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JUNE 1, 1866.

Hawthorne's Note-Book : VI.-The Mountain (E. C. |(Rose Terry).–The Four Seasons: III. (Lucretia P.
Stedman).-The Chimney Corner for 1866: VI. Hale).-A Tennessee Farm-Home (J. T. Trow-
(Mrs. H. B. Stowe).- A Pioneer Editor.-Griffith bridge).—The Dew-Fairies (Margaret T. Canby).-
Gaunt; or, Jealousy: VII. (Charles Reade). -Bad Round the Evening Lamp.-Our Letter-Box. Bos-
Symptoms (E. Spenser).- Reviews and Literary ton : Ticknor & Fields.
Notices. Boston : Ticknor & Fields.

Methodist Quarterly Reriew. January.
New Englander. April.

Our Historical Position as Indicated by Nature The New Era (Rev. T. Woolsey, D. D., LL.D.).—and Philosophy (Prof. Wilson).—Bossuet as a PerSystematic Training for the Ministry.-A Biogra- secutor (Rev. H. M. Baird). —Hermeneutics and pher at Work.- Review of Dr. Bushnell on the Homiletics : Art. I. (Rev. S. M. Vail, D. D.).Vicarious Sacrifice (Prof. Noah Porter).- Review of Nathaniel Hawthorne (Rev.W. H. Barnes).-Divine Dr. Beardsley's History of the Episcopal Church in Passion (Rev. T. M. Griffith). --Our Itineranoy (Rev. Connecticut (Rev. Leonard Bacon, D.D.).- Review of J. T. Crane, D. D.).—How Can We Teach Greek? Mrs. Sigourney's Letters of Life.-The Political (Theodore Dwight). – Warren's Introduction to Situation.-Notices of New Books. New Haven: Systematic Theology (J. McClintock, D. D.).Profs. Fisher and Dwight, and W. L. Kingsley, Esq., Spirit of the Southern Methodist Press (The Editor). Editors.

- Foreign Religious Intelligence. --Foreign Literary Boston Reriew. April.

Intelligence.-Synopsis of the Quarterlies.-QuarNatural and Supernatural (Rev. J. T. Tucker).- terly Book Table. New York: Carlton & Porter. Three Thousand Miles up the Missouri (Willard Methodist Quarterly Review. April. Barrows). – Will this Planet ever be Heaven !- Dr.

The Centenary of American Methodism (T. M. Bushnell's Reconstructed Theology (Rev. Wm. Eddy, D. D.).—The Latest Attempts to Harmonize Barrows.Sir Charles Napier. -Short Sermons. the Mosaic History of Creation and Geology (Dr. O. Literary Notices.—The Round Table. Boston: Wm. Föckler, of Giessen ; translated from German by W. Barrows, J. C. Bodwell, E. P. Marvin, J. T. Tucker, F. W.).–Our Itinerancy: Art. II. (J. T. Crane, Editors.

D. D.).-Life and Martyrdom of Stephen (Rev. L. Our Young Folks. June.

T. Townsend).—The 1260 Years of Antichrist (F. The Little Southerners (Mrs. E. A. Walker). - G. Hibbard, D. D.).—Liberalism in Europe (Prof. G. The Violets' Lesson (Susan E. Dickinson).—The F. Comfort). -The Two Methodisms, North and Bird's Question (J. G. Whittier). - Sea Life.- A South (The Editor).— Foreign Religious IntelliSummer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life: VI.-The gence.- Foreign Literary Intelligence.-Synopsis of First May Flowers (Kate Putnam).- Mother Mag. the Quarterlies. — Quarterly Book Table. New pie's Mischief (Mrs. H. B. Stowe).-Spring Song York: Carlton & Porter.


however he may criticize, will generally end by Life of Benjamin Silliman, M. D., LL. D., Late Pro-' confessing that it is one of the most agreeable books

fessor of Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology in of its class. The genius both of the writer and of Yale College; chiefly from his Manuscript Remi- the subject of the biography, and the great events niscences, Diaries, and Correspondence. By George and great personages to which it introduces us, will P. Fisher, Professor in Yale College. 2 vols. pp. always make the volume a popular one. xvi., 407; ix., 408. New York: Charles Scribner & Co.

