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OCT. 15, 1866.


GREELEY. The American Conflict: a History of the Great Re- | NONSENSICAL. RHYMEB, with Absurd Pictures, in Red and Black,

bellion in the United States of America, 1860-65, its Causes, 410. pp. 94. N. Y.: Hurd & Houghton. Bde. $1. Incidents, and Results, etc. etc. Illustrated. Vol. 2. Roy. PARKER. The Missouri Handbook: embracing a full Deserip$ro. pp. 782. Ilartford: 0. D. Case & Co. Shp. $5. (By tion of the State of Missouri, her Agricultural, Mineralogical, subscription only.)

and Geological Character, etc etc. ; the Emancipation Ordi. Green. An Elementary Hebrew Grammar, with Tables, Read bance, Iuforination for Capitalists and Immigrants, ele. By

ing Exercises, and a Vocabulary. By W. H. Green, Professor Nathan H. Parker. 16mo. pp. 162. St. Louis: P. 1. Pinckard, in the Theological Seminary at Princeton. 1200. pp. viii., 68, 26. N. Y.: J. Wiley & Son. Cl. $1 50.

ParL GREY'S LIGHT. 18mo. pp. 163. Boston: Mass. Sah. Sch. GrERANGER. Life of Saint Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr. By Soc. Cl. 60 cts. Rev, P. Guéranger, Abbé de Solesmes. Trauslated from the

OMAHA. Collins's Omaha Directory, June, 1866. By Charles French. 12mo. pp. 104. Pbila. : P. F. Cunningham. CI.

Collins. 12mo. pp. 204. Omaha, Neb.: C. Collins. Bds. $1 50.

PERCIVAL. See WARD. Haunton. Williams's Hamilton Directory for 1866-7. With

a V. S. Post Office Directory. 8vo. pp. 120, 108. Hamilton, Poul Kennedy. By H. N. N. Sq. 16mo. pp. 129. N. Y.: Amer. Ohio: Williams & Co. ci. 42 25.

Tract Soc. CI. 50 cts. Harford & Co. The Merchants' Directory for 1866 and 1867, PAILBRICK. The Primary Union Speaker: containing Original containing a List of the principal Manufacturers and Whole

and Selected Pieces for Declamation and Recitation in Pri. sale Dealers in and adjoining New York. Also, a correct

mary Schools. By John D. Philbrick, Superintendent of Map and Street Directory. 24mo. pp. 208. X. Y.; Harford

Public Schools of Boston, Illustrated. 1Smo. pp. 159. Bos& Co, Tuck leather, 75 cts.

ton: Taggard & Thompson. CI, 63 cts. HILLARD, The Political Duties of the Educated Classes.

POLITICIAN'S MANUAL. The Constitution of the United States Discourse before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Amherst Col.

of America, the Amendments and Proposed amendments; lege, July 10, 1866. By G. S. Hillard. 8vo. pp. 48. Boston :

also, Statements Defining the Powers and Duties of the leTicknor & Fields. Pap. 35 cts.

partments of Government, Statistics of the United States, &c.

8vo. pp. 32. N. Y.: Amer. Nercs Co. Pap. 20 cts. HOLMrs. The Autborship of Shakspeare. By Nathaniel

Holmes. 12mo. Pp. xiii., 601. N. Y.: Hurd & Houghton. CI. $2 25. Prince. Orthopedics: a Systematic Treatise upon the Preten.

tion and Correction of Deformities. By Davis Prince, M. D. JARVIS. Primary Physiology, for Schools. By E. Jarvis, M. D.

Svo. pp. 210. Phila, : Lindsay & Blakiston. CL. $3. 16mo. pp. 168. N. Y.: A. S Barnes & Co. Cl. 75 cts.

QUINCY. Root's Quincy City Directory. 0. E. Root, Compiler. JEFFERBOXVILLE DIRECTORY. See NEW ALBANY.

8vo. Pp. 210. Quincy: 0. E. Root. Bds. $3. JEWELL. School Government: a Practical Treatise, presenting Reade. Griffith Gaunt; or, Jealousy. With Illustrations By a thorough Discussion of its Facts, Priuciples, and their Ap

Charles Reade. 8vo. Pp. 214. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. plications. By F. S. Jewell, A, M. 12mo. pp. 308. N. Y.:

Pap. $1. A. s. Barnes & Co. Cl. $1 50.

The same.

