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one (has) called me. 7. We begin the lesson at nine o'clock. 8. Where will you place your money ? 9. I will place it in the bank. 10. We do not threaten anybody.

VERBS IN yer. 11. I have sent a letter to my cousins. 12. They send us the newspaper every week. 13. John is cleaning my clothes. 14. He will clean yours when he has (shall have) cleaned mine. 15. I will pay him when he is through (shall have finished).

VERBS THAT CHANGE é OR INTO è. 16. I have hoped, and I still hope, to see him. 17. Where do you lead us ? 18. I lead you to the Elysian Fields. 19. Our courage will protect us. 20. I hope so.

VERBS IN еler and eter. 21. Who has called us ? 22. Our friends call us. 23. I will call you in time. 24. What do you throw into the basket ? 25. I throw some papers into it.

EXCEPTIONS. 26: What do you buy? 27. I do not buy anything. 28. I would buy something, if I had money. 29. Did it freeze last night ? 30. No, but it will freeze to-night.




[blocks in formation]


Je finis
Tu Anis
Il finit
Nous finissons
Vous finissez
Ils finissent


I finish J'ai fini

I have finished thou finishest Tu as fini

thou hast finished he finishes Il a fini

he has finished we finish Nous avons fini we have finished you finish Vous avez fini you have finished they finish Ils ont fini

they have finished

[blocks in formation]


Je Anirais
I should finish J'aurais fini

I should have
Tu finirais

thou wouldst finish Tu aurais fini thou wouldst have I finirait he would finish Il aurait fini

he would have Nous finirions

we should finish Nous aurions fini we should have Vous iniriez

you would finish Vous auriez fini you would have Dis finiraient

they would finish Ils auraient fini they would have


[blocks in formation]


Que je finisse

that I may
Que j'aie fini

that I may Que tu inisses that thou mayst

Que tu aies fini

that thou mayst Qu'il finisse

that he may
Qu'il ait fini

that he may Que nous finissions

that we may
Que nous ayons fini

that we may Que vous inissiez that you may Que vous ayez fini

that you may Qu'ils finissent that they may Qu'ils aient fini

that they may


have finished

IMPERFECT. Que je inisse

that I might Que tu finisses

that thou mightst Qu'il finft

that he might Que nous finissions that we might Que vous finissiez

that you might Qu'ils finissent that they might


Que j'eusse ini

that I
Que tu eusses ini that thou
Qu'il eût fini

that he
Que nous eussions fini
Que vous eussiez fini
Qu'ils eussent fini

that they

that we that you

finished might have

Vocabulary 26. Finir, to finish.

Le devoir, the duty; the task (at Choisir, to choose ; to select. school). Remplir, to fill; to fulfil.

Un encrier, an inkstand. Réussir, to succeed.

Le moment, the moment. Bâtir, to build.

L'arrivée f., the arrival. Punir, to punish.

L'hiver m., winter. Obéirt (à), to obey.

Pendant, during. Avertir, to inform ; to give notice. Pendant que, while. Il fautyf it is necessary; must.

Avant, before. Un ordre, an order.

Après, after.

+ Obéir requires the preposition à before the noun, the same as if you said to obey to in English.

IN faut is followed by a verb in the infinitive, or by que and a clause in whicb the verb is in the subjunctive mode. Il faut obéir, It is necessary to obey. N faut que gobéisse, I must obey.

Exercise 26.

PRESENT TENSE. 1. Je remplis mes devoirs. 2. Tu remplis les tiens, et il remplit les siens. 3. Nous opéissons à nos parents. 4. Vous obéissez aux vôtres. 5. Ils obéissent aux leurs.

IMPERFECT TENSE. 6. Je finissais mon thème pendant que tu remplissais les encriers. 7. On bâtissait cette église quand j'étais ici pendant l'hiver. 8. Nous obéissions toujours à nos maîtres. 9. Vous réussissiez dans vos études. 10. Ils finissaient ce qu'ils avaient commencé.

Past DEFINITE TENSE. 11. Ce jour-là je finis mon devoir avant tous les autres. 12. Tu m'avertis de l'arrivée de mon père. 13. Nous choisîmes le bon moment pour réussir, et nous réussîmes. 14. Vous finîtes vos devoirs après moi. 15. Ils n'obéirent pas aux ordres, et ils furent punis.

FUTURE TENSE. 16. Je finirai mon thème après les classes. 17. Tu choisiras quelque chose de joli quand tu auras fini.

18. On bâtira une nouvelle école avant l'hiver. 19. Nous obéirons à vos ordres. 20. Vous nous avertirez quand la voiture arrivera. 21. Ils réussiront s'ils travaillent.

CONDITIONAL MODE. 22. Je remplirais les encriers, si je n'avais rien autre chose à faire. 23. Tu n'en finirais pas. 24. On vous punirait, si vous ne remplissiez pas vos devoirs. 25. Nous obéirions aux ordres du capitaine, si nous étions soldats. 26. S'ils avaient l'intention de partir, ils nous en avertiraient.

IMPERATIVE MODE. 27. Obéis, ou tu seras puni. 28. Finissez, je vous en prie. 29. Remplissons nos devoirs.

SUBJUNCTIVE MODE, PRESENT TENSE. 30. Il faut que j'obéisse. 31. Il faut que tu remplisses ton devoir. 32. Il faut qu'il finisse ce thème.

SUBJUNCTIVE MODE, IMPERFECT TENSE. 33. Je voudrais qu'il en finît. 34. Il serait bien que vous l'avertissiez de votre intention de partir.

Theme 26. PRESENT TENSE. 1. I obey (to) my parents. 2. Thou oneyest thine, and he obeys his. 3. We fulfil our duties. 4. You fulfil yours. 5. They fulfil theirs.

IMPERFECT TENSE. 6. I was filling my inkstand, while thou wast finishing thy task. 7. We were building a stable last winter, when you were here. 8. You were finishing it. 9. They always obeyed their teachers.

PAST DEFINITE TENSE. 10. On that day I informed thee of the arrival of thy father. 11. Thou didst finish thy task before all the others. 12. You fulfilled your duty. 13. They chose the right (bon) moment, and they succeeded.

FUTURE TENSE. 14. I shall choose something pretty for Eliza. 15. You will finish this exercise after school (les classes). 16. He will succeed, if he works. 17. We shall inform you, when the carriage is (will be) here. 18. They will not finish what they have begun.

CONDITIONAL MODE. 19. I would finish this exercise before twelve o'clock, if I had nothing else (rien autre chose) to do. 20. He would succeed, if he worked. 21. We would obey (to the) orders, if we were in your place. 22. They would punish you, if you did not obey.

IMPERATIVE MODE. 23. Choose something for thyself. 24. Obey, or you will be punished. 25. Let us choose some. thing pretty.

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