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FEB. 1, 1867.

volume contains two marriage stories, one of them | Although short and easy methods of studying a "John Bowerbank's Wife," and the other "Parson language are generally more pretentious than Garland's Daughter." serviceable, these well-known little manuals will really be found useful by one who will faithfully study them, and who has not the advantage of a


The Quaker Soldier; or, The British in Philadelphia: a Romance of the Revolution. By Col. J. Richter Jones. pp. 569.

Country Quarters: a Love Story. By the "Countess
of Blessington."
pp. 560.

Six hundred dollars is the amount of income ex

T. B. Peterson & Brothers, Philadelphia, add these to their large and still increasing stock of fiction. The first of them possesses a local interest, for it treats of the time when the city of Philadel-empted from taxation, and in this little volume an phia was occupied by the British army, and intro-energetic wife tells how she attempted, for four duces into the story individuals and classes of years, to live within that limit. The story is society belonging to that period. sensibly narrated, and it will do every housekeeper Rachel's Secret. By the author of "The Master of good to read it. Marton." pp. 150. New York: Harper & Bros. This is No. 285 of the publishers' "Library of Select Novels."

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Six Hundred Dollars a Year: a Wife's Effort at
Low Living under High Prices. pp. iv., 1$3.
Boston: Ticknor & Fields.

Little Charlotte's Home.

Jessie and her Friends.

Little Nellie; or, the Way to be Happy.


General Law Catalogue of Robert Clarke & Co., 1867. pp. 129. Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Metric System. By Charles Davies, LL. Da
pp. 20. New York: A. S. Barnes & Co.
The New York Teacher, for January, 1867. James
Cruikshank, LL. D., Editor. pp. 130. Albany:
J. Munsell.

The Radical; a Monthly Magazine devoted to Religion. January, 1867. pp. 257-320. Boston: Adams & Co.

The Sunday-School Scrap-Book. Edited by Rev.
D. Wise, D. D. and Rev. J. H. Varicout. pp. 118.
New York: Carleton & Porter.

Der Americanische Bürgerkrieg Geschichte des
Volks der Vereinigten Staaten, vor, während und
nach der Rebellion. Von E. R. Schmidt. Erste
Lieferung. pp. 39. Philadelphia: Schaefer &

T. B. Peterson & Brothers, Philadelphia.


The Rich Husband. By Mrs. J. H. Riddell, author
of" George Geith," Maxwell Drewitt," **
Keller," Race for Wealth," &c.
Woodburn Grange. By William Howitt.
vance sheets.)


(From ad



National Edition" of The Waverley Novels. By Sir Walter Scott. In 5 large octavo volumes. New and finer editions of

French Without a Master. In Six Easy Lessons.

By A. H. Monteith.
German Without a Master.
By A. H. Monteith.
Spanish Without a Master.

In Six Easy Lessons.
In Four Easy Lessons.

By A. H. Monteith.
Italian Without a Master.

By A. H. Monteith.
Latin Without a Master.
By A. H. Monteith.

In Five Easy Lessons.
In Six Easy Lessons.

American Tract Society, Boston.

The Life of Jesus. By De Pressensi. Popular edit.

Hurd & Houghton, New York.

The Open Polar Sea. A Narrative of a Voyage of
Discovery toward the North Pole, in the Schooter
United States. By Dr. Isaac I. Hayes, Commander
of the Expedition.

The Market Assistant. By Thomas F. De Voe.
Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures. By Douglas Jerrold.
Lalla Rookh. By Thomas Moore. With illustrations
by John Tenniel.

Charles Wesley. Seen in his finer and less familiar

FEB. 1, 1867.

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Su- | Graves & Young, Boston.
preme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. By Charles
Allen. Vol. xi.

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ABBOTT, A Digest of New York Statutes and Reports, from
July, 1863, to January, 1867. By B. V. Abbott and A. Abbott.
Comprising the Adjudications of all the Courts of the State,
together with Statutes of General Application in the Laws of
1864, 1865, 1866. Being the Second Supplement to Abbotts'
New York Digest. 8vo. pp. 704. N. Y.: Baker, Voorhis & Co.
Shp. $7 50.
ABRAHAM. Whom do you Worship? A Popular Treatise on
Reasonable Religion. By Henry A. Abraham. 12mo. pp. 44.
N. Y. J. Miller. Flex. cl. $1 25.

