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engine 297.

Biographical notice of Matthew Wasbrough, 329. Describes
& rotular movement-Piekard introduces a crank and loaded
wheel, 330. Wasbrough introduces it into some woollen ma-
nnfactories—Biographical notice of John Taylor, note, 331.
Wasbrough employed by government, 333. Commissioners of
navy deceive him, 335. His death noticed, note, 336. Smea.
ton's opinion of condensing engine, 337. Watt says

contrivance was stolen from him, 339. Used in many engines
long before this period, 340.

Watt invents a steam-wheel-Semi-rotary engine, 344. Second
rotary engine, 345. Invents double impulse engine, 347.
Watt converts alternating into a rotary movement, 348. Ap-
plies Ay-wheel as a regulator–Invents parallel motion, 349.
Conjectures as to its originating from Suardis' pen, 348. 10-
vents sun and planet wheel motion, 353. Bettancourt visits
London, 354. Inspects Albion Mills, 355. Propy's misstate.
ment, 356.

Method of regulating speed of millstones by governor, 360.
Applied by Clarke of Manchester to throttle valve-Watt de-
scribes a steam-carriage, 361. Marquis de Joufroy's steam-
boat, 362. Hornblowers double cylinder engine, 363. Wilson
offers to bet against its performance, 365. Hornblowers fail in

[blocks in formation]

their attempts to introduce their machines-Watt's improved
hand-gear, 366. Spanner weights--Single impulse engine de
scribed --Contrivance to prevent accidents by the descent of
the piston, 370. Joints of steam-engines, 371. Indicator super-
sedes barometer guage, 373. Double impulse engine de-
scribed, 374. Boiler and its regulating appendages, 376.
Biographical notice of John Smeaton, note, 378. Watt's fire-
place. 380. Cameron's steam-engine, 381.


Watt's patent contested, 434. Bramah's letter to the
Judge, 435. On the patent laws, note, 436. Watt retires
from business, 438. Slow progress in introducing his me-
chanism, 439. Number of engines in London, Manchester,
and Leeds, 440, Crowther's engine-and Cartwright's engines
-Murray's air-pump, 442. Bramah's fourway cock, 444.
Roberton's engine-Symington's narrative, 445. Is patronised
by Lord Dundas, 446. Steam-boat on Forth and Clyde
Canal, 447. Fulton visits Symington, 448.

[blocks in formation]


'Trevithic and Vivian invent high pressure steam-engine, 455.
Danger of their apparatus imaginary: 458. Their steain-
carriage, 459. Travel it on a rail-road, 460. Oliver Evans'
high pressure engine, 461. Strength of his boilers, note, 462.
His steam clipile, note, 463. His steam-wheel, note, 464.
His volcanic steam-engine, note, 465. Stevens disputes his
invention, 466. Constrncts a steam-boat-Eyans moves a
carriage by steam, and launching it also sails it by a steam-
engine, 467 Hornblower's rotary engine, 469. Wilcox's
projects-Woolfe's improvement on Hornblower's engine, 476.
Rider's scheme for boring, 471. Boaz's engine, 472. Trotter's
steam-wheel-Flint's steam-wheel, 473. Wilcox's engines, 474.


M. Uvillé comes to England - Boase's memoir-Uvillé buys
Trevithic's model, 516. Tries it in Mexico, 517. Comes to
England, 516. Trevithic makes engines for Peru, 518. Trevi.
thic arrives at Lima, 519, Treyithic improves his engine, 520.

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