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APRIL 15, 1867.

laugh over "Parson Bullin's Lizards" several years
ago. Others in the collection are among the best
specimens of this sort of facetious literature.
Siege of Washington, D. C. Written Expressly for
Little People. By F. Colburn Adams, Capt.,
author of "Story of a Trooper," etc. pp. 130.
New York: Dick & Fitzgerald.

The Captain wields a lively pen, and under the rather thin disguise of a story for little folks, gives


us a spicy volume mingling truth and keen irony Marriage in the United States. By Auguste Carlier.
with personal likes and dislikes. The grotesque-
ness of the illustrations is quite amusing.

Translated from the French by B. Joy Jeffries,
A. M., M. D. pp. xv., 179. Boston: De Vries,
Ibarra & Co.

Black Sheep. By Edmund Yates, author of "Broken to Harness," etc. pp. 166. New York: Harper

& Brothers.

This is No. 289 of Harper's "Library of Select Novels." Mr. Yates is a rising man among the younger English novelists.

The original work appeared, we believe, seven or eight years ago. It questions, in many particulars, the statements and deductions of De Tocqueville with reference to the respect paid to the marriage tie in the United States. There are three chapters, the first and second treating of marriage in France and in England, while the third, which occupies subdivisions the subject of marriage in the United the greater part of the volume, discusses in various


Annual of Scientific Discovery; or, Year-Book of
Facts in Science and Art for 1866 and 1867: Ex-States. The freedom of divorce prevailing here is
hibiting the Most Important Discoveries and Im-
provements in Mechanic Useful Arts; Natural
Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology,
Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Meteorology, Ge-
ography, Antiquities, etc. Together with Notes
on the Progress of Science during the Years 1865
and 1866, a List of Recent Scientific Publications,
Obituaries of Eminent Scientific Men, etc. Edited
by Samuel Kneeland, A. M., M. D. pp. xii., 370.
Boston: Gould & Lincoln.

very strongly reprobated by the author.
Backbone: Photographed from "The Scalpel." By
Edward H. Dixon, M. D. pp. xii., 396. New
York: Robert M. De Witt.

The present volume of the "Annual" includes the years 1865 and 1966, each of them prolific in scientific discovery. The general utility of the series is well known.


The Votary: a Narrative Poem. By Jas. D. Hewett.
pp. 123.
New York: G. W. Carleton & Co.
Occasional lines are here and there met which
lack harmony, but the entire production indicates
the possession of poetic fancy and power of ex-
pression. The narrative deals vigorously with love
and passion, and the reader will find himself im-
pressed by it.

ers of English poetry. It has been republished by Mr. Widdleton in admirable style, and he has caused the "arguments" revised from the standard edition of Dryden to be prefixed to each book. From an "Introductory Note" we learn that Mr. Conyngton was born at Boston, Lincolnshire, in 1825, and that he entered upon his professorship at Oxford in 1854.

Dr. Dixon here gives us another volume of selections from "The Scalpel." The general title of the volume indicates an article in which the Doctor The contents are of a is by no means deficient. diversified character; in fact, scarcely anything is omitted from notice that furnishes, in society or in medical practice, an objective point of attack. The American Fruit Culturist: containing Practical Directions for the Propagation and Culture of Fruit Trees in the Nursery, Orchard, and Garden, with Descriptions of the Principal American and Foreign Varieties. By John J. Thomas. Illustrated with 480 accurate figures. pp. vi., 511. New York: William Wood & Co. The present edition of this work has been newly arranged, and most of it rewritten. It is not a professed treatise on the pomology of the country, but a guide to the practical cultivator in the manage


A New and Practical System of the Culture of Voice and Action, and a Complete Analysis of the Human Passions; with an Appendix of Readings and Recitations designed for Public Speakers, Teachers, and Students. By Prof. J. F. Frobisher. pp. 262. New York: Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman & Co. Mr. Frobisher's work impresses us very favorably.

It is sensible and practical, and shows knowledgement of the nursery, fruit garden, and orchard. The text appears to be thorough and complete, and there are illustrations on almost every page.

of the subject. He has had large experience in teaching elocution, and is quite capable of making suggestions useful to speakers.

The Eneid of Virgil. Translated into English Verse by John Conyngton, M. A., Corpus Professor of Latin in the University of Oxford. pp. xxiv., 482. New York: W. J. Widdleton.