RELIGIOUS. Professor Silliman's career from his birth in 1779 ' Derotions of the Ages, or Collects, Terts, and Lyrics, to his death in 1864 is here minutely traced. Many

illustrative of the Christian Year, and of the Offices incidental notices are also given of the establish

and Ember Seasons of the Church. By Rev. N. G. ment and growth of his department of instruction

Allen. With an Introduction by the Rt. Rev. in Yale College. The materials used are chiefly

Thomas M. Clark, D. D., Bishop of Rhode Island. autobiographical sketches prepared by him at the

pp. xiv., 212. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & request of his family after his retirement froin the

Co. active duties of the college. copious diary which

In this neat little volume the compiler selects a he kept has also been freely drawn upon, together text from the Epistle for each Sunday and holy day with his extensive correspondence. The biography that should harmonize with the sentiment of the is, therefore, one in which the subject of it speaks respective collects. In order more surely to fix the for himself, the work of the editor consisting mainly special idea of the collect, a few lines of sacred in judiciously blending these materials together in poetry are added. Similar devotions illustrative of chronological order and sequence. It seems that the oflices and ember seasons are also appended. when Silliman was appointed professor of chemistry The Resurrection of the Dead considered in the Light at Yale, he had no knowledge of the science he was

of History, Philosophy, and Divine Revelation. By selected to teach, but was engaged in the legal pro Rev. Hiram Mattison, D. D. With an Introducfession. He came to Philadelphia to prepare him tion by Rev. Matthew Simpson. pp. 405. Philaself for his duties, because that city, as he says, delphia: Perkinpine & Higgins. "presented more advantages in science than any The author has not sought to prepare a strictly other city in our country," and in the narrative of theological treatise. His aim is to gather together his residence here we have accounts of many of the reasonings and arguments contained in the the celebrities of the city at that early period. writings of the learned, and present them in a form Memoirs of the Life of the Rt. Hon. Richard Brinsley intelligible to readers even of moderate capacity.

Sheridan. By Thomas Moore. 2 vols. pp. viii., He seems to have succeeded in his object. His 307; iv., 335. New York: W. J. Widdleton. style is plain and clear, his method is orderly, and Everybody knows both the merits and demerits in his text and footnotes he cites freely the opinions of these Memoirs. Take it altogether, the reader, of eminent divines and scholars.

JUNE 1, 1866.

pp. 113.

Catholic Anecdotes. Part Second. Explanations of emptying the “United States Digest" into his notes,

the Commandments. From the French. By Mrs. and has made them brief, pertinent, and pointed. J. Sadlier. pp. vii., 544. New York : D. & J. Sadlier & Co.

MEDICAL Various anecdotes gathered from divers sources Asiatic Cholera ; its Origin and Spread in Africa and are here collected together and classified under the

Europe; Introduction into America through Canada; ten commandments and six commandments of the

Remote and Proximate Causes, Symptoms, and PuChurch respectively. The collection is not only in thology; and the Various Moles of Treatment Anateresting, but in many respects curious.

lyzed. By R. Nelson, M. D. pp. xi., 206. New

York: William A. Townsend.

Dr. Nelson, as a health commissioner during the

first two invasions of 1832 and 1834, and as PresiA Treatise on the American Law of Landlord and dent of the Medical Board for the District of Mon.

Tenant, embracing the Statutory Provisions and treal, had abundant opportunity of acquiring in. Judicial Decisions of the sereral United States in formation and of making personal observations of reference thereto, with a Selection of Precedents. the fearful malady which foring the subject of his Fourth edition. By John N. Taylor. pp. xlv., volume. The remote causes, the symptoms, and the 739. Boston: Little, Brown & Co.

pathology of the disease are examined in detail, and The third edition of Mr. Taylor's work appeared, its itinerary in Canada minutely traced. We believe, in 1860, and we are not surprised that now another is called for. It is by far the best

CRITICAL. treatise on the subject that has yet appeared in this The Dean's English ; a Criticism on the Dean of Cancountry. It presents fully the American law, which terbury's Essays on the Queen's English. By G. it at the same time traces back to the English au Washington Moon. Fourth edition. pp. xlvi., thorities and sources, and thus for current purposes 180. New York: Alexander Strahan & Co. renders the purchase, by the practitioner, of the This fourth edition of Mr. Moon's book appeared English treatise unnecessary. In the present edi- in March of last year. It and the volume of Dean tion, besides correction and revision, the notes have Alford present as lively and instrnctive specimens • been largely expanded, some additions have been of criticism and counter-criticism as have recently made to the text, and the authorities have been appeared. Both volumes are issued by Straban & brought down to date. The articles relative to sum Co. in very neat style, and no one can read either mary proceedings on the part of the landlord to of them without being gratified as well as edified. recover possession of his premises, as well as those concerning forcible entry and detainer, have been

JUVENILE. rewritten and considerably enlarged, and a full set Black Stere, or the Strange Warning. By Martha of precedents of proceedings in each case has been Farquharson. pp. 83. added. The work is one which can be commended What to Do for the Little Folks. By E. L. Lewellyn. to the profession. Indeed the favor with which it has been received, and the extended use which it has acquired, are themselves its best commendation. Niff and his Dogs. pp. 84.

