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APRIL 1, 1867


New York,




17 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden

London, W. O., Have established an American and Foreign Commission House for Publishing, Bookselling, and the execution generally of

LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC ORDERS both for Import and Export, and have undertaken the continuance of the current miscellaneous business of their brother, MR. HENRY STEVENS, of 4 TRAFALGAR SQUARE, which was commenced in 1845.

In the execution of orders for the purchase or sale of early printed and scarce books they will have the benefit of the advice and long bibliographical experience of MR. HENRY STEVENS, who, as heretofore, devotes himself to the purchase and sale of rare books. Messrs. STEVENS BROTHERS are the special agents of the

International Library Exchange, established by the "American Geographical and Statistical Society of New York," and are constantly making consignments through that Institution of

BOOKS, MAPS, PHILOSOPHICAL APPARATUS, MAGAZINES, &c., for Departments of the U. S. Government, Public Institutions, Libraries, Colleges, and Incor. porated Societies.

Messrs. STEVENS BROTHERS are honored with the special Agency of several American and British Institutions.

Parcels of a literary or scientific character presented by Institutions or individuals in the United States or Canada to individuals or Institutes in Great Britain or on the Continent, are received and distributed with punctuality and economy.

LITERARY, SCIENTIFIC, AND MISCELLANEOUS ORDERS from private individuals will be executed with care and promptitude, and the goods forwarded to any part of the United States or Canada direct, or in the absence of special instructions, through their usual channels.

All Parcels for America, including weekly packages for France and Germany, are forwarded under special arrangements by the INMAN STEAMERS, sailing every Wednesday from Liverpool. Consignments from America are made by the same line every Saturday from New York. Messrs. STEVENS BROTHERS desire to purchase one copy of every

Book, Pamphlet, or Magazine (not a reprint) published in America. They desire also to procure two copies of all

Reports of every Railroad, Canal, Coal, Petroleum, Steamboat, Bank, for any other Incorporated Company in America.

APRIL 1, 1867.

Milton House, Ludgate Hill, London,

January 1, 1867.


SAMPSON LOW & CO. beg to call attention to the following works published by them, of especial value to persons interested in the purchase of English and American Books, at home or abroad:THE PUBLISHERS CIRCULAR, AND GENERAL RECORD OF BRITISH AND

FOREIGN LITERATURE; giving a Transcript of the Title-page, Number of Pages, Plates, Size. Price, and Publisher's Name of every Work published in Great Britain, and every Work of interest published abroad, with Lists of all the Publishing Houses. Published regularly on the 1st and 15th of every Month, and forwarded post-free to all parts of the world on payment of 8s. per annum.

THE ENGLISH CATALOGUE OF BOOKS: giving the Date of Publica

tion of every Book published from 1835 to 1863, in addition to the Title, Size, Price, and Publisher, in One Alphabet. An entirely New Work, combining the Copyrights of the “London Catalogue” and the “British Catalogue.” One thick volume of 900 pages; half morocco, 45s.

*** Supplements for the Years 1864 and 1866, uniform, continue this work to the present date, 3s. 6d. each.


UNITED KINGDOM DURING TWENTY YEARS—1837–1857. Containing as many as 74,000 References, under subjects, so as to insure immediate reference to the books on the subject required, each giving Title, Price, Publisher, and Date. Two valuable Appendices are also given -A, containing full Lists of all Libraries, Collections, Series, and Miscellanies; and B, a List of Literary Societies, Printing Societies, and their Issues. 1 vol. royal 8vo.; morocco, £1 6s. Volume II., from 1857, in preparation.


RATURE: giving the full Title of original Works published in the United States of America. With
comprehensive Index. 8vo., 2s. .
Supplementary Lists sent regularly to purchasers of American books every month.


AND FOREIGN. By JAMES FRASER, Esq. Post 8vo.; cloth, 4s. 6d.




of Trade Communication and Advertising Circular for Stationers and Paper Makers, Printers and Bookbinders; Music, Toy, and Piano-forte Dealers and Manufacturers, and all persons interested in the Fancy Trades. Price 7s. per annum, post free.

SAMPSON LOW & CO. undertake these lection and forwarding of New Books immediately on their publication, and can offer special facilities to Merchants, Shippers, and Booksellers abroad, in obtaining their orders promptly executed in Books, Maps, Stationery, Music, and other branches of the business.



Milton House, Ludgate Hill.

APRIL 1, 1867.



Having concluded to relinquish the Book Publishing business, I will sell, on the most favorable terms, the following works:


most complete and reliable history published. UNION GENERALS. Numerous steel plates.

These works offer extra inducements to publishers.

