The Testimony of the Fourth Evangelist to the Johannine Community

Trafford Publishing, 31 oct. 2004
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The Fourth Gospel has mostly been observed as a Spiritual Commentary that has little factual history within its pages. Dr. Gagne seeks to observe this gospel as an authentic account of Jesus as seen through the eyes of an early disciple that was driven from Jerusalem shortly after the death of Stephen in Acts 8:1. This 'beloved disciple' uses only a few incidents from the life of Christ, teachings that may be grouped together and the passion narrative as a testimony of their claim as His followers. The role of the temple incident, and Christ's crucifixion become the center of their claim, and can be seen in Peter's message at Pentecost, the message of Stephen, Phillip, and eventually Paul's convictions of the law and centrality of the meaning of the gospel as depicted in I Corinthians 15. The separation of the Johannine Community from both the Temple Adherents and James Jewish-Christians are the decisive issues in what is now seen by scholars as the separation from the synagogue. Gagne's observations are that the high Christological view of Paul and the Beloved Disciple link them with the Johannine Community, and an early expression of faith prior to the 70's and destruction of the Jewish Temple. A daring probe into the message of the Second Isaiah's Suffering Servant and the Fourth Gospel and Christ being 'lifted up'.

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