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MAY 15, 1866.


An American in the Cathedrals of Europe (W. Church Monthly. May.

R. Alger).-Edward Brooks Hall.- A Political Note. Some Thoughts on Ritualism for American Church- - Review of Current Literature.- New Publications men.-A Cause of Scepticism, and its Remedy.- Received. New York: James Miller. Greek and Roman Preparations for the Gospel.- United States Service Magazine. Máy. Bryan Maurice, or The Seeker. - The Joint Mission The Defence of New Orleans.—The Fourth Army of the English and American Churches to the Corps—froin the Chickamauga to the Chattahoochie. Hawaiian Isles.-The late Dr. Whewell.—Christian - My First Capture.—Maj.-Gen. B. H. Grierson.Education in Colleges.—Hymn for the Holy Com- The Peace Work of the Navy (De B. R. Keim).munion.- John Henry Newman.-Book Notices. Ana of the War (C. G. Leland). -The Army of the Boston : E. P. Dutton & Co.

Potomac, - Editorial Notes. — Congress. - CorreMonthly Religious Magazine. May.

spondence. - Literary Notices. — Official IntelliThe Sunday School': its Aims and Means.-Gar: gence; the Army; the Navy; the National Guard.

New York : C. B. Richardson. ments of Praise for Heaviness.—The Four Pillars Strengthened : a Sermon (Rev. R. Ellis).—Hymns Our Young Folks. May. from the German (Rev. N. L. Frothingham). — The

Wandering About, the Huguenot Fort (Carleton). Tübingen School: No. III. (S. G. Bulfinch).—Marga

-A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life.-The ret's Magnolia.—A Letter from Europe.—Doing English Redbreast and the American Robin (T. M. Good.-Sketches of Life in Utah.-Random Read B.):-May-day (J. W. Newcomb, Jr.).-The Blueings. Boston: Leonard C. Bowles.

bird (Emily H. Miller).–Sowething about Our

Baby (Mrs. A. M. Diaz).-Miss Katy-Did and Miss Christian Eraminer. May.

Cricket (Mrs. H. B. Stowe).--Susy's Dragon (Nora The Unitarian Movement.— Tischendorf's Plea for Perry).-Richmond Prisons (J. T. Trowbridge).the Genuineness of the Gospels (F. H. Hedge). Katy Must Wait (Mrs. Appa M. Wells).—Afloat in State University of Michigan (C. H. Brigham).- the Forest (Mayne Reid).--The Enchantress (T. B. Francis William Newman (J. W. Chadwick).— Aldrich).—Round the Evening Lamp.–Our LetterBushnell on Vicarious Sacrifice (J. F. Clarke).-Box. Boston: Ticknor & Fields.



marked attention. Mr. Spencer is entitled to the PHILOSOPHICAL,

credit of searching out these essays, and giving An Examination of Mr. J. S. Mill's Philosophy; them to us in a collected form in a handsome volo being a Defence of Fundamental Truth. By James

The subjects are-Comte's Life and PhilosoM'Coch, LL. D. pp. 434. New York: Robert phy; John Stuart Mill; Nature and God ; Science, Carter & Brothers.

Nescience and Faith ; Mansel's Limits of Religious The ancient reputation of Hibernia for meta- Thought; Cerebral Psychology Bain ; Revelation, physic acumen and dialectic skill is well maintained what it is not and what it is ; Personal Influence of by Dr. M'Cosh, the Professor of Logic and Meta- our present Theology : Newman, Coleridge, Carlyle; physics in Queen's College, Belfast. Of his “ Method Theology in its Relation to Progressive Knowledge. of the Divine Government,” so eminent an authority These titles all indicate that Mr. Martineau is dealas Sir William Hamilton said, “It is refreshing to ing with the imminent questions of the time. read a work so distinguished for originality and soundness of thinking." M'Cosh does not appear

RELIGIOU8. here as a Hamiltonian, and he has indeed earnestly Ecce Homo: a Survey of the Life and Work of Jesus opposed some of the leading doctrines of that

Christ. pp. 355. Boston: Roberts Brothers. philosophy as expounded by Hamilton and Mansell.

