Regional Development Agencies: The Next Generation? : Networking, Knowledge and Regional Politics

Nicola Bellini, Mike Danson, Henrik Halkier
Routledge, 2012 - 316 pages
"Across Europe, regional development agencies (RDAs) have become a central feature of regional policy, both as innovative policy-makers and as the implementers of programmes and initiatives originating from the national or European level. Since the first generation of RDAs were established in the 1970s and 1980s, major changes have swept through the policy arena: - globalisation has increased competitive pressure and moved the position of regions in the international division of labour to the forefront of regional strategy-making - the digital revolution and the EU Lisbon agenda have highlighted the importance of production and access to knowledge as key factors in regional competitiveness - regional policy has become part of a wider system of multi-level governance so that their geographical horizon has expanded in terms of sponsors and collaborators - issues of governance and accountability of RDAs have been one of the drivers to devolution of powers to governments and bodies below the level of the nation state, raising questions over their status and distance from political control. The aim of this book is to develop a profile of the next generation of RDAs that will identify key issues and trends regarding: policy aims, strategy-making and the new role of knowledge; the organisation of policy delivery, with emphasis on interactive knowledge brokerage; the organisational shift towards smaller and more flexible RDAs; and the political governance of regional policy. By drawing on a combination of conceptual reflection, surveys, comparative research, and systematic use of critical case studies, the book provides a new point of reference by identifying key features of the current, and, indeed next, generation of regionally-based economic development organisations"--

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Table des matières

a generational story
2 Multiactor and multiscalar regional development policies in the knowledge economy
3 Regional development agencies regional policy and knowledge dynamics
a comparative analysis
5 The potential role of RDAs in achieving the priorities of Europe 2020 in the context of the financial crisis
6 Regional development agencies and changing social fields
the politics of local and regional development in England
8 Analysing regional development through a governancepartnership continuum
11 Network regionalism development agencies and peripheralisation through loss of voice
12 Aims functions and structures of European investment promotion agencies
advanced practices
14 The evolution of Basque local development agencies from service providers to facilitators in knowledge networks
15 Regional development agencies in Austria institutional settings and evolutionary development
the good the bad and the ugly
networking knowledge and regional change
18 RDA futures?

the Finnish experience
the history and next generation of RDAs in Canada

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À propos de l'auteur (2012)

Nicola Bellini is Professor of Management at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa, Italy.

Mike Danson is Professor of Scottish and Regional Economics at the University of the West of Scotland, UK.

Henrik Halkier is Professor of Regional and Tourism Studies at Aalborg University, Denmark.

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