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39. S. Peter Ü

41. PHILOXENUS OF Malogh i 40. PhiloXENUS OF MABOGH 42. SEVERUS or TimothyALEX.

(+ c. 523) i or SIMEON i or JAMES OF SERugh ii THE PERSIAN (fl. 510) or 43. THOMAS OF HARĶEL (fl. PROCLUS

615) All of these are given in Latin translations in Renaudot, except 25 S. GREG. Naz. which is in Assemani Cod. lit. vii. Pp. 185 sqq. 21 DIOSCORUS is also in Assemani ib. pp. 199 sqq. 28 S. James ii is given in English in Neale History: introd. pp. 704 sqq. and 42 SEVERUS in Brett Collection of lit. 10 pp. 102 sqq., both from Renaudot's Latin.

* S. James ii is an abridgement of the great S. James, attributed to Gregory maphrian of the east,' i.c. Barhebraeus : Renaudot misread the date and attributed it to a later Gregory (see Catal, syr, de la bibl. nationale p. 44: Neale History: introd. p. 382 follows Renaudot). John of Bostra is the source 15 of the prayers attributed to him in the Coptic below, pp. 158, 183, 186, 187.


3. Lectionaries

The Lectionaries, of which there appear to be two or more arrangements, have been neither published nor studied completely. Wright Catal. of syr. mss. in Brit. Mus. Lond. 1870, 20 pp. 155-7, tabulates the lections from the Old Testament and the Pauline Epistles for sundays and festivals according to the arrangement of Athanasius of Antioch (987-1003), from Add. 12139 (A. D. 1000): Forshall Catal. codd. mss. orient. Mus. Brit.

syr. Lond. 1838, pp. 32-48, tabulates the Gospels for the year 25 according to at least two arrangements from Rich. 7169, 7171 (c. xii), 7170 (xiii), 7172 (xiv), and Payne Smith Catal. codd. mss. bibl. Bodl. syr. Oxon. 1864, cc. 138-52, the Gospels for the year from Dawk. 50. The Missale syriacum gives the Apostles and Gospels in carshuni and syriac from Maundy Thursday to Low 30 Sunday, and the Gospels in carshuni for the festivals of the year: the Missale chaldaic, Maronit., ed. 1888, gives the Gospels for the year in carshuni. Cp. E. Ranke in Herzog-Plitt RealEncyclopädie xi, Leipz. 1883, pp. 473-6: Scrivener Plain introd. to the textual criticism of the New Testament, ed. 4, Lond. 1894, 35 i. p. 413 sq.

ii. Manuscripts.

There are large numbers of manuscripts of these liturgies in European libraries. There are certainly differences among them, and an examination of them from a liturgical point of 5

view would probably reveal considerable variety of local usage, besides throwing light on the history of the rite: but apparently no such classification has been attempted.

Jacobite (1) Ordo communis with or without anaphoras: cent. ix or x Brit. Mus. Add. 14494: c. x ib. 14493, 14496: c. x or xi ib. 14495, 14667 (1), 17128, 10 Paris Anc. fonds 32: c. xii Brit. Mus. Add. 14498, 14690: c. xiii ib. 14693

(1): c. xiv ib. 14738 (3), 17239: C. xv ib. 14737 (5), 17269, Vat. Syr. xxv, xxxiii, Paris Suppl. 16, Anc. fonds 64: c. xvi Vat. Syr. xxxiv, Paris Anc. fonds 36 : c. xvii Brit. Mus. Rich.7180: c. xviii Paris Suppl. 47, Anc. fonds 70 : c. xix Bodl.

Or. 626: of unassigned date Berlin Sachau 157. (2) Anaphoras : c. viii or ix Brit. 15 Mus. Add. 14523 (fragm.): c. ix or x ib. 14518: c. x ib. 14523 (3)-14525: C. x or

xi ib. 14499, 14667 (2): c. xi ib, 14500: c. xii or xii Brit. Mus. Add. 14737 (4): c. xiii ib. 14691, 14694, 14736, 14737 (1), 14738 (2), 17229, Bodl. Dawk. 58, Berlin Sachau 185, 196: c. xiv Brit. Mus. Add. 14692, 14693 (2), 14737 (2) and (3),

14738 (1), Berlin Sachau 151 : C. xv Vat. Syr. xxvi, Bodl. Hunt. 444 : c. xvi Vat. 20 Syr. xxxv, Paris Suppl. 25, 51, 61, Anc. fonds 65, 66, 68: c. xvii Bodl. Poc. 85,

Paris Suppl. 32: c. xviii Paris Suppl. 47: of unassigned date Vat. Syr. xxxvi, Hunt. 133, Berlin Sachau 152. (3) Diakonika : c. xvii Vat. Syr. cccii, (4) Lectionaries. A considerable list is given by Gregory in Tischendorf Nov.

