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JUNE 15, 1866.

GERALD MASSEY ON SHAKSPEARE.-Mr. Massey ! He was pupil and successor of the celebrated has taken Shakspeare sonnets and written a Gesenins, and at least as good a Hebraist and critic. volume of six hundred pages about them. He Mr. John C. PRisce, who had obtained some repudivides them into the Southampton Sonpets and tation in his native Lancashire as a writer of local into the Herbert Sonnets—claiming that Shakspeare, poetry, and had great facility in verse-making, friend of Lords Southampton and Pembroke (Her- died on the 5th of May, aged sixty. He was emibert), wrote'these for these noblemen; not in his vently one of the working-class, and always stood youth and poverty, but in the fulness of his fame, up for his "order." after he had become “ a prosperous gentleman,” at At Paris, on May 19, aged seventy-one the Rev. Stratford :—that Southampton, who once gave him Francis Mauony, author of "The Reliques of a thousand pounds (equal to five times the amount Father Prout.” He was a native of Cork, and benow), had employed Shakspeare to put a series of longed, in London, to the rollicking literati of “ Frareal incidents into verse, to write a number of sonnets ser's Magazine," of which Dr. Masson was leader. expressing Southampton's passion for his mistress, His translations of Moore's Irish Melodies and other Elizabeth Vernon-others expressing Elizabeth popular lyrics into various languages, modern and Vernon's love for Southampton-and others again | dead, were wonderfully clever. expressing Elizabeth Vernon's jealousy of Lady The death of Philip Stanhope WORSLEY, author Rich. This theory is very ingeniously worked out. of a recent and excellent translation of Homer, is

MARIB-ANTOINETTE'S LETTERS. — Last year a number also mentioned. He had published the “Odyssey," of letters were published, said to have been written and intended to transfuse the “Iliad" into English by the unfortunate wife of Louis XVI. Reference verse. having been made to Louis Blanc, as to their authenticity, he has written : “No sooner did I glance over

MISCELLANEA, them than it struck me how little, in many respects, Costly Engravings.-At a recent sale of engrav. they were in accordance with the idea I had been ings collected by the late Mr. Curling, a Welsh led to form of Marie-Antoinette, by a patient and gentleman, a proof before letters of Guido's strict investigation of all the facts referring to the “Aurora." engraved by Raphael Morghen, brought part she played during the French Revolution. I $240: Raphael's “ Fornarina,” same engraver, $230; was pot, therefore, surprised at the authenticity of and Da Vinci's “ Last Supper,” $285. A proof those letters being called in question ; and I feel before letters of Sir Edwin Landseer's “ Bolton bound to say that, after having paid due attention Abbey," engraved by S. Cousins, brought $125. In , to the controversy to which they have given rise, I each instance the purchasers were print-vendors. am most decidedly under the impression that they

Music. It is reported that the British governare not genuine." These letters were purchased, for 80,000 francs, from M. Feuillet de Conches, Imperial London, at the head of which will be placed Dr.

ment propose to establish a great music-school in Master of the Ceremonies in Paris, by Count Vogt Sterndale Bennett and Mr. Otto Goldschmidt, musi- von Honolston, who believed, of course, in their authenticity. It is now imputed to M. Feuillet cian, but best known as Jenny Lind's husband. that he was concerned in the production of seven

PERIODICALS. teen letters from Racine, lately sold at auction and Harper's New Monthly Magazine. June. since proven to have been fac-similes of an equal Personal Recollections of the War: First Paper number in the Imperial Library, which he (M. (Gen. D. P. Strother).—The Reese River Country. F.) had retained in his possession for nearly two Chattanooga.- Are there Other Inhabited Worlds ? years.