Dutch Tiles, or Loving Words about the Sariour. Commentaries on American Law. By James Kent.

By Emma S. Babcock. pp. 171. Eleventh edition. Edited by George F. Comstock.

These are all from the Presbyterian Publication 4 vols. Boston: Little, Brown & Co.

Committee, Philadelphia. Six years have passed since the appearance of the Sam Bolton's Cottage, or What Kept His Wife from tenth edition of the Commentaries. The seventh and the subsequent editions down to the tenth were

Church. pp. 198. edited by Judge William Kent, a son of the author;

The Little Doorkeeper. By Patience and Peace. and the tenth was edited by Messrs. McCurdy and Forman. This, the eleventh, has been prepared by

J. P. S. Kelly & Co., Philadelphia, have published ex-Judge Comstock, who has investigated the de- these volumes in a very appropriate style of manucisions and enactments which have been made sub- facture. sequent to the last edition, and added the results to the pre-existing notes, which have sometimes

FICTION been condensed or incorporated with the new matter, Josh Billings, His Sayings. With comic illustrawhile occasional inaccuracies have been corrected.

tions. pp. xii., 232. No change bas, however, been made in the text, or Beyminstre. By “The Silent Woman," etc. pp. 407. in the notes prepared by the commentator himself. Mr. Carleton, New York, issues both of these. In a few instances where the doctrine of the text Billings is a rival of Artemus Ward, and quite as seemed opposed to the existing rule on the same good--or as bad ; and “Beyininstre" is an English subject, the present editor has set forth the conflict- novel, by an author three of whose other works Mr. ing view in the notes, with appropriate references Carleton has in press. to the authorities. It is, of course, wholly super-Chandos. By “Quida.” pp. 678. Philadelphia : erogatory to say aught concerning the merits of such a work as “Kent's Commentaries.” Its world-wide

J. B. Lippincott & Co.

This is by the writer of “ Strathmore" and "Granreputation and the high authority it has attained with the bench and the bar, and with publicists,

ville de Vigve.” Idelia," by the same author, is

also in press. both in England and America, attest its general recognition as one of the most valuable contribu- The Maiden and Married Life of Mary Powell, aftertions made during the present century to legal lite wards Mistress Milton. pp. 271. New York: M. rature. It is the only rival of Sir William Black W. Dodd. stone's great work, and to an American student the We have here a beautifully printed edition of one is scarcely more valuable than the other. The this well-known autobiographical fiction. In the text of a production which has passed through so arrangement of its page, in the typography and many editions naturally gathers around it a plenti- printing, it is in the highest degree creditable to Mr. ful accretion of barnacle-like notes ; but we are Dodd, the publisher. He has printed one hundred glad to see that Judge Comstock has abstained from copies in superior style, on large paper,

pp. 231.

JUNE 1, 1866.


general manufacture in no degree inferior to that of Patriotic Poems. By Francis de Haes Janvier. pp. the preceding volumes. We regard it as one of the

88. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. neatest specimens of the handiwork of Welch,

Some of the poems written by the author dur- Bigelow & Co. The contents of the volume consist ing the war, such as “The Sleeping Sentinel” and of letters to various persons on public affairs. “Gettysburg," acquired a great deal of celebrity. Patriotic Eloquence: being Selections from One HunThese two poems, with others, fourteen in all, are dred Years of National Literature. Compiled for here collected in a volume, which the publishers the Use of Schools in Reading and Speaking, By bave issued in an extremely neat style. There is Mrs. C. M. Kirkland. pp. xii., 334. New York: a marked degree of merit in the verses.

Charles Scribner & Co.

The title of the work indicates the general characMISCELLANEOUS.

ter of the contents. There are over two hundred The Physiology of Marriage. Twenty-seventh thou- selections in prose and verse, and they include spesand. pp. vi., 255.

cimens of the poetry and oratory called forth by the The Moral Philosophy of Courtship and Marriage. military and political events of the last four years. pp. iv., 308.

Temperance Recollections, Labors, Defeats, Triumphs. Each of these works is written by Dr. William A.

An Autobiography. By John Marsh, D. D. pp. Alcott, and published by Dinsmore & Co., Boston.

vii., 373. New York: Charles Scribner. They relate to subjects which the author has made Dr. Marsh is identified with the temperance cause a special study.

in this country, and his desire is to place faithfully The Works of the ht Honorable Edmund Burke. record a detailed narrative of all the leading

Revised edition. Vol. VI. pp. xvi., 429. Boston: events in the origin and growth of that reformatory Little, Brown & Co.

movement. The chapters on Washingtonianism, The sixth volume of this handsome edition of on the Irish movement, and on the operation of the Barke appears in a style of paper, typography, and Maine Law will be found especially interesting.


