The Statistical Breviary

Wallis, 1801 - 64 pages

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Page 14 - The nations of Europe, as intended by the peace figned at Luneville, which fo materially alters the nature of affairs, and the extent of France and Germany, CHART 3d.
Page 13 - The figures within the circles fhew the number of fquare miles in the countries they reprefent. The dotted lines drawn between the population and revenue, are merely intended to connect together the lines belonging 14 INTRODUCTION AND EXPLANATION belonging to the fame country.
Page 6 - It is not without some pains and labour that the memory is impressed with the proportion between different quantities expressed in words or figures, many persons never take that trouble; — and there is even, to those that do so, a fresh effort of memory necessary each time the question occurs. It is different with a chart, as the eye cannot look on similar forms without involuntarily as it were comparing their magnitudes. So that what in the usual mode was attended with some difficulty, becomes...
Page 5 - ... same subjects have been so frequently brought forward, that it is necessary to produce novelty, but above all to aim at facility, in communicating information; for the desire of obtaining it has diminished in proportion as disgust and satiety have encreased. Lineal Arithmetic 1798:8. 2 Statistical accounts are to be referred to as a dictionary by men of riper years, and by young men as a grammar, to teach them the relations and proportions of different statistical subjects, and to imprint them...
Page 26 - Charles V. who was Emperor of Germany as well as King of Spain...

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