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AUGUST 1, 1966.

LADY NOVELS.-It is affirmed that Miss Marian UNDER the name of “ The Stranger in London," a Evans has been paid five thousand pounds sterling new journal has been presented to the English pubfor her new novel, published by Messrs. Blackwood lic. Each article contained in it will be printed in & Sons, Edinburgh and London, entitled “ Felix three languages-English, French, and German. Holt, The Radical.” Miss Braddop's forthcoming novel of society will be called “The Belgravia," it


Harper's Magazine. August. Late EARL OP CARLISLE.- A collection of the Vice

More Curious Homes.— Three Months with Italian Regal Speeches and Addresses, Lectures and Poems Brigands.—Heroic Deeds of Heroio Men: XII.of the late Earl of Carlisle, for some years Lord Opening the Mississippi (J. S.C. Abbott): -Crochet. Lieutenant of Ireland, is announced in London. --National Cemeteries. — Miss Ingersoll's Pride.Twenty-five years ago, when he was Lord Morpeth, Miss Stuyvesant. -Our Minister to Mexico.-An Inhe made an extensive tour through the United quiry into one of the Constitutional Restrictions on States, and obtained the friendship of Prescott, the Revenue Powers of the United States (G. T. George Ticknor, Robert C. Winthrop, H. W. Longfel. Curtis).—The Burning of Columbia.- Newspaperlow, George Bancroft, and others among our literati. iana. -The St. Leons. – A Major of the Old School.

OCCASIONAL POETRY.—Mr. Frederick Locker is - The Fool Catcher Again.-Carlyle at Edinburgh. editing " Lyra Elegantiarum : a Collection of some - Editor's Easy Chair.—Monthly Record of Current of the best Specimens of Vers de Société and Vers Events.—Literary Notices.-Editor's Drawer. New d'Occasion in the Euglish Language, by deceased York: Harper & Brothers. Authors,” which Messrs. Moxon of London will pub- Atlantic Monthly. August. lish.

How my New Acquaintances Spin (Dr. B. G. CHARLES LAMB.—Mr. Proctor (“Barry Cornwall") Wilder).–What did she See with ?- The Miner has completed his “Memoirs of Charles Lamb,” (James Russell Lowell).-Physical History of the which will be published shortly, in Boston, it is Valley of the Amazon (L. Agassiz).-A Maniac's announced, by Roberts Brothers.

Confession.—The Great Doctor: II. (Alice Cary).ANOTHER Noble AUTHOR. —Lord de Ros, Premier My Farm: a Fable (Bayard Taylor).—Passages Baron of England (peerage created A. D.'1264), is from Hawthorne's Note-Books : VIII.—The ChimLieutenant-Governor of the Tower of London, and ney-Corner for 1866: VIII. (Mrs. H. B. Stowe).has just produced an illustrated volume of " Memo- Griffith Gaunt; or, Jealousy: IX. (C. Reade):rials" of that historical building, in which he de- London Forty Years Ago (John Neal).- A Year in scribes the Tower as it was and as it is-all the re

Montana (E. B. Neally).-Reviews and Literary cent alterations as well as those gradually made Notices. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. before.

Hours at Ilome. August. Baron LYTTON OF KvebwORTH.—Sir Edward Bul Shakspeariana (Prof. J. S. Hart).-De Rebus Ter Lytton has been made a peer of England, with Ruris: No. 3 (D G. Mitchell).- Francis I. and Methe above title. Lytton was his mother's family lancthon; translated from the Révue Chré, and Knebworth, in Herts, the estate which Bartimeus the Blind Preacher (Rev. R. Anderson, she bequeathed to him, her third son.

D. D.).- The Coliseum by Moonlight (Mrs. E. C. The LITERATURE OF Billiards. -Several treatises Kinney).-My Wife and Mivins.—The Flower to the upon billiard-playing and players have been pub: Nile Explorations.—Student Life in Germany (G.

