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The following is a statement of the num- Tick tack, in each stroke Time, doth iy, ber of Sunday schools, &c. on the lists of And with such gentle tread, this Society, on the 1st January, 1829.

Weeks, they roll o'er one's head;
Thus years, whole lives, and centuries do

pass by.
Yet oft we feel a void,
How many hours have I pass'd unemploy'd,

That seiz'd, ere they did go,

And turn'd to good account,
Province of

2001966 1619 141851 12196 1 to 14 Great would be in amount, Leinster

1785702 353 25412 26521 70 Connaught. 1053918.129 6817 585 1--155

And much of satisfaction, now bestow, Munster 2005363 182 11410 1404 1 --186

Tick tack, tick tack, may I ne'er let In conszan.5-}6846949 2283 185490 16837 1 to 37

Thy lessons pour'd into my ear, 1829

Away from my mind wear; In con. last

2117 173613 15669|1 - 39 year

And never more forget, Increase dur

The night, when sitting all alone, 166 11877) 1168 ing the year

Nought breathing else a sound,

Thou told'st me, how Time passed on,
Original Poetry.

His wheels went running round.



The editors of a German medical journal, desire to intimate to their readers, that leeches

which have been applied to patients affected Tick tack, tick tack, sitting all alone,

with syphilis, are capable of communicating How sombre is the sound;

the discase on being used again. Several It tells me Time is passing on,

apparently well-authenticated cases of this It's wheels are running round.

disease having been communicated to chilIt's onward-course, we cannot stay,

dren by leeches that had been applied to Nor for one instant stop;

a syphilitic patient, have been published in

the foreign journals. In this country, it is Forward, with regʻlar pace, upon it's way,

very common for apothecaries to apply the It moves, and will move till Doomsday ; same leeches to several patients. When Then Time, it all shall drop

a leech throws up a little blood on being Into Eternity,

applied to the skin, previously to its adher

ing, the patient may conclude for certainty (Like as a speck of water's lost with in the

that it has been used.- Foreign Review. sea :)

CREED OF THE SIAMESE.—The prevailing Immeasurable, shall become,

creed among the Siamese is Buddhism--one No reckoning require,

of the forms of worship which have exerted So vast, immense will be it's


the most extensive and permanent influence that never will expire.

upon the destinies and opinions of mankind.

The moral precepts of the Siamese are comTick tack, tick tack, sitting all alone,

prised in ten commandments, remarkable Save black puss

enough to be repeated. 1. Do not slay at

animals. 2. Do not steal. 3. Do not com. Who with her song, chimes in along,

mit adultery. 4. Do not tell lies por backIn concord with the Pendulum's beat. bite. 5. Do not drink wine. 6. Do not Sound following to sound,

eat after twelve o'clock. 7. Do not frequent Like pause succeeding pauses

plays nor public spectacles, nor listen to

music. Nought stirring else around.

8. Do not use perfumes, nor wear Nor heard the slightest noise;

flowers, or other personal ornaments. 9.

Do not sleep or recline upon a couch that is What sermons you do preach,

above one cubit high. 10. Do not borrow How very loud, Time's value teach.

nor be in debt.-American Quarterly Revieu. PUBLISHED BY COWIE AND STRANGE, PATERNOSTER ROW ;

Where Coinmunications may be addressed to the Editor, (post paid.)


my feet,

Harjette and Savill, Printers, 107, St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cross.




No. 23.]


[Price 3d.




and peace.

The ordination of the three missionaries kingdom which is truth and virtue, mercy sent by the Evangelical Missionary So

That kingdom thou hast ciety of Paris, to this country, whence established in this world by thine anointed they are to proceed to the Cape of Good One, and, by thy grace, it is preparing us Hope, under the care of Dr. Philip, took for glory. All other kingdoms have sucplace at the church of Filles-Sainte-Marie, cessively passed away: they will succesin Saint-Antoine-street, at two o'clock sively pass over the earth as a fleeting in the afternoon of May 2, 1829.

shadow. Thy kingdom, O my God! the A numerous auditory filled the church, kingdom of heaven, has eternal foundalong before the religious service began. tions, and it will never pass away. Time,