8vo. Pp. 165. N. Y.: Hilton & Co. Par $1. KELLY. The American Catalogue: comprising Books published

in the United States (original and reprints) from January, Rise (THE) AND THE FALL; or, The Origin of Moral Eril. In 1861, to January, 1866, with Date of l'ublication, Size, Price,

Three Parts. Part I The Suggestions of Reason. II. The and Publisher's Name; with Supplement, containing Pam

Disclosures of Revelation. III. The Confirmations of The phlets, Sermous, and Addresses on the Civil War in the logy. 12mo. pp. 311. N. Y.; Hurd & Houghton. C1. $1 75. United States, 1861-66; and Appendix, containing Names of Robinson. The Relation of the Church and the Bible: a1 Ad. Learned Societies and other Literary Associations, with a dress before the Rhetorical Society of Rochester Theologial List of their Publications, from 1861 to 1866. Large Svo. pp. Seminary By E G. Robinson, Professor in the Semidary.

270. N. Y.: J. Wiley & Son. CI. $). (By subscription only.) Svo. pp. 36. Rochester: Adams & Ellis. Pap. 2) ets. KINGSTON AND Roxbout DirecTORY FOR 1566. Also, a Business | RochFORL. Rorebeck & Andrus's Rochford Directory and Directory, and Wiltwyck Directory. 8vo. Pp. 124, 16. N. Y.:

Business Mirror. Vol. 1. 1566. 12mo. Pp. 104. Rochford: Fitzgerald, Web & Co. Bls. 1 0).

Register Co. Bds, $2 50, LEAVENWORTH. Collins's City Directory of Leavenworth, June,

Roe. Woman our Angel. A Norel. By A. S. Roe. 1200 1566. By Charles Collius. 12mo. pp. 260. Leavenworth:

pp. 312. N. Y.: G, W. Carleton. CI. $1 50. C. Collins. Bds. $2.


ST. JOSEPH CITY DIRECTORY AND BUSINESS MIRROR FOR 165 A Comprehensive Grammar of the French Language. With By Charles Collins. 8vo. Pp. 196. St. Joseph: C. Collias, Practical Rules for Writing, etc. By F. Ledru. 12mo. pp.

Bds. $2. 286. N. Y.: A. S. Barnes & Co. CI. $1.

SAUNDERS. Bound to the Wheel. A Novel By John Sa00. Fables in the French Language, for the Use of Beginners in

ders. Svo. pp. 213. N. Y.: Horper & Bros. Pap. i3 cts. the Study. By F. Ledru. 12mo. pp. 130. N. Y.: A. S. SHANLY. Barnes & Co. CI. 75 cts.

A Jolly Bear and his Friends. By C. D. Shanly. Illustrata The French Reader: being a New Selection of Reading Les

by H. L. Stephens. 4to. pp. 16. N. Y.; Hurd & Houghtoa. sons, designed to accompany Ledru's French Grammar. Faucy Pap. 75 cts. By F. Ledru. N. Y.; A. S. Barnes & Co. Cl. $1.

The Truant Chicken, By C. D. Shanly. Illustrated by H. L.

Stephens. tto. pp. 16. N. Y.: Hurd & Houghton. Fabey LULLABIES, DITTIES, AND Poetic TALES FOR CHILDREN, Illus.

Pap. 75 cts. trated. įsmo. pp. 223. N. Y.; Amer. Tract Soc. Cl. 60 cts, MAURICE-POITEVIN. Cours Théorique et Pratique de Langue

The Monkey of Porto Bello. By C. D. Shanly. Hlustrated

by H. L. Stephens. 4to. pp. 16. N. Y.: Hurd & Houghala, Française. Adopté en France par le Conseil de l'Instruction

Fancy Pap. 75 cts. Publique; aux Etats-Unis, par les Colleges et les Principales Institutions. Grammaire Française Elémentaire, Théorie et SILVER (THE) Lintxe. By F. S. A. 16mo. pp. 315. Boston: Application. 12mo. pp. 191. N. Y.: A. S. Barnes & Co.

Mass. Sab. Sch. Soc. CI, 90 cts. CI. $1.

