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APRIL 1, 1867.

Foreign and American Standard Works on Chemis- | La Maladie, dans le plan de la Création, discours

try ard Physics. For sale by D. Van Nostrand. prononcé a la Société médicale du Massachusetts

pp. 12 (No. 22]. New York, February, 1867. dans la réunion solennelle du 31 Mai, 1865. Par Catalogue of French Military, Naval, and Scientific le Docteur B. E. Cotting. Traduit de l'Anglais Works, for sale by D. Van Nostrand. pp. 8 par Gaston Garnier.

Paris : Germer [No. 23). New York, March, 1867.


pp. 20.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. D. Appleton & Co., New York.

Henry C. Lea, Philadelphia. Frederic the Great and his family. By Clara Mundt Erichsen on Nervous Injuries. (Mrs. Louise Mühlbach). Illustrated.

Hartshorne's Handy-Book of Medicine. G. W. Carleton & Co., New York.

Hudson on the Study of Fever. Swinburne's New Poems.

Brande and Taylor's Chemistry. New edition. "Song of Triumph for Italy," etc. etc.

Reynolds' System of Medicine.

Thomas on Diseases of Females. Dunn's Brazil.

Tanner's Clinical Manual. Revised edition. Artemus Ward's new book.

Tanner on Diseases of Pregnancy.
How to Make Money, and How to Keep It. By T. A.

Brinton on Intestinal Obstruction.
Davies, author of “Cosmogony,” etc.
Prometheus in Atlantis. By Chas. D. Armstrong.

Lea's Historical Sketch of Sacerdotal Celibacy.

T. B. Peterson & Brothers, Philadelphia. Hilton & Co., New York.

The Young Heiress. By Mrs. Trollope. Over Sea; or, England, France, and Scotland, as Seen Elsie's Married Life. By Mrs. MacKenzie Daniels. by a Live American. By Henry Morford.

The Rebel Chief. By Gustave Aimard. A. S. Barnes & Co., New York.

The Rector's Wife. By the author of “Yalley Hundred Lord Bacon's Essays ; with a Sketch of his Life and

Fires.'' Character, Reviews of his Philosophical Writings,

Tale of Two Cities. By Charles Dickens. American Critical Estimates of his Essays, Analysis, Notes

edition, with 64 Original Illustrations, in green and Queries for Students, and Select Portions of the

morocco cloth. “ Annotations of Archbishop Whately. Being the M. W. Dodd, New York. First volume of a Series of “English Prose Classics" Jacques Bonneval; or, the Days of the Dragonnades. for Students. By Rev. Jas. R. Boyd, Editor of By the author of "Mary Powell." • English Poets," with Notes, &c.

The Household of Sir Thomas More. By the same

author. Michael Doolady, New York. Thackeray's Works : Diamond Edition.

Kelly & Piet, Baltimore. Biographical History of the Fine Arts. By S. Spooner.

Fractures of the Lower Extremity, and the Use of the A new edition.

Anterior Suspensory Apparatus in the Treatment Don Quixote, with Doré's Illustrations. A new edition. of those Injuries. Fully illustrated by cuts and Æsop's Fables in Verse. Translated from the French diagrams; together with numerous cases furnished by Elizur Wright, Jr.

by eminent surgeons. Sandford and Merton. By Thomas Day.

Draper & Halliday, Boston. Presbyterian Publication Committee, Philadelphia.

Winer's New Testament Grammar. Edited by Dr. The Berry Pickers of Wisconsin.

Lünemann. Translated by Professor J. Henry George Lee ; or, Making the Best of Trials. By Miss

Thayer, of Andover Theological Seminary. 7th ed. Mary J. Hildeburn.

Roberts Brothers, Boston. Story of Martin Luther. By Miss Whately.

The Story of the Diamond Necklace, told in detail Parental Training. By Rov. William Bacon.

for the first time. By Henry Vizetelly.

(Advertisements inserted in this column at 10 cents per line.]

