, and kind. Ifa. 9. 7.

my words which I have put in e Eph. 2. 19. Now there. thy mouth, fhall not depart fore ye are no more strangers

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