-The Spectre.—Easter Lilies.-Gladstone as Lead. JAMES Anthony FROUDE.- Already there have er of the Commons.-The Live American.-Henry been published eight volumes of Froude's “ History Barth, the African Traveller.-Armadale (Wilkie of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the Death Collins).—The Fall of Richmond.-Miss Letitia.of Elizabeth.” Six of these, to the Death of Mary American Studios in Rome and Florence.-A PsyI., have been republished by C. Scribner & Co., New chological Experiment.-A Dixian Geography, York, and all the volumes have passed into a third The Outside World. Working the Beads. - Editor's edition in London. Volumes IX. and X., being the Easy Chair.—Monthly Record of Current Events.third and fourth of Elizabeth, are now advertised | Editor's Drawer. , New York: Harper & Bros. as in the press, and will be published by Longman Hours at Home. June. & Co., London, during the present summer. As

De Rebus Ruris : No. 1. An Old Style Farm (D. Elizabeth Tudor reigned for forty-five years, and G. Mitchell).—The Patriotic Record of Yale College governed in a most important era, the annals of (Rev. J. W. Morris). –The Passion Flower. -Come England during that time are necessarily exten- to Me.-The Little Preacher.-Tischendorf's Biblisive.

cal Researches and Discoveries, narrated by him“Ecce Homo.”—This is the name of a new non- self; translated from the German.-Influence of clerical biography of Christ, published anonymously the Reformation on the Scottish Character (J. A. in England, extremely popular, attributed to a great Froude).—Before the Spring.–The Last Twig of the many distinguished writers, and republished by Tree (Mrs. S. J. Pritchard).—Life in a Sonthern Roberts Brothers, of Boston. It has been assailed Village.-God's Quiet.- A Visit to the English as unorthodox by the Earl of Shaftesbury and the Universities : concluded (Prof. J. M. Hoppin). “Qnarterly Review.” The title is not new. In The Sculptor and his Child (Miss M. E. Atkinson). 1813, one Mr. Houston put forth an “Ecce Homo; a The Christian Statesmen of America: No. 5. John Critical Inquiry into the History of Christ,” which, Jay (Rev. E. H. Gillett).-Jane Gurley's Story : being legally declared to be blasphemous, cost him Chapters VII, and VIII. (Miss E. Stuart Phelps). £200 fine and two years' imprisonment in London. - An “Advanced" Dog on the Origin of Species In 1860, Saunders and Ottley, London publishers, (Mrs. Charles).—Lt.-Gen. Grant.-The Lady of issued a second “Ecce Homo," and the title has been Fernwood.-James Montgomery (S. C. Hall).repeatedly used by German and Italian authors. Books of the Month. New York : C. Soribner & Co.

OBITUARY.—Dr. HUPFELD, of the University of Contemporary Review. June. Halle, in Prussia, one of the best Hebrew scholars Philosophy and Theology (Mansel). - Montain Europe, died on the 24th of April, aged seventy, lembert and Monasticism in the East and West

JUNE 18, 1866.

(Lake).--Ecce Homo (Vaughan).--Ancilla Domini: and the Christian's Hope (Rev. Charles Lowe).Christian Art (Tyrwhitt).-Schubert and Chopin In Tenebris, 1864 (E. Foxton). --The Pestilence that (Haweis).-Zoology (Tristram).—Book Notices. Walketh in Darkness (Rev. H. C. Badger). —The The Social Science Review. January — April, 1866: Free Forgiveness as declared in the Parable of the

Hermit of Concord (Rev. W. R. Alger).-God's Mr. Haye's Report.— Political Economy.- What is Free Trade.- International Almanac (Delmar).

Prodigal Son.—Life Tapestry.--Random Readings.

Boston: Leonard C. Bowles. Catalogue of Works on Politico-Economical, &c. -Literary Notices. Subjects, 1865 (Müller).

Catholic World. June. Church Monthly. June.

Problems of the Age-the Belief in God as the Book Notes by a Parish Priest (Rev. J. H. Ward). First Article of a Religious Creed. - A Month in Kil— The Moderate Episcopacy of Leighton (Rt. Rev. A.

kenny.-Banned and Blessed.-L'Abbé Gerbet.C. Coxe). - Bishop Whittingham's Church Hymnal Saints of the Desert.-Christine: a Troubadour's

Our Neighbor.— Jenifer's Prayer: concluded.(Rev. Hall Harrison).-A Primitive Church (Rev. E. B. Chase).-Beggar Jacob. Prayer Answered.- Song: concluded.--Eve de la Tour d'Adam.-Bury Henry M. Parker, Esq. (Rev. H. N. Hudson).- ed Dervish in Turkestan.—Unconvicted; or, old

the Dead. --Religion in New York. -A Pretend. Book Notices. Boston: E. P. Dutton & Co.