Letters, stating price and condition, to be forwarded io ihe Advertisers

Wants a number of copies, not exceeding twelve, of his Wants Publishers' and Stationers' Trade Lists, with “Life of Gen. Danl. Morgan, of the Virginia line of

lowest rates; also samples of Envelopes, Ruled and the Continental Army." Books to be sent to Duncan Flat Papers, Cut Cards, and Card Boards.

& Baker, Booksellers, cor. Camp and Lafayette Sts., MERCANTILE LIBRARY, SAN FRANCISCO, Cal.,

New Orleans, La. Wants Publishers’ Catalogues and Price Lists of Books. BANGS WILLIAMS, NEWS CO., Providence, R. I.,

Want all Publishers' Wholesale and Retail Price Lists JOSEPH SABIN, BOOKSELLER, 84 NASSAU Sr., N. Y.,

and Catalogues. Wants to purchase, at liberal prices, Books printed by

William Bradford prior to 1720 ; also Orations on THE HUDSON TAYLOR BOOK AND STATIONERY Washington, and rare books in general relating to


Wants two copies Publishers' Latest Retail Lists.

LIST OF BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES. ALLEN. Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Massachu. illustrating the 32d Psalm. By A, L, 0, E. 18mo. pp. 197,

setts. By Charles Allen. Vol. 11. 8vo. pp. viii., 639, Boston: N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros. CI, 60 ots,

H. 0. Houghton & Co. Shp. $5 50.
ALMANAC.. Boston Almanac, for 1867. Vol. 92, Map. 24mo.

AINOLD. The Signet of King Solomon; or, The Freemason's

Daughter. By A. C. L Arnold. New Edition, revised and Boston: Gto. Coolidge. Cl, 50 pts.

enlarged. Illustr. !!!

me pp. 288. N. Y.: Masonio P

PP. 215.

APRIL 1, 1867.

ATWATER. Manual of Elementary Logic. For Teachers and, Holmes.

Learners. By Lyman U, Atwater, 16mo. Pp. 244. Phila. : The Sonthern Pictorial Fourth Reader. For Seboole and J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl.

Families Prepared under the Supervision of Prof Ged, BANKRUPT LAW. See UNITED STATES.

F. Holmues. 12mo. Pp. 276. N. Y.: Richardson (a.

Bds. 80 cts.
BIBLE-READER'S (Tue) HELP. From the Religious Tract Society,
London. Revised and Enlarged. 18mo, pp. 159. N. Y.:

The Southern Fifth Reader. Prepared under the Supervision Amer. Tract Soc. Cl. 35 cts.

of Prof. Geo. F. Holmes. 12mo. Pp. 408. N. Y.: Richard

son & Co. Cl. $1 25. BLANCHARD. Handbook of Minnesota : describing its Agricul

Holmes' Southern Elementary Speller. Prepared noder the ture, Commercial and Manufacturing Resources, etc. By

Supervision of Prof. Geo. F. Holmes. 12mo. pp. 1.8. NT: Rufus Blanchard. 18mo. Pp. 61. Chicago: Blanchard &

Richardson & Co. Bds. 23 cts.
Crum. Pap. 23 cts.
Boston (THE) BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Vol. 5. Dean Dudley,

Hrnt. The Shenandoah; or, The Last Confederate Croixer,

By Cornelius E. Hunt, ope of ber Officers. 12m0. PP. SS. Proprietor. Map. 18mo. pp. 266. Boston: Dudley & Gill.

N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. CI. $1 50. Bds. 1.

INDIANAPOLIS. Edwards' Annual Directory of Indianapolis BRODHEAD. The Government of Sir Edmund Andros over

for 1867. 8vo. pp. 411, cxiii. Indianapolis: Eduards & New England, in 1688 and 1689. Read before the New York

Boyd. Bds. $350. Historical Society. By John R. Brodhead. Svo. Pp. 40.

INTERNAL REVENUE. See UNITED STATES. Morrisania, N. Y.: H. B. Dawson. Pap. $3.

IRVING'S SALMAGUNDI. [Putnain's Railway Classics.] 16mo. CARLETON. Hank Wiggins, Esq. ; or, The Honestest Trapper

pp. 261. N. Y.; G. P. Putnam & Son. Pap. 75 cts. on the Prairies. By L, C. Carleton. 18mo. pp. 100. NY: Geo. Munro & Co. Pap. 10 cts.

