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Teqnal instruction and entertainment are here admirably

English joined. A large body of information concernIntains the lirnished, without the appearance of erudition, The Day-Dawn. By the author of “Memorials of which it the manners and customs of patriarchal times I managedel in just such a way as to please the taste of the mander si a ful reader. The subjects are, besides, illus- Faith: what is it, and what it does. By S. M.

MAR. 15, 1867. wood-cuts, and the geographical distribution of dis

FICTION ease realms by a map. The typographical execu- Our Mutual Friend. By Charles Dickens. With tion is excellent.

original illustrations by S. Eytinge, Jr. pp. 479. The Action of Medicines in the System. By Frede

Boston: Ticknor & Fields. rick William Headland, M. D., B. A., F. L. S., etc.

This is another volume of the “ Diamond” edi. etc. Fifth American from the fourth London tion of Dickens. There are sixteen full page illusedition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. pp. 431. trations, each of them full of spirit. The typoPhila. : Lindsay & Blakiston.

graphy, paper, and general make-up of this edition This

reatise bas become a classic in medicine. are admirable, and it deserves to be, and as we hear No one can say that he understands the action of is, a great success. the remedies which he prescribes unless he has

MISCELLANEOUS. read it. Every student should peruse and re-Joubert: Some of the Thoughtsof Joseph Joubert. peruse it. The present edition has been enlarged

Translated by George H. Calvert; preceded by a by the addition of important therapeutical obser

Notice of Joubert, by the Translator. pp. xxviii., vations and discoveries made within the last seven

163. Boston: William V. Spencer. years.

Joubert was a native of France, born in 1754, in

a small town of Perigord. He devoted himself to TRAVELS.

letters, and died in 1824. He published no book, Venetian Life. By W. D. Howells. pp. 401. New but jotted down with his pencil the best issues of

York: Hurd & Houghton.
We are not surprised that Mr. Howells' work has of notes was shaped, many years after his death,

his meditations as they arose, and out of this chaos passed to a second edition. It is one of the best a full volume of “Thoughts,” from which the books in its department. He knows thoroughly present selection has been made, scarcely amountthat whereof he writes, having seen things both as ing to one-half of the original. Mr. Calvert ranks a resident and as a stranger. In the present edi. Joubert with Pascal and La Bruyère. The transtion he has given a new chapter, sketching the his- lator has occasionally added brief but scholarly tory of Venetian commerce and noting the present foot-notes. trade and industry of Venice, besides having amplified the chapter on the national holidays. He has The Solitudes of Nature and of Man; or, The Lonealso affixed an index to the chief historical persons,

liness of Human Life. By William Rounseville incidents, and places mentioned.

Alger. pp. xii., 412. Boston: Roberts Brothers.

Mr. Alger first discusses the solitudes of nature POETRY

as those of the desert, the prairie, the ocean, the The Tent on the Beech, and other Poems. By John pole, the forest, the mountain, the river. The Greenleaf Whittier.

pp. vi., 172. Boston: second part of his division treats of the solitudes Ticknor & Fields.

of individuality, grief, love, occupation, selfishness, The principal poem occupies about a hundred genius, and death. The dangers and the uses of pages, and after that we have five National Lyrics, solitude are the subject of the third part, while in and eight Occasional Poems. The Tent on the the fourth we have a series of sketches of lonely Beech, by its variety of versification and transitions characters, beginning with Buddha and Confucius of thought, as well as by its general merit, is ex- and ending with Comte and Jesus. Whether all tremely agreeable. It gives us an excellent idea will regard the characterization of Jesus as suffiof the adaptability of Whittier's powers, and will ciently exhaustive may be doubted. It is admitted add to his reputation. Some of the minor poems that He has probably contributed more than any are scarcely equal to what the author was capable other person to aggrandize the idea of man in the of doing years ago.

human race, but the gospel narratives of Him are Daily Hymns, or Hymns for Every Day in Lent. pp. said to contain “chasms, inconsistencies, and in107. Boston: Dutton & Co.

credibilities” which put “insurmountable diffiThis is not a compilation from hymn-books, but culties in the way of sure knowledge" of what he a selection of choice religious hymns, gathered with was, and did, and said. He was “not unlike others taste from a wide field. Herbert is found by the in kind, though superior in degree,” and “could side of Heber, and Ash-Wednesday is soleinnized never have dreamed of the medieval doctrine of by the Dies Iræ.