SPRINGFIELD (ILL.) CITY DIRECTORY AND BreixeSS MIRROB 703 METRIC (Tue) SYSTEM. A Compilation, consisting of Extracts 1866, together with a List of the Post Offices in the State of from the Report of the Committee of the House of Repre

Illinois. Svo. pp. 263. Springfield : Brouan & Nixon. Bds. sentatives, and the Law of Congress adopting the Sys:em, TAYLOR. The Picture of St. John. By Bayard Taylor. 1900. and Tables of Authorized Weights and Measures; and a

Boston: Ticknor & Fields

ci. $2 Translation of a Portion of a Work entitled “The Legal Tilroy. The Two Hungry Kittens. By Theodore Tilton. Illas System of Weights and Measures," by M. Lamotte. 16no.

trated by H. L. Stephens. Hto. pp. 16. N. Y.; Hurd & Hough. pp. 37. Phila.: J. B. Lippincott & Co. Flex. cl. 50 cts.

tonFancy Pap. 75 cts. MILTON. Treasures from the Prose Writings of John Milton.

TROWBRIDGE. Nettie Wallace; or, The Priceless Ornaments. Portrait. 12mo. pp. viii., 486. Boston: Ticknor & Fields.

By Miss C. M Trowbridge. 18mo. pp. 199. Phila.: J. S. Cl. $2 50.

Claxton. Cl. 75 cts. MONTEIT. National Geographical Series, No. 4. Monteith's

Twin (THE) SISTERS; or, "Be Ye also Ready." 18mo. pp. 115. Physical and Intermediate Geography. In Two Parts.

Phila. : Amer. Bap. Pub. Soc. Cl. 40 cts.
Part I. Geography Taught as a Science, on the Plan of Ob-
ject Teaching. Part II. Local and Civil Geography.


The Life and Letters of James Gates Pereiral BT James Monteith. Roy. 4to. pp. 91. N. Y.; A. S. Barnes &

Julias H. Ward. Portrait. 12mo. pp. xiii., 383. Baston: Co. Bds. $1 60.

Ticknor & Fields. Cl. 33. MOORE. Pastoral Reminiscences. By the late Rev. Martin

Wells. The Illustrated Annual of Phrenology and Physing. Moore. 18mo. Pp. 81. N. Y.: Amer. Tract Soc. CI, 23 cts

nomy, for 1867. By S. R. Wells. More than 50 Illustrations,

12mo. pp. 55. N. Y. : Fowler & Wills. Pap. 20 ets. New (THE) SABBATH HYMN AND Tune Book, for the Service of Song in the House of the Lord. Svo. Pp. 473. N. Y.: Mason

WHIPP!E. Character and Characieristic Men. By Edwin P. Bros. CI. $2 25.

Whipple. 12mo. pp. 324. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. CL The same. 16m0. pp. 473 CI. $1 38.

$175. New ALBANY. Edwarda's Annual Director to the Inhabitants, WILLIE IN SEARCH OF HIS GRANDFATHER; or, The Prayer before etc. in the Cities of New buy and Jetfersonville, for

the Throne By A. L. S. 16mo. pp. 208. Phila. : Amer. Bap. 1865-6. 8vo. pp. 695. Elcards, Greenough & Devee, Com

Pub. Soc. CI. 90 cts. pilers and Publishers. Cl. $j.


PP. 220.

OCT. 16, 1866.

BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES, BUT MANUFACTURED ABROAD. Becker. Charicles; or, Illustrations of the Private Life of the HERSCHEL. Familiar Lectures on Scientific Subjects. By Sir Ancient Greeks. With Notes and Excursuses. From the Ger John F. W. Herschel. Cr. 8vo. pp. xii., 607. N. Y.; A. man of Professor Becker. Translated by Rev. F. Metcalfe. Strahan. C1. $2 50. (Edinburgh print.) Third Edition. Cr. Svo. pp. xxi., 512. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co. CI. $t. (London print.)

Jones. The Regular Swiss Ronnd, In Three Trips. By Rev. GILBERT. Doctor Austin's Guests. By William Gilbert. 2 vols.

Harry Jones. Illustrated by Edward Whymper. 16mo. pp.

393. 'N. Y.; A. Strahan. Fl. cl. $1 75. (London print.) post Sro. pp. 310, 315. N. Y.: A. Strahan. Cl. $. (London print.)

MANSEL. The Philosophy of the Conditioned: comprising some GOTTHELF. Wealth and Welfare. By Jeremiah Gotthelf. 2

Remarks on Sir W. Hamilton's Philosophy, and on Mr. J. S. Fols. post 8vo. pp. 316, 276. N. Y.: A. Strahan. Cl. $1.