KALISCIT. Lecture on the Source of all Civilization, and the

Means of Preserving our Civil and Religious Liberty Befire CHADBOCRNE. Natural Theology: Lectures before the Lowell

the Y. M. Literary aod Social Union of Indianapolis. By Institute. By Prof. P. W. Chadbourne. Cr. Svo Pp. 324. Rer. Isidor Kalisch, D. D. Second Edition. bro. PP. 1. N. Y.: G. P. Putnam & Son. CI., tinted paper, gilt wup, $2. Indianapolis : Ind. Journal Co., Prs. Pap. 25 cts. Students' edition, white paper, $1 73.

LAFAYETTE. Edwards' Annual Director to the Iohabitants, CHARLERWORTH. A Sequel to “Ministering Children." By

etc. of Lafayette. 1867. 8vo. pp. 315. Chicago: Edizirik, Maria L. Charlesworth. 12mo. pp. 128. N. Y.: R. Carter &

Greenough & Deved. Bds, 82 . Bros. CI. $1 so.

LAUMAN. Dictionary of the United States Congress. Br CHASE. Spider-Legs; or, The Maiden of the Wildwood. By Charles Lauman. Third Edition. Revised and brought

J. P. Chase. 1SII0. pp. 10). N. Y.: G. ĐIuro 4 Co. Pap. down to July 28, 1866. Sro. pp. 601. Wasbingiud; Gusta10 cts.

ment Printing Office. Cl. $5. CLARK A Discourse on the Life and Character of Howard

LECH FORN. Plain Dealing; or, News from New England. By Townsend, M. D. By Rev. R. W. Clark, D. D. Svo. pp. 18. Thomas Lechford. With an Introduction and Notes by J H. Albany: S. R. Gray. Pap. 25 cts.

Trumbull. Small 4to. pp. xl., 211. Boston: Wiggin & Luxl. Cope. The Rev. Mr. Sourball's European Tour; or, The Recrea

Pap. $6 75. (By subscription.) tions of a City Parson. By Horace Cope. Illustr. Sm. 4to. LOUISVILLE. Edwards' Annual Director to the Inhabitants, etc. pp. 64. Phila.: Duffield Ashmead. Pap. 75 cts.

of Louisville. 1866–7. Svo. Pp. 543. Louisville: Eduarda, CRAIK. The English of Shakspeare ; illustrated in a Philo

Greenough & Deced. Cl. $1. logical Commentary on his Julius Cæsar. By G. L. Craik. MAHAN. An Elementary Course of Military Engineering Edited, from the Third Revised London Edition, by W. J. Part II. Permanent Fortifications. By D. H. Mahan, LL.D. Rolfe. 12mno. Pp. xiv., 386. Boston: Crosby & Ainsworth. 23 Plates. 8vo. pp. 176. N. Y.: John Wiley & Son. Ci. Cl. $1 75.

MARTYN CRAWFORD. Mosby and his Men: a Record of the Adventures

The Hopes of Hope Castle; or, Times of Joha Kos of John S. Mosby, etc. By J. M. Crawford. 12mo. pp. 375.

and Queen Mary Stuart. By Mrs. Martyn. sq. 1600. PP.

360, N. Y.: G. W. Carleton & Co. Cl. $1 75.

N. Y.: Amer. Tract Soc. Cl. $1.

MASSACHCSETTS. See ALLEX. Dickens. The Personal History of David Copperfeld, By Meigs. Obstetrics: the Science and the Art. By Charles D.

Charles Dickens. Sq. 16mo. Pp. vi , 491. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. Cl. $1 25; illustr. $1 5('.

Meigs, M. D. Fifth Edition, revised. 130 Ilustrations. Sra.

pp. 760. Phila.: H. C. Lea. CI. $5. Dixon. Backbone: Photographed from “The Scalpel." By Mons & Co. The United States Patent Law. Instructions box E. H. Dixon, M. D. 12mo. pp. 396. N. Y.; R. M. Dewitt

to obtain Letters Patent for New Inventions, etc. By Moan Ci. $1 50.

