The Anabasis of Xenophon, with Engl. notes, by C. Anthon


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Page xxi - Greeks soon discovered after their march had begun. The object of Cyrus, as our readers well know, was to dethrone his brother, the King of Persia/ After a long march through Asia Minor, Syria, and the sandy tract east of the Euphrates, the two brothers met at Cunaxa, not far from Babylon. Cyrus fell in the almost bloodless battle that ensued, his barbarian troops were discouraged and dispersed, and the Greeks were left alone in the centre of the Persian empire. The Greek officers were soon massacred...
Page 155 - ... was the one most generally employed. The preparation necessary for the bitumen is a much more expensive and troublesome one than that requisite for lime, for the commoner sort of which a simple burning with the brambles, which abound in the Desert, is sufficient ; while the bitumen, to deprive it of its brittleness, and render it capable of being applied to the brick, must be boiled with a certain proportion of oil ; and after all, the tenacity of the bitumen bears no comparison with that of...
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