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Headline, 1997 - 282 pages
Next-door neighbours Lizzie and Celia are best friends, but their families are the worst of enemies, so they keep their friendship a secret. But one day Celia falls in love with Lizzie's brother, Joe, and Joe finds himself drawn towards her. Can they break through the prejudice of generations?

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À propos de l'auteur (1997)

Lyn Andrews was born in Liverpool in 1944; her father Joseph was killed on D-Day just nine months later. Lyn was brought up in Liverpool and became a secretary before she married and gave birth to triplets. Once the children had gone to school Lyn began writing, and her first novel was quickly accepted for publication. She has since written over thirty books, many of them Sunday Times bestsellers.

Lyn lives on the Isle of Man, but spends many weeks of the year back on Merseyside, seeing her children and grandchildren.
Twitter: @LynSagaAuthor

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