& Co. Third Edition. 21mo. pp. 107. N. Y.: Sciratifs Ecce Deus. Essays on the Life and Doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Ainirican Office. Pap. gratis; cl. 25 cts. With Controversial Notes on “Ecce Homo.'' 16mo. Pp. 363. Dils Patent-Gesetz der Vereinigten Staaten, u. s. W. (Sarde Boston: Roberto Bros. CI. $1 50.

as above, in German.) Edged Tools. By the Author of the Win and Wear Series, NEW ORLEANS. Graham's Crescent City Directory for 1957. 16mo. pp. 316. N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros. CI. $1 25,

With separate Records of Jetlerson City, Carrollton, Algiers

Gretna, and Milueburg. With a Business Directory, stiri Fielding. The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling. By Henry Guide, etc. Svo. pp. 607, lii. New Orleans: L. Grun

Fielding. With a Life of the Author. 2 vols. mq. 16mo. Pp. CI. $5. 456, 443. N. Y.: Leypoldt & Holt. Cl. per vol. $1 25.

OBSERVATION ON THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE GOSPEIS By : FLINT Mexico under Maximilian By H. M. Flint. 12mo. Layman. 16mo. pp. viii., 109. Chicago: E. B. yeri & Phila. : National Pub. Co. CI. $2.

Chandler. CI. $1 50. FREEPORT. Edwards' Annual Director to the Inhabitants, PALMQVIST. Pilgrims-Sanger pa wägen till det him 'sts

etc. in Freeport. 1867 8vo. pp. 183. Chicago: Edwards, Sion. Samlade och utgifne af G. and P. Palmqvist. For Greenough & Deved. Bds. 82 0.

Sa unlingen. 24mo. PP. 256. N. Y.: Amer. Tract Soc. CL

35 cts. PROTHINGHAY. A Child's Book on Religion. For Sunday

Schools and Homes. Compiled by 0). B. Frothingham. 18mo. PARTON. Famous Americans of Recent Times. By James pp. xiv., 317. Boston: Walker, Fuller & Co. Cl. $1.

Parton. Portr. Svo. Pp. 473. Boston: Ticknor & Fiebils

CI. $3.
GOLDSMITA. Select Works, with a Memoir. Portr, Sq. 16mo.

N. Y.: Leypoldt & Holt. CI. $1 25.

An Argument for Charitable ['ses, in Carothers tu,

Sampson et al., in the Supreme Court of Texas. STO. Pp. tt. Himnos Cristianos. Compuestos por dos Jóvenes, uno nacido N. Y.: C. A. Alvord, Pr. Pap. 50 cts.

en México, y otro en Santiago de Chile. Con Acompana- PAUL VENNER; or, The Forge and the Pulpit. Illastr. 4 miento. Large Svo. pp. 16. Pap. 12 cts.

18mo. pp. 371. N. Y.: Amer. Tract Soc. CI. $1. Hopges. Practical Dissections. By Richard M. Hodges, M. D. PERCY. Reliques of Ancient Eoglish Poetry. By Thesis

Second Edition, thoroughly revised. 12mo. pp. 256. Phila.: Percy. 3 vols. sq. 16mo. pp. exi., 304; vii., 321 ; vii, H. C. Lea. Hf, shp. $..

N. Y.: Leypoldt & Holt. Cl. per vol. $1 23. HOLMES.

PUTNAM'S RAILWAY CLASSICS. See IRVING ; TECKERMAS. The Southern Pictorial Primer, or First Reader. Prepared Quesnel. The Gospels: with Moral Reflections on each Verea under the Supervision of Prof Geo. F. Holmes. 12mo.

By P. Quesnel. With an Introductory Essay by Rer Dark pp. 60. N. Y.: Richardson & Co. Bds. 25 cts.

Wilson, D. D. Revised by Rev. H. A. Boardman, D.D. 19 The Southern Pictorial Second Reader. For Schools and 2 vols, cr. 8vo. pp. 648, 616. N. Y.: A. D. F. Randap 01

Families. Prepared under the Supervision of Prof. Geo. $5 30.
F. Holmes. 12mo. Pp. 120. N. Y.: Richardson & Co. RANKING'S HALF YEARLY ABSTRACT OF THE MEDICAL SCIEF*75
Bds. +2 cts.