the atonement, could never have expected to be

deified, nor have wished to be personally worJUVENILE.

shipped.” Whatever hesitation there may be in Nuts for Boys to Crack. By Rev. John Todd, D.D. some minds to accept these views, the general

literary merit of the work will doubtless meet with Charlie Scott; or, There's Time Enough. pp. 147.

full recognition. The analysis and discrimination

of human character and motive are keen and well The Blue-Book Stories. By Harriet F. Woods. pp. defined, the illustrations are drawn from the whole 203.

field of literature, and the language is rich with Christmas at the Beeches. pp. 170.

rhetorical excellence. One scarcely knows whether Lucy and Bell, and how they Overcame. pp. 72.

more to admire the general exposition of the theme, The American Tract Society, Boston, adds these or its illustration in the series of thirty-seven to its large and diversified assortment of juveniles. portraits which are sketched with such vigor and The Word: The House of Israel. By the author of

the “ Wide Wide World.” pp. V., 501. New

York: Robert Carter & Brothers.

Christian Education; the Remedy for the Growing

Ungodliness of the Times. A Sermon, by Rev.
Morgan Dix, S. T. D. pp. 16. Boston: E. P.

pp. 267.

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ond, volusi


-a, the

etc.” pp. 24.

pictorially. Even grown-up readers will find nitrated by hook an edifying one.

Hawghton, author of "A Saviour for You," &c.

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MAR. 15, 1867.

The Episcopate, the Missionary Order of the Suggestions for Household Libraries of Essential

Church. By a Presbyter. pp. 53. New York: aud Standard Books. pp. 23. New York: G. Pott & Amery.

P. Putuam & Son. A Memoir of the Last Year of the War for Inde- Putnam's Railway Classics. " Irving's Traveller."

pendence in the Confederate States of America, pp. 258. New York : G. P. Putnain & Son. &c. By Jubal A. Early, Lieut.-Gen. of Confederate The Rev. Mr. Sourball's European Tour; or, The

Army. pp. 112. New Orleans : Blelock & Co. Recreation of a City Parson. By Horace Cope. The Vowel Elements in Speech: a Phonological and Philadelphia : D. Ashmead.

Physiological Essay, setting forth a New System Catalogue of a Choice Collection of Rare, Curious, of Vowel Sounds, &c. By Samuel Porter. pp. and Valuable Books in various Languages and 40. New York: B. Westermann & Co.

Departments of Literature—now on sale with The Day! A Word to All. By S. M. Hawghton. prices annexed. pp. 64. New York: Geo. P. pp. 59. New York: Am. Tract Society.


ANNOUNCEMENTS. G. W. Carleton & Co., New York.

American Tract Society, New York. A new book by T. S. Arthur.

When were our Gospels Written ? By L. Tischendurs. Healthy Cooking, The True Art of. By Mrs. Knicker In English. bocker.

Hilton & Co., New York. The "Charming'' Story Books. 6 vols. Illustrated.

Lion in the Path. By Saunders, author of ** Bound For girls.

to the Wheel." A new and uniformi edition of A. S. Roe's works.

Nat Gregory; or Old Maid's Secret. By J. Seton, Jr. 10 vols. New style.

Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati. Roberts Brothers, Boston.

Cofer's Digest of Kentucky Reports. 14 B. Monroe The Children of the Lake: a Poem. By Edward

to 2 Duval. Sallesbury.

T. Newton Kurtz, Baltimore. Literuture and its Professors. By Thomas Parnell.

A new edition of Gleanings for the Curious, thoroughly Lindsay & Blakiston, Philadelphia.

revised and much improved. Skey's Lectures on Hysteria.

J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philailelphia.
Radcliff on Epilepsy and other Disorders of the History of the Dervishes. By J. P. Brown.
Nervous System.

0-Kee-Pa. By George Catlin. Mackenzie on Diseases of the Throat.

Sorghum and its Products. By F. L. Stewart. Beale on Tissues. New edition.

Therapeutics and Pharmacology, or Materia Mediea. Lawrence's Optical Defects of the Eye.

Third edition. By George B. Wood, M. D. Reynolds on the Vervous System. New edition. Last Days of a King: An Historical Romance. Trans. Bence Jones' Lectures on the Application of Chemistry lated froin the German of Moritz Hartmann, by and Mechanics to Pathology and Therapeutics.