This is a republication of a recent English work. It is his opinion that Hamilton was never able to it calls upon its readers to place themselves “in weld into a consistent whole, the realistic matter he imagination at the time when he, whom we call got from Reid and the subjective forips he took from Christ, bore no such name, but was simply as St. Kant. At the same time M'Cosh, as might be es- Luke describes him, a young man of promise, poppected, declines to give any adherence to many of ular with those who knew him, and appearing to the objections which have been taken by Mill, enjoy the Divine favor, to trace his biography from which are stated to abound in inconsistencies, point to point, and accept those conclusions about misunderstandings, and mistakes. The different him, not which church doctors, or even a postles, chapters pass in review the leading matters of con- have sealed with their authority, but which the troversy, and students of this department of thought, facts themselves, critically weighed, appear to warwho are interested in the great controversy which rant.” We are not aware that the ultimate conhas been set afloat, will find the Belfast Professor clusions substantially differ from those usually one of the most sturdy combatants on the field. held; they seem, however, to be reached by rather We may add that touching the ground of our belief a novel path. The volume is a small one, but it is in an external world, as developed by Mr. Mill in written by a scholar and a thinker. We know not his examination, the number of “ Blackwood's Maga- who is the author. We have heard it attributed zine" for January last contains a valuable paper. to Mr. Gladstone, but we know not on what authoEssays, Philosophical and Theological. By James rity. We should not be surprised to see it attract Martineau. pp. iv., 424. Boston: V. Spencer.

considerable attention, Mr. Martineau's name and merit are known to The Living Temple; or Scriptural Views of the those who are acquainted with the most recent Church. By John S. Stone, D. D. pp. 354. New phase of English thought. He has contributed York: Anson D. F. Randolph. freely to the Prospective, Westminster, National, The work here offered to the public embodies the and other Reviews, papers which have excited / substance, carefully revised, slightly enlarged, and

MAY 15, 1866.

somewhat modified, of what was some years ago | The Lives and Times of the Roman Pontiffs, from St. published under the title of “The Church Univer Peter to Pius the Ninth, New York: D. J. Sadlier sal.” The book aims primarily to unfold the & Co. scriptural idea of the Church. The contents are The publishers are issuing this work in parts. divided into three portions, viz: the Church as a It is written by Chevalier D'Artaud, and translated spiritual body, the Church as a visible body, the by the Rev. Dr. Neligan. It has reached the well-being of the visible Church. The author, as seventeenth part, coming down to Gregory XIII., against the Romanist and the Exclusive Episcopa- who was elevated to the pontificate in 1572. The lian, regards the Church, in its highest sense, as work contains a number of excellent steel engrav" that great company of true believers in Christ, ings, and is printed on fine paper from new type. It who hold His truth in the main, whole and incor- is said to be the only “ Lives of the Popes” by a rupt, and who by His sole Divine power and agency Catholic author ever published in the English lanare saved from sin and everlasting death."

guage. What Then? or the Soul's To-Morrow. By E. H. Gillett. pp. 128.

JUVENILE. The Holy Comforter; His Person and His Work. Lost, but Found: or the Jewish Ilome: Aunt Hattie. By Joseph P. Thompson, D. D. pp. 210.

pp. 279. Boston: Graves & Young. Anson D. F. Randolph, New York, issues each of

We have here an addition to the “ Brookside these volumes. The latter one is printed and Series.” The subject relates to the Jewish people, bound with extreme neatness. The title sufficiently and the object is to promote Christian zeal in their indicates the subject to which it is directed. Dr. behalf. Gillett's little work aims to present in a concise Short Sermons 'to Newsboys; with a History of the form, and with copious illustration, a variety of

Formation of the Newsboy's Lodging-House. By considerations enforcing the claims of the soul's

Charles Loring Brace. pp. vi., 244. New York: future and the reader's attention.

