Functional Analysis

Courier Corporation, 26 sept. 2012 - 544 pages
Excellent treatment of the subject geared toward students with background in linear algebra, advanced calculus, physics and engineering. Text covers introduction to inner-product spaces, normed and metric spaces, and topological spaces; complete orthonormal sets, the Hahn-Banach theorem and its consequences, spectral notions, square roots, a spectral decomposition theorem, and many other related subjects. Chapters conclude with exercises intended to test and reinforce reader’s understanding of text material. A glossary of definitions, detailed proofs of theorems, bibliography, and index of symbols round out this comprehensive text. 1966 edition.

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Orthogonal Projections and the Spectral Theorem
Isometries and Completion of a Metric Space
Banach Spaces Equivalent Norms and Factor
Commutative Convergence Hilbert Spaces
Convergence in LX Y and the Principle
Closed Transformations and the Closed Graph
Weak Convergence and Bounded Linear
Closures Conjugate Transformations
Spectral Theorem for Bounded Normal
Spectral Theorem for Completely Continuous
Exercises 25
A Third Approach to the Spectral Theorem
Spectral Theorem for Unbounded SelfAdjoint
Subject Index
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Square Roots and a Spectral Decomposition

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