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the trumpet of God, to judge the world in righteousness!

Q. 57. What benefits hath Christ procured by his mediation ?

A. Chrift by his mediation hath procured redemption, with all other benefits of the covenant of grace".

Q. 58. How do we come to be made partakers of the benefits which Chrif hath procured ?

A. We are made partakers of the benefits which Christ hath procured, by the application of them unto us', which is the work especially of God the Holy Ghostk.

R 59. Who are made partakers of redemption through Chrift?

A. Redemption is certainly applied, and effettually communicated, to all those for whom

ei Thess. 4. 16. For the having obtained eternal reLord himself fhall descend deniption for us. fron heaven with a shout, h 2 Cor. 1. 20. For all the with the voice of the archangel, promises of God in him are yea, and with the trump of God. and in him Amen, unto the

f Acts 17.31. Because he hath glory of God by us. appointed a day, in the which i John 1. 12. But as mahe will judge the world in ny as received him to them righteousness, by, that gave he power to become the whom he hath ordained; where. Tons of God, even to them that of he hath given assurance unto believe on his name. all men, in that he hath raised k Tit. 3. 5, 6. But accordhim from the dead.

ing to his mercy he saved us, g Hen. 2. 12. Neither by by the washing of regeneration, the blood of goats and calves, and renewing of the Holy but by his own blood, he enter- Ghof. John 16. 7, 8. ed in once into the holy place,


Christ hath purchased it'; who are in time by the Holy Ghost enabled to believe in Christ, accord. ing to the gospel".

Q. 60. Can they who have never heard the gof. pel, and so know not Jesus Christ, nor believe in kim, be saved by their living according to the light of nature?

A. They who having never heard the gospel", know not Jesus Christ', and believe not in him, cannot be saved', be they never fo diligent to frame their lives according to the light of nature", or the laws of that religion which they profess" ; neither is there salvation in any other, but in

I John 6. 37, 39. All that n Rom. 10. 19. How then the Father giveth me, th:ll shall they call on him in whom come to me; and him that they have not believed? and cometh to me, I will in no how fall they believe in hion wife cast out. And this is the of whom they have not beara ? Father's will who hath sent me, and how fall they hear without that of all which he hath given a preacher ? me, I shouid lose nothing, but o 2 Theff, i. 8, 9 In flashould raise it up again at the ming fire, taking vengeance ou last day. John 10. 15, 16. them that know not God, and I lay down my life for the sheep. that obey not the gospel of onr And other sheep I have, which Lord Jeius Christ.

not of this fold: them p John 8. 24. If ye belicve also I must bring, and they shall not that I am he, ye hall die hear my voice. Eph 1. 13. 14.

Mark 16. 16. m Eph. 2. 8. For by grace He that believeth not shall be are ye saved, through faith ; and damned. that not of yourselves : it is the qi Cor. 1. 20, to 25. gift of God. John 3. 36. s John 4. 22. Phil. 3. 4, to 10


in your fins

S 2

Christ alone', who is the Saviour only of his body the church.

Q. 61. Are all they faved who hear the gospel, and live in the church?

A. All that hear the gospel, and live in the visible church, are not saved ; but only they who are true members of the church invisible'.

R. 62. What is the visible church?

A. The visible church is a society made up of all such as in all ages and places of the world do profess the true religion and of their children".

Q. 63. What are the special privileges of the vifible church?

A. The visible church hath the privilege of being under God's special care and government';



s Ads 4.

12. Neither is Corinth, to them that there salvation in any other: for fanctified in Christ Jesus, called there is none other game under to be faints, with all that in heaven given among men every place call upon the name whereby we must be saved. of Christ Jesus our Lord, theirs t Eph, s. 23. Even as and ours.