Hard f Houghton, New York.

Hilton & Co., New York. A Memorial of the Rev.John Keble, with Introduction Agnes, the Beautiful Milliner. By Ned Buntline (E. by Bishop Potter.

Z. C. Judson). Principles of the Law of Contracts, with Examples of The Lady Thief. By the same. their Application. By Theron Metcalf.

The Life of Christ. From the French of M. de Pres. A. Strahan, New York.

sensé, by II. L. Williams. Critical English Testament. Edited by Rev. W. L. Blackley and Rev. J. Hawes.

American News Company, New York. Studies for Stories. By Jean Ingelow.

The New Gospel of Peace. Complete Edition, with

Notes, etc.
Boyle Lectures for 1866. By Rev. E. H. Plumptre.
Simple Truth Spoken to Working People. By N. E. P. Dutton & Co., Boston.

Macleod, D.D.
The Prophet Jonah. By Rev. H. Martin.

Our Church and her Services. By the Rev. Ashton Thoughts and Opinions. By Matthew Browne.

Oxenden. Edited by the Rev. F. D. HuntingTreasure Book of Devotional Reading. By B. Orme,

ton, D.D. M.A.

Sacred Allegories. By the Rev. W. Adams, M.A. Doctor Austin's Guests By Wm. Gilbert.

containingWealth and Welfare. By Jeremiah Gotthelf.

The Old Man's Home,

The Shadow of the Cross,
Biographical Studies. By Bessie R. Parkes.
The Higher Education of Women. By Emily Davies.

The Distant Ilills,
The Regular Swiss Round. Second Revised Edition.

The King's Messengers.
By Rer. H. Jones.

Also editions of each of the above separately.
Essays. By Dora Greenwell.
Letters of Eugénie Guérin.

John E. Potter of Co., Philadelphia.
Romance of Charity.

History of Palestine. By John Kitto. With illustraPeeps at Foreign Countries.

tions. Errands of Mercy.

The Wreath of Gems. By Emily Percival. Truth in Tales.

Pictorial Sunday Book. By Robert Sears. With The Discoveries of the Astronomer.

nearly 400 illustrations. Lives and Deeds worth Knowing About. Chapters in Science for Boys.

Carleton, New York. Dealings with the Fairies. By G. MacDonald.

A Life of James Stephens : together with a llistory of Washerwoman's Foundling. By W. Gilbert.

the Origin and Progress of Fenianisin. Issued by The Will o'the Wisps are in Town. By H. C. Ander authority of the well-known “ Head Centre”

Pulpit Pungencies. Being witty remarks and spicy Edwin's Fairing.

expressions from the pulpit. Æsop's Fables. Illustrated.

The Mute Singer. A new Novel. By Mrs. Anna Cora D. Appleton & Co., New York.

Ritchie (Mowatt), author of "Fairy Fingers,'' etc.

Kate Marstone; or, Happy Hearts make Happy Homes. Pecollections in the U. S. Army. By Dr. Latiiner.

A Fireside Story.
Frederick the Great and his Court. A Novel.
Constitutional History of the United States, mainly W. I. Pooley, New York.

from the Speeches of Stephen A. Douglas. Taxation. By Sir Morton Peto,

A New and Fine Edition of Margaret Maitland. By Dana's Household Book of Poetry, with Illustrations.

Mrs. Oliphant, the author of " Zaidee.'' Tenney's Grammatical Analyzer.

History of the Episcopal Church. By Bishop Hop

kins. Appleton's Handbook of Travel : The Southern Tour.

Ernest Renan on the Life of the Apostles. The Eng American Tract Society, New York.

lish translation. The Awakening of Italy, and the Crisis of Rome. The Emerald. By Epes Sargent.


JUNE 1, 1866.


[Advertisements inserted in this column at 10 cents per line.]

Letters, stating price and condition, to be forwarded to the Advertisers.

D. M. DEWEY, Rochester, N. Y.,
Wants Publishers' and Stationers' latest Trade Price Wants one Physician's Handbook of Practice.
Lists and Descriptive Catalogues.

W. D. SHEPHERD, WASHINGTON, D. C., J. W. PITTOCK, BOOKSELLER, PITTSBURGH, PA., Wants Publishers’, Stationers', and Blank Book Manu. Wants Publishers' and Stationers' latest Net Traile facturers' latest wholesale Trade Lists ; also Catalogues

Lists and Descriptive Catalogues. Also Show Bills

of New Publications. of Antiquarian Booksellers, and Manufactures of Pocket Books and Stationers' Variety Goods, with net


DEALER IN Fancy GoodS, MUSIC, &c. &c., WashJOHN J. RICKEY, P. O. Box 1139, CINCINNATI, O., INGTON, LA., Wants Auction and Second-hand Booksellers' Cata. Wishes to receive Catalogues, &c. from Wholesale Jogues.