Thorneley's Heirs : Chapter I.- Peace.-Two Pic. Monthly Religious Magazine. June.

tures of Life in France before 1848.–Of Dreamers Fiction and Reality.-Hymns from the German and Workers.- Miscellany.- New Publications. (Rev. N. L. Frothingham, D. D.).—The Future Life New York: L. Kehoe.


admirable characters in private life that their hisElectro-Ballistic Machines and the Schultze Chrono- tories should be known in all circles where noble

scope. By Brevet Lieut.-Colonel S. V. Benet, traits are valued.
Captain of Ordnance U. S. Army. Quarto, pp. 50.
New York: D. Van Nostrand. London: Trübner


A Method of Comparing the Lines and Draughting This is a quarto monograph of about fifty pages,

Vessels propelled by Sail or Steam, including a elegantly printed on fine paper, with broad margins, Chapter on Laying Off on the Mould Loft Floor. and illustrated with steel engravings and diagrains.

By Samuel M. Pook, Naval Constructor. IllusIt is a precise description of the several methods trated by numerous diagrams. pp. 75. New practised by scientific military men in order to as

York : D. Van Nostrand. London : Trübner & Co. certain the relocity of projectiles thrown from cannon

Mr. Pook in this volume gives to shipwrights the and firearms of all kinds. The subject is traced benefit of an accumulation of his own experience as from the crude ballistic pendulum of Robins in a naval constructor and shipbuilder over a period 1740, to the exquisite and accurate pieces of mechan- of twenty-five years. The prime object of the book, ism used in the present day by experts in the as we read it, is to demonstrate to shipwrights that seience and art of gunnery. of these there are the exquisitely beautiful water lines of the best clear descriptions of the machines of Navez, Vig- vessels are not the results of fancy or mere empirinotti, Benton's Electro-Ballistic Pendulum, Leurs's cal guesses, but that they are mathematical lines two-pendulum machine, and Schultze's Chrono- reducible to system and plan, and that can be rescope. With these devices gunners are enabled to produced with mathematical precision. This he ascertain the initial velocity of a bullet, shell, or illustrates by both the text and numerous diagrams. shot at the moment when thrown from the gun, and

LEGAL. its velocity also at any period of its flight. So ac- The Statutes at Large, Treaties, and Proclamations curate is Schultze's chronoscope that it will register divisions of time as infinitesimal as the five hundred

of the United States of America from December, thousandth part of a single second, and with its aid

1863, to December, 1865, Arranged in Chronological and that of the other machines referred to gunners

Order, and Carefully Collated with the Original are able to measure exactly the time taken by any

at Washington. With References to the Matter

of each Act and to the subsequent Acts on the projectile in traversing any single foot of its range of several miles. It is the precision given to prac

Same Subject. Edited by George P. Sawyer. tice by the aid of the devices described in Captain

Vol. XIII. pp. xxviii., 866. Boston: Little,

Brown & Co. Benet's book that enabled General Gilmore to fire with such destructive certainty at Pulaski, and

Well arranged, well printed, with a first-rate Porter to throw bis shells and shot with such accu- has and deserves to have the official sanction of

index, and good binding. This indispensable digest racy at Forts Jackson and St. Philip.

The Rebellion Record. Part LVI. By Frank Moore.
New York : D. Van Nostrand.

This part is devoted to a continuation of the Rebel The Orphans and Caleb Field. By Mrs. Oliphant.
official reports of the “Seven Days' Battles” near pp. 133 (minus 18). Philadelphia : T. B. Peter-
Richmond in McClellan's campaign of 1862.
Proceedings of the Century Association in Honor of Armadale. By Wilkie Collins. With illustrations.

the Memory of Brigadier-General James S. Wads pp. 320. New York: Harper & Brothers. worth and Colonel Peter A. Porter, with the Eulogies Except that Collins locates his scenes on the earth, read by Wm. J. Hoppin and Frederic S. Cozzens. he leaves everything unfettered by every known December 3, 1864. New York : D. Van Nostrand, law of this globe of ours, from the law of gravitation,

A pamphlet, beautifully printed on the finest upwards, downwards, and sideways. They are a tinted paper, in memory of two gallant soldiers of impossible and as extravagant as the Arabi the republic, and who were moreover two such | Nights, but fully as fascinating. He makes


JUNE 15, 1866.

most blasé reader feel like a boy-all the old-devour- | Its great success is easily accounted for. A good ing eagerness which consumed the story and was index puts its treasures still further at the control almost consumed by it, the passion of excited curi- of the reader. osity to which probability and nature are simply nothing, In producing what old Browne might call

PHILOLOGICAL " pendulosity,” Collins is a master-though Arma- 4 Plea for the Queen's English : Stray Notes on dale can hardly be considered fully up to

“ No

Speaking and Spelling. By Henry Alford, D. D. Name" and the “ Woman in White."