(American Reprint.] Being an Analytical and Critieal Dias The Southern Pictorial Third Reader. For Schools and of the Principal British and Continental Medical Wire

Families. Prepared under the Supervision of Prof. Geo, pubļishod in ile Preceding Six Months. Vol. 44. July to
F. Holmes. 1210. pp. 168. N, Y.: Richardson & Co. December, 1864, 8vo. pp. 300. Phila.: H. C. Leg.
Bds. 56 ets.

norvegr 8250

Pp. 258.

Pp. 399.

APRIL 1, 1867.

PP. 414.



pp. 110.

RICHARDSON Clarissa ; or, The History of a Young Lady. | Topn. Hints and Thoughts for Christians. By Rev. John
By S. Richardson. 4 vols. sq. 16mo, pp. 461, 469, 450, 500 Todd, D. D. Sq. 12mo, pp. 260. N. Y.; Amer. Tract Soc.
N. Y.: Leypoldt & Holt. Cl. per vol. $1 25.

CI. $1 25.
RIDDELL. The Rich Husband. By Mrs. J. H. Riddell. 12mo. Tow SSEXD. See CLARK.
Phila. : TB. Peterson & Bros. Pap. $1 50.

TOWNSHEND. Supplement to Voorhies’ Annotated Code. AddiSCUDDER. The Ocean Waif; or, Saved from Pirates. By H. S. tional Notes from the New York Reports, 1864 to 1567. By

Scudder 1&mo. pp. 100. Boston: Elliott, Thomes & Talbot. John Townshend. With Amendments to the Code of ProPap. 10 cts.

cedure since 1864. Svo. Pp. 1005 to 1063

N. Y.: Baker, SMITH

Voorhis & Co. Pap. $1. An Inqniry into the Origin of Modern Anästhesia. By Hon. Truman Smith. Portr. Svo. Pp. 165. Hartford : TUCKERMAN "Maga'' Papers about Paris. By H. T. TuckerBroron & Gross. CI. $1 50.

(Putnam's Railway Classics.] 16mo. pp 201. N. Y.: SMOLLETT.

G. P. Putnam & Sun. Pap. 75 cts. ; cl. ex. $1 25. The Expedition of Humphrey Clinker. By T. Smollett. Sq.

UNITED STATES. 16mo. pp. 357. N. Y.; Leypoldt & Holt CL $125.

The Bankrupt Law, passed March. 1867. Popular Edition. The Adventures of Roderick Random. By T. Smollett. With Svo. pp 31. N. Y.: Baker, Voorhis & Co. Pap. 25 cts, a Memoir. sq. 16mo. pp xvi., 175. N. Y.; Leypoldt &

The Bankrupt Law. passed March, 1867. With Marginal Holt. CL $1 25.

Notations and References, and with the Household and SPROAT A Mother's Legacy. By Mrs. S. A. Sproat. 18mo. Home-tead Exemp:ion Laws of the several States. ArN. Y.: Amer. Tract Soc. Cl. 30 cts.

ranged by Clinton Rice. 8vo. pp. 10. N. Y.: Amer. Nerds


Pap. 25 cts. The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman. By Amendments to the Internal Revenne Law, approved March

Laurence Sterne. Sq. 16 no. pp. 502. N. Y., Ltypoldt & 4,1867. An Act to amend existing Laws relating to Internal Holt CI. $1 23.

Revenue. With full Index. 8vo. pp. 20. N. Y.: Baker,

Voorhis & Co A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy. By Lau

Pap. 23 cts. rence Sterne With the Letters and a Life or the Author.

VENABLE. First Lessons in Numbers. An Easy Illustrated Portr. Sq. 16mv. pp. 317. N. Y.; Leypoldt & Holt. CI.

Arithmetic for Home Instruction and Primary Schools. By $1 25.