Buttertly ; translated from Victor Hugo.- Baker's lished in England and France, and there is a periodi; M. Towle).—The Ideal in Trees (Meta Lander):-cal, issued at New York, entitled "The Billiard Cue.” Longman & Co., of London, have lately published William Cowper (Rev. M. M. G. Dana).—Ram* The Billiard Book,” by Captain Crawley; and the bles among the Italian Hills: No. II.—The Little “Athenæum," in a very learned and elaborate review,

Preacher. New York: Scribner & Co. discusses the history of the game-attributing its The Galaxy. August. invention, not to Henrique Devigne, a French artist,

The Claverings: Chaps. XV. and XVI. (Anthony who flourished in the reign of Charles the Ninth Trollope).--Essays and Essay Writing (T. Clarence). (1550-1574), but to the English--this on the -Jean Léon Gérôme (E. Benson).—Lines to a Lied authority of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary. It certainly ohne Worte (Anne M. Crane).- The Emerald Beewas a familiar game in Elizabethan England, and is tles (T. F. Crane). -Charles Waterton (R. D. Caralluded to by Shakspeare, Ben Jonson, and Spenser. ter).—The Furrow (H. Whittaker).—The Story of Local Reviews.—The “ Edinburgh Review” has Ulysses ; from Dante (Dr. T. W. Parsons).- The

Quartier Latin (E. Gilbert).–Archie Lovell : Chaps. long since ceased to merit its distinctive local name, XIV., XV., and XVI. (Mrs. Edwards),-Sound and for it is published in London, by Longman & Co., Sense (G.' Wakeman).—Polipel's Island (J. W. Paternoster Row, and the “ Dublin Review” is in Lee).–Gateways of the Central Park (R. G. White). the same category, being published by Burns, Lam- -An Accident (Mrs. J. H. Williams). ---Nebulæ bert, & Oates, Portman Street, London.

(The Editor). New York: W. C. & F. P. Church. The Drama.–Original plays, not "adapted from the French” or from English sensational novels, are American Presbyterian and Theological Review. July. so scarce that we mention, as news of literature,

The Being of God (Miles P. Squier, D. D.).—The that Mr. Watts Phillips, a popular and productive Fulness of the Time (Prof. J. J. Van Oosterzee, of English dramatist, produced a new three-act play Utrecht): --Raphael Sanzio (Rev. A. D. Gridley, at the Princess' Theatre, London, which is wholly D.D.).—The Reformed Church of France.-The original and has been unusually successful. It is Name of the Lord (Rev. J. M. Johnson).—The called "The Huguenot Captain," and the scene is General Assembly at St. Louis.-Critical Notices in Paris, about the time of the massacre of St. Bar- on Recent Books. New York: Wm. Sherwood. tholomew.

The Boston Review. July. MR. BOUCICAULT.-This clever dramatist has trans Frederick William Robertson (Rev. E. Cutler). lated his own sensational melodrama of “ Arrah na - The Art of Not Growing Old (Rev. A. H. Currier). Pogue" from English into French, changing the title - The Reserved Force in the Scriptures, and a Plea to “Jean la Poste," and produced it at the Gaité for Their Study.--God in Vegetable Life (Rev. J. Théâtre, Paris, with no small success.

| E. Rankin).-Amusements (Prof. J. Seelye, D. D.).

AUGUST 1, 1966.

-The Archæology of the Trial and Crucifixion of Peters).—“Counsel and Encouragement” (Rev. T.
Christ (H. W. Burrage).—The Demoniacs of the B. Thayer). General Review. – Contemporary
New Testament (Z. S. Barstow, D. D.).—The True Literature. Boston: N. E. Universalist Publishing
Theory of the Soul, and of Regeneration, and of House.
Conversion; their Mutual Relations (Rev. W. Bar- Catholic World. August.
rows).-Short Sermons.-Literary Notices. The

Problems of the Age.-A Day at Abbeville.Round Table. Boston : The Proprietors.

“God Bless You.”—Therein.- Unconvicted: or, Universalist Quarterly. April.

Old Thorneley's Heirs: Chaps. V. and VI.--The The Canon of the Church in the First Two Cen- | Martyr.—Ecce Homo (Very Rev. Dr. Newman).turies (Prof. 0. Cone).—The Verdict of Reason Holy Saturday.—East Indian Weddings.- Rome (Rev. S. Cobb, D. D.).- A Philosophic Inquest Con- the Civilizer of Nations.-The Curse of Sacrilege.cerning the Truth of the Divine Incarnation (W. Perico the Sad: or, The Alvareda Family: Chaps. H. Kimball).—Merivale's Conversion of the Roman VIII. to XII.-Irish Folk Books of the Last Century. Empire (Rev. A. St. J. Chambre).—The Indestruc- ! — Asses, Dogs, Cats, etc.-Carol from Cancionero.tibility of Force an Argument for Immortality (Rev. The Pearl Necklace. — The Gypsies.- New PublicaE. 6. Bolles).–Our Common Schools (Rev. B. tions. New York: L. Kehoe.

per & Bros.

pp. 236.