DR. KANE'S GREAT WORK, ARCTIC EXPLORATIONS, . Superbly illustrated by upwards of 300 Engravings. 2 vols. 8vo. Cloth, $7 50.

* More than 130,000 volumes of this work have been sold. DR. KANE'S FIRST NARRATIVE. The United States Grinnell Expedition

in Search of Sir John Franklin, during the years 1850-51. A Personal Narrative. By Elisa A KENT Kane, M. D., U. S. N. 1 vol. 8vo., upwards of 550 pp., containing 200 Steel Plates and Wood Engravings, including a fine Steel Portrait of Sir John Franklin, being the only one ever edgraved in

America. With a Biography of Franklin, by S. Austin ALLIBONE, LL. D. Cloth, $3. SIR CHARLES LYELL'S NEW BOOK. THE ANTIQUITY OF MAN,

from Geological Evidences. With Remarks on Theories of the Origin of Species by Variation. By Sir Charls LYELL, F. R. S., author of “Principles of Geology,” “Elements of Geology," etc. etc.

Third edition, with Corrections and an Appendix. 8vo. With Illustrations. Pp. 524. $350. ANSTED'S GREAT STONE BOOK OF NATURE. With illustrations. F'cap

8vo. Pp. xvii., 309. $1 25. SIEGE OF RICHMOND. A Narrative of the Military Operations of Major

General George B. McClellan. By Joel Cook. With an Introduction by B. J. Lossing. 12mo. $1 25. THE LIGHT AND DARK OF THE REBELLION. 12mo., pp. 393. By C.

EDWARDS LESTER. $1 25. OUR LIVING REPRESENTATIVE MEN. Containing authenticated Lives

of the most eminent Americans. By John Savage, of Washington, D. C. 12mo. Muslin, $1 25. PARSON BROWNLOW'S BOOK, 1 vol. 12mo., with fine steel Portrait; fully

and characteristically Ilustrated. $1 25. ROLLO AND LUCY BOOKS OF POETRY. By JACOB ABBOTT, author of the

Rollo Books, &c. 3 vols. 16mo. Illustrated with Original Drawings. Just Ready. Per set, $2 25. WELLS' FAMILIAR SCIENCE; or, the Scientific Explanation of the Principles

of Natural and Physical Science, and their practical and familiar applications to the employments

and necessities of common life. Illustrated with upwards of 160 Engravings. Large octavo. $1 75. PROF. HOWS' PRACTICAL ELOCUTIONIST, and Academical Reader and

Speaker. 12mo. $1 50.

Propositions for any of the above Stereotype Plates will be entertained, and they will be sold a great bargain.

GEO. W. CHILDS, 628 and 630 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

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TRÜBNER & CO., 60 Paternoster Row, London. GUSTAVE BOSSANGE & CO., 25 Quai Voltaire, Paris F. A. BROCKHAUS, Leipsic.


HENRY LEMMING, 9 Calle de la Paz, Madrid.
GEO, N. DAVIS, 119 Rua Direita, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Agent for South America.
A. ROMAN, San Francisco, California, Agent for the Pacific Coast.
STEPHENS & CO., 10 Calle Mercaderes, Habana, Agents for the West Indies.

Subscriptions or Advertisements for the "American Literary Gazette" will be received by the above Agents, and they will forward

to the Editor any Books or Publications intended for notice.

APRIL 15, 1867.

OUR CONTINENTAL CORRESPONDENCE. dence,' which forms the 19th, 20th, and 21st vol.

Paris, March 1, 1867. umes of the original edition of the Complete Works This has been the fortnight of letter-writing. I of Henri Heine,' published at Hamburgh, by MN. mentioned to you some time since MM. Michel Levy Hoffman & Campe, the publishers by contract, in intended publishing the complete correspondence the same manner as I am of Mme. Heine, and the of Heinrich Heine. As soon as his widow heard of German publishers of her husband above forty years, it she brought suit to restrain the publication. as I have been his French publisher these last fourThe newspapers mentioned it, and expressed a teen years. This origin of my translation is a mahope she would, upon reflection, desist from the terial fact which is easy to be ascertained, and legal proceedings. She replied by this letter : which Mme. Heine, or rather her advisers, bare