Houses in those branches of business.

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16mo. Pp.

LIST OF BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES. ABBEY, Diuturnity; or, the Comparative Age of the World, CHANDOS. A Novel. By “Ouida." 12mo. Pp78. Phila.:

showing that the Hunan Race is in the Infancy of its Being, J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $2. and Demonstrating a Reasouable and Rational World and

COLLINS. Armadale. A Novel By Wilkie Collins. Illus. its immense future Duration. By Rev. R. Abbey. 12mo. trated SVO pp. viii., 320. N. Y.: Harper & Brus. Pap. Pp. 360. Cincinnati: Applegate & Co. CI. $2.

$1 60; CI. $2. ABBOTT. Clerks' and Conveyancers' Assistani. A Collection

CONNECTICUT (The) Business DIRECT RY, for the Year commencof Forms of Conveyancing, Contracts, and Legal Proceedings.

ing May 1, 1866. Svo. pp. 202, 118. Boston: Briggs & Co. For the Legal Profession, Business Men, and Public Officers, Bds. $2. with copious Instructions, Explanations, and Authorities. By Benjamin Vaughan Abbott, and Austin Abbott. Svo. pp.

DAVIDGE. Footlight Flashes. By William Davidge, Come.

dian, xi., 702. N. Y.; Baker, Voorhis & Co. Shp. $6 ; CI. $5 50.

12mo. Pp. xli., 271. N. Y.: Amer. News Co. Cl.

$1 50. ADAMS. Brave old salt; or, Life on the Quarter Deck.

ECHEVERRIA. Story of the Great Rebellion. By Oliver Optic (W.T. Adams).

Reflex Paralysis: its Pathological Anatomy, 16mo. pp. 330. Boston: Lue & Shepard. CI. $1 50.

and Relation to the sympathetic Nervous System. By M.

Gonzalez Echeverria, M. D, etc. 8vo. Pp. 80. N. Y.: BailADRIFT IN DIXIE; or, A Yankee Officer among the Rebels.

lière Bros. CI. $1. With an Introduction by Edmund Kirke. 12ino. pp. 221. N. Y.: Geo. W. Carleton. Cl. $1 50.

GORE. A Life's Lessons. By Mrs. Gore. 8vo. Pp. 188. N. Y.:

F. A. Brady. Pap. 50 ets. AL.FORD. A Plea for the Queen's English. Stray Notes on

Speaking and Spelling. By Henry Alford, D.D., Dean of GOSPEL (The) Church SHORT SERVICE ; selected from the Order Canterbury. 16mo. pp. xvi., 287. N. 1.: 4 Stylum, Ch.

of Moruing Prayer of Christ's Church, Longwood, for the

U'se of the Broad Church of America, $1 25.

With Suggestive

Views of Faith and Doctrine, for Christian Meditation AuALFORD. A Plea for the Queen's English. Stray Notes on

thorized by the Gospel Church. 1200. Pp. 26. Boston: J. Speaking and Spelling. By Henry Alford, D. D., etc.

Wilson & Son, Pr8. CI. 75 cts.
priated from the Second London Edition. 16mo. pp. xvi.,

N. Y.: Dick & Fitzgerald. Cl. $1 25.

Blind Jessie. By Nellie Grahame.

20.3. Boston: Henry Hoyt. Cl. $1. ALEN. Devotions of the Ages, or, Collects, Texts, and Lyrics illustrative of the Christian Year, and of the Offices and

GRINDOX, Life; its Nature, Varieties, and Phenomena. By Ember Seasons of the Church. By Rev. N. G. Allen, with

Leo H. Grindon. First American Edition. 12mo. Pp. 578. an Introduction by Rt. Rev. T. M. Clark, Bishop of R. I.

Phila. : J. B. Lippincott & Co. CI. $2 25. 16mo. PP. 242. Phila.; J. B. Lippincott & Co. CI. $1 25. GRINDON. Life ; its Nature, Varieties, and Phenomena. By AMERICAN (The) ANNUAL CYCLOPÆDIA, and Register of Impor

Leo H. Grindon. 8vo, pp. vii., 107. Boston: Nichols & tant Events of the Year 186.), Vol. V. Svo. pp. iv., 830. N.

Ninyes. Cl. $3 50. Y.: D. appleton & Co. C. 85 ; Sip. 86.

HARRISON. The Stepmother. A Story of Fifty Years ago. By BABCOCK. Dutch Tiles, or, Loving Words about the Saviour.

A. Stewart Harrison. 12mo. PP. 64. N. Y.; L. S. Matee. By Emma S. Babcock. With Nipeteen Illustrations. 18mo.

Pap. 10 cts. pp. 171. Pbila. : Presb. Pub. Committee. CI. 90 cts.