Homes Without Hands. Being a Description of the Aunt Honor's Keepsake. A Chapter from Life. By

Habitations of Animals, classed according to their Mrs. J. Sadlier, authoress of " Blakes and FlavaPrinciple of Construction. By the Rev. J. G. gans," &c. pp. 322. New York: D. & J. Sad. Wood, M. A., F. L. S., etc., author of the “Illus lier & Co. trated Natural History," "Common Objects of the A story with which is inwrought, in a popular Sea-shore and Country,” eto. etc. etc. With new form, the argument for the Roman Catholic Church. designs by W. F. Keyl and E. Smith, engraved Illustrations of the Shorter Catechism, for Children by Messrs. Pearson. pp. 651. New York: Har and Youth. By Jonathan Cross. Vol. I. pp. 288,

Vol. II. pp. 308. Philadelphia : Presbyterian The very conception of this book, embodied in its

Board of Publication, title, gives to the reader the charm of something Mr. Cross has illustrated the Westminster Shorter fresh and large, and the book itself is worthy of Catechism in a very excellent manner by Seri pture its theme. It admits us to the private life, the parallels, simple explanations, and a variety of home felicities, arts and annoyances of our elder anecdotes. but humbler brothers in the occupancy of this The Cross in the Cell. Conversations with a Prisbroad world, of this airy ocean above us, of these streams and seas beneath us.

oner while awaiting his Erecution. , By a Minister Man is the of the Gospel.

Boston: American compromise and average of all that lives, and his

Tract Society. building, when it shall reach its absoluteness, will

A useful book for circulation in jails and among prove to be no more than the compromise and average of animal architecture. Through the world of criminals, and for suggestions to those who are lawonders--homes burrowed in the ground and rock boring for their good. or bored in the wood; hornes hung upon tree, cliff, Romanism in Rome. By Rev. Henry Alford, D. D., reed, and grass; homes dropped beneath the waters

Dea of Canterbury. pp. 89. Boston: Amerior floating over the clouds; homes of silk and of

can Tract Society. granite, of leaf and of coral; homes in which all Ten Helps to Joy and Peace in Believing. By J. W. inanimate and vegetable nature is laid under con K. Boston : American Tract Society. tribution by its lesser lords, the fragmentary hints

Ten little tracts separately paged. and anticipations of man — through this world this charming book leads us. Its rich instruction

FICTION and pleasing style are in keeping with the exceed- Elster's Folly. By Mrs. Henry Wood, authoress of ingly fine and spirited pictures with which it

“East Lynne,” &c. Printed from the author's abounds, and its perusal is one of the rare treats manuscript, &c. pp. 275 (minus 18). Philadel. which compensate the wader through books for

phia: T. B. Peterson & Bros. many an hour of weariness without reward.

Land at Last. A Novel in Three Books. By Ed. New Physiognomy; or, Signs of Character, as mani mund Yates, author of “ Broken to Harness,"

fested through Temperament and External Forms, &c. pp. 147. New York: Harper & Bros. and especially in The human face divine.” By No. 273 of the Library of Select Novels. Samuel R. Wells, editor of "The Phrenological The Red Doctor. Translated from the French of J. Journal and Life Illustrated.” With more than

P. Lafitte, by Huon D'Aramis. pp. 347.. Phione thousand illustrations. pp. 768. New York: Fowler & Wells.

ladelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co. This volume embraces a large body of useful in

A historical story of peculiar fascination, renformation, and of curious and ingenious specula

dered into very spirited English. tion. That, in a general way, the face gives indica

POETRY. tion of character, is beyond all dispute, and those who desire to see how largely and skilfully a Christine, a Troubadour's Song; and other Poems. By framework of scientific speculation and detail can George H. Miles. pp. 285. New York: Lawrence be raised upon this basis should read the work of Kehoe. Mr. Wells, which shows much reading and obser There is a great deal of genuine poetry in this rolvation, is written very pleasantly, and garnished me. Among the shorter poems, “ The Ivory Cruwith a great number of pictures, many of which are cifix" strikes us as peculiarly fine, though it has one well engraved. Merely as a collection of portraits or two mechanical blemishes, the worst in the first and sketches, the book would be worth reading.