Friedrich Gerhard's Deutsch-Amerikanischer Farmer-Kalender für 1867. Erster Jahrgang. 12mo. pp. 115. N. Y.: F. Gerhard. Pap. 35 cts.


[Advertisements inserted in this column at 10 cents per line.]

Letters, stating price and condition, to be forwarded to the Advertisers.

The Democratic Almanac and Political Compendium. 12mo.
pp. 80. N. Y.: Van Evrie, Horton & Co. Pap. 20 cts.
The Tribune Almanac and Political Register. 12mo. pp. 103.
N. Y.: The Tribune Association. Pap. 20 cts.
The American Baptist Almanac. 1867. 12mo. pp. 36. Phila. :
Amer. Bap. Pub. Soc. Pap. 6 cts.

Protestant Episcopal Almanac for 1867. 16mo. pp. 104. N. Y.:
Evang. Knowl. Soc. Pap. 15 cts.

Gilbert's Last Summer at Rainford. Being the 2d volume of "The Rainford Series."


Horticultural Progress for the Gardener, Fruit-Grower, and
Florist. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 152. N. Y.: 0. Judd & Co.
Pap. 50 cts.
ARNOLD. Poems, Grave and Gay. By George Arnold, Sq.
16mo. pp. 214. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. Cl. $2.

Fashion and Folly. By Aunt Hattie. Being the 4th volume of "The Brookside Series."

J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia.

En Avant, Messieurs! By Rev. G. H. D. Mathias, M.A. History of the Knights Templar of the State of Pennsylvania. By Alfred Creigh, LL. D., K. T. 33°. Three Years in Field Hospitals. By the author of "Hospital Life.”

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Injuries of the Spine. By John Ashhurst, M. D.
New America. By Wm. Hepworth Dixon, Esq.
Heaven and Hell. By Emanuel Swedenborg.
Under Two Flags. By "Ouida."

Memoirs of the Confederate War for Independence.
By Heros Von Borcke.

Old Sir Douglas. By Hon. Mrs. Norton.
Sorghum and its Products. By F. L. Stewart.
Elements of Human Anatomy. Second edition, re-
vised and enlarged. By T. G. Richardson, M. D.
Dainty Dishes.

H. H. C., Box 1212, PHILA. P. 0.,

EDWARD C. PICKERING, BOSTON, MASS., Wants Elements of Natural Philosophy, by Prof. Wm. Has for sale a rge Paper Copy of Irving's WashingB. Rogers. 5 vols. 4to., cloth, uncut.



Watson's Astronomy. By Prof. James C. Watson.
Curiosities of Clocks and Watches. By Edward J.

Life and Works of Josiah Wedgwood. By Eliza

Last Days of Our Saviour. By Chas. D. Cooper.
Terra Mariæ. By Edward D. Neill.

GEO. E. EVANS, MANCHESTER, N. H., Wants Vose's Handbook of Railroad Constructions. D'Aubuison's Hydraulics, translated by Bennett.

Wants a set of Daily Tribune, from January 1, 1861, to
January 1, 1867.

BAPTIST (THE) QUARTERLY. No. 1, Vol. 1. January, 1867. Large 8vo. pp. 128. Phila. Amer. Bap. Pub. Soc. Pap., per year, $3.

BATTERSBY. The Gift of the Father; or, Thoughts for the
Weary. By Rev. C. Battersby. 18mo. pp. 122. N. Y.: N.
Tibbals. Cl. 75 cts.

BERNARD. Light on Free Masonry. By Elder David Bernard. Revised Edition. With an Appendix, Revealing the Mysteries of Odd Fellowship, by a Member of the Craft. 12mo. pp. xvi., 492. Dayton, O.: Vonneida & Sowers. Cl. $2. BIGNEY. The Forest Pilgrim, and other Poems.

By M. F. Bigney. 16mo. pp. 258. New Orleans: J. A. Gresham. Cl. $1.50.

BLUNT. The Way to Avoid the Centre of our Violent Gales.
With Map. Compiled by G. W. Blunt. Svo. pp. 31. N. Y.:
G. W. Blunt. Pap. $1.

BURGH. The Slide Valve Practically Considered. By N. P.
Burgh. 16mo. pp. 95. Phila.: H. C. Baird. Cl. $2.

BUT ONCE. By the Author of "Let Well Alone." 16mo. pp. 255. Phila.: J. P. Skelly & Co. Cl. $1 25.

