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Standard French Works.

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Ollendorff's New Method of Learning to Read,
Write, and Speak the French Language.* With full Paradigms of
the Regular and Irregular, Auxiliary, Reflective, and Impersonal
Verbs. By J. L. JEWETT. 12mo. 498 pages.

KEY TO EXERCISES. Separate volume.

Write, and Speak the French Language.

Ollendorff's ́ New Method of Learning to Read, With numerous Corrections, Additions, and Improvements, suitable for this Country. To which are added, Value's System of French Pronunciation, his Grammatical Synopsis, a new Index, and short Models of Commercial Correspondence. By V. VALUE. 12mo. 588 pages.

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KEY TO EXERCISES. Separate volume.

The Ollendorff System is founded in nature, and follows the same course that a child pursues in first acquiring his native tongue. It teaches inductively, understandingly, interestingly. It does not repel the student in the outset by obliging him to memorize dry abstract language which conveys little or no idea to his mind, but it imparts its lessons agreeably as well as efficiently by exercises which teach the principles successively involved more clearly than any abstract language can. VALUES and JEWETT's works are essentially the same, though differing somewhat in their arrangement and the additions that have been made to the original.

Prof. GREENE's Introduction will be found useful for young beginners. In it are presented the fundamental principles of the language, carefully culled out, and illustrated with easy exercises. It paves the way for the larger works, preparing the pupil's mind for their more comprehensive course, and awakening in it a desire for further knowledge.

Rowan's Modern French Reader: With a Vocabulary of the New and Difficult Words and Idiomatic Phrases adopted in Modern French Literature. Edited by J. L. JEWETT. 12mo. 841 pages.

Roemer's Elementary French Reader. With an Analytical Study of the French Language, a Treatise on French Poetry, and a Dictionary of Idioms, Proverbs, Peculiar Expres sions, &c. By J. ROEMER, LL.D., Professor of the French Language and Literature in the New York Free Academy. 12mo. 297 pages.

Roemer's Second French Reader. Illustrated with Historical, Geographical, and Philological Notes. 478 pages.


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