Mill's Examination of that Philosophy. By H. L. Mansel, (Edinburgh print.)

B D. Post Svo. pp. vii., 159. N. Y.; A. Strahan. Cl. $1 75. HALF HOCRS WITH THE Best FRENCA AUTHORS. Short Passages (Edinburgh print.) from some of tbe most celebrated Prose Writers. Translated into English. With 30 Engravings on Wood, from Designs TANNER. An Index of Diseases and their Treatment. By T. H. by Emile Bayard. Roy. Sro. pp. xii., 295, N. Y.: D. Apple Tanner, M. D., etc. 16mo. pp. xxxi., 424. N. Y.: Scribner, tün & Co. Embossed cl. full gilt, $5. (London print.)

Welford & Co. Cl. $t 50. (London print.)

WORKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN GREAT BRITAIN. Alford's How to Study the New Testament, 18mo. 38. 6d. each. ) Ingraham's The Throne of David, illust. 12mo. 58. cl. Annales Monastici, ed. by Luard, royal Svo. 108. hf. bd. Jacobson's Revelations of a Police-Court Interpreter, 12mo. Apostles and Martyrs, illust, with 12 Photographs, small 4to. 58. cl. 128. 627.

Marryat's For Ever and Ever, 3 vols. post 8vo. 318. Bd. cl. Armstrong's Poetical Reading and Recitation, 12mo. 18. cl. Maxwell's Atonement, 12mo. 18. 6d cl. Aant Annie's Tales, fucp. Svo. 28. 60. cl.

Miller's Our Hymns, their Authors and Origin, cr. Svo. 68. 6d. cl. Bennett's History of the Old Church of St. John of Frome, Milton's Paradise Lost, illust. by Gustave Doré, folio, 1008. cl. 12o. 38. 60.

Our Own Hymnu-Book, compiled by Spurgeon, 32mo. 28. 6d, cl. Bridge's France under Richelieu and Colbert, sm. 8vo. 88. 6d. cl. Profitable Pigs, How to Breed, &c., 12mo. 18. swd. Carpenter's Penny Readings, Vol. 7, 12mo, 18. bds.

Richards's Religio Animæ, and other Poems, 12mo. 78. cl. Children's Hour Annual, iscp. Svo. 58, el.

Richon's Manuel de la Littérature Française, 12mo. 28. cl. swd. Co-Heiress (The), by the Author of "Charley Nugent,” 3 vols. Richon's Oral Exercises, 28. cl. 318.6d, el.

River Reeds (Poems), fscp8ro. 24. 6d. cl. Crowe's History of France, Vol. 4, 8vo. 188. cl.

Roberts's The River Side. Trout Fishing, &c., 12mo. 38. éd. cl. Dalzleish's Progressive English Grammar and Exercises, cr. Ross's The Eldest Miss Simpsun and her Mishaps, cr. Svo. 18. Svo. 2.

swd. Dalton's Lost among the Wild Men, cr 8vo. 68. cl.

Routledge's Every Boy's Annual, 1897, 8vo. 68. cl. Don Quixote, History of, illust. by Gustave Doré, 4to. 308. cl. Selections, New and Old, Preface by the Bishop of Oxford, Egan's Handy-Book of the Law of Sales, &c. of Horses, 12mo. 18. 12mo. 48. 6d Fenn's Original Penny Readings, 12mo. 18. bds.

Smith's Lois-Weedon Lectures on the Altar and Cross, cr. Svo. Fronde's History of England, Vols. 9 and 10, 800. cl.

58. Gaillard's French Orthoepy, &c., cr. 8vo. 38. 6d. cl.

Staveley's British Spiders, post Svo, 108, 6d. cl. Hall-Hours with Best French authors, illust. royal 8vo. 108. Sunday Magazine, Volume for 1856, royal Svo. 88. 6d. cl. R. el.

Telegraph Secrets, by a Station-Master, 12mo. 18. swd. Harley's Diabetes, its Various Forns, &c., cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. cl. Tuttiett's Through the Clouds, 12mo. 28. cl. Holy Bible, illust. by Gustave Doré, Division 1, imp. tto. 218. cl. Wilkins's Scriptores Attici, cr. Svo. 78 6d, cl. Honde (The), its Beauties, &c., by “A Knowing Hand,” 58. bds. Winoall's Coal-Dealer's Ready Reckoner, oblong, 18. swd.


, 1866.