The strong

Tenth thousajd. pp. xvi., 287. London and New characters in Collins' novels are nearly all bad, but

York: Strahan. he makes them most unlovely, and the moral drift This pleasant little book of popular philological of the whole is admirable.

gossip is, for the present at least, a classic in its way;

and allowing that every objection made to it is valid, BIOGRAPHY,

it is still well worth reading and well worth having. A Brief Biographical Dictionary. By Rev. Charles Its popularity is attested by another edition, which

Holl, B. A. With Additions and Corrections by lies before us.
Wm. A. Wheeler, M. A. pp. xvi., 453. New Reprinted from the second London edition. pp.
York: Hurd & Houghton.

xvi., 287. New York : Dick & Fitzgerald. This compact little volume belongs to a rare class It is not easy to compete with Mr. Strahan for the of good books-books for constant and rapid refer- typographical laurel, but Dick & Fitzgerald have ence. Most of the biographies are compressed within certainly not disgraced themselves in their effort to a live, and a line well used will, for the most part, do it. tell us just wbat we want to know, on the instant, A companion volume to it is :of most men. Mr. Wheeler has done his part as an

The Dean's English; a Criticism on the Dean of American editor very well, and this volume and his

Canterbury's Essays on the Queen's English. By “Noted Names of Fiction” will form very natural and very valuable companions.

G. Washington Moon. Fourth edition. pp. 180.

New York: Strahan & Co. The Mormon Prophet and Ilis Harem ; or an Authentic Mr. Moon has given the Dean some very hard hits,

History of Brigham Young, His Numerous Wives some of them, beyond all question, well deserved. and Children. By Mrs. C. V. Waite. pp. x., Nevertheless, the Dean's book is a good book, and 280. Cambridge: Riverside Press, and for sale his English is good English. Mr. Moon has gone by Hurd & Houghton, New York.

over the book with a microscope-a process which We have seen no book which appears so clearly few books (and his own is not one of them) will as this to reveal the internal workings of the beastly bear. system of Mormonism. It presents a general history of Mormonism under the dynasty of Brigham

DEVOTIONAL Young, and gives very full particulars in regard to the Catholic's Vade Mecum: A Select Manual of his wedded life. Mrs. Waite has handled her theme Prayers for Daily Use. Compiled from approved with as much delicacy, on the whole, as the subject Sources. pp. 416. Philadelphia : Eugene Cumwould admit-but we seriously doubt whether the miskey. spreading of this sort of thing indiscriminately be A very complete and convenient little volume, fore the public will help good morals-unless, as we thoroughly fulfilling the promise of its title. hope it will, it may prepare the way for putting The Angels' Song. By Thomas Guthrie, D. D. pp. Brigham Young into the penitentiary for life, as it 141. London and New York: Strahan. seems there is no law by which he can be hung A beautiful expansion, in Dr. Guthrie's noble and several times, as he richly deserves. Thirty wives, impressive manner, of the Song of the Angels at more or less, “O hevings!”

the birth of the Saviour of men. It is a Canticle of Lives of the Popes. By the Chevalier D'Artaud. Reduinption.

Translated from the French. Edited by Rev. Dr.
Neligan. Nos. 18, 19, and 20. New York: D. & The Gypsy Series. Gypsy Breynton. By E. Stuart

J. Sadlier.

Phelps. pp. 276. Boston: Graves & Young. A SCIENCE.

fresh, pleasant book, well adapted for the delecLife; its Nature, Varieties, and Phenomena. By Leo

tation of boys and girls. H. Grindon. pp. 578. Philadelphia : J. B. Lip- Dick Mason, or the Boy Who Trusted in Himself. pincott & Co.