AUGUST 1, 1866.

pp. 60.


pp. 79.


DOMESTIC. The Freedman's Primer: A First Book. pp. 64. Professor Blots' Lectures on Cookery. Delivered at The Freedman's Spelling-Book. pp. 160.

Mercantile Hall. For sale by all the leading The Freedman's Second Reader. pp. 160.

booksellers, etc. The Freedman's Third Reader. pp. 264.

Plain Counsel for Freedmen, in Sixteen Brief Lec-
By Brevet Major-General Clinton B. Fisk.

By the Presbyterian Board, Philadelphia:

Blanch's Lesson, and other Tales. Compiled by The above are from the American Tract Society,

Jessie Thorntou. pp. 216. Boston.

By the American Tract Society, Boston :Metropolitan Series: A Practical Grammar of the Lift a Little; or, The Old Quilt. By Mrs. J. P. Bal

English Language. By T. E. Howard, A. M., Prof. lard. pp. 80.
of the English Language and Literature in the The History of a Lost Purse; or, Jessie and Iler
University of Notre Damne. pp. 120. New York:
D. & J. Sadlier & Co.

Friends. pp. 192.
The Bible Reader: Being a New Selection of Reading Lyntonville; or, The Irish Boy in Canada. pp. 175.

Lessons from the Holy Scriptures, for the Uso of Pleasant Grove. By Alice A. Dodge. pp. 208. Schools and Families. By Wm. B. Fowle. PP. Bible Sketches and their Teachings, for Young People. 283. New York: A. S. Barnes & Co.

By Samuel G. Green, B. A. First series. From Catalogue of A K MDCCCLXVI. pp. 85.

the Creation to the Death of Joseph. pp. 216. LOCAL.

By the American Tract Society, New York:Lant's Directory of Lancaster City, containing a List Lyntonville; or, the Irish Boy in Canada. pp. 183.

of the Names and Residences of Every Family, foc. Compiled by M. W. Lant. pp. 139. Lancaster : Leaves of Life; Striking Facts and Poetry Illustrating J. M. Westhaeffer.

Select Passages from God's Word. Tracts sepa

rately paged. The Stranger in Baltimore: A New Ilandbook. Illas.

trated. pp. 175. Baltimore : J. F. Weisham- Food for Lambs; or, a Selection of Texts for Young pel, Jr.



Carleton, Nero York.

T. H. Morrell, New York. Our Neighbors in the Corner House. A Novel. By Records of the New York Stage. By J. N. Ireland.

T. S. Arthur, author of “Out in the World,” Hurd & Houghton, New York. “Nothing but Money,” etc.

Spanish Papers and other Miscellanies, hitherto un. The House by the Churchyard. A Novel. By Le

published or uncollected. By Washington Irving. Fanu, author of " Wylder's land, etc.

Arranged and edited by Pierre M. Irving. 2 vols. Among the Guerrillas. A new book of adventure by

Portrait by Wilkie. " Edmund Kirke," author of Among the Pines,'

Venetian Life. By William D. Howells. ete. The Montanas. A Novel. By Sallie J. Hancock, C. B. Richardson, New York. of Kentucky.

Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department. By

Col. Henry Lee. A New Edition, by his son, Gen. J. M. Westhaeffer, Lancaster, Pa.

R. E. Lee.
Harrisburg City Directory. Compiled by M. W. War Poetry of the South. Edited by W. Gilmore

Schuylkill County Directory. Compiled by M. W. Sheldon & Co., New York.

The Student's Manual of English Literature ; being Jas. S. Clarton, Philadelphia.

a new edition of “Shaw's Outlines of English LiteLed to the Light. A sequel to “Opposite the Jail.”

rature." Edited by Win. Smith, LL. D. Nettie Wallace. By Miss C. M. Trowbridge, author

The Science of Government in Connection with Ame. of “Dick and Fidus.'

rican Institutions. By Joseph Alder, D. D., LL. D. Charity Helstone. By Mrs. Carey Broch.

Bullions' Latin Grammar. Revised by Prof. Chas. D.

More Ways than one, and Making the Most of It.
Take, but Earn. By the author of "Clifton Rice."