Mary E. Niles. T. B. Peterson & Brothers, Philadelphia.

Under Two Flags. By Ouida." A Woman's Confession. By Lady Campbell.

True Protestant Ritualism. Being a Review of a Book Aunt Margaret's Troubles.

entitled “The Law of Ritualism.” By the Ker. The Love that Kills. By W. G. Mills.

Charles H. Hall, D.D. More than a Match.

Letters on Redemption. Letters to Dr. Anderson by Sweet Seventeen. By Arthur Locker.

Joseph John Gurney. Gemma. By T. A. Trollope.

Elements of Human Anatomy. Second edition. ReJohn Thorpe's Marriage.

vised and enlarged. By T. G. Richardson, M. D. Leyton Hall, and other Tales. By Mark Lemon.

Watson's Astronomy. A Treatise on the Motion of Life and Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

the leavenly Bodies revolving around the Sun in The Story of a Diamond Necklace.

accordance with the Law of Universal Gravitation. Nina Balatka, the Story of a Maiden in Prague.

By Prof. James C. Watson. Married Beneath Him. By the author of Lost Sir D. Appleton Co., New York. Massingbred."

The Political Writings, etc. of Richard Cobden. Two A Quiet Nook. By John Ruffin.

vols. Maidenhood. By Mrs. S. A. Marsh.

Journal of a Home Life. By Miss Sewell. Great Expectations. By Charles Dickens. Being No.

The Six Cushions. By Miss Yonge. 3 of the author's American edition, with 27 illus- Hurd & Houghton, New York. trations on wood, by John McLelan; in green morocco cloth.

Old England : its Scenery, Art, and People. By Prus.

J. M. Hoppin. N. Tibbals & Co., New York.

Homespun; or, Five and Twenty Years. By Thomas The Words of the Lord Jesus. Vol. 2. By Rev. Lackland. Rudolph Stier, D. D.

Voices of the Border. By Col. G. W. Patten. Forward the Flag! A second volume of A Household The Pioneer Church. By Rev. M. Schuyler, D. D. Story of the American Conflict.

Punchard's History of Congregativnalisin. Vol. 3.

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Flut Papers, Cut Cards, and Card Boards

MAR. 15, 1867.


EDINBORO', Pa., Wants two copies Publishers’ Latest Retail Lists.

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Wuite, LEXING CUN, Ky., Washington, and rare books in general relating to Want Publishers' and Stationers' Net Trade Lists and America.

Descriptive Catalogues.


pp. 33.


Reprint of the Sixth London Edition. With an Introduction Out of Harnens. Sketches, Narrative and Descriptive. By and Notes. 850. pp. xx., 131, 5. N. Y.: Agathynian Club. Thomas Guthrie, D.D. 16mo. Pp. 388. N. Y.: R. Carter Pap. $5 25. (By subscription.)

& Bros. CI. $2. ALMANAC. The Merchantx' and Bankers' Almanac for 1867. HAVEX. The Good Report: Morning and Evening Lessons for

8vo. PP xvi., 176. N. Y.: Bankers' Magazine Office. CI. $2. Lent. By Alice B. Haven. 16mo. pp. 318. N. Y. : D. AppleA. L. 0. E The Children's Treasury of New Stories. By

ton & Co, Cl. $1 50. A. L. 0. E. 18mo. pp. 231. N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros. CI. | HEADLAND. On the Action of Medicines in the System. By 90 cts.

Frederick William Headland Fifth American from the ALGER. The Solitudes of Nature and of Man; or, The Lone

Fourth London Edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. Pp. 431. liness of Human Life. By W. R. Alger. 16mo. pp. 412.

Phila. : Lindsay & Blakiston. CI. $3. Boston: Roberts Bros. CI. $2.

Hotchkiss and ALLAN. The Battle-fields of Virginia. Chancel. BARRETT. Steps in the l'pward Way: the Story of Fanny Bell.

lorsville : embracing the Operations of the Army of Northern By Mary Barrett. 16mo. pp. 279. Boston: Amer. Tract Soc.

Virginia from the first Battle of Fredericksburg to the Death CI. $1.

of Lieut.-Gen. Jackson. By Jed. Hotchkiss and Wm. Allan.