Will be Published, on or about 15th November, 1866, In small 4to., printed on toned paper, MADE EXPRESSLY For the work, bound in Morocco cloth,

richly gilt, price Ten Dollars,





Author of “Pictorial History of the Civil War,” “Field Book of the Revolution,” &c. &c.

The Illustrations comprise nearly Four Hundred Views of Scenery and Buildings on this beautiful River, from drawings made on the spot by the Author, and engraved on wood and steel by the best Artists. No expense has been spared to make this one of the finest Gift Books of the season.


12 Dey Street, New York.

OCT. 15, 1866.

Attractive and Valuable Works,

To be published in October, by


The Diamond Tennyson. A new and complete edition of Tennyson's Poems. In one beau

tiful volume, morocco cloth, $1 25. The Picture of St. John. By BAYARD TAYLOR. 1 vol. 16mo. The Prose Writings of John G. Whittier. Comprising “Literary Recreations," "Old

Portraits and Modern Sketches," "Margaret Smith's Journal,” etc. New stereotype edition. Griffith Gaunt; or, Jealousy. By CHARLES Reade, author of "Christie Johostone,” etc. 1 rol.,

paper and cloth. The Biglow Papers. By JAMES Russell Lowell. Second Series. 1 vol. 18mo. Character and Characteristic Men. By Edwin P. WHIPPLE. 1 vol. 16mo. The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth LONGFELLOW. New and revised electrotype edition.

Complete in four volumes, in the style of Tennyson, Farringford edition. Red Letter Days. By Gail Hamilton, Illustrated.


MESSRS. TICKNOR & FIELDS announce to the Trade and the Public that they have purchased the entire property in the collection hitherto published by Messrs. LITTLE, Brown & Co., and known as


This collection is the most complete ever made, and consists of One Hundred and Thirty Volumes

including the following authors :-


Montgomery, Surrey,
Falconer, Moore,



Parnell & Tickell, Thomson,
Goldsmith, Pope,


Chatterton, Herbert,


Kirke White,

Shakspeare, Wordsworth,



And Ballads, English and Scottish.
All carefully edited by Professor Child, Professor Lowell, and other eminent scholars.

Messrs. Ticknor & FIELDS will shortly publish a new and enlarged edition of this valuable series, full particulars of which will be given in an early announcement.

TICKNOR & FIELDS, Publishers,

124 Tremont Street, Boston, And 63 Bleecker Street, New York.

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1. Ballads

, Lyrics, and Hymns. By ALICE CARY, 11-18. Lalla Rookh. By Thomas Moore. A new edition lastrated on wood, from designs by Hart, Herrick, Fenn, With illustrations from designs by John Tenniel. 1 vol. Bellows, Perkins, etc. In one volume, crown 8vo. Price, 16mo. Price, cloth, $1 50. Crown 8vo. edition, cloth gilt, in extra cloth, $1. Cloth, full gilt, *1 50. Turkey morocco, $3. (Just Ready.)

$8 (Juust Ready.) "The most critical magazines and journals of Europe have 9. Paradise Lost. With explanatory notes. 1 vol. 16mo. borne testimony to the exquisite merit of Miss Cary's poems,

Price, cloth, $1 50. (Ready Nov. 1st.) and our own people recognize in them the best portraiture of

First collected our scenery and life , after the matchless productions of Bry- 10.The Poems of Alfred B. Street.

edition. 2 vols. 16mo. (Ready in November.)
ant."— Pittsburg Chronicle.
2. Christmas in England. Papers from the “Sketch 11. The Missionary Picture Gallery. Profusely illus-

trated. 1 vol. quarto. (Ready in November.)
Book" of Washington Irving, with illustrations from de-
signs by Wm. Hart, G. L. Brown, Casslear, Hoppin, Chap- 12. The Oriental Picture Gallery. Profusely illustrated.
man, and others. 1 vol. quarto. Price, in extra cloth, 1 vol. quarto. (Ready in November.)
gilt, $4 50. Turkey morocco, $8. (Just Ready.)

13.One-Two, Buckle my shoe. Illustrated by Court3. Dickens's Christmas Books. Containing

" The

land Hoppin, and printed in oil colors. Small quarto,
Cricket on the Hearth," "The Haunted Man," " A Christ-

(Ready in November.)
mas Tree," "The Chimes,” and other Christmas Stories
by Charles Dickens, with illustrations by F. 0. C. Darley. 14. The Rhyming Story Book. With appropriate illus-

trations. Small quarto. (Ready Nov. 1st.)
(A new edition, with additional illustrations by Phíz.) In
one volume, small quarto. (Ready Nov. 1st.)