Charles Scribner & Co. Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church: Part A very interesting account is here given of the

II. From Samuel to the Captivity. By Arthur reformatory efforts made by some benevolent people Penrhyn Stanley, Dean of Westminster. pp. in New York, in behalf of the newsboys. The body xvii., 656. New York: Charles Scribner & Co. of the volume consists of sermons, fifteen in num

Dean Stanley's lectures are not only a contribu-ber, delivered to them by Mr. Brace; and an aption to theological literature, but by their animated, pendix furnishes some facts connected with their picturesque, and, at times, eloquent style they are Lodging-House and Bank. attractive also to the layman and the general Hours with the Youngest. No. 2. The Second Year reader of history. No one can read them without

in Infant School; being a Course of Instruction being gratified by their brilliant literary qualities.

about the Lord our God, comprising Tales, Stories, The present series covers the grandest and most

Tests, Illustrations, Hymns, Catechisms, Exercises, eventful periods of the Hebrew church, and war

etc., adapted to Young Classes and to Home riors, bards, and prophets-David, Solomon, and

Teaching. By Mary Harvey Gill, author of Isaiah-are the central figures around which the

“ Sister Mary's Stories," etc. pp. xix., 149, 103. graphically parrated events revolve. Scribner &

New York: Anson D. F. Randolph. Co. publish the volume in an admirable form, and

A very ingenious and thorough plan of Sabbathby arrangement with the author.

school instruction is presented in this volume. It BIOGRAPHY AND HISTORY,

is an admirable manual for teachers who would History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the give variety and interest to their instrụctions.

Death of Elizabeth. By James Anthony Froude, Green Pastures for Christ's Little Ones. pp. 181.
M. A. Vols. V. and VI. pp. xiii., 474; xii., 495. While They are With Us. pp. 144.
New York: Charles Scribner & Co.

Bertha Allston. pp. 84. The publishers are rapidly pushing on the publication of this important work. We have before Wee Davie. By Norman Macleod, D. D. pp. 86. heartily commended the style in which it is pro- Basil; or Honesty and Industry. pp. 128. duced. The two volumes now in hand cover the The American Tract Society, New York, has added period from 1547 to the death of Mary in 1558. Mr. these to its list of juveniles. In general style they Froude's style is certainly an admirable one. He correspond with the other excellent publications is free from the heaviness and solemnity of the old of the Society. school of historical writers, while at the same time Trust; or a Peep at Eaton Parsonage. By Sarah he has the vivacity and sparkle of that recent school

A. F. Herbert. pp. 190. New York: Anson D. whose chief object is to modernize the past, and by

F. Randolph. dislocating it, as it were, from its attachments and surroundings, and transferring it to the present, aim, while the conversations and the contrasts of

This little story is thoroughly religious in its render it a huge anachronism.

character will render it quite a readable juvenile. Records from the Life of S. V. S. Wilder. pp. 404. Poor Matt; or the Clouded Intellect. By Jean InNew York: American Tract Society.

gelow. pp. 125. Boston: Roberts Brothers. Prior to 1842 Mr. Wilder had been for seventeen years President of the American Tract Society, and touching simplicity and pathos, which can scarcely

The gifted writer of this little story tells it with the Society in issuing this volume not only pays an fail to reach the reader's feelings. honorable tribute to a faithful officer, but presents a record of the life of a devout layman, such as The Lost Lilies; a Story for Children. By Emma should stir up others to good works. The volume Marshall, author of Brothers and Sisters. pp. is an extremely readable one, for Mr. Wilder in the 108. Philadelphia: J. P. Skelly & Co. earlier part of his life mingled much with public The publishers of this volume, who have been men in Europe and in this country. On page 169 engaged in the sale of engravings for several years, is an interesting account of an interview with Presi- now propose to conduct a book publishing business: dent Jackson on the subject of the claims by this giving special attention to juveniles, religious country against France.

books, and volumes suitable for sabbath school

MAY 15, 1866.

pp. 403.

libraries. “Lost Lilies” is a good story, printed | mended is simple, and seems to accord substantially on stout paper, and with large type.

with that which is most generally adopted by the

medical profession. “By pursuing it,” says the POETRY.

author, “eighty-five out of every hundred of the The Masquerade and other Poerns. By John Godfrey collapsed cases, and all of the premonitory cases

Saxe. pp. 237. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. were recovered in the Bay of Bengal in 1852.”

