Le camp de la mort lente: (Compiègne 1941-42)

Editions Le Manuscrit, 1944 - 246 pages
Memoirs of the French Jewish dramatist, relating his experiences in the internment camp of Compiègne in 1941-42. Bernard (1888-1972) was arrested in the "roundup of the notables" in December 1941 and interned in Compiègne together with over 700 French and 300 foreign Jews. During the four months he spent in the camp, 40 Jews died of starvation and cold. The memoirs were written in 1943 and published in December 1944. Pp. 185-329 in the 2006 edition contain appendices added by Klarsfeld, including articles written by Bernard immediately after the war, as well as reactions in the French press to his memoirs, letters to him by fellow prisoners, and correspondence with his readers.

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Articles de presse surLe Camp de la mort lente
Lettres dautres internés de Compiègne
Correspondance de JeanJacques Bernard
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