One could scarcely have supposed that the flex

ible metre with which Scott has familiarized us would have been adequate to represent the sonorous hexameters of Virgil. Yet the Oxford Professor has boldly employed it for that purpose, and the best critical authority of England has pronounced the attempt to do so a success. It is in that respect a literary curiosity. At the same time, no other version is so faithful to the original. It is fresh and vivacious, and has the air of an original production rather than of a translation, to such an extent that it has had quite a run in England among the read


Catalogue of an Extensive Collection of Choice Books, in several Departments of Literature and Science, comprising Rare and Standard Works, to be sold at Auction on the Evenings of April 18, 19, and 20, 1867, by S. G. Hubbard, Cincinnati. pp. 56.

Catalogue of Choice, Useful, and Curious Books on
sale at the moderate prices affixed by John Rus-
sell Smith, London. No. 89. pp. 48.
Catalogue of a Part of the Stock of English and
Foreign Law Books recently received from Lon-
don by Jayne & Denham, New York. pp. 18.
Catalogue of American and Foreign Scientific Books,
for sale by D. Van Nostrand, New York. pp. 38.
The Pennsylvania School Journal, for April, 1867.
pp. 239-252. Lancaster: William B. Wiley.
The United States Bankrupt Law, passed at the
Second Session of the 39th Congress, March, 1867.
To which are added the Exemption Laws of Wis-
consin, and a Digest of Decisions thereon; also
a Brief Summary of the Household and Home-
stead Exemption Laws of the States of Iowa,
Michigan, and Minnesota. pp. 31. Milwaukee:
Strickland & Co.

[blocks in formation]

CABIN (THE) IN THE BRUSH. the Brush," etc. Illustr. & Co. Cl. 90 cts.

APRIL 15, 1867.

N. Y. R. Carter & Bros. Cl. 45 cts.
By the Author of "Marion through | How PETER'S POUND BECAME A PENNY. Illustr. 18mo. pp. 106.
HUBBARD. The Education of Deaf-Mutes: shall it be by Signs
18mo. pp. 249. Phila.: J. P. Skelly
or Articulation? By Gardiner G. Hubbard. 8vo. pp. 36.
Boston: A. Williams & Co. Pap. 30 cts.


CERVANTES. The History of Don Quixote de la Mancha. With
Illustrations by Gustave Doré. 12mo. pp. 424. N. Y.: M.
Doolady. $1 50.


By the author of "Mattie: A Stray," etc. CHRISTIE'S FAITH 12mo. pp. 519. New York: Harper & Brothers. Cl. $1 75. Svo. CLARK Records of the Descendants of Hugh Clark, of Watertown, Mass. 1640-1866. By John Clark. Portraits. pp. 260. Boston: The Author. Cl. $5.


CONYNGHAM. The Irish Brigade and its Campaigns. With some Account of the Corcoran Legion, and Sketches of the Principal Officers. By Capt. D. P. Conyngham. 12mo. pp. 599. N. Y.: W. McSorley & Co. Cl. 82 25.



Christocracy; or, Essays on the Coming and Kingdom of Christ. With Answers to the PrinN. Y.: A. Lloyd. cipal Objections of Postmillenarians. By John T. Demarest and William R. Gordon. 12mo. pp. 403. Cl. $2.



JOURNAL OF MATERIA MEDICA. Edited by J. Bates, M. D., and
H. A. Tilden. [Resumed.] January, 1867. 8vo. pp. 32.
New Lebanon, N. Y.: Brown & Sedgwick, Prs.
per year, $1.
KAVANAGH. Sybil's Second Love. By Julia Kavanagh. 12mo.
pp. 432. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co. Cl. $2.

18mo. pp. 80.

DIX. Historical Recollections of St. Paul's Chapel, New York
With an Account of the Services at
N. Y.: F. J.
By Rev. Morgan Dix.
8vo. pp. 64.
its Centennial Anniversary.
Pap. 50 cts.
Huntington & Son,
DU CHAILLU. A Journey to Ashango-Land, and Further Pene-
By Paul B. Du Chaillu.
tration into Equatorial Africa.
Illustr. and Map. 8vo. pp. xxiv., 501. N. Y.: D. Appleton
& Co. Cl. $5.


By Aunt Friendly.
N. Y.: Evang. Knowl. Soc. Cl. 35 ets.
LACKLAND. Homespun; or, Five-and-twenty Years Ago. By
N. Y.: Hurd & Hough-
Thomas Lackland. 16mo. pp. 346.
ton. Cl. $1 75.

