A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Essence Publishing, 2006 - 446 pages
A great tool to assist the keen Bible student, A Tale of Two Kingdoms carefully traces the unfolding history of salvation described in the Holy Scriptures as it presents the antagonism between the kingdom of Christ and the kingdom of Satan. Over the centuries the physical gives way to the spiritual and Christ and His church are presented as the fulfillment of prophecy. Finally, the kingdom, which is not of this world, appears in apocalyptic vision to defeat the kingdom of darkness. The author details what went on in the silent years between the testaments. She concludes with the eschatological views of representative Apostolic Fathers. Yes, the Christ is on the throne and will soon appear in glory at His second advent. This overview of the Scriptures is presented in an interesting and evangelistic way. Many will find the prophetic interpretation challenging. - Dr. G.A. Adams, former principal of Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College. Heather Kendall has an Honours B.A. from York University. Blessed to be born into a Christian home, she developed a longing to know God better and to hunger for His word at a young age. She is a Sunday School teacher and a ladies Bible study leader. This book is her personal journey through time to discover God s truth. Heather lives in Innisfil, Ontario, with her husband Barry. They have three grown children. Internet: www.tale2k.com

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