CALVERT. First Year in Europe. By George H. Calvert. 12mo. pp. 303. Boston: W. V. Spencer. Cl. 81 75.

CARLETON. Cooney Bush, Trapper and Scout. By Latham C.
Carleton. 18mo. pp. 100. N. Y.: G. Munro & Co. Pap. 10 cts.
CHARLESWORTH. A Sequel to "Ministering Children " By
Marie L. Charlesworth. 12mo. pp. 427. N. Y.: R. Carter &
Bros. Cl. $1 75.

FEB. 1, 1867.

CROUCH. Early Crowned: a Memoir of Mary E. North. By | NORTH. See CROUCH.
Louisa J. Crouch. With an Introduction by Rev. R. S. Fos-
ter, D.D. 16mo. pp. 256. N. Y. Carlton & Porter. Cl. 81 25
DAY-DAWN (THE). By the Author of "Memorials of Capt.
Hedley Vicars," etc. 18mo. pp. 33. N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros.
Flex. cl. 25 cts.

DE VERE. Studies of our English; or, Glimpses of the Inner Life of our Language. By M. Schele de Vere, LL. D. 12mo. pp. vi., 365. N. Y. C. Scribner & Co. Cl. $2 50. DICKENS. The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. By Charles Dickens. Sq. 16mo. pp. 464. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. Cl. $1 25. With 10 Illustrations by Eytinge, $1 50. DISTURNELL. United States Register, or Blue Book for 1867. Containing a List of Officers of the United States; the Census of 1860; and Political and Statistical Information relating to the States and Territories, British Possessions, &c. Compiled by J. Disturnell. 12mo. pp. 102. N. Y. Sinclair Tousey. Pap. 50 cts.

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MARSHALL. Millicent Legh. A Tale. By Emma Marshall. Phila. J. P. Skelly & Co. Cl. $ 25. 16mo. pp. 319. MARTENZE. Cannon-Flashes and Pen-Dashes. By Claes Martenze. Sm. 4to. pp. 110. N. Y.: W. H Kelley & Co. Cl. $1 50. MARYLAND REPORTS. Containing Cases in the Court of Appeals of Maryland. By N. Brewer, State Reporter. Vol. 21. Cases in December Term, 1863. 8vo. pp. vii., 658. Annapolis: R. F. Bonsall, Pr. Shp. $6.

MICHIGAN REPORTS. Cases in the Supreme Court of Michigan, from Nov. 11, 1865, to Oct. 31, 1866. W. Jennison, Reporter. Vol. 1. Being Vol. 14 of the Series. Svo. pp. 627. Detroit: Wm. A. Throop & Co. Shp. $5 50. MILLIGAN. Decision of the United States Supreme Court on Military Commissions. Case, Ex parte Lambdin P. Milligan et al. December Term, 1866. Svo pp. 23. Washington:

W. H. & O H. Morrison. Pap. 25 cts.

MÜHLBACH. Joseph II. and his Court. A Novel. By Louise Mühlbach. Translated by Adelaide De V. Chandron. Svo. pp. iv., 343. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co. Pap. $1 50.

PARSONS. The Magnolia. By T. W. Parsons. 4to. pp. 58. Cambridge: J. Wilson & Son. Cl. $5. PERCY. Digitaline: its Chemical, Physiological, and Therapentic Action. A Prize Essay. By S. R. Percy, M. D. Extracted from the "Transactions of the American Medical Association." Svo. pp. 39. Phila.: Collins, Pr. Pap. $1. PERKINS and STOWE. A New Guide to the Sheet Iron and Boiler Plate Roller: containing a Series of Tables showing the Weight of Slabs and Piles to produce Boiler Plates, and of the Weight of Piles and the Sizes of Bars to produce Sheet Iron; the Thickness of the Bar Gauge in Decimals, etc. etc. Estimated and Collected by C. H. Perkins and J. G. Stowe. Long 12mo. pp. 56. Phila.: H. C. Baird. Bds. $250. PEVERELLY. The Book of American Pastimes. Containing the History of the Principal Base Ball, Cricket, Rowing, and Yachting Clubs of the United States. By Charles A. Peverelly. 12mo. pp. 556. N. Y.: The Author. CI. $250. POORE. Congressional Directory for the Second Session of the Thirty-ninth Congress. Compiled for the Use of Congress, by B. P. Poore. Svo. pp. 79. Washington: Government Printing Office. Pap.