By Nellie Grahame. This well-printed volume is not unworthy of its

pp. 108. Philadelphia:

Presbyterian Board of Publication. profoundly interesting theme. It shows both reading and thinking, and yet—we do not blame the Robert and Daisy: or, " Thou Shalt not Covet.pp. author for it—the deepest impression its pages make

108. Phila. : Presbyterian Board of Publicatiou. upon us is of the utterly elusive character of that Minna Croswell, or the Girl who was Afraid of Being most familiar of facts, that most absolute of myste Langhed At. By Nellie Grahame. ries, coiled up in the word life. Mr. Grindon writes Phila. : Presbyterian Board of Publication. best upon the "varieties and phenomena of life.” That is relatively the easy part of his subject, but

AGRICULTURAL. on the “nature" of life he fails; but then, who has My Vineyard at Lakeview. By a Western Grape succeeded on that? The volume is very instructive

Grower. pp. 143. New York : Orange, Judd & Co. and decidedly readable.

A good book in which the theory and practice of The Silver Sunbeam ; a Practical and Theoretical gibly in a parrative shape.

grape culture are put very pleasantly and intelliText-Book on Sun Drawing and Photographic Printing. By J. Towler, M. D. Fifth edition.

EDUCATIONAL pp. viii., 443. New York: Joseph H. Ladd. Lectures on the Study of History, delivered in Orford,

This volume is a manual, at once thorough and 1859-61. By Goldwin Smith. pp. 209. N. Y. : popular, of all the processes of photography. It is Harper & Bros. simple and lucid enough for the learner in his first The name of Prof. Smith will not be forgotten, lessons, yet has a practical exhaustiveness which nor cease to be respected by Americans. These will make the most finished photographer prize it. Lectures, in addition to the main topic mentioned

pp. 142.

JUNE 15, 1866.

in the title, treat of some supposed conseqnences of opens with “The Consultation,” from the French of the doctrine of historical progress; of the moral De Bernard, an admirably written tale, full of hufreedom of man ; of the foundation of the American inor and pungency; following which we find "Goody Colonies and of the University of Oxford. They Gracious," an exquisite fairy story, by John Neal; are thoughtful, judicious, suggestive, eininently fair "The Double House," by Dinah Mulochi Craik; “My in their statements and reasonings, and most largely, Friend the Dutchman,” by Frederick Hardmann; deeply, and exquisitely Christian.

“The Picnic Party,” by the celebrated Horace Smith; First Lessons in Numbers. By John H. French,

" Judith, or the Opera Box," by Scribe ; “Without LL. D. pp. 120. New York: Harper & Bros. Dowry," one of About's amusing sketches; “ The A very neat little thing, in the way of drawing Iron Shroud,” and sundry other tales-lively and little ones into the first meshes of arithmetic. pathetic-all well worth reading and worth preZriny von Korner. With English Notes for transla- serving. Besides these there are poetry and entertion by E. R. Ruggles, M. A. pp. 116, x. Bos

taining essays, the capital travesty of Boswell's ton: De Vries, Ibarra & Co.

Johnson, entitled “ Boz and Poz," by Chalmers ; & Inder to the New York Times for 1865. pp. 182. lished) of Praed's famous Lyrical Charades, and,

complete collection (here, for the first time, pubNew York: Henry J. Raymond.

interspersed with all, numerous brief poems of great Well prepared and exceedingly valuable for many merit, most of which are entirely new to us. The purposes, even apart from the file of the Times.

Emerald is the first issue of the Gem Series, under

which general title we are promised companion volMISCELLANEOUS.

umes of similar character to be called the Sapphire, T Emerald ; a Collection of Graphic and Entertain- Topaz, &c. &c. Each volume is complete in itself,

ing Tales, Brilliant Essays, and Fugitive Poems. and the whole series, if we may judge by the speciEdited by Epes Sargent. Published by

men before us, will furnish a library with a completo This handsome volume presents variety enough collection of the best things in modern periodical in its rich table of contents to suit all tastes. It ) literature.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. M. W. Dodd, New York.

William Mc Sorley & Co., New York. The Faie Gospeller : Passages in the Life of Mistress The Irish Brigade and its Campaigns; with some Ac

Anne Askew. By the author of " Mary Powell." counts of the Corcoran Legion, and Sketches of Hurd & Houghton, New York.

Principal Officers. By Capt. D. P. Conyngham. Miscellaneous Poems. By Charles Algernon Swinburne.