Bullions and Morris' Latin Lessons.
Mabel and Tura. By the author of " New York Ned."

Bullions' Greek Grammar. Revised by Prof. A. C. Duties and Difficulties. By the author of " Joseph the

Kendrick, D. D. Jew."

The Rose Bud Stories. By Harriet Myrtle. 12 vols. Gracie's Mission. By Mrs. Helen W. Pierson. Baillière Bros., New York. Seott's Commentary on the Bible. New edition, in five On Railway and other Injuries of the Nervous System. volumes quarto.

By John Eric Erichsen, F. R. C.S. Millicent Legh. By Emma Marshall, author of “ Bro. Treatment and Uses of Peat and Peaty Material. By thers and Sisters," Helen's Diary,

"" Brook Sil J. Burrows Hyde, C. E. vertone,' &c.

Presbyterian Publication Committee, Philadelphin. Silvermere Annals. By C. E. B.

May Castleton's Mission. By the author of *• Edith's Oliver Dale's Decision. By Charlotte O'Brien, author

Ministry, "' " Woodcliff," &c. &c. of “ Bessie Field,” “Grace Roche's Legacy,” Rose Delancy's Secret. By the same. "Gypsy Jim," &c.

The Diamond Cross, or the Story of Florence Clifton. Margaret and her Friends." By Charlotte O'Brien.

By the same. The Trials of Rachel Charlcote. By Mrs. Vidal, Flowers in the Grass. By the author of " Piety and author of "Lucy Helmon." "Tales for the Bush," Pride," " What to Do,' &c. &c. “ Cabramatta and Wooleigh Farm,''


The China Cup, or Ellen's Trials. Reprint from LonMerle," &c.

don Tract Society. Hilton & Co., New York.

The Episcopal Invitation. The Second Mrs. Tillotson. A Novel. By Percy Allan's Fault. By the author of “Brookside Farm Fitzgerald.

House, " " Black Stere," " Annandale,”' &c. &c.

AUGUST 1, 1866.

Advertisements inserted in this columnat 10 cents perline.]

Letters, stating price and condition, to be forwarded to the Advertisers.


DEALER IN FANCY GOODS, MUSIC, &c. &c., WASB. Wants Stationers’, Envelope and Blank Book Manufac. INGTON, LA., turers' latest Lists.

Wishes to receive Catalogues, &c. from Wholesale

Houses in those branches of business.

Wants Publishers' latest Trade Price Lists and descrip. Wanted, the charge of a Public Library. Address "Li.

tive Catalogues of standard and Miscellaneous Books. brarian,” Box 1747, New Haven, Conn.

LIST OF BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES. ALBANY. The Albany Directory for the Year 1866; containing | METCALFE. Memoir of the Rev. Wm. Metcalfe, M. D., lata

a General Directory of the Citizens, a Business Directory, a Minister of the Bible-Christian Church, Philadelphia. By Record of the City Government, etc. Svo. Pp. 272. Albany: his son, Rev. Joseph Metcalfe. 12mo. Pp. 38. Phila.: J. L. Sampson, Davenport & Co. Bds. 1 25.


MILLER's New GUIDE TO THE Hudson River. Illustrated by T. Barxes. The Body Politic. By William R. Barnes. 12mo.

Addison Richards. 18mo. pp. 131. N. Y.: James Miller.

Cl. $1 25. pp. 309. Cincinnati: Moore, Wilstach & Baldwin. Cl. $1 75. Brot. Prof. Blot's Lectures on Cookery. Delivered at Mercan - Mobile. Directory of the City of Mobile for the Year 1966. tile Hall. For sale by all the leading Booksellers and News

Svo. pp. 116. Mobile: Farrow & Dennett, Prs. Bds. $5. dealers. 24mo. pp. 60. Pap. 25 cts.

NASHUA. The Nashua Directory; containing the City Register, Boston. The Boston Directory. Embracing the City Record, a

the Names of the Citizens, and a Business Directory. By General Directory of the Citizens, and a Business Directory.

Dean Dudley. 12mo. pp. 122, 12, 8. Nashua: V. P. Grene.

Bds. $1. For the Year commencing July 1, 1866. 8vo. pp. 778. Boston: Sampson, Davenport & Co. Bds. $3.

