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VEORGE the Second, by the Grace of God, King

of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Fuit, &c. To all to whom these Pielents shall come, Greeting. Whereas James Buckland, James Waugh, John Ward, Thomas Longman, and Edwvard Dilly, Citizens and Bookfellers of our City of London, have by their Petition humbly represented unto Us, that they have purchased the Copy-Right of the WHOLE Works of the late Doctor ISAAC WATTS, and that they are now printing and preparing fur the Press, new Editions with Improvements, of several of the separate Pieces of the said Doctor Jaac Watts. They have therefore most humbly prayed Us, that We would be graciously pleased to grant them our Royal Licence and Protection for the fole printing, publishing, and vending the iaid Works, in as ample Manner and Form as has been done in Cases of the like Nature; We being willing to give all due Encouragement to Works of this Nature, which may be of publick Use and Benefit, are graciously pleafed to condescend to their Request, and do therefore by these Presents, as far as may be agreeable to the Statute in that Behalf made and provided, grant unto them, the said James Buckland, James Waugh, John Ward, Thomas Longman, and Edward Dilly, their Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, our Royal Privilege and Licence, for the sole printing, publishing, and vending the fa d Works for the Term of fourteen Years, to be cuinputed from the Date hereof, strictly forbidding and prohibiting all our Subjects within our Kingdoms and Dominions, to reprint, abridge, or translate the same, either in the like, or any other Volume or Volumes whatsoever, or to iniz port, buy, vend, utter, or distribute any Copies thereof reprinted beyond the Seas, during the aforesaid Term of fourTeen Years, without the Consent and Approbation of the said James Buckland, James Waugh, John Ward, Thomas Longman, and Edward Dilly, their Executors, Administrators and Ari figns, by Writing under their Hands and Seals first had and obtained, as they and every of them offending herein, will answer the contrary at their Peril; whereof the Commissioners and other Officers of our Customs, the Master, Wardens, and Coinpany of Stationers of our City of London, and all other our Officers and Ministers, whoin it may concern, are to take Notice, that due Obedience be rendered to our Pleasure herein lignified.

Given at our Court at St. James's the Twenty First Day of March, 1758, in the Thirty First Year of Our Reign. By His Majesty's Command,


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A Continuation of the J EWISH Affairs

from the Old TESTAMENT, till the
Time of CHRIST;


An Account of the chief PROPHECIES

that relate to Him:
Represented in a way of QUESTION and

Illustrated with various Remarks on the Hisory and the

Religion of the PATRIARCHS, Jews and CHRISTIANS ;
and on the Laws, Government, Sects, Customs, and
Writings of the Jews; and adorned with Figures re-
lating to their Camp, Tabernacle, and Worship.

By I. W A T TS, D. D.


Printed for J. BUCKLAND, and T. LONGMAN, in Pater

Nofter - Row ; M. WA UG II, in Lombard - Street ;
E. and C. Dilly, in the Poulcry; and T. FiliD,
and Co. in Leadenhall Street. 1767.

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The Design of such a Short View of Scripture

History, and the Advantages of it.


HE Holy Scripture is divided into two Books,

which are commonly called the Old Testament and the New. And as each of these Books contains several Articles or Propositions which God has revealed i. Men for the Direction of their Faith and Practice in the Juccesive Ages of the World; fo there are several Histories also contained in them, ör Narratives of the Life and Death of Men, of the Affairs of Nations, and especially of the Transactions of God with Markind,

Some Knowledge of these historical Matters is necej. sary and useful, in order to obtain a more clear and

full Acquaintance with the Principles of our holy Religion, as well as to ajlift and engage us in the Practice of it by way of Motive. It is the History all along introduces the peculiar Doctrine and Duties; and all the latter Revelations of the Mind and Will of God, relating to Religion, have some Connection with and Dependance upon the Events which went before.


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