I Cor. 12. Christ is the head of the Rom. 15. 9. to 13. Mat, 28. church; and he is the Saviour 19. 20. of the body.

x Acts 2. 39. For the prov Rom. 9. 6. They are not mife is unto you and to your all Israel, who are of Israel. children. I Cor. 7. 14. Rom. Mat. 7. 21, Not every one II. 16. Gen. 17. 7. that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, y lsa 4. 5. 6. And the shall enter into the kingdom of Lord will create upon every heaven: but he that doeth the dwelling place of mount Zion, will of my Father who is in and upon her assemblies a heaven. Mat. 22. 14. John cloud and smoke by day, and 32. 38, 39, 40.

the shining of a flaming fire by W I Cor. 1. 2. Unto the night: for upon all the glory church of God which si at shall be a defence, And there

of being protected and preserved in all ages, notwithstanding the opposition of all enemies”; and of enjoying the communion of faints, the ordinary means of salvation", and offers of grace by Christ, to all members of it, in the ministry of the gospel, testifying that whosoever believes in him fhall be saved', and excluding none that will come unto him.

Q. 64. What is the invisible church?

A. The invisible church is the whole number of the elect, that have been, are, or shall be gathered into one under Christ the head".

fhall be a tabernacle for a shagospel to every creature. He dow in the day time from the that believeth, and is ba prizeci, heat, and for a place of refuge, shall be saved. Ads 16. 31. and for a covert from storm Ifa. 45. 22. Rev. 22. 17. and from rain. 1 Tim. 4. 10. c John 6. 37. And him that

2 Mat. 16. 18. And upon cometh to me, I will in no wise this rock 1 will build my cast out, church : and the gates of hell d Eph. 1. 10. That in the shall not prevail against it. Ifa. difpenfation of the fulness of 31. 4, s. Zec. 12. 2, 3, 4, 8, times, he might gather toge9. Exod. 3. 2, 3. Pfal. 115. ther in one all things in Christ, throughout.

both which are in heaven, and a Ads 2. 42. They conti- which are on earth; even in nued stedfastly in the apostles' him. John 11. 52. And not doctrine and fellowship, and in for that nation only, but that breaking of bread, and in also he should gather together prayers.

in one the Children of God b Pfa. 147. 19, 20. He that were scattered abroad. fheweth his word unto Jacob, John 10. 16. And other theep his statutes and his judgments I have, which are not of this unto Ifrael. He hath not dealt sold: them also I must bring, to with any nation; and as and they shall hear my voice, for his judgments, they have and there shall be one fold, and not known them. Rom. 9. 4. onę fhepherd Eph. 1. Mark 26. 15, 26. Preach the 23.


Q. 65. What special benefits do the members of the invisible church enjoy by Chrif?

A. The members of the invisible church, by Christ, enjoy union and communion with him in grace and glory .

Q. 66. What is that union which the ele at have with Chrif?

Å. The union which the elect have with Christ is the work of God's grace', whereby they are spiritually and mystically, yet really and inseparably, joined to Christ as their head and hufband'; which is done in their effectual calling".

Q. 67. What is effectual calling?

A Effectual calling is the work of God's al. mighty power and grace', whereby (out of his

e John 17. 21. That they rish, neither shall any pluck all may be one, as thou, Fa- them out of my hand. Eph. 5. ther art in me, and I in thee; 23, 30 —Even as Christ is the that they also may be one in us. head of the church. For we -Eph. 2. 5, 6. 1 John 1. 3. are members of his body, of And truly our fellowship is with his flesh, and of his bones. the Father, and with his Son h 1 Cor. 1.9. God is faithJesus Christ. John 17. 24. Fa- ful, by whom ye were called ther, I will that they also whom unto the fellowfhip of his Son thou hast given me be with me Jesus Chrift our Lord. ; Pet, where I am; that they may be 5. 10. hold my glory:

i Eph. 1. 18, 19, 20. That f Eph. 2. 6, 7, 8. For by ye may know what is the hope grace are ye saved, through of his calling-and what is the faith: and that not of your exceeding greatnefe of his felves: it is the gift of God. power to us-ward who believe,

g I Cor. 6. 17. But he according to the working of that is joined to the Lord, is his mighty power, which he one spirit. John 10. 28. And wrought in Christ, when he I will give unto them eternal raised him from the dead, and life, and they shall never pe. set him at his own right hand

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