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their spiritual good, both by example, instruction, government and prayer for them.

We do further engage, the Lord helping of us, to endeavor that we may be pure from the sins of the times, such as neglect or profanation of the worship or institutions of Christ, sabbath-breaking, vain and sinful companykeeping, mispending of time, excessive drinking, wanton and loose behaviour, failing in truth, uncharitable and unrighteous censurings, sinful talebearing, corrupt communication, pride, covetousness and the like: And in our places to endeavor the suppression of them: And that we will make conscience to walk so, as that we may not give occasion to others to sin, or to speak evil of our holy profession.

Now that we may observe and keep this holy covenant and all the branches of it inviolable forever-we desire to deny ourselves and to depend wholly upon the eternal Spirit of grace, and upon the free mercy of God, and the merit of Jesus Christ,-and where we shall fail, there to wait upon the Lord Jesus for pardon and for acceptance and for healing for his name's sake.......AMEN.

A form of Covenant adopted in 1767.

You believe that there is one only living and true God, the Maker, Preserver and Governor of all things; and that there is but one Mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.

You believe the holy Scriptures to be the word of God, and that they contain a full revelation of his will and of our duty. You believe the fall and apostasy of man, as held forth in the holy Scriptures, and that it is only on account of Christ's obedience and sufferings, that any can be recovered to the favor and image of God. You hope you have been brought to a humble, penitent sense of your sins, and to a willingness to accept of Christ in all his offices, as he is offered to us in the gospel. You have been endeavoring, according to the apostle's direction, to examine yourself as to your fitness to attend the holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. And you hope it is from a sense of duty and a sincere desire to obey the command of Christ, that you now offer yourself to join in communion with his church.And you heartily resolve by the help of divine grace to walk in all things agreeably to the rules of the gospel.

This you solemnly profess and engage.

(Vote of the Church being taken.)

You are now a member in full communion with the church of Christ, purchased with the price of his blood. And you do seriously, solemnly, deliberately and forever, in the presence of God, angels and this assembly, give up yourself to God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, avouching the Lord Jehovah to be your God. You give up yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ, as unto your Prophet, Priest and King forever, promising by the help of his Spirit to walk in all the statutes and ordinances of the Lord blameless, answerable to the high and holy vocation wherewith you are called. You give up yourself (and your posterity) to this church; submitting unto the rule and discipline of it; putting yourself under the care and inspection of it; promising to receive counsels and reproofs with humility and thankfulness: And duly to attend the ordinances of the Lord herein to be administered.

This you promise by the help of divine grace.

We then the church of the Lord do joyfully and charitably receive you into our holy fellowship and communion as one whom we hope Christ has received. We promise to admit you to all the ordinances of the gospel in fellowship with us; to watch over you with a spirit of meckness, not for your halting but helping; to treat you with all that affection which our

sacred relation now calls for; and continue our ardent prayers for you to the God of all grace, that you may be made to keep his solemn covenant, that the sure mercies of David may be your everlasting portion. Amen.

A form of Covenant adopted April 11th. 1793.

We profess our belief of the Christian religion. We unite ourselves together for the purpose of observing the precepts and honoring the institutions of the religion which we profess. We covenant and agree with each other to live together as a band of christian brethren; to give and receive counsel and reproof with meekness and candor; to submit with a christian temper to the discipline which the gospel authorises the church to administer, diligently to seek after the will of God, and carefully endeavor to obey all his commands.

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