Mr. Saxe is really a genial humorous poet. No one can pick up this volume without enjoying its | Hospital

Life in the Army of the Potomac. By Wilraciness. We have had so much military, patriotic,

liam Howell Reed. pp. 199. Boston: William

V. Spencer. solemn, pious, and other heavy poetry of late, that

The narrative in the present vo me commences it is refreshing to get something which is entertain with the spring of 1864, and continues down to the ing and mirth-provoking.

close of the war. The fields of observation are FICTION.

Fredericksburg, Rappa hannock and Pamunky, City Hidden Depths. pp. viii.,351. Philadelphia: J. B. Point, Burksville, Petersburg. The text relates Lippincott & Co.

mainly to personal experiences in hospitals and The“ Westminster Review” for April thinks that among the sick and wounded on the field. the author of this story “is either a young curate

SCHOOL BOOKS. or a woman,” and the reason for the opinion is that Libro de Lectura. No. 1. pp. 132. no other beings could possibly have imagined such scenes.” We leave it to our readers to form an

Libro de Lectura, No. 3. opinion for themselves. Perhaps the fact that it is These two volumes are portions of a Spanish a religious novel of a strict sort is enough to in- course issued by Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman & Co., duce the Westminster to say, “ The book is put for- New York. No. 3 is a copious reader, containing ward as being substantially true, whereas it is sub pot only many of the literary gems of the Castilian stantially false."

language from its earliest period to our own days, Recommended to Mercy. By the author of “Taken It is supplied with a vocabulary. The same pub

but also extracts from Spanish-American writers. upon Trust," etc. pp. 345. Mr. Carleton's opinion of “Recommended to lishers have also issued a “Union Speller" by

Charles W. Sanders, based upon the new illustrated Mercy" is such that he has been induced to put to

edition of Webster's Dictionary. press three other works by the same author, viz., “Taken upon Trust," “ Zoe's Brand,” and “The


The Emphatic Diaglott: Containing the Original Memoirs of a Good-for-Nothing. From the German Greek Text of what is commonly styled the Greek

of Joseph von Eichendorff. By Charles Godfrey Testament (according to the Recension of Dr. J.J. Leland. pp. 192. New York: Ley poldt & Holt. Griesbach), with an Interlineary Word for Word

We have here, in a fitting English dress, a very English Translation ; a New Emphatic Version, characteristic work, and one quite popular in Ger based on the Interlineary Translation, with Renmany. Mr. Leland's ability as a translator is well derings of Eminent Critics, on the Various Read. known, hence his version is as smooth and clear ings of the Vatican Manuscript No. 1209 in the as if it were an original production in English. Vatican Library ; together with Illustrative and Besides its intrinsic attractiveness, he tells us that «Explanatory Footnotes and a Copious Selection of the work "has a peculiar value in the history of References, to the whole of which is added a literature, or of culture' in being, as I may say, the Valuable Alphabetical Index. By Benjamin early swallow of that pleasant spring of artist-life Wilson. New York: Fowler & Wells. novels, which have since its appearance been written The long title of this work is so descriptive of its in almost every European language.” The pub- contents that little need be added by us. The plan lishers have issued the work in the style of neat- is novel, and cannot fail to be beneficial to students ness which characterizes all their publications. of the Greek Testament, especially to beginners, Miss Marjoribanks. By Mrs. Oliphant. pp. 182. although scholars and theologians will probably The True IIistory of a Little Ragamuffin. By the differ as to the merits of the volume. It is, howauthor of “Reuben Davidger,” etc.

ever, the result of laborious and zealous study, and

contains results of biblical criticism, and readings Gilbert Rugge. By the author of a “First Friend of various manuscripts, in a compact and convenient ship.” pp. 235.

form. From Harper & Brothers, New York, Nos. 268, New Book of Flowers. By Joseph Beck. pp. xii., 269, 270, of their Library of Select Novels.

480. Joseph Grimaldi. By Charles Dickens. pp. 192.

The Miniature Fruit Garden ; or, the Culture of The Border Rifles. By Gustave Aimard. pp. 172.