NEW YORK. The Code of Procedure of the State of New York, as amended to 1866. With Notes and Index; also, Additional Notes of the Decisions to 1867. Ninth Edition. By John Townshend. 8vo. pp. 1063, N. Y.: Baker, Voorhis & C. Shp. $7 50,

PRESTON. The Purgatorian Mannal; or, A Selection of Prayers and Devotions, with Appropriate Reflections for the Use of the Members of the Purgatorian Society in the Diocese of New York, and adapted for General Use. By Rev. Thomas S. Preston. 24mo. pp. viii., 453. N. Y.: P. Ó Shea, CL. $1. PUTNAM. Suggestions for Household Libraries of Essential and Standard Books, exclusive of Scientific and Religious Works, 12mo. pp. 24. N. Y.: G. P. Putnam & Son. Pap. 10 ets. RED JACKET. See STONE.

ROBINS. The Phantom Chief. A Tale of the Forest. By Seelin Robins. 18mo. pp. 98. N. Y.: Irwin & Co. Pap. 10 cts. ROBINSON. A Household Story of the American Conflict. The Brother Soldiers. By Mary S. Robinson. 18in. pp. 204. N. Y.: N. Tibbals. Cl. 75 cts.

SCHAFF. History of the Christian Church, from Constantine the Great to Gregory I. Completing the History of Ancient Christianity. In Two Vols. Svo. pp. 338, 475. N. Y.: C. Scribner & Co. Cl. per vol. 83 75.

SHAKSPEARE. The Merchant of Venice, as Produced at the Winter Garden Theatre of New York, January, 1967, by Edwin Booth. A New Adaptation to the Stage. With Notes, original and selected, and Introductory Articles, by H. L. Hinton. Large Svo. pp. 46. N. Y.: C. A. Alvord, Pr. Cl. $2. SHERWOOD. Rattlepate; or, The Missing Deed. By S. R. Sherwood. 18mo. pp. 100. N. Y.: Beadle & Co. Pap. 10 ets. SIMMS. War Poetry of the South. Edited by Wm. Gilmore Simms. 12mo. pp. viii., 482. N. Y.: Richardson & Co. Cl $2.50.

SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS A YEAR. A Wife's ETort at Low Living under High Prices. 15mo. pp. 183. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. Cl. $1. STAHR. The Life and Works of G. E. Lessing. From the German of Adolph Stahr. By E P. Evans, Ph. D. 2 vols er. 8vo. pp. xvi., 383; iv., 442. Boston: W. V. Spencer. Cl. $5. STEIGER, Der Nachdruck in Nord-Amerika. Mein Wirken als deutscher Buchhändler Zwei Aufsatze von E. Steiger. Als Manuscript gedruckt. 18mo. pp. 119. N. Y.: The Author. Pap.

STONE. The Life and Times of Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha, or Red Jacket. By the late Wm. L. Stone. With a Memoir of the Author, by his Son. With Portraits. 8vo. pp. 502. Albany: J. Munsell. Cl. 85. TOWNSEND. Under the Stones. By Cora Alice Townsend. Pub lished for the Benefit of the Children's Ward in St. Luke's Hospital. 18mo. pp. 106. N. Y.: H. B. Durand. Cl. 75 ets. TYLER. American Ecclesiastical Law: the Law of Religions Societies, Church Government and Creeds, Disturbing Religious Meetings, and the Law of Burial-Grounds in the United States. With Practical Forms. By R. H. Tyler. 8vo. pp. 539. Albany: W. Gould. CI. 85.

WALSH. The Lawyer in the School-Room. Comprising the Laws of all the States on Important Educational Subjects, Compiled and Explained by M. McN. Walsh. 12mo. pp. 161. N. Y. J. W. Schermerhorn & Co. CI. $1. WEBSTER. Duties of Neutrality. The United States rs. The Steamship "Meteor," &c. In Admiralty. Closing Argument in behalf of the United States, by Sidney Webster. Reported by Underhill & Warburton, Law Stenographers. 8vo. pp.94. N. Y. J. F. Trow & Co., Prs. Pap. 50 cts. WOODBURY. Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside and the Ninth Army Corps: a Narrative of Campaigns in North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tes nessee. By Augustus Woodbury. Portraits and Maps. So. pp. viii., 554. Providence: S. S. Rider & Bro. Cl. $450.

