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279 that the new creature is not produced by best of men to start aside from the the mere natural effect of a mutilated regular and common orbit of opinion gospel on a carnal heart. I do not believe that genuine love to Christ arises subject. Reflecting on this novel sen

on every plain and every important 10 that which relieved him from his dis- țiment, we have sometimes thought

how much we should like to be tress.”

present at one of the meetings of In this extract we have printed a the Doctor's church, merely to witfew words in Italic solely for the ness his looks while the congregapurpose of shewing, what are the tion were engaged in singing the two particular things in it. of which we following verses of our favourite,' complain If there be any meaning Watts—we say the congregation, bein the paragraph, Dr. R. evidently cause it were absurd to suppose that intends to insinuate that his oppo- the Doctor himself could, with his nents do hold,“ that regeneration, or present views of the matter, join in the new creature, is not only pro- the song. duced by means of the word of the

Till God in human flesh I see, truth -of the gospel, but that it is

My thoughts no comfort find; “ the effect of a mutilated gospel !"- The holy, just, and sacred three, nor is that all-it must be “the mere Are terrors to my mind. natural effect of a mutilated gospel” But when Immanuel's face appears, -consequently without the influence My hope, my joy begins / of the Holy Spirit! If there be per- His name forbids my slavish fears, sons who hold any such strange senti

His grace removes my sins. ments as these, Dr. Ryland most of As to the accounts of Mr. Fuller, course be prepared to point them given in these Sermons, they are so out. We call upon him, therefore, uniformly encomiastic, that we are to furnish their names, and direct afraid superficial readers must be us to their writings; for should be in danger of mistaking him for one fail to do this, we need not apprise uniform compound of excellence ; him of the serious consequences that than which, nothing could be more such a statement must entail upon his erroneous; and we rejoice to think own character. Surely, to vindicate that Mr. Fuller had no such view of his own principles it could not be his own character ! We believe that necessary to caricature those of other to his latest hour he was engaged in people!

a spiritual conflict with his inbred As to Rr. Ryland's own speculation corruptions, and mortifying the deeds on the means of regeneration, or in of the body. But in these Sermons what it consists, that is altogether there is no attempt at discrimination another affair, and we believe his —every thing about him was unibrethrep would freely allow him to forinly excellent! “To say that Mr. indulge his own opinion concerning Fuller had no faults,” says a correit without molestation; but if, while spondent, “is to say that he was no they are thus peaceably conducting man. Moses, you know, wrote the themselves, he, by so foul an attack, faults of Aaron ; Mark, those of rouse them to self-defence, his alone Peter ; and Luke, those of Paul.” must be the blame. In our humble We may add to this judicious rejudgment his sentiment is altogether mark, that Mr. Fuller in examining unscriptural, and we moreover think the history of the patriarchs, has that it was not unaptly characterized unreservedly exposed the spots and the other day, by a worthy Minister blemishes that were to be found in of the establishment, as a species the characters of those illustrious of spiritual Quixotism." But let worthies. Surely it cannot be preDr. Ryland be comforted with the tended that he himself was more exreflection, that the fine-spun theory empt from the infirmities of our corwhich has occupied so much of bis rupted nature than was the father of attention and zeal, will in all proba- the faithful. But we need not enlarge bility, be kept afloat during the term on this point: the public will, we of his natural life; if it be after-trust, very soon be in possession of wards remembered, it can only be such an account of this extraordi

a memorial of the wayward- nary man, as will supersede all the ness of the human mind, and of details that have yet been given, or the propensity that there is in the any that may be in contemplation.


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Beligious and Literary Intelligence.