"Sir: How did you hear of the action I have not taken the trouble to examine, but which canbrought against M. Michel Levy? I lead a very not escape the attention of a court of justice. DIM. retired life, and do not make a noise about the senti- | Binger Brothers, of Amsterdam, have pnblished ment which has led me to avenge the memory of an unauthorized edition of some of Henri Heine's my husband outrageously insulted. These are the works. This is the elition which Mme. Heine facts. I have often heard it said that literary men complained to me about two or three years ago, are mere children in business compared with pub- and of which she gave me a copy as evidence, in lishers. I am a woman; judge of my inexperience case I thought proper to bring suit against the when I entered into business arrangements with publishers. But I borrowed absolutely nothing M. Michel Levy. But he was so kind, so obliging, from this edition. I have never translated one I could not have thought of distrusting him. One single line from it. which I should have demonday, touched by his solicitude, I told him some strated to Mme. Heine, if before sending me process foreign publisher had issued letters from my hus- she had been good enongh to call on me about the band which were styled private, but which really business, as my good relations with her perhaps were fabricated. I was distressed by it, but how should have prompted her to do. I still hope that, could I bring suit in Germany ? M. Levy replied, convinced of my good faith, after seeing these palProcure me the volumes and I will sue the pub- pable proofs of it, Mme. Heine will dismiss the lisher, laying the damages at $20,000. I mention suit which blundering advisers have made her these figures for the sake of accuracy. I desired bring so thoughtlessly against me. I remain, etc. only one thing, namely, to prevent that publica

MICHEL LEVI. tion, and I was so fortunate as to meet a protector P. S. Mme. Heine speaks of her inexperience, and who would see that I attained my ends! I investi- suggests that I took advantage of it when I made my gated the matter, and was led to purchase seven contract with her. Now I did not negotiate it with volumes in German, which I gave to him. Months, Mme. Heine. It was with M. Embden, a Hamburgh years passed away. I requested M. Michel Levy merchant, Henri Heine's cousin and friend, whom io return me the volumes I had confided to him, she charged with the business and who came to as he made no use of them in the defence of my Paris expressly to arrange the matter with me. rights; but he was always so busy, and those Ger- Mme. Heine had nothing to do with it except to man books were so far away under piles of books, write her name at the foot of the contract, just as that I waited patiently, and was still waiting, when she probably did at the foot of the letter she sent I heard, in a very indirect way, M. Michel Levy was

you.' about to publish the fabricated and translated let

Widows do not seem to have changed since the ters, which, at one time, had excited his anger. days of the elder Mr. Weller. This is the reason I have brought suit. Did you

Here is a letter from M. Dupin, the well-known know these facts, sir ? You will no longer have a dramatic anthor, about an anecdote often told of right to laugh at me. You, in turn, have played Scribe (with whom he wrote sixty-five pieces) which M. Michel Levy's game. You thought he told you deserves a place here. It is addressed to M. Timoabont a curious lawsuit, while his object was to get thée Trimm (M. Leo Lespès), the chief editor of ten lines from you in your newspaper, knowing “Le Petit Journal." perfectly well that written by you they would be a

“Sir: An anecdote as improbable as ridienlous recommendation which would enable him to sell, about Michel et Christine was told some years before the decision of the courts, a great many vol since in a stupid pamphlet. Scribe and I, pot es. umes. I remain, Widow Henri Heine."

pecting the anecdote would be repeated by other M. Michel Levy replied :

people, did not think worth while to refute it. M. “Sir: The reflections raised in your mind by the Timothée Trimm has echoed this improbable story, action brought against us by Mme. Heine concern. which can astonish nobody; for although very old ing her husband's correspondence, the first two as a newspaper writer, M. Timothée Trimm is very volumes of which we have published, have led to a young in theatrical matters ; besides, he touches so-called correction signed by her, and she accuses superficially on every question, and perhaps he was you of being good naturedly my lawyer to puff me. unable to find in his encyclopædia a report of the You know how unfounded the latter accusation is. first performance of Michel et Christine. This is As to the substance of the discussion, it is not in a the pretended anecdote: The day of the first newspaper ; I can fully explain it. I content myself performance of Michel et Christine, Scribe invited hy saying, in order to justify myself, that the first Dupin to come to his box. The piece was played. article of the contract I made with Mme. Heine, on What was M. Dupin’s astonishment when the actor the 28th January, 1865, runs: “Mme. Henri Heine who announced the authors mentioned his name. sells and cedes to MM. Michel Levy Frères-1st. The and when Scribe said to him: 'It is the five act melo full and entire property of all the published and drama you gave me, I have made a one act piece of liereafter to be published works of Henri Heine. 2d. it. Now was it possible I could not know my piece The exclusive right of translation into French of all when I was present at every rehearsal, and not one the works of Henri Heine published in German. of them took place without my assistanee! M. 3d. The right of translation into French of all the Timothée Trimm says I was in the theatre the nigbt posthumous and unpublished works of Henri Heine of the first performance. He onght to know that an which may be published.' By virtue of rights ; anthor, fearing his barque may founder, does not conceded me in so explicit a manner by this article willingly expose himself to hear the roar of an I have had translated · Henri Heine's Correspon- / angry pit. Thank heaven, our barque reached port

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