15. Percy's Year of Rhymes. With illustrations by

Courtland Hoppin. Small quarto. (Ready Nov. 18t.) 4. The King's Ring. By Theodore Tilton. With illustrations printed in colors, from designs by

16. The Monkey of Porto Bello. By CHARLES D. Shan1 vol. Svo. Price $1 25. (Just Ready.)

With illustrations by H. L. Stephens. Svo., paper,

75 cents. (Just Ready.) 5. That Good Old Time; or, Our Fresh and Salt Tu

The Truant Chicken. By CHARLES D. SHANLY. tors. With illustrations by Winslow, Homer, and De

With illustrations by H. L. Stephens. 8vo., paper, 75 cts. Haas. 1 vol. 16mo. Price $1 50. (Ready Nov. 18t.)

(Just Ready.) 6. The Arabian Nights Entertainments. A new edi. 18. A Jolly Bear and his Friends. By Charles D.

SUANLY. tion, revised. With notes by the Rev. Geo. F. TOWNSEND,

With illustrations by H. L. Stephens. Svo., M. A. With sixteen illustrations by Houghton, Dalziel, &c.

paper, 75 cents. (Just Ready.) 1 vol. crown 8vo. Price, extra cloth, $2. (Just Ready.)

19. The Two Hungry Kittens. By Theodore Tilton.

With illustrations by H. L. Stephens. 8vo., paper, 76 cts. 7. Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures. By Douglas JER

(Just Ready.) With appropriate illustrations from designs by Charles Keene. 1 vol

. 16mo. Price, cloth, $1 50. Crown 20. Nonsensical Rhymes, with Absurd Pictures in red Svo. edition, cloth gilt, $3. (Ready Nov. 1st.)

and black. Quarto, boards, $1. (Just Ready.)

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Hurd & Houghton's List of Standard Illustrated Books.

1. Irving's Sketch-Book.

2. Pictures of Society. Grave and Gay.

12. Christmas Carol.

• trations on wood, by F. 0. C. DARLEY.

OCT. 15, 1866.

That magnifi 11. Christmas Poems and Pictures. A Colcent and unrivalled volume, the Artist's edition of

lection of Carols, Songs, and Descriptive Poems, Irving's Sketch-Book, an entirely new impression,

relating to the Festival of Christmas. Richly ilwith twenty new and additional vignettes. Su

lustrated with numerous engravings on wood, perbly printed and bound. In one quarto volume.

from drawings by famous Artists. A new and Price in cloth, extra, full gilt......

.$15 00

improved edition, In one quarto volume. Levant morocco, extra....

18 00

Price in extra cloth, berelled boards, gilt crushed Levant morocco..

20 00

sides and edges.... full Turkey morocco, antique or ex.

tra gilt . Comprising 100 engravings on wood, from the pictures of eminent Artists, including J. E. Millais, R.A.; F. W. Pickergill, R.A.; C. W. Cope, R.A.;

“ Christ was born on Christmas Day," J. D. Watson; George Thomas; J. C. Horsley;

With illustrations by John A. Hows. &c. &c.

This is a peculiarly unique and beautifol edi. Illustrated by the pens of popular Authors, in

tion of a popular Christmas Carol. A rich cluster cluding Mrs. S. C. Hall, E. K. Harvey, Barry

of holly leaves, printed in colors, forms the enCornwall, Tom. Hood, Edward Lewin, Noel Jones,

graved title-page. In one quarto volnme. Cuthbert Bede, Walter Thornbury, &c. &c. One

Price in extra cloth, bevelled boards, gilt volume, royal 8vo.

sides and edges....

3 00 Price in extra cloth, full gilt........

10 00

full Turkey morocco, gilt sides and Turkey morocco......


600 Watts' Divine and Moral Songs. A new and very choice edition. Illustrated with 100 wood-cuts in the first style of art, from original

An elegant volume, containing a Selection of designs by eminent Artists. Engraved by J. D.

Lyrics on the War, each poem illustrated by a COOPER. Printed on the best paper, and hand

full-page drawing by F. 0. C. Darley. The Lyries somely bound. One volume, small quarto.

are eight in number, and were selected so as to Price in extra cloth.....

3 50

present the different phases of the war. Mr. Dar. full gilt............