Test. graec. iii, ed. 8, Leipz. 1894, pp. 851-3, to which may be added Vat. Syr. 25 cclxvi-lxxii, cclxxiv, cclxxvi, cclxxvii : Brit. Mus. Add. 14485-7 (c. ix) &c. (nos.

ccxxiii-xlii in Wright Catalogue) : Bodl. Canon. or. 130, Bodl. or, 119, 361, 666, Hunt. 587, Poc. I, Dawk. 50. Manuscripts of the New Testament are commonly in three volumes, corresponding to the lections, viz. Gospels, Acts

and Cath. Epp., and S. Paul. (It will be noticed that on p. 78 below the second 30 lection is called Praxis in the rubric, though taken from 1 John, since the Acts

and the Cath. Epp. form a single volume.) In mss. of the complete N. T. the books are arranged in the above order, the Gospels being given the place of honour, the rest arranged as read. In the Jacobite Massorah (“Karkaphensian

Syriac?) the books are arranged absolutely according to the order of the 35 lections-Acts and Cath. Epp., S. Paul, Gospels. See Gwilliam in Studia biblica iii, Oxford 1891, pp. 53, 56 sqq.

Maronite (1) Ordo &c.: c. xv Vat. Syr. xxviii, xxxii: c. xvi ib. xxix, xxxi, Paris Suppl. 50, 54, 55: c. xviii, Vat. Syr. ccxciii : undated ib. ccxcii, ccxcviii,

ccxcix, Brit. Mus. Syr. 10042. (2) Anaphoras: c. xvi Vat. Syr. ccxcv, Brit. Mus. 40 Harl. 5512: c. xvii Vat. Syr, xxx, Paris Suppl. 40, 67: c. xviii Vat Syr. ccxcvii :

undated ib. ccxciv. (3) Diakonika : c. xvii Paris Anc. fo 95: c. xviii Vat. Syr. ccci. (4) Lectionary: Vat. Syr. cclxxxi (Gospp.).




The following additional Anaphoras are found in one more of these manuscripts or in copies mentioned elsewhere. 44. S. ATHANASIUS, Vat. Syr. 50. John I OF THE SEDROS

(+648), Berlin Sachau 45. CYRIAC Patr.(+817), B.M. 185.

5 Add. 14690, &c.


B. M. Add. 14690. 47. DIONYSIUS BAR Salibi iii. 52. S. Luke ii. See Ren.ii. 175. See Assem. B.O. ii. 175.


KALLINIKUS 10 48. GREGORY BARHEBRAEUS ii, (+591). See B. O. ii. 77. B. M. Add. 14693.


BEHNAM, Vat. (+1193), Bodl. Hunt. 444. Syr. xxxiii. See Assemani Biblioth. apostol. Vaticanae codd. manuscriptorum catalogus ii 15 Romae 1758: Mai Scriptorum vet. nov. coll. v (2) Romae 1831: Forshall Catal. codd. mss. orient. Mus. Brit. Lond. 1838: Wright Catal. of syriac mss. in the Brit. Mus. Lond. 1870: Zotenberg Catal. des mss. syr. ... de la bibl. nationale Paris 1874: Sachau Kurzes Verzeichniss d. sachau'schen Sammlung syrisch. Handschr. Berlin 1885. iii. Commentaries, &c.

(1) Of Syriac writers, James of Edessa (640–708), besides the lost work mentioned below, wrote the letter to Thomas the presbyter published with a latin version by Assemani (B. O. ii. pp. 479-486): an english version from the syriac is given below 25 in Appendix F. Assemani's text is extracted from Dionysius bar Salibi Exposition c. 3 mentioned below, and is perhaps not wholly to be depended upon: otherwise a fragment of it is preserved in Brit. Mus. Add. 17215, f. 22 b. James also addressed a tract on the liturgy to George of Serugh, pre- 30 served in Berlin Sachau 218 (cp. Brit. Mus. Add. 14496), and tracts on Azymes against the Armenians (see S. E. Assemani Bibl. Med. Laurent. et Palat. codd. mss. orient. catal. Florent. 1742, no. lxii, p. 107 sq.). Benjamin of Edessa wrote On the offerings : concerning the liturgy and baptism contained in Brit. Mus. Add. 35 14538, f. 38 b. Moses bar Kepha (813-903) wrote a Comment. in liturgiam (B.O. ii. 131) being an exposition of the liturgy and the Lord's Prayer, found in Brit. Mus. Add. 21210, f. 170 a. Of


ii. 463.

Dionysius bar Salibi (+1171) Exposition of the liturgy an abstract is given by Assemani B.O. ii. 176-207 (cp. Catal. Vat. syr. ii pp. 553-6): it is contained in Vat. Syr. cii, Paris Anc. fonds 35, 69, 125, Berlin Sachau 156 (in carshuni). J. A. Assemani Cod. ; lit. v. 227 sqq. gives a latin version of a treatise attributed

to John Maro, which seems to be in fact the work of Dionysius bar Salibi interpolated by a Maronite hand.

