Recueil des traités et conventions conclus par l'Autriche avec les puissances étrangères: depuis 1763 jusqu'à nos jours, Volume 28


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Page 2 - His Majesty the Emperor of Austria, King of Bohemia, etc., and Apostolic King of Hungary...
Page 485 - ... intention to terminate the present Convention, it shall remain In force until the expiration of one year from the day on which either of the High Contracting Parties shall have given such notice. " The United States or Her Britannic Majesty shall also have the right separately to terminate the present Convention at any time on giving twelve months...
Page 484 - The stipulations of the present Treaty shall be applicable, so far as the laws permit, to all the Colonies and foreign possessions of Her Britannic Majesty, excepting to those hereinafter named, that is to say, except to — India. The Dominion of Canada. Newfoundland. The Cape. Natal. New South Wales. Victoria. Queensland. Tasmania. South Australia. Western Australia. New Zealand.
Page 5 - Government, and the expense thus incurred shall be a first charge on the proceeds of the sale of the land.
Page 10 - Ten years from the date on which this Treaty shall come into operation, either of the High Contracting Parties may, on giving one year's previous notice to the other, demand a revision of the Treaty or of the Tariff...
Page 534 - Plombenverschlusse oder mit einem auf zwei Schraubenköpfen des Deckels angebrachten Siegel (Abdruck oder Marke) oder mit einem über Deckel und Seitenwände der Kiste geklebten, die Schutzmarke enthaltenden Zeichen zu versehen. e. Der Absender hat im Frachtbriefe eine von ihm unterzeichnete Erklärung abzugeben , worin auch das Zeichen der Plombe, des Siegels, der Siegelmarke oder der Schutzmarke angegeben ist. Die Erklärung hat zu lauten : „Der Unterzeichnete erklärt, daß die in diesem Frachtbriefe...
Page 482 - In the British Empire, and in the kingdoms and states represented in the Austrian Reichsrath, the enjoyment of the rights secured by the present convention is subject only to the accomplishment of the conditions and formalities prescribed by the law of that State in which the work is first published ; and no further formalities or conditions shall be required in the other country. Consequently, it shall not be necessary that a work which has obtained legal protection in one country should be registered,...
Page 483 - It is understood that the provisions of the present Convention cannot in any way derogate from the right belonging to the Government of each country of the Union to permit, to control, or to prohibit, by measures of domestic legislation or police, the circulation, representation, or exhibition of any works or productions in regard to which the competent authority may find it necessary to exercise that right.
Page 4 - In all cases, whether civil or criminal, tried either in Corean or British Courts in Corea, a properly authorized official of the nationality of the plaintiff or prosecutor shall be allowed to attend the hearing, and shall be treated with the courtesy due to his position. He shall be allowed, whenever he thinks it necessary, to call, examine, and cross-examine witnesses, and to protest against the proceedings or decision.

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