Pyramidal and Bush Fruit Trees. By Thomas From T. B. Peterson & Brothers, Philadelphia. Rivers. pp. x., 133. Doctor Kemp : the Story of a Life with a Blemish. Mysteries of Bee-Keeping Explained ; Containing the From the American News Company, New York.

Result of Thirty-Five Years' Experience, and Di.

rections for Using the Movable Comb and BoxMEDICAL

Hive, together with the Most Approved Methods Epidemic Cholera : Its Mission and Mystery, Haunts

of Propagating the Italian Bee. By M. Quinby, and Havocs, Pathology and Treatment, with Re

Practical Bee-keeper. pp X.,

348. marks on the Question of Contagion, the Influence Orange Judd & Co., New York, have recently of Fear, and Hurried and Delayed luterments. By issued these, each of which is valuable in its dea former Surgeon in the Service of the Honorable partment. The first one was originally published East India Company. pp. 120. New York : fifteen years ago. A second edition appeared in Carleton,

1856. It has now been extensively improved both Notwithstanding a little levity of style in some in the botanical and the popular portions, and a hun. portions of this work, it is written in an earnest dred pages of new matter added. The second work and confident spirit, and is based upon large expe- has passed through thirteen editions in England, rience with the disease. The treatment recom- and is by a poinologist of high repute. It is re

pp. 138.

MAY 15, 1866.

published without alteration. The last volume is the difference between Short Whist and the oldby a well-known bee-keeper. It has been revised fashioned game, which seems to consist mainly in and newly written, and aims to be practical rather the manner of scoring. than scientific.

PAMPHLETS RECEIVED. Adrift in Dixie ; or, A Yankee Officer among the Sadlier's Catholic Almanac and Ordo, for the year of Rebels. With an Introduction by Edmund Kirke.

our Lord 1866; with a full report of the various pp. 224. New York: Carleton.

Dioceses in the United States, British North AmeThe author of this volume is Henry L. Estabrooks,

rica, and Ireland. pp. 258, 136. New York: D. a Lieutenant in the 26th Regiment of Massachusetts & J. Sadlier & Co. Infantry. He was captured by the Confederate troops at the battle of Berryville, sent first to Libby, Death and After-Life : three lectures by Andrew afterwards to a place further south, but managed

Jackson Davis; also, A Voice from the Summer

Land. pp. 101. New York : A. J. Davis & Co. to escape on the route. He subsequently reached the Union lines. The book is a narrative of his The Threatening Ruin, A Discourse for the Times. adventures.

By Joseph A. Seiss, D. D. pp. 39. Philadelphia : The Laws of Short Whist. Edited by J. L. Bald

Smith, English & Co. win. And a Treatise on the Game, by J. C. A Message from the Border Land, to Sabbath School First American Edition, with an Introduction.

Teachers and Scholars. pp. 26. Philadelphia: J. pp. 153. New York: Leypoldt & Holt.

C. Garrigues & Co. The “ Laws" here given appear to have been Hitchcock's Chronological Record of the American adopted by a large number of the leading clubs of Civil War; giving every event in the order of its London. They are expressed in brief though intelli occurrence from Nov. 8, 1860, to June 3, 1865 ; gible form. The greater part of the volume is also a complete list of vessels captured by the occupied with the " Treatise on Short Whist.” The Confederate Navy. pp. 106. New York: Benjaintroductory note of the American editor points out min W. Hitchcock.


M. W. Dodd, New York.

Laurence Kehoe, New York. Maiden and Married Life of Mary Powell. By Miss Christine, a Troubadour's Songs, and other Poems. Anne Manning

By George H. Miles.

May Carols, and Hymns and Poems. By Aubrey de John Wiley & Son, New York.

The American Catalogue of Publications in the United
States, 1861–1866. By James Kelly.

D. Appleton & Co., New York.

Geography of the Holy Land. By Carl Ritter. W. B. Bradbury, New York.

The Divine Life in Man. By Rev. James Baldwin The New Golden Chain. By Bradbury.

