Perspectives in Interactional Psychology

Lawrence Pervin
Springer US, 10 nov. 2011 - 335 pages
An old woman walks slowly up the hill from the store to her house. The hill is quite steep and the packages she carries, heavy. The two ten-year-olds watching her feel sorry for her and, moving toward her, ask if they might help carry the packages. They easily lift them and with almost no effort bring the shopping bags to the top of the hill. After receiving all A's in his first term in college, F. finds that this term is much harder, especially his physics courses, in which he is failing. He has talked to his professor twice, but finds he cannot understand what she is teaching. "Somehow," he thinks, "if she could only present the material in a different way, I could understand it better!" A month ago, as B. lay playing quietly in his crib, a toy key slipped out of his hand onto the floor. Almost immediately he turned his attention to another toy, close by, which he took up and put into his mouth. Yesterday, very nearly the same thing happened, except this time as soon as the toy key fell, he began to cry loudly, forcing me to stop what I was doing and retrieve it for him. It seemed in the first case that he forgot it, while yester day, even though it was gone, out of his sight, he still remembered it and wished it back.

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Lawrence A. Pervin is Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University. Following an undergraduate education at Brooklyn College and Queens College (City University of New York), he obtained his doctorate from Harvard University in 1962. After six years at Princeton University he went to Rutgers as an Associate Dean to help develop a new, experimental college. The author of many journal articles, including a Citation Classic, and invited book chapters, he also is the author of two leading personality texts, MDULPersonality: Theory and ResearchMDNM (Fifth Edition) and MDULCurrent Controversies and Issues in PersonalityMDNM (Second Edition). Dr. Pervin has served on the editorial board of MDULPsychological ReviewMDNM and the MDULJournal of Personality and Social PsychologyMDNM, and is founding editor of MDULPsychological InquiryMDNM, a new international journal of peer commentary and review.

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