With 5 Maps, and Portrait of Lieut.-Gen. Jackson. 8vo. pp. BIGELOW. Remarks on Classical and Utilitarian Studies, read

152. N. Y.: D. Van Nostrand. CI. $5. before the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Dec. 20, 1566. By Jacob Bigelow, M. D. 8vo. pp. 57. Boston: Little,

Johnson. See Foster. Brown & Co. Pap. 25 cts.

LELAND. The Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division; or, BOGATZKY'S GOLDEN TREASURY. 24mo. pp. xv., 381. N. Y.:

Three Thonsand Miles in a Railway Car. By Charles GolR. Carter & Bros. Cl. 75 cts.

frey Leland. Svo. pp. 95. Phila.: Ringwalt & Brown, Prs.

Bouton. Keep to Your Right. By Rev. C. W. Bolton. 18mo.
N. Y.; A. D. F. Randolph. Cl. 30 cts.

LINCOLX. See Townsend.
CHAMBERS. The Indigestions; or, Diseases of the Digestive LUYster. Memoirs and Correspondence of Madame Recamier.
Organs Functionally Treated By Thomas King Chambers.

Translated from the French and edited by Isaphene M. 8vo. pp. 287. Phila.: H. C. Lea. Cl. $2 50.

Luyster. 16mo. pp. 408. Boston: Roberts Bros. CI. $2. CHARITIES OF FRANCE IN 1866. An Account of some of the “ MAGA" STORIES. (No. 1 of Putnam's Railway Classics.)

Principal Existing Charitable Institutions in that Country. 16mo. pp. 320. N. Y.: G. P. Putnam & Son. Cl. 75 cts.

Not Published. 8vo. pp. 206. Boston: Gould & Lincoln. Cl. MYERS. The Code of Practice in Civil and Criminal Cases for COBBE. Hours of Work and Play. By Frances Power Cobbe. the State of Kentucky, with all Amendments made prior to

16mo. pp. 274. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott & Co. CI. $1 50, January 1, 1867. With Notes of the Decisions of the Courts COBBE. Studies, New and old, of Ethical and Social Subjects.

of Appeals of Kentucky and of the Courts of Ohio and New By Frances Power Cobbe. 12mo. pp. 416. Boston: W. V.

Cincinnati :

York. Edited by Harvey Myers. 8vo. pp. 822. Spencer. Cl. $3. (London print.)

Robert Clarke & Co. $7 50. DA COSTA. Inhalations in the Treatment of Diseases of the Perry. Elements of Political Economy. By Arthur Latham Respiratory Passages, particularly as affected by the Use of

Perry. Second Edition, revised. Cr. 8vo. Pp. xx., 183. Atomized Fluids. By J. M. Da Costa, M. D. Illustr. 16ino.

N. Y.: C. Scribner & Co. Cl. $2 50.
Phila.; J. B. Lippincott & Co. CI. $1 50.

Peter Killip's King; or, The Fishers of Derby Haven. By
DAILY Hymns; or, Hymns for Every Day in Lent. Sq. 18mo. the Anthor of "The Children of Cloverly," etc.
Boston: E. P. Dutton & Co. Cl. full gilt, *1.

350. Boston: H. Hoyt. Cl. $1 25. De Voe. Abattoirs. A Paper read before the Polytechnic Perigro. Memorial of the late James L. P. Petigru. ProceedBranch of the American Institute, June 8, 1865. By Thomas

ings of the Bar of Charleston, S.C., March 25, 1863. Svo. pp. F. De Voe. Evo. Pp. 32. Albany: C. Van Benthuysen & Sons, 43. N. Y.: Richardson & Co. Pap. 75 cts.

Prs. Pap.
EVERLASTING (TAE) CHURCIT; as “Represented"in the Remark-

PAELPs. The Poet's Song for the Heart and the Home. By $. able Manuscript entitled “Intercourse with Angels." Svo.

Dryden Phelps. Portrait. 16mo. pp. 416. N. Y.: Sheldon N. Y.: Amer. Swedenb. Pub. Soc.

& Co. CI. $2. Pap.

PHILLIPS. The Diamond Cross : a Tale of American Society FOSTER. Andrew Johnson, President of the United States; his

By W. B. Phillips. 12mo. pp. 353. N. Y.: Hilton & Co. Ci. Life and Speeches. By Lillian Foster. Portrait. 12mo. pp. $1 75. 316. N. Y.: Richardson & Co. Cl. $2.