Charles S. Venable. 16mo. pp. JIS. N. Y.; Richardson & Stowe. Religious Poems. By Harriet Beecher Stowe. Illustr.

Co. Bds 30 cis. 16ıno. pr. 107. Boston: Ticknor & Fielils. CI. $2.

WALKER Considerations touching Mr. Randall's Bill for the SUMER. The Water Waif: a Tale of Ancient New York. By

Suppression of the National Banky, and for a further IndiaCharles P. Sumner. 18mo. Pp. 100. N. Y.: Beadle & Co.

tion of the Currency. By George Walker, 8vo. Pp. 32. Pap. 10 cts.

Springfield, Mass.: S. Bowles & Co., Prs. Pap. SWEDENBORG Heaven and its Wonders, and Hell. From

WELLS Things Heard and Seen. By Emanuel Swedenborg Demy

Wells' Every Man his own Lawyer and Form Book. 8vo. Pp. 433. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott & Co. CI. $2 50.

A Complete Guide in all Matters of Law and Business Negos

tiations, for every Siate in the Union. New Edition, revised Swift. Gulliver's Travels into several Remote Nations of the

and enlarged. 12mo. pp. 630. N. Y.; B. W. Hitchcock. Bds. World. By Jonathan Swift. With a Sketch of the Author's Life. Sq. 16 mo. pp. x., 311. N. Y.; Leypoldt & Holt. CI. $1 25.

WILLETT. The Five Champions; or, The Backwoods Belle.

By Edward Willett. 18mo. pp. 100. N. Y.: Beadle & Co. THOMAS. The American Fruit Culturist. Containing Practical

Pap. 10 cis. Directions for the Propagation and Cultivation of Fruit-trees in the Nursery, Orchard, and Garden. With Descriptions of Wisconsin. Reports of Cases in the Supreme Conrt of Wisthe Principal American and Foreigu Varieties cultivated in consin. By O. M Copover. January Term, 1865, and June the United States. By John J. Thomas, 480 cuts. Large Term, 1865. 8vo. pp. 754. Madison : Atwood & Rublee. Sbp. 12mo. pp. 511. N. Y., Wm. Wood & Co. CI. $3.

$5 30.

WORKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN GREAT BRITAIN, Aitchenbie's Melchior Gorles, 3 vols. post Svo. 318. 6d. cl. Marsh's (Mrs ) Maidenhood, 3 vols post Svo. 318. 6d. cl. Apocryphal Gospels relating to Christ, tr. by Cowper, cr. 8vo. Massey's Railway Satirist, 12mo. 18. swd. 78 6d cl.

M'Dowell's Mechanics, cr. Svo. 38. 6d cl. Auerbach's On the Heights, 3 vols. 48. 61. sq. swd. (Tauchnitz's Mellor': Ritualism and its Related Dogmas, 12mo. 48. cl. Edit.).

Miller's Questions of the Day, cr. Svo. 2x. 6d. cl. Australia as it is, by a Clergy man, post 8vo. 78. 6d. cl.

Mysterious Parchment, revised by Kirton, 12mo. 18. 6d. cl. Ballads and Legends of Cheshire, collected by Leigh, cr. 8vo. Reynold's Baptism by Christ, 12mo. 18. 60 cl. 20*. cl.

Ritual Reason Why, edit. by Walker, 42mo. 18. cl. Barry's Notes on the Catechism, for Schools, 15mo. 28. cl. Robinson's Literary Reader, Prose Authurs. &c., 12mo. 38. cl. Bartel's Graduated Grman Reader, Svo. 48. Bd. cl.

Seafield's Extraordinary Dreams, 8vo. 18 swd. Belfour's Bible Pattern of a good Woman, 12mo. 18. cl,

Shepherd's North-West Peninsula of Iceland, cr. 8vo. 78. 6d. Betsy Jane Ward, her Book of Goaks, fc. 8vo. 18. swd.

cl. Browne's Treative on the Companies Act, 1862, 8vo. 218 cl. Sidney's Conversations on the Bible and Science, fc. 8vo. 38.6d. Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, its Preservation, &c., 8vo. 28. cl. cl.