LEEDOM. The Voyage to Harlem Thirty Years Ago, and other
Poems. By R J. Leedom. Illustr. Sm. 4to. pp. 111. Phila.:
T. Elwood Zell. Cl. $5.

EDMONDS. Reconstruction of the Union.

In a Letter to Hon. E. D. Morgan. By Judge Edmonds. 8vo. pp. 89. N. Y.: Amer. News Co. Pap. 50 cts.

By Mira
ELDREDGE. Drops of Water from Many Fountains.
Eldredge. 16mo. pp. 216. N. Y.: Foster & Palmer, Jr. Cl.


of a Voyage to New York and a Tour in several of the
American Colonies, by Jasper Dankers and Peter Sluyter,
of Wilwerd in Friesland. Translated from the Original MS.
in Dutch for the Long Island Historical Society, and edited,
by Henry C. Murphy. 8vo. pp. viii., xlvii., 440. 12 Plates.
Brooklyn: The Society. Cl. 84.
By David N. Lord.
Ten Kingdoms and the Antichrist?
LORD. Louis Napoleon: is he to be the Imperial Chief of the
12mo. pp. 551. N. Y.: Franklin Knight. Cl. $2 50.

EMERSON. Internal Revenue Guide, 1867. Containing the Law
of June 30, 1863, as amended March 3, 1865, July 13, 1866,
and March 2, 1867. With Decisions, Rulings, Circulars, Ex-
emptions, etc. etc. With Digest and Alphabetical Index
8vo. pp. 401. Springfield, Mass.: S.
By C. N. Emerson.
Bowles & Co. Pap. $1.
FROBISHER. A New and Practical System of Culture of Voice
and Action, and a Complete Analysis of the Human Passions.
With an Appendix of Readings and Recitations. Designed
for Public Speakers, Teachers, and Students. By Prof. J. E.
N. Y.: Ivison, Phinney, Blake-
Frobisher. 12mo. pp. 264.
man & Co. Cl. $1 50.

MASSACHUSETTS (The) RegistER, 1867. Containing a Record of
State and County Officers, and a Directory of Mechanics,
Boston: Sampson, Da-
Manufacturers, etc. Svo. pp. 800.
venport & Co. Cl. $3.

MILL. Inaugural Address at the University of St. Andrew's,
Feb. 1, 1867. By John Stuart Mill, Rector. [Repr. from the
Boston: Littell & Gay. Pap.
Living Age] 8vo. pp. 31.

25 cts.

Evangelical Sisterhoods. In Two Letters to a Friend. Edited
by W. A. Muhlenberg. Sq. 18mo. pp. 59. N. Y.: Evang.
Knowl. Soc. Cl. 50 cts.; pap. 23 cts.

St. Johnland: Ideal and Actual. By W. A. Muhlenberg.
N. Y. T. Whittaker. Pap. 50 cts.
8vo. pp. 54.
Illustr. 18mo.
MY NEPHEW FRANKIE. By Auntie Comfort.
Boston: Mass. S. S. Soc. Cl. 40 cts.
pp. 76.
NEW Jersey (THE) MAGAZINE. Vol. 1, No. 1. May, 1867. 8vo.
pp. 96. Newark: N. J. State Literary Union. Pap., monthly,
per year, $3.

Boston: Mass. S. S. Soc. Cl. 45 cts.
pp. 104.
OLD BRIGHT, and other Stories. By M. A. C. Illustr. 18mo.
OLD ENOCH'S VERBENA. By Aunt Friendly. 18mo. N. Y. :
Evang. Knowl. Soc. Cl. 35 cts.

FROUDE. History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the
By J. A. Froude. Vols. 8, 9; being
Death of Elizabeth.
Cr. 8vo. pp xiii, 302; xiv.,
Reign of Elizabeth, vols. 3, 4.
565. N. Y. Scribner & Co. Cl. per vol. $3.

GAYLORD. Culm Rock, the Story of a Year. By Glance Gay-
Boston: H. Hoyt. Cl. $1 75.
lord. Illustr. 16mo. pp. 432.
Phila. J. P.
18mo. pp. 108.
Author of "Basil." Illustr.
Skelly & Co. Cl. 45 cts.
North Adams, by Laughton Osborn. 12mo. pp. 262. N. Y.: M. Doolady.
GLADDEN. Amusements: their Uses and their Abuses. A Ser- OSBORN. The Silver Head. The Double Deceit.
Cl. $2.
By Rev. W. Gladden. 8vo. pp. 31.
Pap 25 cts.
Mass.: J. T. Robinson & Co., Prs.
GOODWIN. Congregationalism. 8vo. pp. 8. N. Y.: Amer. Con PALMER.
gregational Union. Pap. gratis.