HARTFORD (The) PAYSICIAN. A Tale of Early New York. 12mo. BAILEY. History of the Seventh-day Baptist General Confer

pp. 72. N. Y.; L S Mabee. Pap. 10 cts. ence. By Rev. James Bailey. 1200. Pp. 320. Toledo, O.:

HAYDEX, Washington and his Masonic Compeers. By Sidney S. Bailey & Co. Cl. $1 50.

Hayden. With a Masonic Portrait of Washington, and other Bellows. Public Life in Washington, or, the Moral Aspects

Engravings. 12mo. pp. 407. N. Y.: Masonic Pub. and of the National Capital, and the Apparent Tendencies of

Manuf. Co. Cl. $2 50. Political Thought and Feeling in Congress and Cabinet. An HIDDEN DEPTHS. 12mo. pp. 331. Phila.: J. B. Lippincott & Address to his own Cougregation. By Henry W. Bellows. Co. CI. $1 75. Svo. pp. 28. N. Y.: James Miller. Pap. 30 cis.

HOLE. A Brief Biographical Dictionary. Compiled and ar. BEYMINSTRE: A Novel. By the Author of" The Silent Woman," ranged by Rev. C. Hole With Additions aud Corrections, etc. 12mo. pp. 107. N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. CI. $1 75. by W. A. Wheeler. 16mo. pp. XV.,

13. N. Y.: Hurd & BULBERRY's (Mrs.) PortfoLIO; Series of Humorous and

Houghton. Cl. $2. Pathetic Sketches. 12mo. Pp. 72. N. Y.; L. S. Mubce. Pap. INDIANA. Sheppard's Indiana State Gazetteer and Shipper's 10 cts.

Guide. For 1866-7. 8vo. pp. xv., 589. Cincinnati: J. S. Bullings. Josh Billings, his Sayings. With Comic Illustra

Sheppard. CI. $. tions. 12mo. pp. 232. N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. Cl. $150. Judson. The Beautiful Nun. By Ned Bantline (E. Z. C. Jud. Bowen, The Doomed Hunter; or, The Tragedy of Forest

son). 8vo. Pp. 183. Phila. : T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap.

73 cts. Valley. By J. L. Bowen, 120o. pp. 100. N. Y.; Beadle & Co. Pap. 1o ots,

KELLOGG. Shakspeare's Delineations of Insanity, Imbecility, BRADDON.

and Suicide Mildred ; or, Forbidden Love. By Miss Braddon.

By A. 0. Kellogg, M. D. i6mo. pp. 204. N. 16mo. pp, 100. NY.; Hilton & Co. Pap. 10 cts.

Y.: Ihurd & Houghton. C. $i 75. BUDD, Good Order Established in Pennsylvania and New Jer- Lowell (The) DIRECTORY, 1566, containing the City Record,

sey, in America, being a True Account of the Country; with Names of the Citizens, a Business Directory, and a variety its Produce and Cominoditios there made in the year 168.5. of Miscellaneons Malter. No. 23. By Sampson, Davenport By Thomas Budd. A new edition, with Introduction and & Co. 8vo. pp. 354. Lowell: J. Merrill, and B. Ć. irgoun Notes by Edward Armstrong 8vo. pp. 111. N. Y.: W. Bds 1 50. Govans. CI. $2 50, Sixty copies in ito, at $7 30.

MACLEOD. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in North BUNTLINE, Ned. See Judson, E. 2. C.

America. By Rev. X. D. Macleod. With a Menoir of the CARLETON. Buffalo Jack, or, Ont on the Plains. By Capt. L. Author, by Most Rev. Johu Purcell, D. D., Archbishop of

C, Carleton 12ino. pp. 100. X. Y.; George Munro & Co. Cincinnati. Portrait. 8vo. Pp. xxiii., 467. N. Y.: Virtue Pap. 10 cts.

& Yoiston. CI. $3.

JUNE 1, 1866.

HANTAL (A) POR TAB Sick. Compiled by E. H. W. 16mo pp. | ROMERO. Dinner to Señor Matias Romero, Envoy Extraordi. m. N. Y.; Church Book Society. CI. 50 cts.

nary and Minister Plenipotentiary from Mexico, on the 29th MARGIE Hopkins' STORY; or, At Home and in the Army. By

of March, 1864. 4to. pp. 50. N. Y.: Privately printed. Pap. the Author of "Lucy Randolph." 16mo. pp. 222. Boston: RooseVELT. The Game-Birds of the Coasts and Lakes of the Henry Hoyt. Cl. $1 15.

