Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, Volume 48

Kommissionsverlag F. Steiner, 1894

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Page 135 - In the first place a mansion must be constructed under the supervision of an engineer well-conversant with the science of building mansions and houses. It should be spacious and roomy. The element of strength should not be wanting in it. Every part of it should not be exposed to strong winds or breezes. One portion at least should be open to the currents of wind. It should be such that one may move or walk through, 685 it with ease.
Page 173 - Nineveh and its Palaces. The Discoveries of Botta and Layard applied to the Elucidation of Holy Writ.
Page 44 - The nobles and householders of this country have founded hospitals within the city, to which the poor of all countries, the destitute, cripples, and the diseased, may repair. They receive every kind of requisite help gratuitously. Physicians inspect their diseases, and according to their cases order them food and drink, medicine or decoctions, everything in fact that may contribute to their ease. When cured they depart at their convenience.
Page 144 - A History of Egyptian Mummies, and an account of the worship and embalming of the sacred animals...
Page 44 - Physicians inspect their diseases, and according to their cases Order them food and drink, medicine or decoctions , every thing in fact that may contribute to their ease" ; ferner in der Beschreibung von Haridwär, Siyuki I, p. 198: „Benevolent kings have founded here 'a house of merit
Page 564 - Stevens, Henry. Historical Nuggets. Bibliotheca Americana; or, A Descriptive Account of My Collection of Rare Books Relating to America.
Page 46 - Bodhisattva standing in attendance. There are perhaps twenty cars thus prepared, and differently decorated. During the day of the procession, both priests and laymen assemble in great numbers. There are games and music, whilst they offer flowers and incense. The Brahmacharis come forth to offer their invitations.
Page 19 - IV. Pos de chantar m'es pres talens, farai un vers, don sui dolens; no serai mais obediens en Peitau ni en Lemozi.
Page 46 - Of all the kingdoms of Mid-India, the towns of this country are especially large. The people are rich and prosperous ; they practise virtue and justice. Every year on the eighth day of the second month there is a procession of images. On this occasion they construct a four-wheeled car, and erect upon it a tower of five stages, composed of bamboos lashed together, the whole being supported by a centre-post resembling a large spear with three points, in height twenty-two feet and more. So it looks...
Page 46 - ... feet and more. So it looks like a pagoda. They then cover it over with fine white linen, which they afterwards paint with gaudy colours. Having made figures of the Devas, and decorated them with gold, silver, and glass, they place them under canopies of embroidered silk. Then at the four corners (of the car) they construct niches (shrines) in which they place figures of Buddha in a sitting posture, with a Bodhisattva standing in attendance.

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