Our Country Must be Saved. The Voice of God to Five Letters to the American Congregational Churches. Rev. A. Phelps, D. D. By Rev. Ray Palmer, D. D. 8vo. pp. 32. N. Y.: Amer. Congregational Union. Pap. gratis. PAULDING. Literary Life of J. K. Paulding. Compiled by his Son, W. I. Paulding. Portr. Cr. 8vo. pp. 397. N. Y.: Scribner & Co. Cl. $250.

Illustr. 18mo. pp. 217. Boston: Mass. S. S. Soc. Cl. 65 cts.
PHELPS. Tiny's Sunday Nights. By Elizabeth S. Phelps.
PоE. The Prose Tales of Edgar Allan Poe. First Series. 12mo.
pp. 498. N. Y.; W. J. Widdleton. Cl. $2 25.

Joan of Arc. A Biography.
French by Sarah M. Grimke.
ton: Adams & Co. Cl. $1 50.
HALE. Homeopathic Materia Medica of the New Remedies:
their Botanical Description, Medical History, Pathogenetic
Effects, and Therapeutical Application in Homeopathic Prac-
tice. By E. M. Hale, M. D. Second Edition, Revised and
Enlarged. 8vo. pp. 1077. Detroit: Dr. E. A. Lodge. Hf.
mor. $9.
HALL. True Protestant Ritualism. Being a Review of a Book
entitled "The Law of Ritualism." By Rev. C. H. Hall, D. D.
Phila. J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $150.
16mo. pp. 210.
HARRIS. Sut Lovingood. Yarns Spun by a "Nat'ral Born
Warped and Wove for Public Wear.
Durn'd Fool "
George W. Harris. 12mo. pp. 299. N. Y.: Dick & Fitzgerald.
CL. $1 50.
HELENA'S HOUSEHOLD: a Tale of Rome in the First Century.
N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros. Cl. $2.
Illustr. 12mo. pp. 422.
By M. H.
HENRY MORGAN; or, The Sower and the Seed.
Illustr. 18mo. pp. 102. Phila.: J. P. Skelly & Co. Cl. 45

Same. Second Series.

$2 25.


ets. HEWETT.

BosTranslated from the 16mo. pp. 108.

By James D.
A Narrative Poem.
The Votary.
Hewett. 12mo. pp. 123. N. Y.: G. W. Carleton & Co.
HOUSEHOLD READING: Selections from the "Congregationalist,"
1849-1866. 8vo. pp. xi., 49S. Boston: J. G. James & Co.
Cl. $2
How PAUL'S PENNY BECAME A POUND. Illustr. 18mo. pp. 158.
N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros. Cl. 60 cts.

A Discussion of its Historical Claims.
With a Bibliography of the Subject. 8vo. pp. 72. Boston:
Wiggin & Lunt. Pap. $1.

PORTER. The Vowel Elements in Speech: a Phonological and
Philological Essay, setting forth a New System of the Vowel
Sounds. By Samuel Porter. [Repr. from the Amer. Journ.
of Sci. and Arts.] 8vo. pp. 40. N. Y.: B. Westermann & Co.
Pap. 40 cts.

Sanitary Commission, held at New York, April, 1864. With RECORD (A) OF THE METROPOLITAN FAIR in Aid of the U. S. Photographs. 4to. pp. 261. N. Y.: Hurd & Houghton. Cl.

85. A Reply to Mr. REED. President Reed of Pennsylvania. George Bancroft and Others. 8vo. pp. 132. Phila.: H. Challen. Pap. $1. SANITARY COMMISSION. See RECORD OF THE METROPOLITAN FAIR. A Novel. By John SaunSAUNDERS. The Lion in the Path. ders. 8vo. pp. 257. N. Y.: Hilton & Co. Pap. 75 cts.

APRIL 15, 1867.