MCLOCK. Two Marriages. By Dinah Mulock. 12mo. pp. 301. WOODWARD'S Architecture, Landscape Gardening, and Rural
N. Y. Harper & Bros. Cl. $1 50.
Art No. 1. 1867. By G. E. & F. W. Woodward. Illustrated.
12mo. pp. 120. N. Y: The Authors. Pap. 75 cts.
YoUMANS. Observations on the Scientific Study of Human
Nature. A Lecture before the London College of Preceptors,
Oct. 10, 1866. By E. L. Youmans, M. D. 16mo. pp. 41 Ñ. Y.:
D. Appleton & Co. Pap. 25 cts.

FEB. 1, 1867.


Alice Thorne, 12mo 3s. cl. gilt.
Anderson's The Roman City of Uriconium at Wroxeter, 128.
6d, el.

Aristophanes (Peace of), Greek Text, trans. by Rogers, 78. 6d. cl.
Australian Capers, or Colonial Experience, &c., 12mo. 68. cl.
Bennett's Our Glory Roll, and other Poems, 58. cl.
Bernard Palissy, 18mo 18. cl.

Bickersteth's Yesterday, To-Day, and Forever, a Poem, 108. Mackay's Clifford Castle, 12mo. 38. 6d. cl.

6d. cl.

Binney's Micah the Priestmaker, cr. 8vo. 58. cl.
Blackwood's The Shadow and the Substance, cr. 8vo. 28. limp.


Book of the Sonnet, edited by Leigh Hunt and Adams Lee, 2
Vols. 188.

O. P. Q., Box 285,
Philadelphia P. O.

AN ACCOMPLISHED WRITER, who has had experience in conducting a first-class popular magazine, desires a position as Editor of a Magazine or Literary Journal.

Address "SIGNET,"


Jessie's Expiation, by Oswald Boyle, 3 vols. post 8vo. 318. 6d. cl.

Braithwaite's Retrospect, Vol. 54, cr. 8vo. 68. cl.
Browne's Merchant's Handbook, 12mo. 58. cl.
Burke's Peerage, 1867, roy. 8vo. 388. cl.

Calm Hour (The), by L M M., cr. 8vo. 48. 6d. cl.
Churchman's Daily Remembrancer of Doctrine and Duty,
12mo. 68.

Cobden's Political Writings, 2 vols. 8vo. 248. cl.
Cumming's Sounding of the Last Trumpet, sm. cr. 8vo. 58. cl.
Cust's Lives of Warriors, 17th Century, 2 vols, cr. 8vo. 168. cl.
Davenport's Christian Unity, 8vo. 2s. 6d. swd.
Edison's Northumberland, Historical Poem, post Svo. 78. 6d. cl.
Goldsmith's Widow, and other Stories, 18mo 18 6d. cl.
Guthrie's Our Father's Business, cr. 8vo. 3s. 6d. cl.
Gwendoline, a Novel, by a Septuagenarian, post Svo. 78. 6d. cl. Vaughan's The Wholesome Words of Jesus Christ, fscp. 8vo.
Hannah's Home, 12mo. 18. cl.
38. 6d. cl.

Harrison (Rev L. J.), Sermons, post Svo. 58. cl.
Westropp's Handbook of Archæology, Egypt, &c., 8vo. 158. cl
Japanese Lyrical Odes, trans. by F. V. Dickins, 8vo. 108. Why the Mill was Stopped, 18mo. 18 cl.
Gd. cl.
Xenophon's Memorabilia, Notes by Frost, 12mo. 4s. 6d. cl.







THE FRANKLIN GLOBES, 10, 12, 16, and 30 in. in diameter.
THE JOSLIN GLOBES, 6, 9%, and 12 in. in diameter.

Orders from the trade for the above Books, Maps, and Globes are solicited by the publishers,

Troy, N. Y.

Keightley's Shakspeare Expositor, 12mo. 78. 6d. cl.
Kelley's (John) Sermons, cr. 8vo. 78. cl.

Lemon's Up and Down the London Streets, illus, 8vo. 128. cl.
Lobb's Successful Oyster Culture, cr. Svo 18. swd.
Lyra Elegantiarium, ed. by F. Locker. 18mo. 78. cl.

Moncrieff's Martyr Shepherd, 18mo. 18. 6d. cl.
Mallois (L'Abbé), The Clergy and the Pulpit, 12mo. 68. cl.
North's Yes or No, 12mo. 2s. 6d. cl.
Perowne's The Godhead of Jesus (Hulsean Lectures, 1866), Svo.



