Indian Classical Music and Gharānā Tradition

Readworthy Publications, 2008 - 252 pages
This book presents insightful reflections on different aspects of Indian music-its roots, philosophy, growth, history, guru-sisya parampara, gharanas, contemporary scene and a glimpse of the coming decades. Analysing the impact of Indian thought and philosophy on Indian classical music, it make an appraisal of the contemporary scenario of Hindustani classical music, with special focus on the tradition and style of Agra Gharana.

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À propos de l'auteur (2008)

Ramanlal C. Mehta (b.1918), a distinguished vocalist of the Kirama Gharana style, retired in 1978 from MS University of Baroda as the Principal of the College of Indian Music, Dance and Dramatics. Earlier, he was with All India Radio for nine years, where he composed and produced over fifty musical dramas and features. He founded Indian Musicalogical Society in 1970 and has served as the Editor of its journal. Also, he was an expert member on the Central Music Audition Board of All Indian Radio. Prof. Mehta has to his credit many books including Agra - Parampara, Gayaki Aur Chizen, Sangeet Charcha; Gujarati Geya Kavita; Music and Mythology; Thumri - Traditions and Trends; Composition in Indian Music; Music Research - Perspectives and Prospects - Reference Indian Music; Perspectives on Dhrupad; and Indian Music - Eminent Thinksers on Core Issues.

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