SCOTT. Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott. With Biographical and Critical Memoir by F. T. Palgrave. 12mo. pp. 559. Phila.: J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $2. (London print) SCOUGAL. The Life of God in the Soul of Man; or, The Nature and Excellency of the Christian Religion. By Rev. H. Scougal. With Rules for a Holy Life, by Archbishop Leighton. ismo. pp. 161. N. Y.: Evang. Knowl. Soc. Cl. 75 cts. SIEGE (THE) OF CHARLESTON, by the British Fleet and Army,

which terminated in the Surrender of that Place on the 12th May, 1780. 2 Portraits. Sm. 4to. pp. 224. Albany: J. Munsell. Pap. $5. (By subscription.)

SIEGE (THE) OF SAVANNAH, by the Combined American and
French Forces, in the Autumn of 1779. Portr. Sm 4to. pp.
187. Albany: J. Munsell. Pap. $1. (By subscription.)

STONE. Moderation and Toleration in Theology. A Sermon. By J. K. Stone, Professor in Kenyon College. 8vo. pp. 22. Gambier, O.: Western Episcopalian Office. Pap. 25 ets. STORER. On the Decrease of the Rate of Increase of Population now obtaining in Europe and America. By H. R. Storer. [Repr. from the Amer. Journ. Sci.] 8vo. pp. 15. N. H.: Amer. Journ. Sci. Pap.

TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the North Reformed Dutch Church,
Newark, N. J. 8vo. pp. 38. Newark: Daily Advertiser |
Office. Pap. 50 cts.

THACKERAY. The History of Pendennis. By W. M. Thackeray.
Diamond Edition. Illustr. Sq. 16mo. pp. 480. N. Y.: M.
Doolady. Pap. $1 50.

Afterglow (The), Songs and Sonnets for my Friends, 12mo. 58. cl.
Bethell's The Sea-Gull, from the Spanish, 2 vols. post Svo.
Bloxam's Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic, Svo. 16s. cl.
Bonar's Hymns, Faith and Hope, 3d series, 32mo. 18. 6d. cl.
Brinton's Intestinal Obstruction, post 8vo. 58. cl.
Casey's Wreath of Shamrock (Poems), 12mo. 2s. 6d. cl.
Catullus, trans. into English Verse, by Cranstoun, cr. Svo. 78.
6d. cl.

Collier's Margorie Dudingstoune, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 218. cl.
Cottage Readings in Exodus, 12mo. 58. cl.
Ersilia, or the Ordeal, cr. 8vo. 10s. 6d. cl.
Eyre (Edward John), Governor of Jamaica, Life of, cr. 8vo.
68. cl.
Ferrybridge's Naples and Sicily under the Bourbons, post 8vo.
108. 6d.

TROUSSEAU. Lectures on Clinical Medicine. By A Trousseau,
Translated and Edited, with Notes and Appendices, by P.V.
Bazire, MD. Part 2. 8vo. pp. 277 to 512. Phila.: Lindsay
& Blakiston. Hf. cl. $3; pap. $2.

Goddard's Joyce Dormer's Story, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 218. cl.
Groser's The Teacher's Model, 12mo. 18. 6. cl. swd.
Halms's The Child of the World, trans. by Faber, Svo. 38. 6d. cl.
Hetherington's Selim the Nasakchi, 12mo. 38. cl.
Kelly (Rev. Denis), Posthumous Sermons, post 8vo. 38. 6d. cl.
Laing's The Theory of Business, post 8vo. 58. el.
Lectures delivered at Exeter Hall, Nov. '66-Feb. '67, cr. 8vo.
28. 6d. cl.

TYNG. The Prayer-Book, Illustrated by Scripture, for Sunday-
Schools. In a Series of Eight Numbers. By Rev. S. H Tyng,
D. D. Third Series. The Gospels. 24mo. pp. 170. N. Y.
Evang. Knowl. Soc. Hf. cl. 20 cts.

TYNG. The True Yoke-Fellow, A Commemorative Sermon on the Life and Labors of the Rev. W. M. Van Wagener. By Rev. S H. Tyng, Jr. 2mo. pp. 46. N. Y. Pap.

1867. Being a Directory to the best Hotel in nearly all the
Principal Cities and Towns throughout the United States.
With Supplement, containing further Information.
pp. 165. N. Y,: J. Miller. Pap. 25 cts.


VIRGIL. The Eneid of Virgil. Translated into English Verse by John Conington, M. A. Cr. 8vo. pp. 482. N. Y.: W. J. Widdleton. Cl. $250.

WARREN. General Problems of Shades and Shadows. By S. E. Warren, C. E. Plates. 8vo. pp. xiii., 140. N. Y. J. Wiley & Son. Cl. $3 50.