GAILLARD. Diphtheria: a Prize Essay. By E. S. Gaillard,
M. D. Reprinted from the “ Richmond Medical Journal."


RÉCAMIER. Svo. pp. 114. Richmond : Richmond Med. Journal Office. Sawin. Summary Notes concerning John Sawin and his PosPap. 50 cts.

terity. By Thomas E. Sawin. 8vo. pp. 48. Wendell, Mass. :

The Author. Pap. 60 cts.
GAYLORD. Gay Cottage. By Glance Gaylord. 18mo. pp. 114.
Boston: Amer. Tract Soc. CI. 50 cts.

SEWALL. The Christian Hymnal: Hymns with Tunes for the GILES. Lectures on the Incarnation, Atonement, and Media Services of the Church. Compiled and edited by Rev. Frank

tion of the Lord Jesus Christ. By Chauncey Giles. 16mo. Sewall. 16mo. pp. 210. Phila.; J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. pp. 94. N. Y.: New Church Pub. House. Pap. 25 cts.

$1 25. GREAT (TAB) Conspiracy. Full Account of the Assassination SHAW. A Complete Manual of English Literature. By Thomas

Plot. John H. Surratt and his Mother. With Biographical B. Shaw. Edited, with Notes and Illustrations, by William Sketches of J. B. Booth and John Wilkes, and the Life and Smith, LL. D. With a Sketch of American Literature, by Extraordinary Adventures of John H. Surratt. 8vo. pp. 201. H. T. Tuckerman, 12mo. pp. 510. N. Y.: Sheldon & Co. Phila.: Barclay & Co. Pap. 50 cts.

Cl. $2. Green. Facts and Suggestions, Biographical, Historical, Fi. SMITA.

nancial, and Political. Addressed to the People of the United Nature the Basis of a True Theologyy. Existing Theologies States. By Duff Green. 8vo. pp. vi., 231. N. Y.: Richardson False, because Lacking this Basis. By Gerrit Smith. 8vo. & Co. CI. $1 50.

pp. 10. Peterboro, N. Y.: Rev. J. W. West. Pap. 15 cts. GUTHRIE

The Theologies. By Gerrit Smith. Second Edition. 1866. Our Father's Business. By Thomas Guthrie, D.D. 16mo. 8vo. pp. 28. Peterboro, N. Y.: Rev. J. W. West. Pap. 20 pp. 278. N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros. Cl. $1 50.


Pp. 86.

18mo. Pp

pp. 107.

Pp. 155.

MAR. 15, 1867.


SMITH. Prison Hymn-Book: for more especial Use in Prisons, Torxos. The Combined Spanish Method.

A New Practical Penitentiaries, Houses of Refuge, etc etc. By Rev. J. Bying. and Theoretical System of Learning the Castilian Language.

ton Smith. 16mo. Pp. 325. NY.: N. Tibbuls & Co. CI. I With a Pronouncing Vocabulary. By Alberto de Tortos, SPENCER. Tristan: a Story in Three Parts. By Edward Spen

12mo, pp. xxiv., 470. N. Y.:D. Appleton & Co. Hi, leather, Illustr. 8vo. pp. 58. N. Y. : Amer. Neros Co. Pap. 50 cts.

TOWNSEND. The Real Life of Abraham Lincoln. A Talk with TAYLOR. The Restoration of Belief. By Isaac Taylor, New

Mr. Herndon, his late Law Partser. By G. A. Townsend. Edition, revised, with an Additional Section. 12mo. pp. 389.

With Cabinet Portrait, and Mr. Lincoln's Favorite Poein, Boston: E. P. Dutton & Co. CI. $150.

Svo. pp. 15. N. Y.; J. Purtene. Pap. 15 cts.

Sermons. By Alexander H. Vinton. 166o. PP. 330. Taylor. Readings for Every Day in Lent. Compiled from the Vinton.

Boston: E. P. Dutton & Co. CI. $1 50.
Writings of Bishop Jeremy Taylor. 15ino. pp. 357. N. Y.:
H. B. Durand. CI. $150.

WARFIELD. The Romance of the Green Seal. By Mrs. CattTHACKERAY. The Village on the Cliff A Novel

By Miss

rine A. Warfield. Svo. pp. 73. N. Y.; Beadle & Co. Pap.

