University and Social Settlements

Will Reason
Methuen & Company, 1898 - 195 pages

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Page 20 - An introduction to Methuen's Commercial Series treating the question of Commercial Education fully from both the point of view of the teacher and of the parent.
Page 31 - A picture finely and amply conceived. In the strength and insight in which the story has been conceived, in the wealth of fancy and reflection bestowed upon its execution, and in the moving sincerity of its pathos throughout, " Sir Richard Calmady" must rank as the great novel of a great writer.
Page 15 - Bvo. 2s. 6d. See also School Examination Series. Stephenson (C.), of the Technical College, Bradford, and Suddards (F.) of the Yorkshire College, Leeds. ORNAMENTAL DESIGN FOR WOVEN FABRICS. Illustrated. Demy Bvo. Third Edition. -s. 6d. Stephenson (J.). MA THE CHIEF TRUTHS OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH.
Page 22 - LIFE IN LONDON : or, the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq., and his Elegant Friend, Corinthian lorn.
Page 32 - Glasgow Herald, THE SEATS OF THE MIGHTY. Illustrated. Thirteenth Edition. 'Mr. Parker has produced a really fine historical novel.' — Athenteum. ' A great book.' — Black and White. THE BATTLE OF THE STRONG : a Romance of Two Kingdoms. Illustrated. Fourth Edition. ' Nothing more vigorous or more human has come from Mr. Gilbert Parker than this novel.
Page 30 - The object of each commentary is primarily exegetical, to interpret the author's meaning to the present generation. The editors will not deal, except very subordinately, with questions of textual criticism or philology ; but, taking the English text in the Revised Version as their basis, they will try to combine a hearty acceptance of critical principles with loyalty to the Catholic Faith.
Page 21 - MEZZOTINTS. By Cyril Davenport. With 40 Plates in Photogravure. PORCELAIN. By Edward Dillon. With 19 Plates in Colour, 20 in Collotype, and 5 in Photogravure. MINIATURES. By Dudley Heath. With 9 Plates in Colour, 15 in Collotype, and 15 in Photogravure. IVORIES. By A. Maskell. With So Plates in Collotype and Photogravure.
Page 24 - A series of short biographies of the most prominent leaders of religious life and thought of all ages and countries. CARDINAL NEWMAN. By RH Hutton. JOHN WESLEY. By JH Overton, MA BISHOP WILBERFORCE. By GW Daniell, MA CARDINAL MANNING. By AW Hutton, MA CHARLES SIMEON. By HCG Moule, DD JOHN KEBLE.
Page 3 - Standard Library. Caldecott (Alfred), DD See Handbooks of Theology. Calderwood (DS), Headmaster of the Normal School, Edinburgh. TEST CARDS IN EUCLID AND ALGEBRA. In three packets of 40, with Answers. is. each. Or in three Books, price 2rf.
Page 29 - THE POEMS OF JOHN KEATS. Double volume. The Text has been collated by E. de Selincourt. ON THE IMITATION OF CHRIST. By Thomas a Kempis.

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