Lexicographica Graeca: Contributions to the Lexicography of Ancient Greek

H.G. Liddell and R. Scott's Greek-English Lexicon (revised and augmented by H.S. Jones in 1940) has been the essential tool of advanced Greek scholars for 150 years; in order to update it a new Supplement has been published (OUP 1996) replacing that of 1968. In this provocative reconsiderationboth of its lexicographical principles and of individual articles, John Chadwick examines the need for further revision and expansion of the volume through a re-examination of the classical Greek vocabulary. A series of notes are presented, making important and stimulating contributions to the studyof classical Greek lexicography, and offering many new interpretations of passages from familiar authors based upon a lexicographical approach. Essential reading for all scholars of classical Greek.

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John Chadwick is at Downing College, Cambridge.

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