50 cts. Thackeray. Illustr. 8vo. pp. 104. N. Y. : Harper & Bros. Pap. 70 cts.

Woop. A Treatise on the Practice of Medicine. By George B. Thoms.

2 vols. Svo. pp 10 Health in the Country and Cities. With Tables of

Wood, M D., LL.D. Sixth Edition,

952. Death-Rates, Sickness-Rates, etc.

By W. F. Thoms.

Phila.: J. B. Lippincott & Co. Shp. $12. tracted from the l'roceedings of the American Medical Asso Woods. Blue Book Stories. By Harriet F. Woods. limo. pp. ciation. 8vo. pp. 16. Phila. : Collins, Pr. Fl. cl. 75 cts. 203. Boston: Amer. Tract Soc. CI, 80 cts.


A “Fox's Tale," a Sketch of the Hunting Field, roy. 8vo. Kerr's Elementary Treatise on Rational Mechanics, cr. Sre. 18. sd.

88. cl. Adye's Sitana, a Mountain Campaigu in Afghanistan, 8vo. Ley Hipotecaria of Spain, trans. by W. Graip, 850. 109. cl. 68. cl.

Linton's Sowing the Wind, 3 vols post Svo. 318. 6d. el. An Author's Children, 18mo. 18. cl. swd.

Lowe's Speeches and Letters on Reform, er. Svo. 3. 6. cl. Ancient Psalms in Appropriate Metres, notes by Hapstone, 78. McLeod's Scripture Meteorology and Modern Science, 121110. 38. 64. cl.

6. el. Anderson's The Poor of Edinburgh and their Homes, 12mo. 18. Manual of Art of Dressing Well, 18mo. ls. swd. 6d. cl.

Manual of Laws of Good Society, 18mo. 18, swd. Ashe's The Sorrows of Hypsipyle, 12mo. 38. 6d. cl.

Moultrie's Hymns and Lyrics for the Seasons and Saints, Athlete (The) for 1866, 12mo. 28, swd.

Neison's Observations on Odd Fellows and friendly societies, Atkinson on Change of Air-Atmospheric Pressure, cr. 8vo. 48. 28. 6d, cl.

Nora and Archibald Lee, 3 vols. post 8vo. 318. 64. cl. Bageshot's The English Constitution, post Svo. 98, cl.

O'Brien's Charge to the Clergy of Ossory and Ferns, S70, 28. sd. Baker's The Albert N'yanza, 2 vols, cr. Svo. 168. cl.

Palmer's Oriental Mysticism, 12mo. 38, 6d. cl. Bell's Rongh Notes, by an Old Soldier, 2 vols. Svo. 218. cl. Passages from the Autobiography of the "Man of Kent," edit. Book (The) of knots, Treatise on Cordage, 28. 6d, cl.

Stanley, 58. Bridger's Index to Pedigrees in County Histories, &c., 8vo. 108. Pedley's Practical Housekeeping, 12mo. 18. bds. 6dcl.

Perrie and Keith on Acupressure, royal 8vo. 58. cl. Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain, Vol. 3, roy. 8vo. 108. Philipp's Things Rarely Met With, 12m0. 18. el. Clarke's Clockmaker of St. Laurent, lomo. 18. cl.

Pollington's Half Round the Old World, Svo. 118. cl. Collis's Praxis Latina Primaria, 12mo. 28. 60, el.

Puruell's Literature and its Professors, post sro. is. Gal. el Cooper's Science of Spiritual Life, 8vo. 108. 6d. cl.

Richardson and Watts's Chemical Technology, Vol. 1, pt. Cox's Manual of Mythology, 12mo. 38. cl.

Svo, 308. Davenport's The Dawn and the Object, 2 vols. post 8vo. 218. Sacred Music for the Home Circle, edit. Thorne, obl, 18. PAL De Vere's Studies in English, post Svo. 108. 6d. cl.

Sallesbury's The Children of the Lake (Poem), 12mo. 48. 64. <L. Dish of Gossip off the Willow Pattern, &c., 18. swd.

Scripture Acrostics, by A. H., 18mo. ls, cl. Duncan (Mary B. M.), “Under the Shadow," cr. Svo. 48. 63. cl. Seafield's Extraordinary Dreams, 8vo. 18. sud. Ecce Homo, new edit., fscp. 8vo. 68. cl.

Shakspeare, some Notes on his Character and Writings, fro. Eden's Dumbleton Common, 2 vols. post 8vo. 218. cl.