Smyth's Handy-Book of the Law of Shipping, 12mo. 2s. cl. Chanter's Over the Cliffs, 12mo. 18. swd.

swd. Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain, vol. 1. roy. 8vo. 108. Snell's Notes on Revelation, with Practical Reflections, 12mo. Cometh up as a Flower, an Autobiography, ? vols, post 8vo.

38. 60 218. el.

Some Habits and Customs of the Working Classes, cr. 8vo. Cornwell's Geography for Beginners, with Questions, 12mo. 78 6d. cl. 18. Ad cl.

Steinmetz's Sunshine and Showers, post Svo. 78, 6d. cl. Criminal Chronology of York Castle, 12mo. cl.

Stephens's Topographical Directory of Great Britain, sq. 38. 6d. Davies's Morality according to the Lord's Supper, cr. Svo. 38. cl. 6d. cl.

Synons's British Rainfall during 1866, 8vo. 58. cl. Duke's Physiological Remarks on Consumption, 8vo. 38. 6d. cl. Taine's The Philosophy of Art, 12mo. 38 cl. Ellis's Madagascar Revisited, illust. Svo. 168. cl.

Taylor's The Path of Repentance, 12mo. 28. 6d, cl. Engineeriug facts and Figures, 1866, cr. 8vo. 68. cl.

Thynne's Off the Line. 2 vols post Svo. 218. cl. Faunthorpe's Elm. Physical Atlas for Map Drawing. obl. 38. Timb's Year-Book of Facts, 1867, 12mo. 58, el. bds,

Todd's Parliamentary Government in England, 2 vols. (Vol. 1) Fleming's Student's Manual of Philosophy, post 8vo 78. 6d. cl. 168. Fry's Our Schools and Colleges, cr. 8vo 38. 6d cl. bds. Trail's Elementary Treatise on Quartz and Opal, 48. cl. Havelock's Three Main Military Questions of the Day, 8vo. 78. Village on the Cliff, by author of “Story of Elizabeth,” 8vo. od cl.

128 6d. cl Holloway's Civilization, Taxation, &c., 8vo. 58. cl.

Vyvyan's Elementary Analytical Geometry, post 8vo. 78. 6d. Janet's Materialism, trans, by Mason, 12mo, 3s. cl.

cl Kelly's Lectures Introductory to Study of the Gospel, cr. 8vo. Which will Triumph? by A, B. Le Geyt, 3 vols. post 8vo. 318. 78. 6.

6d. cl. Leake's Elements of Law of Contracts, 8vo. 228. cl.

Whitworth's Choice and Chance, Two Chapters on Arithmetic, Le Feuvre's Inaugural Address, Society of Eugineers, 8vo. 18.

39. 60. swd

Wood's (Sir Charles) Administration of Indian Affairs, 8vo. 88. Life's Work, or the Emigrant's Home in Australia, 12mo. 38. 6d. 6d el.

Words for Meditation during season of Lent, 12mo. 18. ed. c). Lott's Nights in the Harem, 2 vols. post Svo. 218. cl.

&wd. Lothardt, The Church, its Origin, History, &c., cr. 8vo. 58. cl. Words of Comfort: Songs in the Night, 42mo. 2s. cl.

APRIL 1, 1867.

The Diamond Dickens.

The Publication of this Popular Edition of the COMPLETE WORKS OF CHARLES DICKENS was commenced in January, 1567, and will be continued monthly until the Set is completed. It has been received with enthusiastic favor by the Press and Public, as combining in a remarkable degree both elegance and cheapness.

Already Published: THE PICKWICK PAPERS. Containing fine new portrait of Dickens,

and sixteen full-page illustrations by Eytinge. OUR MUTUAL FRIEND. Containing sixteen full-page illustrations

by Eytinge. DAVID COPPERFIELD. Containing sixteen full-page illustrations

by Eytinge. ILLUSTRATED EDITION, each volume containing sixteen full-page Illustrations, made es

pressly for this edition, elegantly bound in green morocco cloth, $1 50 per volume. PLAIN EDITION, crimson morocco cloth, $1 25.