Lindsay & Blakiston, Philadelphia. C. Scribuer & Co., New York.

Aitken's Science and Practice of Medicine. From

the fourth London edition. Life of Christ. By Rev. E. de Pressensé.

Waring's Practical Therapeutics. M. Doolady, New York.

Dixon's Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Eye. A Ten Years of a Lifetime. By Mrs. Margaret Hosmer. new and thoroughly revised edition. Leypoldt & Holt, New York.

The Physician's Visiting-List. Of various sizes and Cruinbs froin the Round Table. By Joseph Barber. styles. For 1867. Baker, Voorhis & Co., New York,

Prince's Orthopedic Surgery. With numerous illusNew York Common Pleas Reports. By C. P. Daly,

trations. First Judge.

Zauder on the Ophthalmoscope. Translated by Carter.

With illustrations.
American Tract Society, New York.
The Story of Grace.

Beale on the Microscope in Practical Medicine. Third

edition. Carleton, New York.

Trousseau's Clinical Medicine. Vol. I. Part I. The Prison-Life of Jefferson Davis. Details and In

Cooley on the Toilet and Cosmetic Arts in Ancient cidents of his Captivity, particulars concerning his and Modern Times. Health and Habits, together with Conversations on Duchennes' Localised Electrisation. With numerous Topics of Great Public Interest. By Dr. J. J.

illustrations. Craven, Physician to the prisoner during his con Bashain on Dropsy.

finement in Fortress Monroe.
Stormcliff. A new novel by M. T. Walworth, author Masonic Publishing and Manufacturing Company,
of “Lulu," “ Hotspur,” etc.

New York.
Louie. A new edition of this novel by the author Cross's Masonic Chart; a new edition.

A New Masonic Dictionary.

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W. D. SHEPHERD, WASHINGTON, D. C., Wants No. 1, Vol. VII. of the American Publishers' Wants Publishers' and Stationers' latest Net Trade Circular.

Lists and Descriptive Catalogues. Also Show Bills REED & TOTTEN, KENDALLVILLE, IND.,

of New Publications. Wish to know Publisher's name and price of the Ameri W. D. SHEPPARD, WASHINGTON, D. C., can Stair Builder.

Wants to sell thirty bound volumes of the Nat: E. TISDALE, OWALONNA, MINNESOTA,

Intelligencer, from 1926 to 1856, inclusive. In Wants Publishers' and Stationers' latest Trade Lists. order.

JUNE 15, 1866.

LIST OF BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES. ARCHIE BRICE AND RIS Doas; and other Stories. 18mo. pp. 160. Hunt. Designs for the Gateways of the Southern Entrances Boston: Ma88. Sab, Sch. Soc. CI, 60 cts.

to the Central Park. By Richard M. Hunt. With a DescripBANCROPT. Memorial Address on the Life and Character of

tion of the Designs, and a Letter to the Commissioners of the Abraham Lincoln, delivered at the request of both Houses

Park, with 9 Tlustrations and Plans (5 Viewy and Plans). of the Congress of America, before them, in the House of

4to. pp. 36. N. Y.: D. Van Nostrand. CI. *5. Representatives at Washington, on the 12th of February, JESSIE WRIGHT; or, Bear Ye One Another's Burdens; and other 1866. By George Bancroft. 8vo. pp. 69. Washington: Go Stories. 18mo. pp. 160. Boston: Mu88. Sab. Sch, Soc. CL vernment Printing Office. Cl. $1.

60 cts. BEL DEMON10. 8vo. pp. 100. N. Y.: Hilton & Co. Pap. 25 cts. KATE MARSTONE; or, Happy Hearts make Happy Homes, BIBLE, See Whedon.

Fireside Story. 1200. pp. 303. N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. Cl.

#1 50, BILL ARP, SO CALLED. A Side-Show from the Southern Side of the War. Illustrated by M. A. Sullivan. 12mo. pp. 201.

KENT. Commentaries on American Law. By James Kent,

In Four Volumes. Eleventh Edition. Edited by George F. N. Y.: Metropolitan Record Office. Cl. $1 50.