The three missionaries, Messrs. Lemue, yielding to eternity, will introduce thy Bisseux, and Rolland, sat in front of the people into a state of immeasurable and pulpit, with the Bible open before them. interminable blessedness, in the dispensain a circle to their right and left, sat tion of perfection. The patriarchs, the the Rev. Messrs. Marron, Monod, sen., prophets foresaw, and predicted this Juillerat, Monod, jun., of the reformed reign, even in the most distant ages; thy church of Paris ; Messrs. Goëpp, Bois- angels proclaimed it at Bethlehem; and sard, Jægle, of the church of the confes- we hail it with transports of joy, in those sion of Augsburg; the Rev. Messrs. words of our Saviour on the cross : It is Alègre, of Le Havre; Bellot, of Arras ; finished ! It is finished! But, oh, our God! Duvivier, of Asinières-les-Bourges ; Mar- have we then nothing more to desire? tin, of Bordeaux ; William Monod, of Have thy power, thy wisdom, thine infiSaint-Quentin ; Montandon, of Luneray; nite goodness completely fulfilled all our Née, of Marsauceux; Paumier, of Rouen; prayers ? Lord, thou guidest us here Ramu, of Geneva; Réville, of Dieppe; below by hope and faith. If we have Rosselloty, of Châtillon-sur-Loire; Sou- sorrows, they are alleviated by these. lier, an aged minister ; Stapfer, professor Within what narrow bounds is our terand minister of the gospel; and Clottu, restrial pilgrimage circumscribed! We minister of the gospel.

are impatient, because we are mortal. Count Ver Huell, President of the A thousand years in thy sight are as Missionary Society, sat in the centre. yesterday, when it is swallowed up in the

At a quarter past two, Mr. Marron, abyss of the past, like a watch in the Presidentof the Consistory of the reformed night. Teach us, then, Lord, to wait Church of Paris, ascended the pulpit, and with confidence, with resignation, the pronounced the following prayer : accomplishment of thy celestial decrees ;

This is the house of God. this is the gate and dispose us to concur in them, beneath of heaven! Oh, our God, enable us, in thy paternal auspices, with the whole accordance with the feelings of the holy extent of our means. Thou wilt have us patriarch, to appropriate this language work with thee in the progressive extirpato ourselves in this place! We rejoice tion of the tares of falsehood and vice : in the solemn occasion which has assem- this is the honourable task of every bled us, we congratulateourselves that we Christian ; it is in particular the solemn are here, as in thine abode ; here the gates office of the preachers of the gospel. May of heaven are opened to our view, of that each of us in the circle of his engagevol.I.

2 B

ments and relations, appreciate his duties, and the uttermost parts of the earth for his and perform them with a zeal propor- possession. May the work of Bible and tioned to their importance. May each Missionary Societies concur in the apof us obtain from thee that invaluable proaching accomplishment of thy word! commendation, Well done, thou good and Bless, in a particular manner, the estafaithful servant.” Lord, new labourers blishment which this church, inspired are prepared to enter thy vineyard ; they with a sacred rivalry, has formed within have devoted themselves particularly to its bosom. Bless him who is entrusted that part of thy vineyard where the most with its superintendence ! increase his lamentable sterility prevails: they expect zeal, and enlighten his prudence ; his nothing but tribulation, sacrifices, and sole ambition is to be at once the example dangers; martyrdom itself does not and the guide of those who are confided terrify them in the best of causes. Sup- to his care.

Bless all those who are port them to the utmost of their need! associated in its direction, as paternal may nothing shake their devotedness or governors! May no difficulties, no optheir courage ! crown their efforts with position, slacken, their pious exertions ! desirable effects ! may their expectation, Is there any approbation superior to that may our common expectation from thee of our own conscience; to that of ennot be fallacious! All we, who are here lightened coadjutors in every thing that assembled, have but one interest, one is liberal and good! to thine, O my God, desire. But, Lord, regard with special who dost so often console the righteous, favour the ministers who are assembled and punish the injustice and cavils of a here to confer ordination on our new vain and corrupt world! Hear us, Lord! brethren in the ministry; an ordination answer us, for the sake of thine Anointed! which good order and discipline require, He himself intercedes with us, and in us, which shall promote our common edifica- and him thou hearest always. Amen. tion, and impress on them a character not less indelible than authentic. We

A choir, who were collected in the call to mind that injunction of the

heart of the assembly, then sang the folapostle of the Gentiles, Lay hands sud

lowing verses of a Hymn on Missions : denly on no man, neither be partaker of other mens' sins. Lord, we have been “Ye messengers, ye heralds of your King! careful, as much as lay in us, that these Lift up your voice salvation to proclaim; candidates for the most sacred of all Be this your hope, be this your glorious aim, enterprises, should receive an education,

