Sight and the Ancient Senses

Michael Squire
Routledge, 22 déc. 2015 - 322 pages

It is to Greek critical thinking about seeing that we owe our conceptual framework for theorizing the senses, and it is also to such thinking that we owe the lasting legacy of Greco-Roman imagery. Sight and the Ancient Senses is the first thorough introduction to the conceptualization of sight in the history, visual culture, literature and philosophy of classical antiquity. Examining how the Greeks and Romans interpreted what they saw, the collection also considers sight in relation to the other senses.

This volume brings together a number of interdisciplinary perspectives to deliver a broad and balanced coverage of this subject. Contributors explore the cultural, social and intellectual backdrops that gave rise to ancient theories of seeing, from Archaic Greece through to the advent of Christianity in late antiquity. This series of specially commissioned thematic chapters demonstrate how theories about sight informed Graeco-Roman philosophy, science, poetry rhetoric and art. The collection also reaches beyond its Graeco-Roman visual framework, showcasing how ancient ideas have influenced the longue durée of western sensory thinking. Richly illustrated throughout, including a section of color plates, Sight and the Ancient Senses is a wide-ranging introduction to ancient theories of seeing which will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars of classical antiquity.


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Table des matières

List of illustations
approaches to visual perception
the limits of ancient
theorizing vision in Greek vasepainting
optical theory and pictorial poetics
reified gazes and looking artefacts in the Greek
seeing the dead through ancient eyes
on the desire to see naked nymphs
the visual art of Roman mnemonics
theorizing vision emotion and imagination
early Christian attitudes to seeing
the mask of Thamyris
the afterlife of ancient optics

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À propos de l'auteur (2015)

Michael Squire is Lecturer in Classical Greek Art at King’s College London. He has a special research interest in the relationship between visual and verbal representation in antiquity, and is currently working on ideas of vision in the Elder Philostratus’ Imagines.

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