Is This Not The Carpenter?: The Question of the Historicity of the Figure of Jesus

Thomas L. Thompson, Thomas S. Verenna
Routledge, 19 sept. 2017 - 290 pages

The historicity of Jesus is now widely accepted and hardly questioned by most scholars. But this assumption disarms biblical texts of much of their power by privileging an historical interpretation which effectively sweeps aside much theological speculation and allusion. Furthermore, the assumption of historicity gathers further assumptions to it, shaping the interpretation of texts, both denying and adding subtext. Scholars are now faced with an endless array of works on the historical Jesus and few question what has been lost through this wide-spread assumption of historicity. Is This Not the Carpenter? presents a very valuable corrective: a literary rereading of the New Testament.


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Reassessing Feuerbach Strauss
References to Jesus outside
Why the Church Does
An Epistemological Problem
Does the Christ Myth Theory Require an Early Date for
The Oldest Witness to the Historical Jesus
Intertextuality and the Question of
Can Johns Gospel Really Be Used to Reconstruct a Life
1213 Mythic Evocation in Narratives
Implicit Use of Old Testament
Investigating Earliest Christianity without Jesus
Index of References

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À propos de l'auteur (2017)

Thomas L. Thompson is Professor emeritus, University of Copenhagen.

Thomas S. Verenna is an independent researcher and student at Rutgers University.

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