Brown. Golden Hymns (without music). By Bradbury. The Exodus and Pilgrimage of the Children of Israel. Book of Worship (Hymns and Tunes). By Rev. L. By the saine. W. Bacon.

Home Life. By the same. Orange Judd & Co., New York.

Carleton, New York. My Vineyard at Lakeview.

The Game Birds of the North. By R. B. Roosevelt, Saunders' Domestic Poultry. Revised edition.

author of " Game Fish,” “Superior Fishing,” etc. A new book on Peat. By Prof. Johnson.

The Apostles. Translated from the French of Ernest

Renan, author of “ Life of Jesus." D. & J. Sadlier & Co., New York.

Josh Billings, his Book. · With twelve humorous illus. Mayor of Windgap, and other Tales. By Michael

trations by various American artists. Banim.

Beyminstre. A new English Novel by the author of

• The Silent Woman.
Bit o'Writin', and other Tales. By Michael Banin.
Catholic Anecdotes ; or, the Catechism in Examples. Perkinpine & Higgins, Philadelphia.
Vol. 2. By Mrs. J. Sadlier.

Clarence ; or, Self-Will and Principle.

Our Willie.
D. Van Nostrand, New York.
Hunt's Designs for the Gates at the Southern Entrance John L. Shorey, Boston.
of the N. Y. Central Park.

The Emerald. A Collection of Graphic and Enter

ining Tales, Brilliant Essays, Poems, &c. Edited American Tract Society, New York.

by Epes Sargent. The first issue of the Gem Series. The Awakening of Italy and the Crisis of Rome.

The second issue will be “ The Sapphire.”

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Wants Our Daily Fare, No. 10, and political pamphlets Want Publishers' and Stationers' latest Trade Price
prior to 1861.

Lists and Descriptive Catalogues.


Want Treatise on Hydraulics by J. F. D'Aubuisson, Want Publishers' and Booksellers' latest Net Trade Boston, 1852, 8vo., and Translation of Diodorus Sicu.

lus, London, 1814, 8vo.


MAY 15, 1866.


Iowa, Wants Vols. I. and II. New Series American Pub- Wants Vols. VI. VII. VIII. X. XI. XII. and XIII. of lishers' Circular.

Clark's old Knickerbocker Magazine, either bound or W. D. SHEPHERD, Washington, D. C.,

in Nos.; American Chesterfield, published by Grigg &

Elliott, Philada., 1846, and Dr. Wooster Beach's Wants Publishers' and Stationers' latest Net Trade

Family Physician. Also Publishers', Stationers', and Lists and Descriptive Catalogues. Also Show Bills

Manufacturers' Net Price Lists. of New Publications.

LIST OF BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES. AIMARD. The Border Rides. By Gustavo Aimard. 8vo. pp. Didier. Report of the Trial of Dr. Wm. H. Stokes and Mary 172. Phila.: T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap. 75 cts.

Blenkinsop, Physician and sister Superior .of Mount Hope BALDWIN. The Laws of Short Whist. Edited by J. L. Baldwin.

Institution. By Eugene L. Didier, Stenographic Reporter. And a Treatise on the Game, by J. C. Sq. 16 mo. pp. 153.

With an Introductory Account. 8vo. pp. 202. Baltimore: N. Y.: Leypoldt & Holt. Cl. $1 25.

Kelly & Pict. Pap. $1. BASIL; or, Honesty and Industry. 18mo. pp. 144. Boston:

DILLENBACK. Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, and Henry Hoyt. C1. 55 cts.

Clergyman's Sore Throat successfully treated by Medicated

Inhalations. By H. P. Dillenback, M. D. Illustrated. Se. BENNETT. Clinical Lectures on the Principles and Practice of

cond Edition, enlarged and revised. 8vo. pp. 336.

Boston: Medicine. By J. A. Bennett, Professor, etc., in the Univer

The Author. CI. $3. sity of Edinburgh. Third American from the Fourth Edioburgh Edition. 537 Wood.cuts. Roy. 8vo. pp. xxiv., 1022.

Doctor KEMP: The Story of a Life with a Blemish. 8vo. Pp. N. Y.: Wm. Wood & Co. Cl. $7; leather, *8.