Comstock. 8vo. PP. XXXV., 668 ; lxxxi., 861; Ixii., 651; liv., Bisau AM. Story of the Morning Star, the Children's Missionary

713. Boston: Lilile, Broron & Co, Shp. $20. Vessel. By Rev. Hirain Bingham, Jr. 1870. pp. 71.

Bog. ton: A. B. C. F. M. Pap.

LAWRENCE. Sans Merci; or, Kestrels and Falcons. By the Published for Subscribers to “Morning Star" Fund.

Author of "Guy Livingstone," etc. (Heury Lawrence). 850, BLAKE. Annotated Catalogue of the Principal Mineral Species LEAVES of Life: Striking Facts and Poetry illustrating Select

pp. 136. N. Y.: Harper & Bros. Pap. 50 cts. hitherto recognized in California and the adjoining States

Passages from God's Word. 18mo. pp. 168. N. Y.: Amer. and Territories: being a Report to the California State Board

Tract Soc.

Cl. 40 cts.
of Agriculture. By William P. Blake. March, 1866.
pp. 31. Sacramento: The Author. Pap. 50 cts. gold.

LITTLE JENNY, THE WATER-Crese SELLER; and other Stories,

18mo. pp. 160. BRADDOX. What is this Mystery? By Miss Braddon. 8vo.

Boston: Maes. Sab. Sch. Soc. CI. 60 cts. pp. 170. N. Y.: Hilton & Co. Pap. 75 cts.

Logging, Pictorial History of the Civil War in the t'nited

States of America. By Benson J. Lossiog. Illustrated by BROKEN PITCHER (The); or, The Ways of Providence. By the Author of "Luke Darrell," etc. 16mo. pp. 282. Chicago:

many hundred Engravings on Wood, by Lossing and Barriti.

Vol. 1. Svo. PP. 608. Phila.: Geo. W. Childs. CI. $5. Tomlinson Bros. Cl. $1 25. Coffin. Four Years of Fighting: a Volume of Personal Ob

MABEL Ross, THE SEWING-GIRL. By the Author of "Luke Dar. servations with the Army and Navy, from the First Battle

rell," etc. 16mo. pp. 432. Chicago: Tomlinson Bros. CI. of Bull Run to the Fall of Richmond. By C. C. Coffin. 8vo.

$1 50. pp. xvi., 558. Bostop : Ticknor & Fields. CI. *3 50.

MARGIE HopkiNS' STORY; or, At Home and in the Army. By

the Author of “Lucy Raudolph." 18mo. Pp. 222. Boston: COME HOME, MOTHER; and other Stories. 18mo. pp. 160. Bos. ton: Mass. Sal. Sch. Soc. CI. 60 cts.

Henry Hoyt. Cl. $1 15.

MUJ.OCK. Poems. CRAIK. The Divine Life and the New Birth. By the Rev.

By the Author of “ John Halifax, GentleJames Craik, D. D. 12mo. pp. 359. Boston: E. P. Dutton &

man, etc. (Miss Dinah M. Mulock). 16mo. pp. xi., 2. Co. Cl. $2.

Boston: Ticknor & Fielis. Cl. full gilt (blue and gold), $1 30. CRAVEN. Prison Life of Jefferson Davis. Embracing Details

MY VINEYARD AT LAKEVIEW. By a Western Grape-Grower. and Incidents in his Captivity, Particulars concerning his

12mo. pp. 143. N. Y.:0. Judd & Co. CI. $1 25, Health and Habits, together with many Conversations on NELLIE'S TRIAL. 24mo. pp. 128. Phila.: Amer. S. S. Union. Topics of Great Public Interest. By Lieut.-Col John J. CI. 50 cts. Craven, M. D. 12mo. pp. 377. N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. Cl. New York. An Act to Create a Metropolitan Sanitary Distriet $2; large paper, 8vo. size, $3.

and Board of Health. 8vo. Pp. 32. N. Y.: Bergen & Co., CRIPPLED WILLIAM; and other Stories. 18mo. pp. 160. Boston: Prs. Pap. 25 ets. Mass. Sab. Sch. Soc. CI, 60 cts.

New York. The Act authorizing the Formation of CorporaCross (THE) IN THE CELL. Conversations with a Prisoner while tions for Manufacturing, Mining, Mechanical, and Chemical

awaiting his Execution. 16mo. pp. 236. Boston: Imer. Tract Purposes, passed February 17, 1818, with the Amendments. Soc. CI. $1.

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