Employment, for some months, will be given to a

competent person in assorting and arranging a large J. P. SKELLY & CO.

collection of pamphlets, periodicals, and books, and making a proper catalogue of the same.


Jan. 28, 1867.

58. cl.

Poole's Glossary of Old Dialect of Forth and Bargy, &c., 12mo. 48 6d cl

Race for Gold, &c., 18mo. 18. 6d. cl.
Smith's Faith and Philosophy, Svo. 78. 6d. cl.

Smyth's Treatise on Coal and Coal-Mining, post 8vo. 78. 6d.

Spedding's Publishers and Authors, 12mo 2s. cl swd.
Stanford's New Map of Railway Session, 1867, 58. case.
Thomas's The Science of Moderation, cr. 8vo. 58. cl.
Thomson's Sketches of Scripture Characters, cr. 8vo. 5s, cl.
Two Marriages, by the author of "John Halifax," 2 vols. post
Svo. 218. cl

Unity of Truth, by the author of "Visiting my Relations," 18mo. 28. cl.




No. 21 South Seventh St. (2d floor), Philadelphia,
Where, with increased facilities, they will add largely,
during the coming season, to their already select list
of volumes adapted to SABBATH SCHOOL
LIBRARIES. They will shortly publish

GEORGE WAYLAND; the Little Medicine Carrier.
RITTER BILL; the Cripple.

THE CABIN IN THE BRUSH. By the author of
Mabel and Tura," "Marion Through the Brush," &c.







Illustrated with Portraits and Maps, and a full Index.
One handsome 8vo. volume of 550 pp. Price $4 50.

SIDNEY S. RIDER & BRO., Publishers,
17 Westminster St., Providence, R. I.
Sent free by mail upon receipt of price.

FEB. 1, 1867.

The Diamond Dickens.

Just Published:



This edition differs from any other offered to the public by affording a combination of elegance and cheapness never before attempted in any of DICKENS' WORKS, and comparatively new in book-making. It is similar in style to the "DIAMOND TENNYSON,” lately issued by TICKNOR & FIELDS, and is in all respects the equal of that beautiful volume in paper, typography, and binding-"a model of elegance, compactness, and cheapness." The Publishers aim to make the DIAMOND DICKENS a book suitable in style for the parlor table or the library, while its low price shall commend it to the favor of all who desire to own the incomparable writings of


PLAIN EDITION, in crimson morocco cloth, $1 25.

ILLUSTRATED EDITION, containing a fine new Portrait of DICKENS, and sixteen full-page illuftrations by EYTINGE, made expreffly for this edition; bound in green morocco cloth, $1 50.

THE COMPLETE WORKS OF CHARLES DICKENS will be issued in "Diamond" style, at the rate of one volume each month. The edition will comprise twelve or thirteen volumes.

Both the Plain and the Illustrated Editions will be printed at the University Press, on tinted paper, and the utmost care will be taken to secure elegance and plainness of typographical execution.


"The type is a marvel of clearness, when its smallness is considered. In addition to an excellent portrait of Dickens, there are sixteen illustrations by Eytinge, which are thoroughly original in conception, and reproduce neither Cruikshank, Gilbert, Darley, nor any other illustrator of Pickwick. Among these, Miss Wardle and her Nieces,' 'Mr. Alfred Jingle and Job Trotter,' 'Dodson and Fogg,' 'The Fat Boy,' and 'Old Weller and the Coachman,' are specially good."-. -Boston Transcript.

"Both in point of pictorial embellishment and mechanical workmanship, the volume must be regarded as a decided success, and highly creditable to the book-making art in this country.”—New York Tribune.

“A prominent attraction of this handsome little volume is the illustrations by MR. EYTINGE, who certainly exeels in the humorous line, and who, in some of these designs, fairly surpasses himself. * * * Taking the Pickwick Papers as a specimen, it is safe to say that this edition must stand unrivalled by any other, English or American, in neatness of typography and convenience of size, combined with cheapness."-New York Times.

"Mr. Eytinge has seized the spirit of Dickens' characters with wonderful skill, and his sketches give new zest to the enjoyment of the novel he illustrates."-New York Evening Post.

"It will be, we think, the handiest and neatest edition of the works of that romancist of nature and the streets that has yet been designed and carried out in this country. The Pickwick is a model of miniature book-making.” -New York Express.


For sale by all Booksellers.

TICKNOR & FIELDS, Publishers,


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