Northern States of America. A Full Account of the Sporting MATTISON. The Immortality of the Soul, considered in the

along our Seashores and Inland Waters, with a Comparison Light of the Holy Scriptures, the Testimony of Reason and

of the Merits of Breech-loaders and Muzzle-loaders. By Nature, and the various Phenomena of Life and Death. By

Robert B. Roosevelt. 12mo. pp. 336. N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. Rev. Híram Mattison, D. D. Second Edition.

12mo. PP.

CI, $2. 395. Phila.: Perkinpine & Higgins. Cl. $1 50.

San FRANCISCO (The) DIRECTORY, for the Year Commencing Moox. The Dean's English. Criticism on the Dean of Canter Dec., 1865. Embracing a General Directory, Business Direcbury's Essays on the Queen's Eoglish. By Washington

tory, Streets, Public Offices, etc., and a Map. By H. G. LangMoon. Fourth Edition. 16mo. pp. xlvi., 180. N. Y.: A.

ley. 8vo. pp cxii. 678. San Francisco: Toune & Bacon, Srahan. Cl. $1 75.



SCHENECTADY (Tbe) DIRECTORY FOR 1865. Compiled by H. Y. Fourth and Last.

Bradt. 12mo. pp. 55. N. Y.: 'Amer. Neros Co.

8vo. pp. 92, 16. Schenectady: Star Office, Pr. Bds. Pap. 35 cts.

$1 23. NEW JERSEY STATE Business DIRECTORY FOR 1866. Talbott & Sims. Clinical Notes on Uterine Surgery. With Special ReferBlood, Publishers and Compilers. Published biennially.

ence to the Management of the Sterile Condition. By J. Ma. SF9. Pp. 244, 187. N. Y. C. A. Alvord, Pr. Bds. *+.

rion Sims. Svo. pp. xii., 401. N. Y.: Wm. Wood & Co. Cl. XEF ORLEANS. Gardner's New Orleans Directory for 1866, including Jefferson City, Gretna, Carrollton, Algiers, and SOCIAL Hymn Book, being the Hymns of the Social Hymn and McDonogh. With a Street and Levee Guide, Business Di.

Tune Book. For the Lecture Room, Prayer Meeting, Family rectory, etc. 8vo. Pp. 528, lxxi. New Orleans: C. Gardner.

and Congregation. 18mo, pp. 395. Phila. : Presb. Pub. Com. Bels. $7 30.


CI. 75 cts. NICHOLS. Tom Wiley, the Scout of the Northwest. By J. M.

SPRINGFIELD CITY DIRECTORY AND BUSINESS ADVERTISER, for Sicbols. 8vo. pp. 4. N. Y.: Amer. Neros Co. Pap. 15 cts.

1865–6. 12mo. pp. 195. Springfield : S. Bovoles & Co. Bds. $1. NIFF AND HIS Dogs. Containing Niff and his Dogs; The Young Surby: Grierson Raids, and Hatch's Sixty-four Days' March, Soldier; Vacle Johnson, 18mo. pp. St. Phila. : Presb. Pub.

with Biographical Sketches ; also, The Life and Adventures Committee. CI. 10 cts.

of Chicka-aw, the Scout. By R. W. Surby. 12mo. pp. 396. Nortos. The Lady of La Garaye. By the Hon. Mrs. Norton Tennessee. Sheppard & Co.'s Tennessee State Gazetteer and

Chicago : Rounds & Jumes, Prs. Cl. $1 50. 12mo. pp. 115. N. Y.: A. D. F. Randolph. Cl. full gilt, 01 30.

Shipper's Guide For 1866. 8vo. Pp. 186. Cincinnati and

Memphis: Sheppard & Co. Bds. $5. OPTIC, Oliver. See Adams, W. T.

THOUGHTS FOR WEARY HOURS. 24mo. pp. 120. N. Y.: Evang. PET TER The Moral and Intellectual IpQuence of Libraries

Knowledge Society. CI. full gilt, 50 cts. upoo Social Progress. Au Address before the N. Y. Hist. soe., Nov. 21, 1865. By Frederic de Peyster, President of Toulinson. Poems of Home and Abroad. By Wm. P. Tomthe Society. Svo. pp. 96. N. Y.: N. Y. Hist. Soc. Pap.

linson. 16mo. pp. 156. N. Y.; Hilton & Co. Full gilt, $1 50. Not published.