4 50

ley's drawings are unusually spirited; they have Turkey morocco............

8 00

been engraved by our best artists, and carefully printed on heavy calendered paper.

In one

quarto volume. wood-cuts, from original designs by W. S. Colo

Price in half muslin

1 15 man, R. Barnes, T. Kennedy, and E. M. Wimperis.

extra cloth, bevelled boards, gilt sides Engraved by J. D. COOPER. Elegantly printed on

and edges.. fine paper. In one volume small quarto.

full Turkey morocco, antique or gilt. 60 Price in extra cloth...

3 50 " full gilt....

4 50 Turkey morocco....

8 00

original designs. In one quarto volume. The Twenty-third Psalm, with emble

Price in fancy boards.....

1 30 matic borders, illuminated and elegantly printed in oil colors. In one volume, quarto. Price in extra cloth, full gilt.......

4 50
Price in fancy boards.....

115 Turkey morocco......

6 00

...... 15 00


4. Barbauld's Hymns in Prose. With 109

14.Irving's Rip Van Winkle, with ten 15. Irving's Legend of Sleepy Hollow,

6. The Three Kings of Orient. A Christ

16. Irving's Hudson Legends, comprising


17. Picciola. By X. B. SAINTINE: A new

7. Forest Pictures

in the Adirondacks. By

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18. The Fables of Æsop, with Croxall's

8. A Forest Hymn. By William Cullen

mas Carol. The words and music by Rev. J. H.

In one quarto volume. Hopkins, Jr. Each page printed in oil colors, from

Price in cloth, gilt...... exquisite designs. In one quarto volume.

morocco ... Price in extra cloth, full gilt....

4 50 Turkey morocco....

S 00

• translation from the author's last rovised edition. JOAX A. Hows. With original Poems by ALFRED

With illustrations on wood, from designs by LEDB. STREET. 16 full-page engravings. One quarto

POLD FLAMEXG, and ornamental head and tail volume.

pieces. Fine edition. In one volume, crown 8vo. Price in extra cloth, bevelled boards, gilt

Price in extra cloth, gilt... sides and edges..

4 00

half roxburgh.....
full Turkey morocco, antique or extra

7 50

Applications, and a Life of the Author. Embel

lished with one hundred and ten wood-cnts, and BRYANT. Illustrated on wood, from drawings by

a vignette, from original designs, by H. W. HERJOHN A. Hows.

RICK. Engraved in the best manner, by BOGERT, This volume has been considered one of the most

Felter, and others. Fine edition on toned paper, elegant specimens of typography and wood en

printed on a hand-press, from the original wood. graving issued in the country. One quarto volume.

cuts, the letter-press from the types. In one rolPrice in extra cloth, bevelled boards, gilt edges

ume, crown Svo. and sides..

4 00

Price in extra cloth... full Turkey morocco, gilt edges and

“ full gilt........ sides

7 50

half roxburgh

Turkey morucco, antiqne.. In the Woods with Bryant, Longfellow,

full gilt..... and Halleck. Illustrated on wood, from drawings by John A. Hows. Its contents are Bryant's "Death of the Flowers," Longfellow's "When

• lusions, showing Ghosts everywhere and of any Woods were Green," and Halleck's “Wyoming.''

Color. With sixteen Illustrations in colors. One quarto volume.

This book affords almost exhaustless parlor Price in extra cloth, bevelled boards, gilt

amusement. Weird and ghostly figures can be edges and sides..

4 00 projected upon any white surface by its aid withfull Turkey morocco, gilt edges and

out apparatus, the book itself containing every. sides

7 50

thing requisite for that purpose. In one quarto
Price in boards

one volume.
These two exquisite series of forest and flower

. pictures, when united, afford a work unequalled

ENT C. Moore. Illustrated in tints, from drawings in attractive variety of illustration.

by F. 0. C DARIEY, and with an illuminated In one volume, full Turkey morocco, antique,

cover. In one volume quarto. 12 00

Price in paper covers.... Messrs. Hund and Hocgatox, in addition to their own publications, offor a full assortment of the best HOLIDAY and JiveNILE Books published in this country.

I Discretionary Orders from Booksellers, for their Holiday Supply of Gift and Children's Books, will be faithrally filled at the Lowest rates,



19.Spectropia; or, Surprising Spectral Il

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10.Forest Hymn, and In the Woods. In

20.A Visit from St. Nicholas. By Clem


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