18. od. Edeu's Lady's Glimpse of the late War in Bohemia, cr. 8vo. Shore's Domestic Medicine, 12mo. 28. cl. 108. 60. cl.

Six Cushions, by Author of "Heir of Redclyffe," post Svo. 54. el. Ellis's Madagascar Revisited, illus., 8vo. 168. cl.

Slater's The Wail of the Vatican, 12mo. 58. cl. Fergusson's The Beloved's Little While, cr. Svo. 38. 63. cl. Smith's Smaller Classical Mythology, fscp. 8vo. 3$. 6d. cl. Francis Emily's Choice, an Australian Tale, 12mo. ós. cl. Sporting Incidents of another Tom Smith, post svo X. 6d, el Francis's (Francis) Book on Angling, Plates, post 8vo. 168. cl. Stratten's The Intermediate State, cr. Svo. 38. 6d. cl. Freeman's History of the Norman Couquest, Vol. 1, 8vo. Sutton's Painting in Oil Colors upon Paper, 12mo. 18. *wd. Grey (Earl), Correspondence with William the Fourth and Sir Thousand and One Gems of British Poetry, selected by Mackay, H. Taylor, 1830–32, 2 vols. 8vo. 308. cl.

38. 6d. Hassard's London Diocese Book, 1867, cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. cl. limp. Trousseau's Lectures on Clinical Medicine, Part 2, SFO. 46. . Howell's Few Stray Thoughts from Shakspeare, post 8vo. 28. Vore's Loving Couusels, Third Series, 12mo. 38. 6. cl. 64. cl.

Wurtz's Introduction to Chemical Philosophy, 12mo. 38. 61. c. James's (Mrs.) Muriel, or Social Fetters, post svo. 108. 6d. cl. Yonge's History of France under the Bourbons, Vols. 3 aid to Jones's Lectures on the Applications of Chemistry, 8vo. 128. cl. 308.



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MAR. 15, 1867.

The Diamond Dickens.

A combination of elegance and cheapness never before attempted in any of Dickens' WORKS. The great favor shown the DIAMOND TENNYSON, published a few months since, and the DIAMOND Pickwick, recently issued, assures the Publishers that in this edition they are happily meeting a public want.

Already Issued: The Pickwick Papers. Our Mutual Friend.


The Pickwick Club.
Miss Wardle and her Nieces.
Mr. Pickwick and Sam Weller.
Mrs. Leo Hunter's Party.
Mr. Alfred Jingle.—Job Trotter.
Messrs. Dodson and Fogg.
Mr. Nupkins's Court.
Mrs. Bardell and Friends.
The Rev. Mrs. Stiggins and Mrs. Weller.
Meeting of the Brick Lane Branch U. G. J. E. T. A.
Captain Dowler.
The “Swarry.”
Mr. Bob Sawyer and Mr. Ben Allen.
Mivins and Smangle.
The Fat Boy.
Old Weller and the Coachmen.

The Bird of Prey.
The Veneering Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Boffin.
The Six Jolly Fellowship Porters.
Mr. Wegg and Mr. Venus in Consultation.
Mrs. Higden, Sloppy, and the Innocents.
Bradley Headstone and Charley Hexam.
The Person of the House and the Bad Child.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lammle.
Fledgeby and Riah.
Rogue Riderhood and Miss Pleasant at Home.
John Harmon.
Wrayburn and Lightwood.
The Cherub and the Lovely Woman.
Mrs. Wilfer, Miss Lavinia, and Mr. Geo. Sampson.

Illustrated Edition, each volume containing sixteen full-page Illustrations made expressly for this edition by S. ETYNGE. $1 50. Plain Edition, $1 25.

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"The publication of a new volume of poems by John G. Whittier is a more than national event. To this sweet New England singer the sea, the woods, the very summer air, sing their subtlest, most secret songs, and the susceptible poet is their inspired medium and interpreter. Not less is he the poet of humanity.”—

"-Hartford Press.


SIX VOLUMES, Including Selections from TENNYSON, LONGFELLOW, Bryant, WHITTIER, HOLMES, and BROWNING. Each volume is profusely illustrated, and elegantly bound in morocco cloth.

Price $1 00 PER VOLUME.

*** For sale by all Booksellers. Sent postpaid on receipt of price by the Publishers,



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