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lale Rev. W.K. Tweedie, D. D. 16mo. pp. 379. Cincinnati :

Poe & Hitchcock, CI. Tinted paper, $1 50. Nace Co. Pap. 25 cts. PORTLAND (The) DIRECTORY AND REFERENCE Book, with a Busi VERE. May Carols, and Hymns, and Poems. By Aubrey de ness Directory attached. For 1866-7, Vol. 8. By S. B. Vere. 16mo. pp. 229. N. Y.; L. Kehoe. Cl. $1 25. Beckett. 8vo. pp. 319. Portland: B. Thurston & Co., Pr. WAITE. The Mormon Prophet and his Harem ; or, an AuthenBds. 22 23.

tic History of Brigham Young, his Numerous Wives and Post, Bology on the late Valentine Mott, M. D., LL. D. By Children. By Mrs. C. V. Waite. 12mo. pp. x., 280. N. Y. :

Alfred Post, M. D. 8vo. pp. 30. N. Y.: Baillière Bros. ci. Hurd & Houghton. Cl. $3. $1.

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town, White Plains, and Yonkers, together with a Business READ. The Poetical Works of T. Buchanan Read. Complete

Directory of the whole County. 12mo. pp. 283. Jersey City : in Three Volumes. 16mo. Pp. 126, 126, 120. Phila.: J. B.

J. Gopsil. Bds. $2.
Lippincott & Co.
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Edward Willett. Illustrated. Sm. 4to. pp. 72. N. Y.; T. Prayers for Special Occasions. To which is appeaded a

W. Strong. Pap. 50 cts. course of Scripture Reading in the Family for Every Day in Zeis. The Gas-Meter, and its Operations. Illustrated for the The Year. By Rev. J. E. Riddle. 12mo. pp. 179. N. Y.: Benefit of the Consumer. By Victor Zeis. 12mo. pp. 8. James Pott. CI. $1.

Cincinnati : The Author. Pap. 25 cts.

BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES, BUT MANUFACTURED ABROAD. ALFORD. How to Study the New Testament. The Gospels, BOURNE. A Treatise on the Steam-Engine in its various Appli. The Acts of the Apostles. By Henry Alford, D.D., etc. cations to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways, and 16mo. pp. 3-55. Lond, and Y. Y.: A. Strahan. CI. $2.

Agriculture. With Theoretical Investigations and Practical AIRE The Treasury of Bible Koowledge. Being a Dictionary

Instructions. By John Bourne. Being the Seventh Edition of the books, Persons, Places, Events, and other matters in

of " A Treatise on the Steam-Engine, by the Artisan Club."

Illustrated. 4to. Holy Scripture. By Rev. John Ayre. With Engravings and

pp. xii., 495.

N. Y.; D. Appleton & Co. Maps. 16mo. pp. xi., 943. N Y.; D. Appleton & Co. (Lond.

(London priot.) ci. $18. pript.) CI. $5.

DE LIEFDE. Six Months among the Charities of Europe. By BALPOCR. The plants of the Bible. By John Hutton Balfour, John de Liefde. In two volumes. 8vo. pp. xi., 421 ; vi., 490.

M. A., etc. 12mo. Pp. 192. Lond. and N. Y.: T. Nelson & Lond. and N. Y.: A. Strahan. C1. $6.
Sons. CI. 81 50.

DOTCIMAN'S (A) Difficulties with the English Language. 16mo. BEALE. How to Work with the Microscope. By Lionel s.

Lond. and N. Y.: A. Strahan. Pap. 25 cts. Beale, M. B., etc. Third Edition. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. xvi., 272. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston. CI. $6. FIGUER. The World before the Deluge. By Louis Figuier. (London print.)

Illustrated. Translated from the Fourth French Edition. BERACD. Atlas of Surgical and Topographical Anatomy. By 8vo. Pp. viii., 448. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co. London:

B. J. Bérand, Surgeon aud Professor to the Maternity Hospi Chapman & Hall. Hf. mor., $10. CI. $7 50. tal of Paris, etc. Illustrated by one hundred Plates, drawn

GILBERT. De Profundis. A Tale of the Social Deposits. By from nature by M. Bion. Translated by R. T. Hulme. Part

William Gilbert. Second Edition, 12mo, pp. viii., 444. I. 4o. pp. 20, a od ten plates. N. Y.; Baillière Bros. (Lond.

Lond. and N. Y.: A. Strahan. Cl. $2.
print) Pap. per part, plain, $2 50. Colored, $5. To be com-
pleted in ten parts.

BERTRAX. The Harvest of the Sea. A Contribution to the The Angels' Song. By Thomas Guthrie, D. D.
Nataral and Economic History of the British Food Fishes. 11. Lond. and N. Y.: A. Strahan CI. 75 cts.
By James G. Bertram. With 50 Illustrations,

8vo. PP.

The Parables read in the Light of the Present Day. By 31., 519. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co. (London print.) CI. Thomas Guthrie, D. D. Sm. 4to. pp. iii., 304. Lond, and 87 50. Hf. mor., extra, $10.

N. Y.; A. Strahim. C. 82 60,

pp. 30.

24mo. pp.

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