Doughty. Life of Emanuel Swedenborg. By Sarah P. Doughty. TESTAMENT. By a Layman. 18mo. pp. 121. N. Y.: Evang.

18mo. pp. 108. N. Y.: Publishing House of the New Jerusa

lem Church, Cl. 40 cts. Knowoledge Society. Bds. 20 cts.

DOUGLASS. BOARDMAN. The Sister's Triumph. Sequel to “Haps and Mis

In Trust; or, Dr. Bertrand's Household. By baps of the Brown Family." By Mrs. M. M. Board man.

Amanda M, Douglass. 12mo. pp. 383. Boston: Lee & Shep16mo. pp. 326. Phila. : Perkinpine & Higgins. Cl. $1.

ard. CI. $1 75. BOGART. Driftings from the Stream of Life. A Collection of DREBINJ. Das Gemeine Recht (Common Law) der Vereinigten

Staaten von Amerika, nebst den Statuten der einzelnen Staa. Fugitive Poems. By Mrs. Bogart. 16mo. pp. X., 307. N. Y.: Hurd & Houghton. CI. $2.

ten. Von Gustav L. Drebing. Erstes Heft. 8vo. pp. iv., 6t.

N. Y.: E. Steiger. Pap. 40 cts.
BRECK. New Book of Flowers. By Joseph Breck. Newly
Electrotyped and Ilustrated. 12mo. pp. 480. N. Y.: 0.fudd

EATON. Petroleum: a History of the Oil Region of Vepango & Co. CI. $1 75.

County, Pa., its Resources, Mode of Development, and Value, etc, etc. With a Map. By Rev. S. J. M. Eaton.

12mo. PP. Brown. The Complete Herbalist; or, The People their own

299. Phila. : J. P. Skelly & Co. CI. $2. Physicians by the Use of Nature's Remedies, etc. etc. By Dr,

Ессе Номо. . 0. Phelps Brown. 12mo. pp. 384. Jersey City: The Author.

A Survey of the Life and Works of Jesus Christ. Cl. $2.

12mo. pp. 355. Boston: Roberts Bros.' Cl. $1 50. BRUCE. A Thousand a Year. By Mrs. E. M. Bruce. 16mo.

EICHENDORPF. Memoirs of a Good-for-Nothing. From the GerPp. 263. Boston: A. K. Loring. Cl. $1 75.

man of Joseph von Eichendorff, by Charles Godfrey Lelaud.

Vignettes by Bensell. 16mo. pp. 192. N. Y.: Leypold & Holt.. BURR. The Field and Garden Vegetables of America. By

CI. $1 75. Fearing Burr, Jr. Second and enlarged Edition. 8vo. pp. Ellis. Suggestions to Young Men on the Subject of Marriage, 700. Boston: J. E. Tilton & Co.

CI. $5.

and Hints to Young Ladies, and to Husbands and Wives. CHILDREN OF CLOVERLY (The). By the Author of "The Young By John Ellis, M. D, Svo. pp. 42, vi. N. Y.; C. S. Westcott

Apprentice," etc. pp. 361. Boston: Henry Hoyt. $1 25. & Co., Prs. Pap. 25 cts.
CHINESE Classics (The): a Translation by James Legge, D.D. EMIGRANT's Son (The). 18mo. pp. 68. Boston: Henry Hoyt.

CI. 40 cts.
Vol. 1. 8vo. pp. 163. Worcester, Mass.: 2. Baker. Pap. $1.

FAITH White's LETTER Book. 1620-1623. Plymouth, New CAOLERA. Epidemic Cholera : its Mission and Mystery, Haunts

England. 12mo. pp. 365. Boston: Henry Hoyt. CI. $2. and Havocs, Pathology and Treatment. By a former Surgeon FANNY Herver; or, The Mother's Choice. 8vo. pp. 150. N. Y.. in the Service of the Hon. East India Company. 12mo. pp. 120. N. Y.: Geo. W. Carleton. CI. $1.

