Works of the Camden Society, Numéro 15

Camden Society, 1875
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Page 27 - Divi Britannici, being a Remark upon the Lives of all the Kings of this Isle, from the year of the world 2855, unto the year of grace 1660, fol.
Page 134 - He seems to be a man of very good converse, and that we have of him with content ; as for what else he is he keeps it to himself, and therefore troubles not us with it nor we him.
Page 62 - In which an Account is given of THE RISE AND PROGRESS OF THE CIVIL WARS OF SCOTLAND, with other great Transactions both in ENGLAND AND GERMANY, from the Year 1625, to the Year 1652. Together with many LETTERS, INSTRUCTIONS, AND OTHER PAPERS, Written by King Charles the I.
Page x - I have for divers years had an eye upon him, but so close has his guard been on himself, that after several strict inquiries, I may confidently affirm there is not any one in the college, however familiar with him, who has heard him speak a word either against, or so much as concerning the Government...
Page 14 - Vice-Chancelour, and that he told him there was noe hurt in ale; truely he thought there was, but now, being informed of the contrary, since the Vice-Chancelour gave his men leave to drinke ale, he would give them leave to ; soe that now they may be sots by authority.
Page xi - Government ; and although very frequently, both in public and in private, discourses have been purposely introduced, to the disparagement of his master, the Earl of Shaftesbury, his party, and designs, he could never be provoked to take any notice, or discover in word or look the least concern ; so that I believe there is not in the world such a master of taciturnity and passion.
Page 154 - Advocate, giving an Account of the Prince and Princess of Orange's Thoughts concerning the Repeal of the Test and the Penal Laws.
Page 5 - ... the chiefe sharers ; which I hope will give them noe encouragement to come again. Neither, I suppose, will the University for the future permit them here, if they can be kept out, since they were guilty of such great rudenesses before they left us, going about the town in the night breakeing of windows, and committeing many other unpardonable rudenesses.
Page 4 - ... grief and sore displeasure, expunged and inserted what he thought fitt. Among other authors, he made divers alterations in Mr. Wood's copie, in the account he gives of Mr. T. Hobbes of Malmesbury's life.

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