To rescủe those around you perishing : and a preparation suitable to their reli

To Christ, to his dearfeet the wand'rer bring. gious design; we have ascertained, to See all around the whitened harvest rise, the best of our power, their principles, But, lo, the ready reapers are but few; their conversation, their voluntary and Ah! let us now our pious zeal renew; persevering determination ; fulfil in them Then as we gaze around in sweet surprize, the work of thy good pleasure, and may

For Christ rich sheaves shall bless the this day be to them, be to us all, a day of the sweetest remembrance, of the most

How beauteous on the mountains are thy feet, heartfelt thanksgivings ! may these young O son of peace! O faithful man of God! candidates for the apostleship, having Blest is the savage place which thou hast trod, piety for their vocation, zeal for talent, There shall thine eyes a thousand beauties and virtue for eloquence, give thee in meet, return a multitude of souls, won to obe

And Christ's disciple in the convert great. dience to the crucified One!-Bless every where the work of gospel missions, the After the singing, the Principal of the irrefragable effect of that awakening of a Mission College, who was appointed to religious spirit for which we cannot suf- perform the ceremony of ordination, asficiently bless thee! Hasten, Lord,---has- cended the pulpit, and addressed the folten to the full extent of our wishes, the lowing discourse to the three missiontime promised in thy oracles, when there aries. shall be one fold, and one shepherd; when That solemn hour, my dear friends, is the earth shall be full of the knowledge of then arrived—that hour, after which

you the Lord, as the waters cover the channels have so ardently sighed, and on which we of the sea! Thou hast promised to thine delighted to fix our contemplation, as the anointed the heathen for his inheritance, prize and the crown of your missionary

church's eyes.


preparation ; that hour, which we have Would it be better to enumerate the diffiso often unitedly implored the Lord to culties which attend those duties ; or to permit us to see, and which to you is the present to you the means of overcoming door that opens before you the glorious them, which the Lord has put within career of ambassadors for Christ among your reach? As my mind was divided the Gentiles; that hour is arrived, and between these different subjects, it occurour hearts beat with joy. And yet, sin- red to me that I might reconcile them all, gular contrast! that hour warns us that and unite them in one and the same methe moment of separation is come, and ditation, by discoursing to you of that that in a few days will have ceased that love to the Lord Jesus, which ought to intimate communion of christian friend- be the soul of your missionary life, acship, which has united us during the cording to that word of the apostle : The course of your studies. Whence does it love of Christ constraineth us, 2 Cor. v. 3. proceed, that we can rejoice in that which When the Saviour of the world, a few leaves the world inconsolable-a separa- days before his ascension to glory, was tion ? You have already replied, my with his disciples on the borders of the brethren ; it is because we love each Sea of Tiberias, he gave them, with a other as immortal beings, in God, and view to his followers in every age, a grand for eternity;-it is because we have subor- lesson on the nature of the vocation dinated our passions to one great, one wherewith he called them, and also on supreme affection—to love to Him who

the temper and frame of mind by which loved us when we were enemies, and who alone they could worthily fulfil it. To gave his life to deliver us from our iniqui- this effect' he addressed to his disciples, ties ;-it is because you depart, not like in the person of Peter, a question, on the the children of the world, to amass perish- meaning of which we propose this day to able riches, and to found the edifice of your dwell. And what is that question? Do fortune, or your glory ; but to win souls you think that he proposed some point to Jesus Christ, whose call has vibrated in theology; that he wished to know effectually in the inward recesses of your whether Peter understood the gospel heart: His interests are become yours scheme; that he asked whether he had His glory is your glory–His joy your sufficiently studied the art of speaking; ; joy; you cannot be indifferent to what that he examined him' on sonte other he wishes, that is to say, the salvation of branch of human learning? No: he only souls for whom he shed his blood, now asks this simple question: Peter, lovest in the church, the spiritual kingdom of the thou me? and this question he repeats Saviour. Where we live on faith, hope, three several times, with an inexpressiand love, there is no possible separation; ble seriousness, to make him understand and at this moment, in which we, in some all the importance which he attached to sort, bid each other farewell, we already the answer it elicited. meet at the foot of the tribunal of Christ, And this, my dear friends, is the quesof whose glorious advent we are in expec- tion which he addresses to you to-day, tation.