WHARTON. The Silence of Scripture. By Rev. F. Wharton. 18mo. pp. xii., 122. Boston: E. P. Dutton & Co. CI. $1.

CL. $3.
YATES. Black Sheep. A Novel.
Pp. 166.
N. Y.: Harper & Bros.


Leaves of Grass. By Walt Whitman. Fourth 12mo. pp. 338, 72, 21, 36. N. Y.: The Author.

| Liber Librorum, its Structure, Limitations, and Purpose, STO. 78. 6d.

By Edmund Yates. Sro.
Pap. 50 cts.

Loth's Conversational Guide to Paris Exhibition, 12mo. 18, så.
Malan on Ritualism, post 8vo. 48. el.
Massary's Our Cousins in Australia, er. Svo. 78. 6d. el.
Maudsley's Physiology and Pathology of the Mind, Sro.
168. cl.

My Son's Wife, by the author of "Caste," 3 vols. post 8vo. 318. 6d. cl.

Playfair's Fishes of Zanzibar, royal 4to. 638. cl.
Redding's A Wife and not a Wife, 3 vols. post Svo. 31s. 6d. el.
Resurrection (The) and the Sabbath, cr. Svo, 68, el.
Scott's Statistical Vindication of the City of London, Sve. 2.
6. cl.

Seller and Stephens's Physiology at the Farm, Svo. 16s. el.
Sewell's Journal of a Home Life, post Svo 98. 6d. el
Stallard's London Pauperism amongst Jews and Christians,
128. cl.
Tayler's Character of the Fourth Gospel, Svo. 58. cl.
Taylor's Reconciliation, or How to be Saved, cr. 8vo. 38. 6d. cl.
Trench's Studies in the Gospels, 8vo. 10s. 6d. el.
Vincent's Sir Hubert Marston, 3 vols post Svo. 318. 6d. cl.
Yates's Black Sheep, 3 vols. post Svo. 318. 6d. el.






By G. MORGAN ELDRIDGE, of the Philadelphia Bar.

Octavo. Paper covers, price 50 cents.

Sent to any address, post-paid, on receipt of price.

Early orders from the Trade solicited, to whom the usual discount will be given.

JOHN E. POTTER & CO., Publishers,
Nos. 614 and 617 Sansom Street, Philadelphia,

APRIL 15, 1867.



MESSES. TICKNOR & FIELDS have great pleasure in announcing that Mr. Longfellow's Translation of Dante is just ready, and will be issued complete during the present season, in the following order: THE INFERNO, or Part I., will appear in April; THE PURGATORIO, or Part II., will appear in May; THE PARADISO, or Part III., will appear in June; forming (in Three Volumes, royal 8vo., in bevelled boards and gilt top) the whole of the Divine Comedy. Price $5 per Volume.

The publication of this important work will be the literary event of the year, and the Publishers have spared no expense to produce the volumes in a style to correspond with their character.

In Press:

LUCILE. By Owen Meredith.

Blue and Gold Edition.

The Diamond Dickens.

The Publication of this Popular Edition of the COMPLETE WORKS OF CHARLES DICKENS was commenced in January, 1867, and will be continued monthly until the Set is completed. It has been received with enthusiastic favor by the Press and Public, as combining in a remarkable degree both elegance and cheapness.

Already Published:

THE PICKWICK PAPERS. Containing fine new portrait of Dickens,

and sixteen full-page illustrations by EYTINGE.

OUR MUTUAL FRIEND. Containing sixteen full-page illustrations

Containing sixteen full-page illustrations

NICHOLAS NICKLEBY. Containing sixteen full-page illustrations by





ILLUSTRATED EDITION, each volume containing sixteen full-page Illustrations, made expressly for this edition, elegantly bound in green morocco cloth, $1 50 per volume.

PLAIN EDITION, crimson morocco cloth, $1 25.

"Taking the Pickwick Papers as a specimen, it is safe to say that this edition must stand unrivalled by any other, English or American, in neatness of typography and convenience of size, combined with cheapness."-New York Times.

In typography, binding, compactness, and cheapness, this beautiful Diamond Edition of Dickens leaves nothing to be desired."-Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.

The Diamond Longfellow.

Comprising all the Poetical Works of HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW, in one elegant volume, uniform with the DIAMOND TENNYSON. $150.

* For sale by all Booksellers. Sent postpaid on receipt of price by the Publishers,


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