James of Edessa The book of treasures (B. 0. i. 487, 469), Theodore bar Wahbon (+1193) Tract, de elucidat. missae (ib. ii. 216) and James bar Shakko 10 +1241) Exposition of offices and prayers (ib. 240) are lost.

(2) The following additional Anaphoras are mentioned, but are otherwise unknown.

The reff. are to Assemani Biblioth. orient. ii and Bickell Conspectus, where authorities are given. 13 55. BAR ĶAINAYA (c. 1360)

ĶAINAYA (c. 1360) 60. John Sabha (fl. 680) B.O. B.O. ii. 463. 56. DAVID BAR Paul (fl. c. 61. MICHAEL THE YOUNGER 1200) Bickell p. 68.

(fl. 1207) B. O. ii. 2 57. S. GREGORY Nyssen ib. 62. MOSES BAR KEPHA ii. B.O. 20 58. JOHN OF DARA (fl. 830)

63. SEVERUS OF ĶENNESHRE 59. JOHN OF LECHPHED (+1173) (+640) B. O. ii. 463. Bickell p. 68.


ii. Bickell p. 67. (3) Of modern writers on the Jacobites and their liturgy see Assemani Biblioth. orient. ii : Renaudot Lit. or. coll. ii, which has commentaries on all the liturgies contained in the work : Lebrun Explication ed. 1777, iv pp. 580-625: Etheridge Syrian

churches pp. 135-149: Neale History of the holy eastern church : 30 introd. pp. 151-153, 326-335: Badger The Nestorians and their

rituals Lond. 1849, i-ix: Parry Six months in a Syrian monastery Lond. 1895. On the Christians of S. Thomas in their modern Jacobite period, Howard The Christians of S. Thomas and their

liturgies Oxford 1864, pp. 44 sqq., esp. 120–147: Rae The Syrian 35 church in India Edinb. 1892, pp. 265 sqq. On the Maronites,

Dandini Missione apostolica al patriarca e maroniti del Monte Libano Cesena 1656 (English transl. Lond. 1698, and in Osborne

ii. 130.

B.O. ii. 123.


Collection of voyages and travels Lond. 1745): Lebrun iv pp. 625-644: Etheridge pp. 172-187: Bliss in Quarterly statement of the Palestine exploration fund 1892.

§ The Anaphora of S. James is found also in Ethiopic (p. Ixxiv below) and in Armenian (p. xcviii).




1. The Liturgy of S. Mark

i. Printed texts.

Η ΘΕΙΑ ΛΕΙΤΟΥΡΓΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΑΓΙΟΥ Αποστόλου και ευαγγελιστού Μάρκου 10 unontoù toù dylov Ilérpov ... omnia nunc primum graece et latine in lucem edita Parisiis ap. Ambr. Drouard 1583.

Edited by Jo. a S. Andrea, canon of Paris, from a copy made for Card. Sirleto of a ms, in the Basilian monastery of S. Mary at Rossano, i.e. Vat. Graec. 1970 : see ms. B below. The text is defective in detail, but such as it is it has become 15 the textus receptus. It is reprinted in Fronto Ducaeus Biblioth. vet. patrum t. ii, Paris 1624, Renaudot Lit. or. coll. t. i, Paris 1716 (ed. 1847, pp. 120-148), Fabricius Cod. apocr. N. T., pars iii, Hamb. 1719, J. A. Assemani Cod. lit. eccl. univ. t. vii, Romae 1754, Neale Tetralogia liturgica Lond. 1849, Bunsen Analecta antenicaena t. iii, Lond. 1854, H. A. Daniel Cod. lit. eccl. univ. t. iv, Lips. 1853, 20 Neale and Littledale The greek liturgies Lond. 1858.

The Latin version accompanying the text in the editio princeps was reproduced by Renaudot, Fabricius, Assemani 4. S., and in Bibliotheca patr., Paris 1589 t. vi, 1610 t. vi, 1624 t. ii, Colon. 1618 t. i, Lugdun. 1677 t. ii. English versions : T. Brett A collection of the principal liturgies Lond. 1720, pp. 29-41 (anaphora): 25 Neale History of the holy eastern church: introd. Lond. 1850, pp. 532-702 (anaphora), The liturgies of SS. Mark, James... transl. with introd. and appendices Lond. 1859 (Neale and Littledale, 1868 &c.): Antenicene christian library xxiv, Edinb. 1872. German in Probst Liturgie d. drei ersten christlichen Jahrhunderte Tübingen 1870, pp. 318-334.

30 C. A. Swainson The Greek Liturgies chiefly from original authorities Cambridge 1884, pp. 2–73, where S. Mark is printed from three mss., Rossanensis, Vaticanus and Messanensis, with collations of the textus receptus and of the emendations of previous editors in the margin.

35 On the mss. see below.

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