by my mouth :-My friends, do you love And now, dear friends, what shall I me? Does my love constrain you, as it say to you, this day, on which, without formerly constrained my disciple Peter, doubt, I address you for the last time? my apostle Paul, those models of misWhat must I say to you, in the presence sionaries? If the love of Christ dwells of this committee, whose affection and in you, as we know it does, I need not, tender interest you know, and before this so to speak, describe to you the grandeur assemblage of brethren and sisters, who of your vocation, enumerate its duties, pray for you and with you? I ask you warn you of its difficulties, speak to you this question, because I have been for on the means of subduing them ; for with some time uncertain what I ought to say that love you have everything--absoto you; not, you will understand, because

lutely every thing, and this is what I promatter failed me, but my embarrassment pose to shew you, by the help of the arose precisely from the abundance of subjects which presented themselves to Christians, you who have come with my mind. Ought I, in the ordination so much eagerness to this service, may service, to apply my mind to represent to not the discourse addressed to these you all the greatness of your vocation; or young brethren interest you? In hearlimit myself to pointing out your duties? ing us display before them the magni

grace of God.


tude, but difficulty, of that office with plying all these wants of your heart, of which they are going to be invested, by indemnifying you for all your privations, the imposition of hands, will not your of filling the void which absence from love for them increase in proportion to your relatives and friends will have crethe sacrifices they will have to make in ated, of making you even triumph and the fulfilment of it, and will you not feel leap with joy in the midst of self-denial ? the need there is that you should raise One feeling alone,energetic, powerful, your prayers with ours to the Father of roductive of a thousand enjoyments, mercies, that he will shed on them an your love to the Lord Jesus. abundant measure of the graces of the II. The same feeling will sustain you Holy Spirit? Oh! ask that they may also in the studies in which you will still be consecrated by God, and not by men. have to engage, in order to attain your deLet us all, then, unite our hearts toge- sires. Your studies, my dear brethren, ther in prayer, and open them to solicit are far from being terminated; for the and receive a benediction from on high. languages which you have learned during Amen; so be it!

the course of your preparation, are but I. In the first place, my dear friends, the key that will open to you the acquireThe love of Christ will give you that free

ment of those which are still more diffidom of mind necessary in your labours, by cult. In acquiring the former, you had nourishing your soul with the food it re- within your reach a great number of quires. You are going to leave parents, helps, and the study of them, although brethren, friends, and country, all of comparatively dry, was attended with which are dear to you, and although you more than one enjoyment. But in learnare Christians, citizens of a heavenly city, ing the various dialects of the country you cannot avoid feeling an oppression of where you are going to preach the cross heart, at the thought that you must break of the Saviour, you will neither have the the visible ties which bind you to these same advantages, nor the same assistance. endeared objects. In a foreign land, sur- These languages are still poor and unrounded with beings who understand you formed ; they have no literature ; you will not, and with whom you can have no find no master to smooth their difficulsympathy until they become Christians; ties; it is in conversation with the natives, deprived of a thousand indulgences; and by dint of industry, that you will be obliged to break a thousand little habits reduced as it were to guess them, and to which were become almost a second master them. And how incomparably nature; in that untried region so revolt- more painful will this study be rendered ing to the feeling heart, the remembrance by the view you will have of the ignoof your family, the image of the paternal rance and moral misery of these poor roof, and the recollection of your country, pagans! You desire to enlighten their always accompanied by so powerful an minds, to bring them to the knowledge enchantment, will present themselves in of Jesus Christ, to speak to them of his still more lively colours to your mind, love to sinners, to induce them to forand will infuse into your soul a secret sake their vices; your heart will speak, sadness which you will have a difficulty but your mouth will remain dumb; your sometimes to dispel. It is beneath the tender compassions will be excited tosky of an unknown land, in those mo- wards them, but your tongue will be tied, ments of silent retirement where the soul and not able to tell them in an intelligifeels itself isolated, and when casting its ble manner, that you love them, that you eyes with anxiety around, it feels that desire their salvation. Hence will arise something it can scarcely define, is want- conflicts, and conflicts the more violent ing ;-it is then, we call aloud for the as they will be those of love wrestling aid of friendship, and friendship not re- against natural difficulties. In this dry plying, we are reduced to the necessity of study, how will your courage persevere ? feeding on recollections. Were these How, with the calmness indispensable to moments frequent or prolonged, they your progress, will you be able to prewould destroy your courage, and deprive serve the fervour which is necessary you partially of that moral and spiritual to triumph over obstacles of more than energy, which is needful for the mission- one kind, and in the midst of your holy im: ary, in a career in which he must labour patience, how will you possess your

soul with joy, if he would labour with success. in peace and strength ?-By your love to And what feeling will be capable of sup- the Lord Jesus.

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