"Taking the Pickwick Pripers as a specimen, it is safe to say that this edition must stand unrivalled hy any other, Eng!ich or American, in neatness of typography and convenience of size, combined with cheapness."— Nao York Times.

“In typography, binding, compactness, and cheapness, this beautiful Diamond Edition of Dickens leaves nothing to be desired."'-- Philadelphia Ecening Bulletin.

In Preparation:

The Diamond Longfellow.

On the 10th of April will be published A DIAMOND EDITION OF LONGFELLOW'S POEMS. It will include Mr. Longfellow's Complete Poetical Works, and will be issued in one small quarto volume, uniform with the DIAMOND TENNYSON, printed on tinted paper, and tastefully bound in morocco cloth.

This Edition bids fair to be as popular as the DIAMOND TENNYSON, and the DIAMOND DICKENS, now in course of publication.

Just Published:


1.-LIFE OF ANDREW JACKSON. Three volumes By JOHN G. WHITTIER. $1 50.

large 12mno. With Portraits. $900. “The plan of the poem is felicitous. It describes a party of friends who pitched their tear on a New England beach, and Bitted the time genily as they did in the golden age,' by leisure, II.-LIFE AND TIMES OF AARON BURR. 2 vol. talk, song, and saunter... No previous volume of Whittier's

large 12mo. With Portraits. $300. manifests such versatility as this."'- Nero York Times. RELIGIOUS POEMS.


LIN. 2 vols, large With Portraits. $600. An Elegant Volume. $200. "The poems, of which there are thirty-two, all upon reli- IV.-GENERAL BUTLER IN NEW ORLEANS. I gious subjects, are worthy of the fame achieved by the author as a writer of pruse. They are all highly finished, and yet

vol. large 12mo. $300. show no marks of labor, having the ease and grace of freedom of the true poet."- New Bedford Mercury.


GUAGE. From CHAUCER to Saxe. One volume 1200. With RECORDS OF FIVE YEARS.

Portraits, $300. By GRACE GREENWOOD.

1 vol. 16mo. $1 30. "Her descriptions of country scenes are true to the life. She VI.-FAMOUS AMERICANS OF RECENT TIMES. reproduces the landscape in all its breezy and aromatic fresh

I vol. 12mo. With Portrait. $3 00. ness. She takes us into the interior of quiet households, and shows us their ivmates amid the cares and enjoyments of their every-day pursuits. . ... Hier kindly ministrations to the criminals in prison are related with artless pathos, and form an in IF These works are issued in uniform style, elestructive chapter in the history of inoderu samaritaus."'-- New gantly bound. York Tribune.

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APRIL 1, 1867.


443 and 445 Broadway, New York,

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"There is a quiet power in the writings of this gifted author, which is as far removed from the sensational school as any of the modern novels can be."





1 volume, 8vo., cloth. 500 pages. $5. “M. Du Chaillu bas fairly earned the distinction of being the most successful zoological traveller of the present time.” Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences.

"M. Du Chaillu has struck into the very spine of Africa, and has lifted the veil of the torrid zone from its western rivers, swamps, and forests. He bas found therein a variety of new types of living creatures, and others which were only partially and imperfectly known.”The Times.

On the 10th April,




1 volume, 8vo., double columns. Paper covers, $1 50; cloth, $2.

"The historian presents to you the outward face, the external form of history; Historical Romance would show

you the heart of history, and thus bring near to your heart what, else, would stand so far off. To enable him to do this, the writer of an Historical Romance must, indeed, make severe and various studies. He must devote his whole mind and soul to the epoch he would illustrate; he must live in it and feel with it. He must so familiarize himself with all the details, as in a manner to become a child of that epoch; for he can present a really living image of only that which is living in himself. That this requires a deep and earnest study of history is self-evident. Historical Romance demands the study of the historian, together with the creative imagination of the poet. For the free embodiment of the poet can blossom only from out the studio of the historian, as the flower from the seed; as by a reciprocal organic action, the hyacinth is derived from the onion, and the rose from its seed-capsule, so is history and poetry combined in the Historical Romince, giving and receiving life to and from each other.”—Extract from Remarks upon the Historical Romance."

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