As we

BAPTIST-MISSIONARY SOCIETY. the instruction of his countrymen in the cannot learn that any fresh gospel. He has been long in the habit of

reading the Scriptures; and we have, ou communications from the East have ar

mature consideration sent him with brorived since our last publication, we shall here select from the Periodical Accounts, Allahabad:

ther Kerr, to form a new Station at No. xxviii. a few interesting particulars “ At Calcutta, much' has this year 0cwhici are worth extracting.

curred of an encouraging nature. From SERAMPORE AND CALCUTTA. Tara- what has already been said, you will perchund thus writes to Mr. Ward: “ Among ceive, that it is the scene of the labours of qur native brethren at Serampore, there several of our native brethren. Sebukhas evidently appeared an advance both rana, Bhagvut, Neelo, and Kanta, labour in the knowledge of the gospel, and in constantly there in Bengalee; and our that conduct which adorns it. Two most brother Leonard labours in English at the valuable brethren, however, have been Fort, and occasionally at other places. removed by death, Dweep-chund and Meetings for prayer in various parts of Krishna-dasa. Both of these, as you the city, or for more public worship, ocmay recollect, have long laboured in the cupy every night in the week; and within gospel, with great acceptance and useful- the last two or three months, brother ness. Their end was peace. They evidently Leonard has been called to preach on knew in whom they had believed, and felt Wednesday evenings at a house on the that he was able to save them to the utter- opposite side of the river. The number most. Their removal, and their happy added by baptism this year to the united end, seem to have made a deep impression churches of Serampore and Calcutta is on the minds of the other brethren, and to sixty-one; and we have much reason to have stirred them up greatly to the work bless God for the spirit of harmony and of God. Three of them have this year christian love which seems to

rvade the devoted themselves wholly to ministering whole body." the word among their countrymen, Neeloo, Mr. Moore to Mr. Ward, DIGAH, April Kanta, and Kureen. The first of these, 28th. Vrinda-vuna has just been with Neeloo, is a young man of the writer cast, me to report the occurrences of the day. who has been with us for twelve years; he He went to the market to-day, as he does may therefore be said to have had a chris- every Friday, for some rice, &c. to distritian education. He possesses an excellent bute to the poor on Saturday. He is understanding, and is well acquainted with known by a number of people, and on his the Scriptures. Hence he may be highly appearance in the market one calls him, useful should toe Lord be pleased to keep Come Vrinda-vuna, and sit here,' and him humble and spiritual. Some friends in others, 'Come and sit here.' Well, Calcutta have this year been so pleased Brother, I will sit any where; the news with his labouring to make known the I have to tell you is this, that Jesus Christ word of life while working at his calling is the only Saviour; whosoever believeth in a printing-office there, that they have in him, shall be saved;' and other paspersuaded him to accept from them a sages as they occur to his mind. The salary equivalent to his wages, and to give reply to-day has been, “The words you bimself up wholly to the instruction of his speak are very sweet.'

* Very, well, countrymen in the things of God.-- Kanta then come and hear more about' him. is also of the writer cast, and has been a He had another conversation with a cloth steady and honourable member of our dealer in the bazar, who heard with church for eight or nine years. He is well much attention. The servant of some acquainted with the Scriptures, and emi- Raja who has been with him all day nently steady in his walk and conduct. and who was sent by his master to inquire Since the death of Dweep-chund he has about this new way), heard him with apdevoted himself wholly to the instruction parent pleasure and conviction. Besides of his countrymen, and tills up Dweep- these, a multitude of others coming and chund's place at Calcutta, where he is going all day.” supported by the same friend, our brother ALLAHABAD.-In January 1814, Mr. Gordon, deacon of the church at Calcutta. W. Smith, a soldier, who had been for Kureen was formerly a Musulman; he some time a member of the church in has been baptized about four years, and Orissa, and had preached with good achas been a diligent and faithful servant in ceptance at many places, was forbidden the printing-office; but has latterly ex- by his officers at this place to preach any pressed a strong wish to devote bimself to more. It is his desire, if he could get out YOL. I.

2 0


of the army, to devote himself wholly to the Islands, which are yet untouched : the Mission.

none of them, however, are spoken through During the same month, two brethren, any great extent of country, except the Norman Kerr, and a native whose name is Boutan and Siamese. In other respects Kureen, with his family, left Serampore, the gospel spreads among us. I expect with a view to form a Station at this city. we shall baptize twelve persons on the It is situated about half way between Patna last Sabbath of this month." and Agra. They arrived on March 21, and Mr. and Mrs. Trowt arrived at Batavia, having taken a house, great numbers ap- on the 16th of September, and understandplied to them tor the Scriptures, and ex- ing that the Serampore brethren had some pressed their pleasure at their having thoughts of sending Mr. Eustace Carey to come to reside at Allahabad.

join his cousin Jabez at Amboyna, they The eagerness of the people for the Scrip- ihonght it eligible to remain there for the tures induces the Serampore brethren, for present. the purpose of separating them, to disperse them in single gospels, to a great extent.

LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY. “ The effect of gospel knowledge (say they) thus widely dispersed and silently We are led to think, after a careful imbibed, in the future conversion of this examination of the last published Report people, whoever shall be permitted to see of this Society, that in no quarter does it, must be great indeed. It cannot be there appear to have yet arisen more otherwise, since it is the word of God, fruit of their missionary labours than in since it relates to the most momentous in Africa. We formerly adverted to this topic terests of all men, and has always, where in our Review of Mr. John Campbell's ever it has become generally known, been | Travels; and the Report before us furthe power of Ged to salvation. It is not nishes some additional pleasing informa-" possible for our Accounts to récord every tion, to the notice of which we shall consingle donation of the Scriptures, and fine ourselves on the present occasion. therefore in the Journals of our Brethren, BETHELSDORP.-After the return of if they are often omitted, still it must be Mr. Read, and others from the conference kept in mind, that scarcely a day passes at Graaf Reynet, in the month of August at any of the Stations, in which some part last, wbere their minds had been most of the divine word does not enter a new deeply aflected, a' great revival of revillage, or a family, where divine light ligion in Bethelsdorp took place. There had never before entered."

was a general awakening of the people; Dr. Carey to Dr. Ryland, Sept. 8.- and, in short, fifty persons were added to “My nephew, Eustace Carey, has been the church, among whom was the son of a here somewhat more than a month; but | Caff're chief, who had resided at Bethelswhere he will be situated is not deter- dorp several years, had been taught to read mined. I all along determined that lie and write, and had learned the business of should go to Amboyna, to assist in the a carpenter. He had, however, till now, work there; but the doubtful state of these discovered no regard to serious religion, islands, whether they will remain in our but was a ringleader of the young people possession or be restored to the Dutch, oc- in their follies. The conversion of this casions our hesitation about sending him youth made a deep impression on the thither. This week l received letters from minds of many, especially of his commy son Jabe2, and one also from Mr. M. panions. Aftecting scenes took place at the Resident there. Mr. M. was formerly some of their public meetings; the greater one of my students at College, and is very part of the assembly being bathed in tears, desirous of extending the iniluence of the and crying for mercy; while the believing gospel. He writes very pressingly for Hottentots wept for joy, on beholding so another Missionary. All the schools in many of the heathen turned from darkness the Islands, amounting to forty-two, are to light, and added to the church of Christ. committed to my son's care, and he will The members of this christian society be allowed a salary for superintending are now become exceedingly lively and them. He is in good spirits, and will, i zealous; and lamenting their former neghope, be useful. The number of professing ligence, proceed from house to house to Christians in these Islands is estimated at insiruct their neighbours. The school also 20,000. We are printing a new edition prospers greatly, so that there is a good of the Malay Scriptures for them. attendance without any compulsion; and

“ Lieutenant M. writes, that, with the we are glad to bear, that the new or þest assistance to be obtained, he has begun British system of education is introduced a translation of the Bible into the language with good effect. From the revival at of the Goands, a singular nation, who live Bethelsdorp the bappiest results niay be interspersed among the Berar Mahrattas, anticipated, as Cupido and other preachers but quite distinct from them. They are are making frequent excursions in various supposed to be the Aborigines of that directions, to spread abroad the knowledge country.

of a Saviour. “I conjecture that there are in the East THEOPOLIS.This is a new station, situat least twenty more languages, including lated in Albany, a few days journey north