F. A. Brady. Pap. 50 cts. COLLINS. The Cholera: a Familiar Treatise With & History Freno GINBOAT, HOSPITAL, AND Prison; or, Thrilling Records

of the Heroism, Endurance, and Patriotism displayed in the of the Epidemics of the Middle Ages. By G.T. Collins, M. D.

Union Army and Nary during the Rebellion.

By Mrs. 16mo. pp. 162. N. Y.: First National Manuf. and Pub. Co.

P. A. H. 12mo. pp. 379. Boston: C. M. Dinsmoot & Co. Pap. 50 cts.

Cl. *2. COLLIER. Bibliographical and Critical Account of the Rarest Fisher. Life of Benjamin Silliman, M. D., LL.D. Chiefly from

Books in the English Language, alphabetically arranged, his Manuscript Reminiscences, Diaries, and Correspondence. which during the last Fifty Years have come under the Ob By George P. Fisher, Professor in Yale College. In 2 rols. servation of J. Payne Collier, F. S. A. In 4 vols.

12mo. pp. xvi., 407; ix., 408. N. Y.: C. Scribner & Co. CI. xiii., 327; 355 ; 341; 371. N. Y.; D. G. Francis. CI. $16. $5. COMPANION POETS. Illustrated. Vol. 2. Whittier's National Fort WAYNE. Williams' Fort Wayne Directory for 1866–67, Lyrics; Bryant's Voices of Nature; Holmes' Humorous

to which is appended a United States Post Office Directory. Poems. Square 16mo. pp. 104, 91, 100. Boston: Ticknor &

Fourth Issue. Compiled by Williams & Co. 8vo. pp. 210, Fields. CI. $2 50.

106. Fort Wayne, Ind.: N. P. Stockbridge. Cl. $2 50.

FROUDE. History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the COPBLAND. Country Life: a Handbook of Agriculture, Horti

Death of Elizabeth. Vols. 5, 6. Cr. 8vo. pp. 474, 495. N.Y.: culture, and Landscape Gardening. By Robert Morris Cope

C. Scribner & Co. Cl. per vol. $3. land. Fifth Edition, revised. 8vo. Pp. V., 912. Boston: Dinsmoor & Co. cl. $6.

GILBERT. Chemistry Victorious over Cholera. By J. P. Gil

bert, M. D. 8vo. pp. 23. N. Y.; Amer. News Co. Pap. 25 CovingTON AND NEWPORT. Williams' Covington and Newport ets.

Directory for 1866-7. To which is appeuded a United States Gilbert Roage. A Novel. By the Author of "A First FriendPost-Office Directory. Compiled by Williams & Co. Svo.

ship." 8vo. pp. 235. N. Y.: Harper & Bros. Pap. $1. pp. xvi., 188, and 467 to 636. Covington, Ky.: Williams &

GILL. Co. Bds. $2 50.

Hours with the Youngest. No. 2. The Second Year in

Infant School. Being a Course of Instruction about the Lord DEGHNÉE. Aufgaben und Anleitung zum Schriftlichen Rech our God. Also appended Texts and Hymus for the youngest.

Für deutsche Schulen. Von Jos. Deghnée. Erster By Mary Harvey Gill. 12mo. pp. xix., 119, 103. N. Y.: A. Theil. Zweiter Theil. Antworten. 8vo. pp. 84, 104, 42. D. F. Randolph. Cl. $1 25. NY.: E. Steiger. Bds. $1 80. A part, bds.: 1. Theil, 80 cts. ; Gorge. New System of Ventilation. By Henry A. Gonge. 2. Theil, $1; 3. Theil oder Antworten, nur für Lehrer, gratis.

8vo. pp. 46. N. Y.: E. S. Dodge & Co., Prs. Pap. gratis DICKENS. Joseph Grimaldi. His Life and Adventures. By GRAHAME. The First Glass of Wine; or, Clarence Mortimer,

Charles Dickens. 8vo. pp. 192. Phila.: T. B. Peterson & By Nellie Grahame. 18mo. pp. 124. Boston: Henry Hoyt. Bros. Pap. 75 cts.

CI. 50 cts.

12mo. pp.


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