NEWBY. Trodden Down. A Novel By Mrs. C. J. Newby. Bor (THE) FRIEND; or, All Can Help By Aunt Friendly, au

8vo. Pp. 136. N. Y.: F. A. Brady. Pap. 50 cts. thor of "Fidgetty Skeert," etc. 18mo. pp. 150. Phila. : J. PAPERS FROM OVERLOOK-HOUSE. 12mo. Pp. 238. Phila. : J.B. S. Claxton. Cl. 60 cts.

Lippincott & Co. C1. $1 50. BRIDGEPORT. Bridgeport and East Bridgeport Directory. 1865–6. Paterson, Gopsill's Paterson Directory and Business Register,

Compiled by Andrew Boyd. 12mo. pp. 192. Bridgeport: E. for the Year ending 30th April, 1867. James Gopsill, PabA. Lewis. Bds. $1.

lisher. 12mo. pp. 254. Bds. $2 50. Cutts. A Brief Treatise upon Constitutional and Party Ques: PROVIDENCE. The Providence Directory for the Year 1868; tions, and the History of Political Parties, as I received it

containing a General Directory of the Citizens, and Business orally from the late Senator S. A. Douglas. By G. Madison

Directory of the State of Rhode Island, City Record, &c. &e. Cutts. 8vo.,]'p. 221. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co. Cl. $1 75.

8vo. pp. 270, 82. Providence: Sampson, Davenport & Co. DANIELS. Fernley Manor. By Mrs. Mackenzie Daniels. 8vo. Bds, 32, pp. 120. N. Y.; F. A. Brady. Pap. 50 cts.

RAPHALL Post-Biblical History of the Jews; from the Cloue DREAM (THE) OF HEAVEY; or, The Sister's Tale. With an of the Old Testament, about the Year 20 B. C. E., ull the

Introduction by Rev. H. Winslow. To which are added a Destruction of the Second Temple, in the Year 70 C. E, I
Premonition of Eternity, the Impassable Bridge, and the two volumes, 12mo. pp. 405, 436. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co.
Remarkable Trance of Rev. W. Tennent. 21mo. Pp. 82. Bos Cl. $t.
ton: Henry Hoyt. Cl. 40 cts.

REID. After the War: a Southern Tour. May 1, 1865, to May ELIZABETH The Elizabeth Directory for 1866. A Business 1, 1866. By Whitelaw Reid, 1?mo. Pp. 559 Cincinnati :

Directory, Record of the City Government, its Institutions, Moore, Wilstach & Baldwin. Cl. $2 30. (By subscription

etc. 8vo. pp. 138, 16. N. Y,: Weber & Fitzgerald. Bds. $2. only.) GEORGETOWN DIRECTORY. See WASHINGTON.

Rossetti. Poems by Christina G. Rossetti. 16mo. pp. X., 256. Godwix. Sherbrooke. A Novel By H. B. Godwin. 12mo.

Bost.: Roberts Bro8. CI., gilt top, $1 75. pp. 463. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co. Cl. 82.

HAZELTINE. Brevity and Brilliancy in Chess. A Collection of Stith. The History of the First Discovery and Settlement of

Games at this Royal Pastime, logeniously Contested, and Virginia. By William Stith. 8vo. pr. viii., 331, v., 31. N. L.:
Ending with Scientific Problems. Culled from the Whole J. Subin. Pap. $7 50. (No. vi. of Sabin's reprints. 250
Range of Chess Literature. By Miron J. Hazeltine. 12mo. copies printed. For subscribers only.)
pp. xvi., 249. N. Y.; D. Appleton & Co. $175.

UNITED STATEs. From the Official Copy. The Internal Revenge HOSmer. Ten Years of a Lifetime. By Mrs. Margaret Hosmer.

Law, Approved July 13, 1866. 8vo. pp. 81. N. Y.: Baker, 12no. pp. 422. N. Y. : M. Doolady. Cl. $1 75.

Voorhis & Co. Pap. 50 cts.
IDE. Battle Echoes; or, Lessons from the War. By George B.
Jde, D. D. 12mo. pp. 325. Bost.: Gould & Lincoln. Cl.

VICTORY. A Novel. 12mo. pp. 304. Boston: A. R. Ballou.

Cl. $1 50. LAFITTE. The Red Doctor. Translated from the French of J.