282 of Bethelsdorp. The spot was chosen, | the worst people in the country: and and the land granted to the Missionary now, the zeal both of the young converts, Society, by "his Excellency Sir John and of the older disciples (who had sunk Cradock, late governor of the colony.- | into a Laodicean spirit) is become conOn account of its vicinity to Caffraria, spicuous. The latter lament their former it promises to become, on the restoration indolence, and regret that they attempted of peace with the Caffres, one of the most so little for the conversion of the Corannas important stations in Africa. Mr. Ul- and Bushinen; but they now wish by their brecht and Mr. Bartlett have resided activity to redeem the time that was lost. here for some time, together with a num- Mr. Anderson and Mr. Janz have begun ber of the people from Bethelsdorp: they to make regular visits to the out-posts, to have built their habitations on the bank preach the gospel to the natives, and their of a river, and in the form of a square, labours already appear to be blessed. each house having a garden behind it; It is pleasing to report, that four of the they haxe also erected a place of worship, converted Griquas, men of approved gifts, and Mr. Ulbrecht has been ordained pastor were set apart, at the late conference, as of the church.

preachers, to instruct the natives in the. MISSION TO THE BUSHMEN AT VANDER- region about Griqua Town, and who, it WALT's Fountain.--This Station was de- may be hoped, will hereafter become termined upon before Mr. Campbell left pastors of christian churches. Africa. Intimations having been given to the Bushinen that teachers would be

IRISH EVANGELICAL SOCIETY. sent to that place, the intelligence circulated so widely, and was so well received, We last month had the satisfaction of that upwards of five hundred of them re- drawing the attention of our readers to paired to the spot, eagerly waiting the the huppy effects which are resulting arrival of the promised Missionary. This to Ireland from the HIBERNIAN SCHOOL is the more remarkable, as the wild in- Society, and we have now a pleasure habitants, being thinly scattered over the scarcely inferior, in laying before them country, seldom appear together, in any some account of The First RePORT OF considerable number, and it is doubted The Irish EvANGELICAL SOCIETY, which whether so many Bushmen were ever be has just made its appearance. Judging fore collected on any occasion. Mr. Smit from internal evidence, we suppose it to had been requested to undertake this have been drawn up by the Rev. Mark mission; but his apprehensions of danger Wilks, one of the Secretaries of this inhad caused him to pause, until hearing at valuable institution; and it is executed in the conference that such a multitude of a manner which reflects great credit on people expected him, he determined to his talents and his virtue. We have not venture among them. We hope God will often perused a Report more unexcepgraciously protect and bless him, and tionable on the score of impartiality and make his endeavours useful. This will candid statement. Speaking in the name: prove a great benefit to the country; of the Society, we are informed that, will deprive the Bushmen of that savage They have ascertained, that the spiferocity by which they have been hitherto ritual claims and necessities of Ireland distinguished, and reconcile them to the have not been, even to this day, adequately white men, against whom they had a pe- described ; that the facilities and opporculiar enmity; while it will greatly faci- tunities which are afforded, both by the litate the journies of Missionaries and mental and civil condition of that country, others, who hitherto have been obliged, for the preaching of the gospel have not for safety, to travel in large companies. been exaggerated ; and that the affection The conversion of the Bushmen will be a and zeal of the disciples of our common happy event for Africa.

Master have not been ignorantly or inGRIQUA Town (formerly called Claar discreetly pledged.” Water.)— This is the most remote of all. The Report then proceeds to inform us the missionary stations now occupied by that the Society had deputed one of their the Society in South Africa. For several Secretaries to visit Ireland--that he had years after the arrival of the Missionaries, extended his journey from Dublin, to the the people continued to lead a wandering south, the north, and the west-including, kind of life; but at length they yielded to among other places of lesser note, the the intreaties of the Missionaries, and towns of Cork, Limerick, Sligo, and Bel settled at Griqua Town, where some fast; that his arrival had been the signal dwellings are erected, and a considerable for a succession of exertions, highly gratiextent of ground is cultivated.–Thougb fying in themselves, and become particusome good progress had been made in larly important as the commencement of civilization, yet few conversions had been a new era, and of a combined system of observed for a long time; but shortly after efforts by the religious public of Ireland the visit of Mr. Campbell and Mr. Read, in favour of the perishing millions of a pleasing work of God commenced, which her sons. issued in the conversion of about fifty of We learn from this Report that a So the Griquas, among whom were some of ciety has been formed in Dublin for the

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