Specimens of Gothic Architectvre, Consisting of Doors, Windows, Bvttresses, Pinnacles, &c:: With the Measvrements Selected from Ancient Bvildings at Oxford &c

J. Taylor, No. 59, High Holborn., 1816 - 61 pages
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Page 62 - Brick and Plaster Groins, Niches of every description, Sky-lights, Lines for Roofs and Domes; with a great variety of Designs for Roofs, Trussed Girders, Floors, Domes, Bridges, &c., Angle Bars for Shop Fronts, &c., and Raking Mouldings.
Page 60 - Observations on English Architecture, Military, Ecclesiastical, and Civil, compared with similar Buildings on the Continent: including a critical Itinerary of Oxford and Cambridge; also Historical Notices of Stained Glass, Ornamental Gardening, &c.
Page 62 - DECORATIONS for PARKS and GARDENS, Designs for Gates, Garden Seats, Alcoves, Temples, Baths, Entrance Gates, Lodges, Facades, Prospect Towers, Cattle Sheds, Ruins, Bridges, Green-Houses, &c. &c. Also a Hot-House and Hot-Wall, with Plans and Scales. Neatly engraved on 55 Plates. Octavo.
Page 60 - Historical View of its Rise and Progress among the Ancients, with a Critical Investigation of its Principles of Composition and Adaptation to Modern Use, illustrated by Figures from the principal Antique Examples, drawn to one Scale, on Seven Plates.
Page 61 - HINTS for DWELLINGS, consisting of original Designs for Cottages, Farm-Houses, Villas, &c. plain and ornamental ; with Plans to each, in which strict Attention is paid to unite Convenience and Elegance with Economy; including some Designs for Town-Houses.
Page 62 - JOINER'S ASSISTANT, containing Practical Rules for making all Kinds of Joints, and various Methods of hinging them together; for hanging of Doors on straight or circular Plans; for fitting up Windows and Shutters to answer various Purposes, with Rules for hanging them ; for the Construction of Floors, Partitions, Soffits, Groins, Arches for Masonry ; for constructing Roofs in the best manner from a given Quantity of Timber; for placing of...
Page 63 - Observations on the various systems of canal navigation, with inferences practical and mathematical; in which Mr. Fulton's plan of wheelboats, and the utility of subterraneous and of small canals are particularly investigated, including an account of the canals and inclined planes of China...
Page 63 - A Treatise on the Improvement of Canal Navigation, exhibiting the numerous advantages to be derived from small canals and boats of...
Page 60 - HAWKINS (JS, fSA) History of the Origin and Establishment of Gothic Architecture, and an Inquiry into the mode of Painting upon and Staining Glass, as practised in the Ecclesiastical Structures of the Middle Ages. Royal 8vo, 1813, 11 plates, bds.
Page 62 - Bond-Timbers ; with various Methods for adjusting Raking Pediments, enlarging and diminishing of Mouldings, taking Dimensions for Joinery, and for setting out Shop Fronts ; with a new Scheme for constructing Stairs and Hand-rails, and for stairs having a conical Well-hole, &c. &c. To which are added, Examples of Various Roofs executed, with the Scantlings from actual Measurements, with Rules for Mortices and Tenons, and for fixing Iron Straps, &c. Also Extracts from M. Belidor, M. du Hamel, M. de...

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