VISCENT. Religion and Amusement ; an Essay, delivered : ,P. Lafitte, by Huon d'Aramis. 12mo. Pp. 347. Phila.: J.

the International Convention of Young Men's Christian As B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $1 75.

sociations, Albany, June 1, 1866. By Rev. Marvin R, Fincent

8vo. pp. 28. Troy : Wm. H. Young. Pap. 25 cts. Lettermax. Medical Recollections of the Army of the Poto

mac. By Jonathan Letterman, M. D. Svo. pp. 194. N. Y.: WARREN. How I Managed my House on £200 (One Thousand D. Appleton & Co. Cl. $2.

Dollars) a Year. By Mrs. Warren. Svo. Pp. 95. Boston: LITTLE (THE) DOORKEEPER; or, Patience and Peace. By S.T.C. A. K. Loring. Pap. 50 cts. 18mo. pp. 231. Phila. : J.P. Skelly & Co. C1. 90 cts.

WASHINGTON. Boyd's Washington and Georgetown Directory, LONG ISLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Third Annual Report of the Containing also a Business Directory of Washington, George

Board of Directors, the Librarian, and the Treasurer, pre town, and Alexandria. To which is prefixed a Gnide, Presi. sented at the Annual Meeting of the Long Island Historical dent and Cabinet Record, etc. Compiled by Andrew Boyd, Society, May, 1866. 8vo. Pp. 70. Brooklyn: The Society. 1866. Svo. pp. 481. Washington : Boyd & Waite Bros. Bds. Pap.

$2 50. MARSHALL. The Lost Lilies. A Story for Children. By Emma


Elster's Folly. By Mrs. Henry Wood. 8vo. pp. 273. Marshall. 18mo. pp. 108. Phila. i J. P. Skelly & Co. Cl. Phila. : T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap. $1 50. 45 cts.


Homes without Hands. Being a Description of the MCPHERSON. A Political Manual for 1866, including a Classified

Habitations of Animals, classed according to their Principle Summary of the Important facts of the Period from Presi. dent Johnson's Accession, April 15, 1865, to July 4, 1866; and

of Construction. By the Rev. J. G. Wood. Illustrated. Sro.

pp. 651. N. Y.: Harper & Bros. Cl. $1 50. containing a full Record of the Action of each Branch of the Government on Reconstruction. By Edward McPherson. YATEs. Land at Last. A Novel. By Edmund Yates. Sro. PP. Svo. Pp. 128. Washington; Philp & Solomons. Pap. 75 cts. 147. N. Y.; Harper & Bros. Pap. 50 cts.

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$1 75.

AUGUST 1, 1866.

WORKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN GREAT BRITAIN. Askew (Mistress Anne), Passages in Life of, post Svo. 108. Bd. cl. Hughes's Elementary Class Book of Physical Geology, 12mo. Breton's Management of Children in Health, &c., 12mo. 18. swd. 18. cl. Bell's Emphasized Liturgy, &c., 12mo. 38. 6d el.

Ivon, by author of " Aunt Agnes," 12mo. 38. 6d. cl. Bernard's Our Common Fruits, 12mo. 38. 6d. cl.

Larwood and Hotten's History of Sign Boards, illus. cr. 8vo. Binney's Wise Counsels, Book for Young Men, 12mo. 2s.6d. cl. 78. 6d. Bourdillon's Bed-Side Readings, 2d series, 12mo. 28. cl.

Liturgies, The, of 1549 and 1662, ed. by Shipley, 12mo. 28. Braid wood's Fire Prevention and Fire Extinction, post 8vo.

60. el. s cl.

Man of Mark, by author of "Richard Langdon,'' 3 vols., 318. Badge's Posthumous Gleanings, post 8vo. 88. cl.

6d, cl Catechism of Theology, 18mo. 18. ed. cl.

Manual of English History Simplified, ed. by J. S. Laurie, 18. Cassell's Guide to Normandy, cr. 8vo. 78. 60, el.

od cl. Christian Verses for the Children, 12mo. 18. cl. swd.

Match Shooting with Enfield Rifle, 12mo, 18. 6d. cl. swd. Cobbold on Tapeworms, 12mo. 38. 6d. cl.

Notes on the Months, Book of Feasts, Fasts, &c., post Svo, 58. cl. Colquhoun's Sporting Dogs, cr. 8vo. 58. el.

