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* For Remarkable Passages in the Criticisms, Extracts, Ecclesiastical

and other Intelligence, see the Indexes at the end of the Volume.

Denham, (Rev. J. E.) Sermons, 446.

Appeal, to the Society of Friends on behalf

of Missions, 367.:
Arminius, (James) Works of, translated,


Authentic Review, of the Principles, &c. of

the Catholic Association, 464.




Ben David, Three Letters to the Editor of

the Quarterly Review, 329.
Bible prohibited: a Dialogue, 464.

Blunt, (Rev. H.) Two Discourses on the

Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, 459.

Botano-Theology, 399.

Buwring, (John) Hymns, 226.

Britton, (John) The Cathedral Antiquities

of England, 144, 155-160.

Broughton, (Rev. W. G.) Reply to the

Second Postscript in the Supplement to

Palæoromaica, 315.
Burgess, (Rt. Rev. Thomas, Bishop of St.

David's) Letter to the Clergy of St. Da-

vid's, 329.
Butler, (Charles) The Life of Erasmus,



Catholic Emancipation, calmly considered,


Chandler, (Rev. Dr.) Bampton Lectures

on the Scheme of Divine Revelation, 196.

Churchill, (Thomas F.) Jesus Christ the

True God and Eternal Life, 66.
Cole, (Rev. B. T. H.) Sixteen Sermons,


Coleridge, (S. T.) Aids to Reflection, 128.

Companion for Pilgrims, 226.

Cooper, (Allen) Gradual Developement of

the Office, &c. of Christ in the Prophets,


Croly, (Rev. George) Popery and the

Popish Question, 104.

Jackson, (Rev. James Edward) the two

main Questions between the Churches of

England and Rome discussed, 377.

James, (Rev. John) Comment upon the

Collects of Church of England, 374.

James, (Rev. P.) The Semi-Sceptic, 113.

Jowelt, (Rev. W.) Christian Researches is

Syria and the Holy Land, 136.

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Walter, (Rev. H.) King Edward VI.'s

Primer, 89.

Ward,(William) Reflections on the Word

of God for every day in the year, 121.
Waugh, (Alexander) Sermons, 220.
Whateley, (Rev. Dr.) Essays upon some of

the Peculiarities of the Christian Reli-

gion, 277.

White, (Rev. Joseph Blanco) Practical and

Internal Evidence against Catholicism,


Whittaker, (Rev. William) Sermons on

Justification by Faith, 181.

Wood, (Thomas) The Parish Church, 224.

Raikes, (Rev. Richard) Two Essays, 125.
Raine, (Rev. James) Proofs that com.

I. A Dissertation on the Seventy Weeks of Daniel the Pro-

phet. By the Rev. John Stonard, D.D. Rector of

Aldingham, Lancashire

II. The New Testament, arranged in Chronological and

Historical Order, with copious Notes on the principal

Subjects in Theology. The Gospels on the Basis of

the Harmonies of Lightfoot, Doddridge, Pilkington,

Newcome, and Michaelis; the Account of the Resur-

rection on the Authorities of West, Townson, and

Cranfield: the Epistles in their Places, and divided

according to the Apostles’ Arguments. By the Rev.

George Townsend, M.A. Prebendary of Durham, and

Domestic Chaplain to the Bishop of Durham

III, A Treatise on Christian Doctrine, compiled from the

Holy Scriptures alone, by John Milton. Translated

from the original by Charles R. Sumner, M.A. Libra-

rian and Historiographer to his Majesty, and Preben-

dary of Canterbury

IV. Jesus Christ the true God and eternal Life, by the con-

current Voice and Testimony of the Sacred Scriptures,

more particularly illustrated and proved by the four

Gospels, the Book of the Acts, the Apostolical Epis-

tles, and the Apocalypse. Establishing upon evan-

gelical and rational Inference, the sole supreme Divi-

nity of our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ, in

whose glorified Person centres the Divine Trinity of

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And as a necessary

result, that He alone is entitled to the Worship and

Adoration of Men and Angels. Most seriously ad-

dressed to all, of whatever Sect or Party, who refuse

to acknowledge Him as the only God of Heaven and

Earth. By Thomas F. Churchill, M.D...

V. Formularies of Faith put forth by Authority during the

Reign of Henry VIII; viz. Articles about Religion,

1536. The Institution of a Christian Man, 1537.

A nécessary Doctrine and Erudition for



Man, 1543

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VI. The Primer. A Book of Common Prayer, needful to be

used by all Christians, which Book was authorized
and set forth by Order of King Edward VI. to be
taught, learned, read, and used, of all his Subjects.
Edited by the Rev. Henry Walter, B.D. F.R.S. late
Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge....

89 VII. Practical and Internal Evidence against Catholicism, ]

with occasional Strictures on Mr. Butler's Book of
the Roman Catholic Church: in six Letters, ad-
dressed to the impartial among the Roman Catho-
lics of Great Britain and Ireland. By the Rev.
Joseph Blanco White, M.A. B.D. in the University
of Seville; Licentiate of Divinity in the University
of Osuna; formerly Chaplain Magistral (Preacher)
to the King of Spain, in the Royal Chapel at Se-
ville ; Fellow, and once Rector, of the College of
St. Mary a Jesu of the same Town; Synodal Exa- } 93
miner of the Diocese of Cadiz; Member of the
Royal Academy of Belles-Letters of Seville, &c. &c.;
now a Clergyman of the Church of England; Au-

thor of Doblado's Letters from Spain
The Poor Man's Preservative against Popery; ad-

dressed to the Lower Classes of Great Britain and
Ireland. By the Rev. Joseph Blanco White, for-
merly Chaplain to the King of Spain, in the Royal
Chapel of Seville; now a Clergyman in the Church

of England..
VIII. Popery and the Popish Question ; being an Exposition

of the Political and Doctrinal Opinions of Messrs.
O‘Connell, Keogh, Dromgole, Gandolphy, &c. &c.
By the Rev. George Croly, A.M. F.R.L.S..

104 IX. The Semi-Sceptic; or the Common Sense of Religion

Considered. By the Rev. J. T. James, M.A.. .. 113 X. Reflections on the Word of God for every Day in the Year. By William Ward, of Serampore

.. 121 XI. Two Essays, by the late Rev. Richard Raikes, of Gloucester

125 XII. Aids to Reflection in the Formation of a manly Charac

ter, on the several Grounds of Prudence, Morality,
and Religion; illustrated by select Passages from our
elder Divines, especially from Archbishop Leighton.
By S. T. Coleridge

128 XIII. Christian Researches in Syria and the Holy Land in

1823 and 1824, in furtherance of the Objects of the
Church Missionary Society. By the Rev. William
Jowett, M.A. one of the Representatives of the So-

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