Profits of Panics, by author of “Bubbles of Finance," 12mo. 18. Constable's Observations on Cattle Plague, 8vo. 18. swd. Ross's Lord's Portion Stored on the Lord's Day, 12mo. 18. 6d cl. Craren's Prison Life of Jefferson Davis, cr. 8vo. 88. cl.

Shuckard's Natural History of British Bees, post 8vo. 108. 6d. cl. Crump's Practical Treatise on Banking, &c., post 8vo. 68. cl. Small's Handbook of Sanskrit Literature, cr. 8vo. 68. cl. De Ros (Lord), Memorials of the Tower, cr. 8vo. 108. 6d. cl. Smith (Henry), Sermons of, Memoir by Fuller, vol. i. cr. Svo. 48. Erald's Reference Book of English History, 12mo. 38. 6d. cl. Smith's Smaller Dictionary of the Bible, post 8vo. 78. 64. cl. Finlason's Treatise on Martial Law, 8vo. 128. cl.

Transactions National Assoc. Promoting Social Science, 1865, From Calcutta to Snowy Range, by an Old Indian, post 8vo. 148. 108. 6d. Grandy's Standard Guide for Corn Merchants, 12mo. 28. cl. Warry's Law of Railway Rating, 12mo. 108. 6d. cl. Harper's Peace through the Tru:h, Essays, 1st series, 8vo. Wild Flowers of Ravensworth, by author of "John and I," 15e. cl.

318. 6d. cl.

A rare Book for Cheapness as well as

In the Press, to appear early in September, in 1 vol. 12mo.: for Worth!



SEN, F. R. C.S. England. Edited, with Notes, by M. The American Sunday School Union

G. ECHEVERRIA, M. D., Physician to Charity Hospital,

N. S., etc. are happy to offer to the public the cheapest, and at the same time the most attractive, edition of BUNYAN'S PIL

In about two weeks : GRIM'S PROGRESS that the market affords.


struction of Farmers and others. By J. BURROWS A very beautiful edition, and marvellously cheap. HYDE, C. E. Printed in very large type. With upwards of forty illustrations. Large 8vo., strongly and handsomely BAILLIÈRE BROTHERS, PUBLISHERS, bound in cloth, $2 25; gilt edges, $2 75.

520 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. "The special excellencies of this edition of the matchless alleg ry of Bunyan consists in its typography and pictorial illustrations. It is printed in a fine, bold, and remarkably

A. MILLSPAUGH, clear type-one of the largest that has ever issued from the press, in these days at least. The plates are well chosen, and Passess a good deal of character. Altogether this is one of the

BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, best issues of Bunyan's immortal work which we have seen. To weak or old eyes it would be a treasure indeed; nor will it

AND DEALER IN be less attractive to the young."--Record.


Washington, La.,
Also, the Sunday Scholar's edition of

Wants Catalogues and Priced Lists from wholesale houses BUNYAN'S PILGRIM'S PROGRESS.

in these branches of business. Unabridged. 384 pages, 48mo., paper covers. Price 8 cents. Two copies sent by mail for 16 cents.

A Rare Opportunity. The American Sunday School Union, BOOKSTORE FOR SALE. 1122 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia,

Apply to 599 Broadway, New York.



ence in the New York Book Trade, and one who çaise, 1858 to 1865, 7 volumes in 8vo.

is familiar with the English importing business, a situaAgent for the exportation of modern French Books, espe- tion as Bookkeeper or Salesman. The best of references

cially for the United States. Order filled with punctuality and at the most moderate terms.

given. Second-hand orders supplied with care and intelligence. Communications sent to D. W. C. LENT, care of ShelReferences in the United States:

don & Co., New York, will reach the advertiser and reM. F. W. CHRisTERX, New York ; LITTLE & Brown, Publish-ceive attention.

ers, Boston; Jas. S. Waters, Baltimore. And all publishers
in France and Germany.
Smaller orders, for wbich the expenses of direct importation

WANTED. Fould be improportionately high, or periodicals which necessitate a regular and prompt receipt, will be attended to at the A first-rate Set of Stereotype Plates for 32mo. most reasonable terms by F. W. CHRISTERN, Foreign Bookseller & Importer,

Prayer-Book. Address

“EPISCOPAL," Sole Agent for America for Dipot's Publications, NEW YORK, 863 BROADWAY.

Care Box 517 Philadelphia P. O.


Publisher of the Catalogue Annuel de la Librairie Fran. WANTED by a young man with six years' experi

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